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Time to Boycott Facebook

February 27, 2016

Recently, a 16-Year-old German Girl by the name of 'Bibi Wilhailm' uploaded a video on YouTube and Facebook entitled: "Ihr macht Deutschland kaputt!" [You are Killing Germany!] a plea for help from the onslaught of Muslim Immigration.
The video, directed towards German Chancellor Angela Merkel was IMMEDIATELY CENSORED, REMOVED and BANNED by Mark Zuckerberg under Facebook's NEW "Hate Speech Policy" within their recently amended Terms of Service (TOS), which forbids any negative speech or portrayal [sic] towards Islam and/or Muslims. Subsequently, the 16-Year-old Ms. Bibi Wilhailm's Facebook Account was REMOVED and BLOCKED by Facebook...simply because she spoke the TRUTH...She remains BANNED to this day...

The essence of the NWO tyranny is the imposition of the satanic Masonic Jewish agenda by people like Mark Zuckerberg. Thus they monopolize information, perception and discourse. Because they always have an idealistic pretext to gull the masses, they can accuse anyone who resists their hateful tyranny of being "haters." 

by Jules Falcone

This is my Final Post as I no longer support the Pro-Rape site that is Facebook

Recently on YouTube, a 16-year-old German girl told how Facebook suspended her account because she posted a video about women being raped on the streets of Germany. 

Where are the European men you ask? They long ago bought into Multiculturalism and it's cohort Feminism. Feminism is here to destroy anything that is female. 

Feminism at it's core hates the feminine: woman, girl, baby. Feminism is Anti-Woman. 

Where are the Jane Fonda's, the Gloria Steinem's, the Rhonda Rousey's, the Amy Schumer's, the Whoopee Goldberg's, the Lena Dunham's? All these traitors ride the wave of feminine support; all these traitors go out of their way to propitiate the myth that men are the cause of all the problems in the world. 

 THERE IS NO RAPE CULTURE IN THE UNTIED STATES OF AMERICA. There is the exact definition of a rape culture plaguing Europe right now. 

Where are the Feminists speaking out against this? What is Feminism that they don't even speak out against the atrocities that are going on in Europe now? What does it say about these pseudo-women who get up on their high horse every chance they get to bash men and "promote" women and they say nothing of the proliferation of rape throughout Europe?

Feminism is a fraud. Women who state they are feminists are frauds. Women who passionately wear their feminism on their sleeves are traitors to their own gender and by extension the human race. 

Another topic close to feminists heart is abortion. I'll simply state the majority of babies that are aborted are female. Someone who was actually Pro-Woman would try to figure out how as a species we can have less abortions instead of shaking their fist in the air screaming all the while how they have the right to abortions.

Have we men had enough? I know I have: I'm saying collectively; as a group, have we had enough? Feminism hasn't worked. Men are impeccable at some things; women are impeccable at some things. We come together in co-operation because it's better for the both of us. 

Men and women complement each other. Feminism has brainwashed women to go against their nature. Women and young girls, babies, and the unborn are looking to us to be real men. They need us to lead the way. It is not Fonda's, Steinem's, Rousey's, Schumer's, Goldberg's, Dunham's fault. It is our fault. We are men. And we collectively failed them. 

In the 60's Feminism tricked women to think casual sex was empowering. We men took the sex and all the lies that went with it. We accepted sex on their terms. We gave up our power. We stopped being the leaders. 

Because we men have not done an impeccable job leading, Third World Migrants are running through the streets of Europe raping multiple women every day and no end is in sight.

It is time for men to step up. It is time for men to be men. It is time to be a real man; that by the very nature of his existence, is exactly what women want. 

Facebook has agreed to work with the traitorous German government to block all speech that sheds light on the Rape epidemic that is going on in Germany. It is my wish that any man reading this joins together with me on this, spreads the word and makes this his last post on Facebook

Let's stand up and be men. Let's be something that all the women of the world can be proud of. Let's say "Yes" to our true nature. Let's be the Leaders that women and girls are looking for us to be. Let's drive this Fascist Corporation into the ground. Let's make this our first step to ending tyranny and freeing the human race from it's shackles. Let's not let the current victims of this epidemic suffer in vain. If it was my daughter, I would no longer post on Facebook. What kind of man would I be if I'm ok with posting on Facebook because it's other people's daughters who are being raped.

I'm not leaving the women of the world out. I love Women. I love Daughters, I love Mothers, I love Babies. And plenty of women know that Feminism sold them out a long time ago. All Humanity is in this together. I know that women want to follow their inherent nature and stand by their man.

In closing I have the utmost Love and Respect for the unsung heroes of this world. The young girl who wants to grow up to be a wife and mother. The stay at home mom who is constantly bombarded from the media that she made the wrong choice. I have Love and Respect for all women but stay-at-home moms, and young girls who just want to grow up and be the best mother and wife they can be have been attacked more by Feminism than Feminism's non-stop vitriol toward men. I love all people. I love feminists. It's not their fault guys, they have been misled. We need to forgive. We need to love. We need to be good to each other. Praise God.

Merkel urges Zuckerberg to ban Neo Nazi Hate Speech on FB 
Marxist Queen- Zuckerburg Chides Employees for writing All Lives Matter

First Comment by Dan:

"Neo-Nazi" = pro-European (indigenous Caucasians)  "hate speech" = equals ethnic self assertion. 

