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Psy Op -- Migrants Emasculate Europe's Males

January 17, 2016

 (Watch this YouTube)

The psy op appears to be working.
On Saturday about 1000 men in Amsterdam 

dressed in miniskirts "in solidarity with women." 

They dressed as women! Do they want migrants to

fondle them too?  

The migrants are the final stage of feminism which was designed to emasculate men and sexually exploit women. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

There is a gender dimension to the migrant invasion of Europe that needs to be recognized. A hallmark of heterosexuality is that men protect their women and children. When men fail in this responsibility, they fail as men. 

These attacks on women may be a psy op designed to emasculate men. The BBC reported on the Cologne attacks: "What is particularly disturbing is that the attacks appear to have been organized. Around 1,000 young men arrived in large groups, seemingly with the specific intention of carrying out attacks on women."

One man described how his "partner" and 15-year-old daughter were surrounded by an enormous crowd outside the station and he was unable to help. "The attackers grabbed her and my partner's breasts and groped them between their legs."

Here is a complete eye witness report of the Cologne events which police described as "a civil war situation" including shooting. The migrants spat at police and molested girls.  


The psy op appears to be working. On Saturday about 1000 men in Amsterdam dressed in miniskirts "in solidarity with women." They dressed as women! Do they also want migrants to grope them?  

"Solidarity with women" would be arming and forming patrols to protect women. Instead, they spouted some typical feminist George Soros slutwalk garbage about women having the right to dress as they wish. 

(left, male feminists, the final sissification of European male) 

"Too often sexual violence against women is put down as a [woman's] problem: don't wear short skirts. That is never the solution. Short skirts are not at fault," rally organizers wrote on the event's FB page.

"Therefore we are reversing the [roles] and we celebrate the skirt and the freedom that goes with it. We deploy our hairy knees for a free society in which women can walk the streets undisturbed, day and night, on short-skirt day or in the middle of the winter."

Can you believe this shit? It totally misses the point.  (Apart from the fact, it's winter and the women were not dressed provocatively.)

The point is that the traitorous Masonic Jewish leadership has imported an invading army of young migrants to dispossess the native population. First, they take your women. Then they take your country. In Sweden, the government is giving migrants training to be snipers!  (left)
The single male migrants are no different from ISIS- a proxy army for the Masonic Jewish central bankers and their bootlicking minions, who include our national leaders. 

The migrants are the final stage of feminism which was designed to emasculate men and render women defenceless and exploit them. 

Will Europe wake up in time? Here's one man who has the right idea: Europe's Betrayal of Women  (YouTube)


First Comment by Anon:

This is a psyop indeed, and part of the war on traditional masculine/feminine roles and behaviour.

However, when men have for years been told that they are all really just rapists-in-waiting and that women need them no more than a fish needs a bicycle, who can blame them for letting women fend for themselves?  Normal men *want* to be providers and protectors, but for years they've been denied their role and have been conditioned by the Satanists/Kabbalists who run the planet to believe that "gender is a social construct".  (Since in Kabbalistic teaching, Adam Kadmon is androgyous -- and similarly, so is Satanism's Baphomet.)  

And so boys are told they must seek to be more feminine, whilst girls are urged to behave in a masculine way.  The result is what we see now.  Feminised men and butch women, both of them messed up and miserable.  And whilst females are given affirmative action and told they can behave however they want and must assert themselves, men on the other hand really can't win: men are attacked on one side by feminists for being "patriarchal", and when they then abandon traditional roles and behave more like women once did, they're attacked by traditionalist women for being "weak" and "not men".  Men's behaviour is now defined by women's expectations.  (Which again fits the Satanic blueprint.)

