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Rich Jews Bullied Me My Entire Life- 2

February 25, 2016

Yet for fear of the Jews no one spoke openly of [Jesus.]   John 7:13  

Aki Liao grew up with elite Jews in the suburbs of NYC.
Chinese, he suffered discrimination which continues to this day.  Non-Jews must serve them and their agenda or be ruined. Liao describes how the courts have become the instrument of their perverted justice.

Part One

by Aki Liao

The Freemasonic Jewish Mafia used to dispatch their enemies with straight out murder, in contract jobs, with such luminary criminal organizations such as the "Purple Gang," "Murder Inc," the "Stern Gang," "Haganah," and others. 

Nowadays, since these Zionist Jews have become the Establishment in the United States, instead of resorting to outright murder, they simply whisper into the ear of the local rabbi, who then in turn instructs the local judge in his synagogue, who proceeds to crucify that targeted individual within the courts. 

Family Court is the preferred venue for 2 reasons: (1) it is a "star chamber" with no public or camera access to allow for the most heinous constitutional and human rights violations without scrutiny; and (2) the "best interests of the child" approach, coined by Adolph Hitler, also allows for the most egregious suspensions of the targeted individual's Constitutional protections. 

If the targeted individual does not have kids, then his wife or ex-girlfriend can be manipulated and coerced into making embarrassing or career-ending allegations which will result in the targeted individual suffering in silence for fear of the subject matter being publicized. 

The judges in the courts are the modern day assassins and triggermen - bought and paid for like their hired gunmen of yesterday. They carry out the same tasks each and every day, "taking out the trash" for the Jewish Mob. 

Instead of bullets, guns, knives, axes, ice picks and other weapons to get rid of their prey, they use denied motions, ex parte hearings, contempt and sanctions findings, invasive discovery requests to try and find financial or tax irregularities, so another law enforcement agency can dispatch them.

 Instead of giving cash in a briefcase in a back alley to a hired gun, these Jewish Mobsters today pay their corrupted judges through sweetheart business deals, lucrative and powerful judicial appointments, well-paid speaking tours, prestigious teaching and professor jobs, low interest mortgage and housing deals, lavish award ceremonies, fat bonuses and stipends for the above appointments, and other perks. 

These Jewish mobsters still use old tactics to keep their "hired judicial guns" in line, such as using intimidation, extortion, blackmail, threats, and other methods. Instead of using the gun, they use public exposure and ruination, and possibly jail-time for public corruption using other like- minded corrupted authority figures to keep these judges in line, should they decide to grow a conscience.

New First Comment by SW:

Now that the criminal laws of the United States have been so purposefully  overregulated so that everyone now lives in a literal "net" or "ticket" of laws, where each and every day one breaks 10 laws per day, the Illuminati Freemasonic Zionist Jews, who have completely taken over or control the key positions of law enforcement and the courts (Police Officer and Federal Law Enforcement Supervisors, Chief Judges, Chief Prosecutors, Lead Forensic Examiners, etc), and with the introduction of the highly draconian ad aggressive Violent Crime Control Law Enforcement Act ("VCCLEA") and Violence Against Women's Act ("VAWA") enacted in 1994, a purposeful hiring/recruiting of avowed racists into federal and state law enforcement, all they now have to do is smile, sit back, and let millions of innocent men get entrapped in the snare of domestic incidents or child support or anything considered criminal under the VCCLEA or VAWA, and then simply "pick and choose" who they want to go after, prosecute, target, convict, and send to jail.

Usually those people who get sent to jail or selectively prosecuted are enemies of these Illuminati Freemasonic Zionist Jews, such as Muslims, Arabs, Blacks, Palestinians, Political Dissidents opposed to their agenda, or anyone else standing in the way of their secret deep state government.

The U.S. Constitution no longer is able to protect these targeted individuals because those protections have effectively been lifted by the VAWA and VCCLEA laws.

In short, America is no longer a Constitutional Republic, but rather, a Communist Dictatorship, with Illuminati Freemasonic Zionist Jews at the top, controlling, arresting, investigating, prosecuting, and jailing anyone that they want to target.

This was of course, all done on purpose, just like the blackmailing of President Bill Clinton by Illuminati Freemasonic Zionist Jews with exposure of the Monica Lewinsky affair, so that he repealed the Glass-Steagall Act separating investment banker money from "mom and pop" savings accounts, plundering the bank accounts of American taxpayers to fund risky investments and loans to overseas foreign banks, eventually leading to financial ruin in 2008 with the economic crisis, and the end of the American economy.

Comments for "Rich Jews Bullied Me My Entire Life- 2"

Glen said (February 27, 2016):

Eustace Mullins wrote:

"Traditionally, the scales of justice are depicted as awaiting the weight of the evidence. A preponderance on one side or the other will tip them to a just conclusion. Indeed, this is the ideal to which we still aspire. Unfortunately, it is rarely found today in our courts. If an attorney finds that the weight of evidence is tipping the scales against his client, he immediately employs one of the myriad techniques of "civil procedure" to have that evidence declared inadmissible, to have his opponent's witnesses impeached or found incompetent, and to mount a counterattack of his own to tip the scales back to favor his client. This technique is called "practicing law." Like any other skill, it is honed by constant practice, but this skill depends heavily on its practitioner's willingness to employ any subterfuge on his client's behalf. It is as though a football game were being played during which the players were allowed to commit any unsportsmanlike or illegal act in order to gain a point, with the umpire (that is, the judge), actually cooperating in and officially approving the illegal conduct. In legal parlance, this has a name; it is known as "professional courtesy," because the judge, like the lawyers, is also a member of the bar."

Charles D said (February 26, 2016):

Great article.

It should also be noted that not only does the Jewish Mafia function in this way using the judges and courts to get rid of their enemies, but so does the Israeli Secret Service Mossad function in the exact same manner against targeted US Citizens on their own soil in America.

The question is what the hell is the FBI and DHS doing about any of this?

Or are they part of it?

Sometimes I think Israel is just the tip of the American spear.

Al Thompson said (February 25, 2016):

What most people don't realize is that the STATE, State, or state and the elites that run it think that people are their property. Constitutions don't mean anything and no one's rights come from any Constitution. All "rights" come from the natural law which God created. Judges and lawyers are nothing more than legal gutter-sluts of the new world disorder. The best thing to do is to stay out of their way and only engage them when it is necessary.

The true intent of any government is conquest and confiscation. Conquest in that it relies on raw power to get their will and confiscation is done via theft by taxes. And during an election, the people think they can choose their leaders but they are really choosing their slave masters.

My idea is to put all of the judges and lawyers on an aircraft carrier and ship them off to Cuba or Venezuela and let them experience first hand the bad fruit of communism and leave the rest of us alone to enjoy our lives in peace.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at