IMO Merkel needs to stand trial for genocide of the German people under UN General Assembly Resolution 260,
Article two, line items b,c,d,e.   The only thing she hasn't done yet is shoot Germans. 

Article 2 of the convention defines genocide as

...any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
-- Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 2[2]

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Comments for "Time to Boycott Facebook "

Anon said (February 29, 2016):

I hate Facebook for many reasons. First because Fkerberg wants a copy of my drivers license in order to post narcissistic bs about myself. He censors anti vaccine posters and changes your privacy preferences so what was once private is now out there for all to harvest. He is a bad person. Makes me glad ISIS is giving him trouble.

Peter said (February 28, 2016):

I became aware of too many problems with Facebook a long time ago. I quit. Since then I have had many business offers that involve Facebook and I turned them all down. I have read about Facebook from other sources that laid out the nasty SPY habit for both frauds and other agencies. Facebook’s competitors are no different. You cannot trust any of them.

Jeannine said (February 28, 2016):

I'm really considering cancelling my facebook account. I've been thinking of disconnecting from everything like that. It's draws everyone away from more important things like family and face to face communication. It's not just the young but the older folks too. I think it would be a good idea because I don't think that I want Zuckerberg deciding what I can think or say

SS said (February 28, 2016):

This is extremely difficult to stomach. As far as I know since 9/11 anything goes wrong it's a Muslims fault. Since when did the Muslims ever become the predators we are portrayed everyday in the media.

Think for a second, no one ever talks about how much Muslims have contributed towards the development of the civilized world.

I understand the complacency of the governments and corporations around the world to advance their masters agenda but how do we know this wasn't another PsyOp.

What happened in cologne? where was the police, you want to tell me there was nobody in the vicinity to help the girls while this mass multi group rape was happening?

Who's to say that that this group of so called North Africans men that the media tells us descended on the women weren't paid or somehow incited towards this farce that took place. How difficult it is to control a group of 3 dozen men or more?

When there is no shortage of incentives from immigration status to money bribes from the people who actually control the worlds monetary empire. Nothing is impossible for these people nothing at all. I absolutely refuse to believe this girls story that hundreds of Muslim men descended upon her and her friends or women around her while the world stood by and just watched.

We live In a world where we must question everything around us and take every news with a grain or salt.

JG said (February 27, 2016):

The answer as to why the "feminists" are not speaking out against these recent atrocities against the German women here is very simple. The victims are white!

We all know that if the victims here were 3rd world immigrant women and the culprits were German males it would be advertised on every major media outlet in the world. Portraying the white race as victims regardless of how overwhelming the evidence may to support their claims is a capitol violation against the doctrine of political correctness.

And, it is for this reason that your high profile and world renowned feminists are not touching this one with a ten foot pole.

DH said (February 27, 2016):

Jules Falcone said, "I know that women want to follow their inherent nature and stand by their man."

Sorry Jules, but until both men and women understand that a woman's inherent nature is to take the man in her life (father/brother/husband/boyfriend/friend/boss/etc) for granted while she looks to the outside world for a better deal... men will continue to be sold down the river by the women in their lives and society will suffer. That is a woman's real inherent nature as evidenced by the first woman, Eve.

Has anyone ever considered that Eve had not yet fallen into a sinful state... yet she still chose to listen to the devil himself rather than to her husband? If the first woman would rather listen to the deal the devil offered BEFORE she sinned, how much more easily is she deceived in her current, fallen state? Adam, however, was not deceived and followed after her out of love, to try to rescue her. Isn't Jules calling for men to 'ride to the rescue'? Isn't that a man's true nature (fallen or not), to 'ride to the rescue' of the women in his life? It most certainly is and this was a foreshadowing of the nature of Christ "who knew no sin, becoming sin that we might be the righteousness of God".

Women must be taught to 'stand by their man' and to heed his advice even when it goes against her 'feelings' (which is 90% of the time). It is certainly not their nature to do that and never has been. What we now see is women 'reaping the whirlwind' after decades of 'sowing the wind' (Hos 8:7). As soon as men 'rescue' the women, they will return to their previous behavior of selling the men in their lives down the river because the world appears to offer a 'better deal'. If men ride to the rescue too soon; the lesson that SOCIETY needs to learn will continue to elude them.

I will certainly use these examples to show my daughters the results of taking advantage of the men in their lives (including me) but until society reinforces that lesson, it likely will go unlearned... because of the true inherent nature of women.

Al Thompson said (February 27, 2016):

I don't have words foul enough to describe what I think of Facebook. The people reading this article should realize that a communist-libtard-progressive-fascist doesn't care about the safety of the public at large.

Libtards such as Zuckerschmuck are totally revolting to any moral society. This young lady stepped up and spoke up about her concerns about rape and Zuckerschmuck took it down? The idea of not protecting the women from rapists goes to show the depths of their evil. Men all over the world need to step in and defend the women from brutal attacks from rapists. As far as boycotting, maybe a good slogan would be "Real People Don't Use Facebook."

Personally, I think men who use it are a bunch of candy-asses with nothing more productive to do. And the women who use it are just a bunch of busy-bodies posting photos of their babies' diapers. Posting on a forum like that is something I wouldn't do.

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