I believe (as you no doubt do) that men are biologically hard-wired to be providers and protectors -- and indeed to *want* to be -- but the anti-male mainstream media's latest round of attacks on men (for failing to protect women) deliberately ignore the self-same mainstream media's former attacks on men for being masculine and the systematic demonization of men's traditional roles.  ...And so really this is all just another form of demonization: men are damned if they do, and damned if they don't.  But the solution is not more shaming of men.  Rather they need their eyes to be opened about how they are being manipulated at every turn by the élites who hate them, and to learn how to resist this and regain their masculinity.  That's why I like your site, Henry.


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Comments for "Psy Op -- Migrants Emasculate Europe's Males "

Mark said (January 18, 2016):

Turkey had camps supported by the UN where these immigrants were kept. The UN stopped funding the camps and unleashed and emptied the camp inhabitants onto Europe. Who are these so called Immigrants? I mean who are they really? Where are they from and why are they in camps in the first place? Instead of bashing Islam we need to look at this which far more critical thinking. The Satanic –Zionist controlled media wants you to believe these ‘immigrants” who are raping are Muslim. Are we so blind that we don’t think critically and ask pertinent questions? In Cologne it is not the new Syrian “refugees” that are groping and raping women. It is these camp inhabitants. Vineyard of the Saker writes about this in his website. So who are these people? Why are they in camps? Why did the UN stop funding these camps? Why are allowed into Europe and not the Palestinians who have been sitting in camps since 1948? Who are they really? Well certainly not Muslims who follow and obey God.

My keen observation on all of this is that these so called immigrant men who are groping and raping European women are non-Muslims who have been traumatized. They are essentially people who are coming from horrible conditions (civil war, famine, droughts, drones, economic breakdown, chaos, strife, puppet governments chosen by the illuminati, etc). In other words you can say that they are mind controlled. MK’d to put it precisely. Think of them as gangs in America where the black man has also been marginalized and traumatized, disenfranchised by Satanic economic systems that work against them. They are pumped up with drugs and violence. There is no difference except for the fact that both these immigrants and gangs in America are in different locales. They come from horrible situations created by the Zionist –Satanic elite right in their own home countries. Chaos has ensued in their lives. Chaos can cause these so called immigrants to be traumatized hence their unacceptable behavior. The Zionist-Satanic elite are using these people so as to bash Islam and essentially create a hatred of Islam by breaking up the Middle East and Africa so that their plan for a Greater Israel can be established. And what better way to do this they to lie and infiltrate Islam. They also take advantage of the large population of this world (the Western World to be exact) who are completely ignorant about Islam by using their media and propaganda machinations (false flags, psy-ops etc) to further make people think or believe that Islam is a savage faith. And Israel and its satanic minions will use any and all forms of deceit to bring about their Yinon Plan including the demonization of God and Islam.

Albeit you have true Muslims mixed in this “immigration” influx with traumatized peoples. However, a true Muslim would never behave in this manner because his faith and God himself keeps him in check. Satan mixes in truth with a lot of lies. Controlled opposition works the same way for the Illuminati. So you have real Muslims being mixed with non-Muslims in this situation and who is going to get the blame?

MM from S Africa said (January 18, 2016):

i find it hard to believe that migrants who were most welcomed in Germany, compared to other countries, chose that very country to go on a rampage & attack women etc its just doesn't make sense at all.

it seems that this entire even was orchestrated by another party-just like how it has been noted that its strange that after a few years of war & chaos in Syria, its only now that Syrians have begun emigrating in masses to Europe. why did they not do this long ago if they were living in fear of being bombed or shot? then, together with Syrians, we have Pakistanis & Bangladeshis, who are notorious for using fake documents to enter wealthy countries & lodge fraudulent refugee claims & then opening little businesses there & then begin bringing over their family members over, one at a time. why/how would these Pakistanis & Bangladeshis know to be in a war torn country at the "right" time?

any normal refugee would be on their best behaviour when they have newly arrived in their "destination" country because they don't want to do anything to jeopardize their claim for asylum.

