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Land Agencies Disinherit Americans - Retired Manager

February 19, 2016

Left, Bill at his private fishing pond near his Montana property.  It reflects his love for God's creation, the outdoors, and a passion for fishing.

Agenda 21 is the reason the US government (aka the Illuminati bankers) own
one third of the land in the US and are trying to usurp more. Agenda 21 or 
"sustainable development" is just another face of the occult Communist war on humanity. 
Its ultimate aim to use the environment as a pretext to disposess Americans by restricting private property rights and development while reducing population and redefining families.  Below, Bill Barcus of Montana reflects on his two decades with the US Forest Service. 

by Bill Barcus

As a former 20-year employee of the U.S. Forest Service (Circus) in Arizona as a rangeland manager, I am a witness to the corruption and deceit, the lies, the mismanagement of the lands, and all the Agenda 21 protocols initiated by this agency.  Having worked with and around BLM, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Park Service, I can personally testify that this assortment of office slugs are inept when it comes to managing public lands, and furthering agendas.

The Spotted owl and Northern Goshawk T&E issues sprang up in the early 80s, which virtually shut down all logging in small-town, rural Arizona. The logging industry along with the saw mills shut down and went bankrupt overnight.  Those of us who had families to support went to work for the Forest Service, out of necessity.  Most of us did not have a college degrees, and we all were all raised working with our hands doing an honest day's work.  A vanished breed of men in today's land management agencies.

(left, "Your property is a UN protected area; you and your cows are trespassing.)

Hidden agendas are what fuels these agencies, especially BLM and the Forest Service, where one of the major efforts is to, "Get cattle off of public land."  These agencies are totally inundated with Feminist land managers and biologists and other Environmentalist Idiots that are the products of 21st century college brainwashing by Leftist, moron professors -- leftover byproducts of the 60s and 70s hippy generation.

Atheism at its finest!  Earth Worship at its best!  It's all alive and thriving well in the halls of the federal land management agencies.

No.  As a Christian I refused to be a part of the agendas for 20 long years, and I was labeled a nonconformist and a trouble maker from within the ranks of the Forest Service.  I defied their protocols and exposed their lies.  To say that I was branded as a defector would be a correct statement. When I retired, a party was held in celebration of my retirement.  I was not invited.

Recently, we have seen the events of the takeover of the Federal wildlife refuge in Oregon by disenchanted patriots who want Federal lands there returned and restored to the local ranchers.  Well, it was "the right cause" with the "wrong move."  These poor souls didn't stand a chance from the very get go.  They faced an invisible bureaucratic Leviathan that was impossible to subdue.

At Ruby Ridge, we saw a young boy and his mother murdered in cold blood because the dad and husband sold a snitch a shotgun that was 1/4 inch under the 18 inch regulation.  Of course, they held some "strange" religious beliefs.  

We saw tax protestor, Gordon Kahl, left, riddled with machine gun fire, his hands and feet chopped from his body, and then set ablaze by the feds and his charred torso shipped to his horrified widow in North Dakota. Murdered in cold blood just because he stood up against the fraudulent IRS and he held some "strange" religious beliefs.

David Koresh had some "strange" religious beliefs too and it was "suspected" that machine guns, illegal weapons, and grenades were stockpiled at the Waco compound, so he and 184 of his followers were BBQ'd in a fed-set blazing inferno, and later in the rubble no machine guns, illegal guns, or grenades were found.

In Nevada 2014, we all watched as the BLM Feds came to the rescue of a helpless little desert turtle with helicopters and snipers, all the while running to death several head of Cliven Bundy cattle with helicopters, then trying to hide the evidence by burying the carcasses in the desert with track hoes and other heavy equipment.  Shameless bastards!

