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FBI-Apple Backdoor is a Red Herring

February 24, 2016

"I smell a media psychological operation (psy ops) of controlled opposition:

by Andrew Smith

To begin, the FBI and any state law enforcement agency should be able to seek and obtain a 4th Amendment search warrant to gather information necessary for discovery of criminal data encrypted on a defendant's smart phone. In the case of the two dead Dec 2nd attackers, the FBI obtained a search warrant with court order for Apple to open the dead defendant's smart phone. But when Apple refused instead of seeking a contempt order and incarceration of specific Apple tech officer with huge contempt fines, homosexual Apple President Tim Cook, Apple and FBI began engaging in what looks like a lightly scripted media circus publicly debating a theoretical BACKDOOR to iPhone.

I smell a media psychological operation (psy ops) of controlled opposition.

The issues being discussed today on the case are farcical and even ridiculous .... IMHO

"What just happened?

The FBI just got a judge to order Apple to create a backdoor into the iPhone--putting all of our safety at risk by exposing personal information to hackers, criminals, terrorists, and government spies. For more details and background, read the story in Wapo, this analysis by Techdirt, and and the response from Apple."


So the so-called BACKDOOR is a red herring.

Furthermore, the FBI and Justice Department in this case demonstrated 'probably cause' under standards of 4th Amendment of US Constitution to justify a search warrant of Apple iPhone and of course they can join Apple technology as necessary party to achieve search of the Apple iPhone. Building a permanent 'so-called' BACKDOOR is neither necessary nor proper to achieve the 'search' in this case. So obviously the current brouhaha is just distraction for the general public. This is an a silly psychological operation to occupy the attention of American public and nothing more.


Reddit comments- Controversy supports false narrative - Family wants phone opened to show they aren't related to so-called terrorist

First Comment by Dan:

My review of the technical problem presented by the latest generation of iPhone to FBI crime investigators leads me to conclude that the court order* is justified, so long as they still will have to get a search warrant on a case per case basis. 

Simply put, the FBI is asking Apple to create a tool that would circumvent a feature that deletes all of the information on the phone after 10 failed password attempts. 

The claim that the FBI will use the tool they're asking Apple to provide, to spy on everybody without a warrant is a bit hysterical.  

I read the technical specs on what they want.  Technically it doesn't fulfill the definition of 'back door'.   

There's no abuse of public privacy here, so long as law enforcement still need to go through due process to use it.  ie., get a warrant. 

Comments for "FBI-Apple Backdoor is a Red Herring"

Ken Adachi said (February 26, 2016):

Is the real purpose of the psy ops to underscore the meme that the patsies were the shooters? They needed Muslim patsies to fit the script. The guy is laying on the ground in a pool of blood and his hands are cuffed behind his back. Do police usually cuff a dead man whose body had been riddled with bullets?

JG said (February 25, 2016):

Sorry, but you have been deceived.The government can hack into any phone they want and at any time with or without Apple's permission.

The reason for the media extravaganza over this issue is to divert attention away from the suspect and shift it to the legal rights pertaining to current privacy laws.

Why? Because like so many suspects in today's world of "terrorist shootings" this man is more than likely a patsy and hacking into his phone publicly would expose him as such.

CR said (February 24, 2016):

I was thinking the same thing, it's just like how Glen Greenwald (gay) and Bradley Manning AKA Chelsea (transsexual) are the heroes of the WikiLeaks thing. Now sexual deviants are the beacons of hope for freedom and democracy. Similar to how the gay agenda is promoted through putting gay characters in TV shows and movies, they are trying to get a few conspiracy nuts to sympathize with them.

Also, how come the FBI can't unlock the phone themselves? Even the local police department can recover data from CD's, cassettes, and hard drives that are completely destroyed, with the billions of dollars they are spending on the latest technology they can even unlock a phone?

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