as Magda mentioned, the powers that be (Zionists) are not pleased to see the way that Germans welcomed these refugees: this is not what they want. so they took action to ensure that the German people have a "change of heart" and begin despising the refugees.

this entire incident just enforces the view of some that muslims are a bunch of bloodthirsty, uncivilized people & that muslim men are sex starved & cant control their urges/desires.

even if we look now in Syria, its not the normal Syrians who rape & kill but its ISIS & other lunatic jihadist groups, who we all know are a US/Israeli creation. and then when we look at the bigger picture of one of the biggest natural gas deposits in the world being discovered in Syria & Israelis plans to expand its borders to create Greater Israel, its not hard to understand that things are not what they seem.

i wonder if the real culprits behind these attacks will ever be caught & questioned as to who paid them to do this? its most likely that they will be killed while "resisting arrest" etc so as to prevent the truth from being revealed.

Ron said (January 18, 2016):

It's not just Europe's males who are being emasculated. Remember the "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" charity walks in the U.S.? Men were required to don high heel shoes and walk in them to raise money.

Allegedly, this act will stop rape and sexual assault by males. Whoever came up with the Euro miniskirt psy op was surely inspired by (or funded by) this psy op. Nothing can replace standing up to feminism and the Masonic Jewish conspiracy. Certainly, men acting like women won't do anything but encourage the third world invaders and colonizers of Europe (and the West) to misbehave even more. Can you imagine the laughs that the migrants get from such stupidity? Weakness begets more weakness in a never ending cycle until something (fascism?) comes along to break the cycle.

David said (January 18, 2016):

Henry, you would think in West Europe the memory of World War II and a Red Army gang-raping every German female from little girls to old maids would still be fresh enough in peoples' minds that they would rise up and repel this obvious new invasion. Even the bouncer (who did react like a real man and defended the young girls fleeing into his hotel) says cluelessly in the video, "these people that we welcomed just 3 months ago with teddy bears and water bottles". It's like Western Europeans, particularly these pathetic Dutch males, are in the grip of mass psychosis and can't recognize the forces out to destroy their civilization.


Thanks David

I wouldn't be surprised if the Dutch boys were paid by Soros.


Magda said (January 18, 2016):

These attacks on women are a psy op not just to emasculate male Europeans but a drive to put a wage between the Europeans and the refugees. No fraternization, good will or empathy to be displayed between the plebes. Otherwise who will fight the Satanic banker wars for Zion?

Recently attacks throughout many countries both against Muslims and Non Muslims seem to be happening at a fast rate and they appear quite strategic and organized. The events remind us of the SAS soldiers that dressed up as Arabs during the destruction of Iraq in order to foment the hatred and warfare between Sunnis and Shia. The same agenda seems to be at play, perhaps these creatures were Muslim and perhaps not, moreover they may have been well paid by those in the services of the elites. It is good for us to remember the greater picture and not fall for the narratives of every evil one that sows corruption and discord. Always ask who does this benefit, cui bono? (PS Trump is part of the less than one percent so why are we surprised that he would scapegoat Muslims rather than on the real terrorism by these folks who continue to rape us economically, socially and politically.

Quran (49:6)

Sahih International: O you who have believed, if there comes to you a disobedient one with information, investigate, lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become, over what you have done, regretful.
For those who forgot the big picture check this excellent video by Abby Martin on Islamophobia:

A Deeper Look at Islamophobia in the U.S. Empire

Anon said (January 18, 2016):

I can't see Men on the picture. In another century they probably would be men, but in this times they are groomed and twisted to be still boys.

These type of boys do everything what they think make them look cool and funny to others. Sometimes it's like a contest, who has the most stupid idea. The more participate or "like" a stupid idea, the more they lose their inhibitions.

They are looking for fun like they have been indoctrinated from all sides is the meaning of life, they don't want to think of the future because they are told it will be horrible. If they would be attacked and fondled, maybe it would be the best, a chance for them to wake up!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at