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Society is a Non-Stop Sex Orgy - Eye Witness

January 31, 2016

Society has become a sex cult modelled on its satanic
controllers, the Illuminati ( Sabbatean i.e. Cabalist Jews.)

I met Alex last summer when I answered his Kijiji ad for 
moving services. In the first of a 2-part series, he says society has descended to the level of non-stop communal orgy. 

by Alex

I am a 29 yr old African American male born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. I have observed how the sex scene has transformed 180 degrees over the past decade. I've watched monogamy, honesty and intimacy be replaced with a severe drug-like addiction for sex with nothing else in mind.

I worked with a girl who would play on her phone and meet with men who had messaged her. During breaks, she would meet them for quick sex. On the other hand, most males struggle to get one successful encounter in a week, sometimes even a month, and others not at all. I would sit with my guy friends all glued to their cell phones talking about last week's "bitch" who had performed some abnormal disgusting sexual act, and how they're going to get more tonight. As if it were a sport, and the one who slept with the most woman is the winner. 


A large population of women do the exact same thing but of course have an almost flawless success rate. "Sofie's" been with her boyfriend for 5 years; owns a house together which he bought and pays for. Sophie constantly uses app/websites to get in touch with other men, sometimes more than one at a time, sometimes several times a day, even couples and/or orgies (and yes everyone has told her boyfriend but he prefers not to believe it. ) This has become the new standard for women, to be excessively sexually active. Social media defends this behaviour with a feminist approach of "well men do it, so can we." 

Now no matter what you've heard men and women are exactly alike when it comes to sexual appetite and how much they think about it, no if and or buts. So a larger percentage of young adults, 20's even into their early 30's think about it and want to have sex generally three times a day, sometimes more. Now men are only going to get laid based on these factors: 1) proof of being very wealthy (through several pictures, such as having an expensive car or travelling to exotic places in the world and such. 2) Extremely good looking (so you're white, blue eyes, perfect teeth & smile, ridiculously muscular generally on steroids and tall. 3) Know a lot of people or have many connections and go to a lot of parties. If you do not meet any of these criteria, your chances significantly decrease. 

So a lot of guys i know who don't meet the criteria generally go after the not-so-good looking or low self esteem girls luring them with something like marijuana or alcohol or the promise of a social event. Some guys are super desperate so even though their success rate is less than 0.001% if they do 100 requests a day for a month, that is a chance of three out of 3000. Then there's always the possibility of catching an attractive woman on an off-day or needing a pick-me-up (most popular example which is frequent, breaking up with a boyfriend.) So with all that said 9.5/10 men do this, 9.5/10 women do this, the only difference is women are far more successful.

 So obviously your best looking girls (because these apps go by looks solely) can easily receive 1000's of messages a day, to the point that they shut down their account and activate when looking to get laid or just pick from the most recent. The average girl can receive about 200 to 400 request a day and the even the not-so-good looking or overweight women will receive a minimum of 30 requests. These are the super desperate men (regrettably to say these men are generally African American as Ottawa is pretty prejudiced when it come to the dating/sex scene. It's seen as a disgusting taboo to sleep with black men akin to sleeping with a dog. White men won't want you if they know you've slept with a black male; hence thewomen either keep it a secret or don't all together). 

Whether she's in a relationship or not she is doing this, your hear the story all the time. "I saw Jason's girlfriend on tinder and i heard she f**k my boi Joey... aren't they engaged?".  It's not just smart phones.  If they work in a high foot traffic place like a mall or gym they get "hollered" (when the opposite sex is trying to speak to for sex or a date) by about 3-10 guys. It's the men who do all the work. Most men are desperate and will message anywhere from 60 to 150 women hoping to get lucky with one.


Monogamy is a thing of the past, although not openly admitted. It's almost a rarity to see a couple who are truly in love and the ones who usually stay together are "too comfortable to get back into the dating game" as I've been told on numerous occasions. 

To be continued

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First Comment from Dan:

Let's set aside morality for a moment and look at how Hookup Sex through social media actually works.   First, it removes all interpersonal interaction except for sex.    As such, the 'sex' is limited to stimulation of chemical lust at the level of having to take a shit. The hookup gratifies this in a spastic physical 'encounter'.

Pubescent males can be drawn to social media's promise of enabling them to realize in the flesh their pillow case splattered fantasies fueled by porn.  But as Alex has written here, males find themselves hopelessly disadvantaged when female/male relations are reduced to sheer sex.   Pubescent boys and emotionally arrested people fantasize of instant, anonymous sex so the siren lure of social media holds them on what turns out to be a hamster wheel of trivial pursuits and wasted time.

A male is emotionally mature when his rational mind overrides his lust.   This is the meaning of the allegory of St. George and the Dragon.  The 'hookup artist' can tell himself he's in control until he's blue in the face, but even the dumbest most worthless slut on the planet -- his counterpart -- is in control and she knows it. It's real simple:   when sex is the only thing a male has to offer for sex with a female, he's a dime a dozen and all women instinctively know this.  It doesn't matter how good looking you are or how 'well endowed', or what kind of car you drive.  If you're hitting on females for sex, take a number and get in line. In that dynamic the female is always in a position of power, no matter that such females are as much vermin as the males in hookup culture.  You can't win.

Upon satiation of orgasm the participant suddenly is back in their rational mind, and may be repelled by the other person, and disgusted by what they've just done.  It becomes a cycle of addiction.

Hookup 'culture' has been around for a long time.  Youth who think their generation invented it should listen to early 80's music such as Depeche Mode's 'Policy of Truth';  "never again that's what you swore the time before".

Comments for "Society is a Non-Stop Sex Orgy - Eye Witness "

RP said (January 31, 2016):

About seven years ago, I mentioned to a man who was 21 years of age, that I had seen what I thought was a shocking statistic.
The statistic was that, every year, 1 in 4 American teenagers get a a sexually transmitted disease, he then went on to inform me, that every friend of his, either had in the past, or had right now, a sexually transmitted disease.

Judgement is coming:
Jude 1:7.
Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to FORNICATION, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

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