Now in Oregon, we see a patriot rancher murdered in cold blood at a roadblock by three FBI patsy Oregon State policemen just for being the spokesperson for a peaceful patriot takeover at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. Oh, he had a loaded 9mm pistol in his pocket?  Bullshit!  A man that frantically grabs his wounds as he is riddled and surrounded with M16 fire is not going for a tinker toy 9mm.  Well, after all, he too held some "strange" religious beliefs so he had to be exterminated.

When we have spineless invertebrate county Sheriff's with backbones like jelly fish who refuse to do their jobs and kick the feds out of their respective counties, and when we have citizens with similar physical makeup, all linked to a monster Delta Force of Federal police and state cop goons, any peaceful standup to the federal system is bound to fail.

The solutions to ending the Federal Monopoly over our western lands are not simple solutions.

A second Constitutional Convention (con-con) is certainly NOT the answer. Changing our leadership of our state elected officials, those in D.C., Congress, and along the Potomac River?  Well, that all hasn't worked very well for the past 230 years.  The Zionists have a bull dog jaw lock on the American people and they aren't about to let that grip go.

Perhaps the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service could sponsor a Potomac River wildlife release of several hundred mating Mexican gray wolves, some marauding packs of Canadian timber wolves, a few broods of threatened and endangered Grizzly bears from Montana and Glacier National Park, along with a train load of displaced Polar bears from Manitoba.

Certainly there's enough "food" along that river corridor to feed these hungry carnivores!  Perhaps they could throw in some Mexican spotted-owls, some Chiricahua Leopard-frogs, a tangled den or two of Mexican hog-nosed garter snakes, several hundred sagebrush grouse, a few Sand fleas, and a few hundred Meadow jumping mouses from New Mexico.  This should aid the appetite of the hungry carnivores.

Christianity vs. Atheism is an age-old battle that has raged now since God created man.  The Atheists aren't going away.


First Comment by Mark:

In the 1960s Lyndon Johnson borrowed billions from the French Rothschilds so he wouldn't have to raise taxes to finance the Viet Nam war. Rothschild demanded repayment in gold, not greenbacks. When Richard Nixon was elected he noted that the treasury was almost depleted of gold and he removed the dollar from the gold standard. But the debt still stood. Nixon collateralized the debt with the mineral wealth of the western U.S. and a land-for-debt swap was initiated. Much of the western States were given to the banks. This is when Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency. Their mandate was/is to PREVENT American citizens from logging, farming, ranching or otherwise exploiting these lands being held for the banks. The Bureau of Land Management and other agencies are used to harass ranchers and farmers from the land.

Andrew Smith, author of Who Benefits from Federal Monopoly Over Western Lands? writes:

Bill Barcus writes a fine essay of personal experience. However, as a lumberjack and retired Federal Forest Service employee, he throws up his hands, offers no solution or legal remedy. I suppose we're supposed to resign ourselves to de facto destruction of our US Constitution rather than employ the legal remedy our Founding Fathers provided in Article V US Constitutional FOR SECOND CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION. Bill and many defeatists will retreat to the woods in despair.  

So you can follow Bill into the woods or you can write and lobby your state senator and representative to support Article V US Constitutional FOR SECOND CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION. As a practical matter 6 states,Tennessee, Alabama, Alaska, Florida and Georgia, have formally adopted Article V resolutions calling for a 2nd Constitutional Convention.

Rather than surrender, I'm committed to writing and lobbying my state senator and representative to support Article V US Constitutional FOR SECOND CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION.

I think it wiser to follow the Article V advice of our Founding Fathers.


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Comments for "Land Agencies Disinherit Americans - Retired Manager"

Daniel P said (February 20, 2016):

Not sure if you read this already...Title To Water, Canada's First Nations and Blue Gold [...] It is important for readers to understand that, under Native Law, no one owns water, water is a gift from the creator and, under the Common Law of England that Canada inherited due to its former temporary position as a colony of England, there are only riparian rights to water, which are not ownership of water, but which are rights recognized to be held by a land owner giving him the right to draw water from a lake river or aquifer adjacent to or under his land.

Under Statute Law made by Canada's provinces, the provincial governments confiscated ownership of all water in the various provinces.

The difficulty is that the provinces had no jurisdiction to take away or diminish Native Rights to water without entering a treaty with the local Native Bands Tribes or Nations

Tim N said (February 19, 2016):

Comment response to Dan [below] and the Constitutional Convention.

As part of any change in Washington, the 17th Amendment to the Constitution must be repealed, giving back to the states the right for state legislators to vote in their two Senators.

Jefferson and Madison would be confounded that the states and state Governors ever let this happen. See The Federalist 45 & 46.

Al Thompson said (February 19, 2016):

The problem with opposing the new world order is that there is so much of it and the Constitution of the United States is a major political problem in that it has produced the worst government known to mankind. It has promoted communism all over the world using the stolen funds from the people who work hard for it. A constitutional convention will do nothing but perpetuate the whole problem. Violent revolutions always produce more of the same corruption so that's not really an option.

No government would be better than what we have now. The government, as we know it today, is nothing but a bunch of thieves, thugs, murderers, and liars. I think it would be better to oppose the principles of communism and avoid all of the occultic implications within the government itself. The government is the same as bad religion.

There were many people who did not want the Constitution and I think in order for your readers to properly understand where we are today were the warnings of the Anti-Federalist Papers.

Trying to "get back to the Constitution" is just a false hope the produces nothing. Higher moral standards would go a long way to turn it all around. We all do too many things that offend God and we're being paid back.

Dan said (February 19, 2016):

Bill says a Constitutional Convention "hasn't worked very well for the past 230 years."

You aren't making much sense, Bill. The second method under Article V has never been used.

It involves petitions from at least 34 states to call a constitutional convention, where one or several amendments are proposed. The amendment or amendments are then sent on to the states, where 38 states are needed for ratification.

Article V’s Convention Mechanism is the Tool Given to the States to Check Federal Power.
It is Not Controlled by Congress.


Prohibit Congress from regulating activity that occurs wholly within one State.

Require Congress to balance its budget.

Prohibit administrative agencies—and the unelected bureaucrats that staff them—from creating federal law.

Prohibit administrative agencies and the unelected bureaucrats that staff them—from preempting state law.

Allow a two-thirds majority of the States to override a U.S. Supreme Court decision.

Require a seven-justice super-majority vote for U.S. Supreme Court decisions
that invalidate a democratically enacted law.

Restore the balance of power between the federal and state governments
by limiting the former to the powers expressly delegated to it in the Constitution.

Give state officials the power to sue in federal court when federal officials overstep their bounds.

Allow a two-thirds majority of the States to override a federal law or regulation.

Article V’s Convention Mechanism is the Tool Given to the States to Check Federal Power.
It is Not Controlled by Congress.

The States Control an Article V Convention

The States Control an Article V Convention Responses To Opposition
Friends of the Article V Convention

RT said (February 19, 2016):

Crown Land - The Canadian Encyclopedia
Crown Land. Crown land is the term used to describe land owned by the federal or provincial governments. Authority for control of these public lands rests with the ...
Less than 11% of Canada's land is in private hands; 41% is federal crown land and 48% is provincial crown land.

George said (February 19, 2016):

Great article by Bill Barcus. There is some history here that should be mentioned. The recent uproar at Malheur is a continuation of the so-called Sagebrush Rebellion of the 80s, which had Governor Fife Symington of Arizona as a prominent spokesman, emphasizing the Constitutional provisions for limited federal ownership of land and the Tenth Amendment. He subsequently did some prison time for what appeared to some to be a politically motivated charge of defrauding investors in an Arizona shopping mall.

In any case, the Sagebrush revolt basically faded away, until it was revived in the land grab of the Willamette Basin of Oregon. There are deep roots to this crisis. For the sake of the country, I hope it builds up steam and ends up with a more balanced approach to our Western lands.

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