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Another Saturday morning outside a local abortion mill...

March 26, 2016

(left, "Sidewalk" counselors try to discourage women from aborting their fetus.)

Abortion is another fault line 
in the American social landscape.
About a million abortions take place
each year in the US. 

by Connie 

Another Saturday morning outside a local abortion mill...

Eight of us arrived at the clinic on or about 7:30 am. Sidewalk counselors don't wear anything special, but we could already see a half dozen"patient escorts" in the parking lot wearing their bright yellow tee shirts.  

Within a half-hour, the number had grown to about 15.  They were stationed throughout the lot in groups to keep an eye on us.  The edge of the parking lot is public property, and there were between 30 and 40 prayer warriors there. They prayed and sang, almost drowned out by noise from early morning traffic.  

When we get a chance, we try to chat with some of the yellow-shirts to see if we can get them to understand why we are here, and how devastating abortion is. 

About 70% to 80% of the yellow-shirts are college students who sign up for a time commitment to be out here, and in return get community service hours.

One of the counselors approached two women headed for the front door, the first patients of the day. He showed them a picture of an ambulance parked in front of the clinic, and explained how a woman almost died a few months ago here.  

One of the yellow-shirts chimed in it wasn't true.  The security guard for the shopping center came up quickly and told the woman she did not have to listen to the counselor, and that she would escort the woman if she wanted.  

Several other yellow-shirts crowded around, urging the woman to shoo the counselor away.  The counselor said "This really did happen, I talked to the woman. I care about you." 

His sister had died at the hands of an abortionist. The woman was getting more nervous and listening to the counselor, who gave her some brochures. The woman ignored the yellow-shirts and guard, took the information, and said "I'm leaving this place."  They walked back to their car and drove away.

A short time later a man and woman pulled into the parking lot. Two counselors approached the car, one on the woman's side and the other on the man's.  Immediately the yellow shirts swarmed.

 A counselor handed the man a card with a prayer to end abortion.  The counselor asked the man to please pray for the women inside who were having abortions.  He hesitantly took the card and appeared upset. Soon all the yellow-shirts had made their way over, saying he did not have to listen to the counselor.  

The man told the counselor to leave him alone, yelling an obscenity. About thirty minutes later, which is not enough time to have anything done, the couple came out of the clinic and left. We could see the woman was crying. We don't know why they left but from the tears of the woman, one might say she had a change of heart. What we know for sure is she did not have an abortion here today. 

First Comment by Dan:

Camille Paglia, the New York Times' favorite Feminist in the 1990's made a splash by saying "abortion is murder" - and she's for it.  Here's the famous quote from SALON magazine: 

"I have always frankly admitted that abortion is murder, the extermination of the powerless by the powerful." 

Paglia said this because she thinks the public should accept that.  She went on to say, "The state in my view has no authority whatever to intervene in the biological processes of any woman's body."

A statement like this should be a wake up call to anyone who believes human life is sacred.  Neither women or men can create a human life. Women can't prevent pregnancy with magic spells or 'girl power', much less "create" life. 

Though Paglia frame is State vs the Individual, if any individual has the right to take a human life because in some sense they 'own' it,  then all bets are off.   States own the bodies of all their citizens.  If you don't believe it, read the legal reasons they use for military conscription.  I grew up when there was a 'draft' in the United States. Believe me, they own you.  They just let you graze in the field till it's time for sheering or slaughter. 

It was media that framed 'pro-choice' vs 'anti-abortion' as a 'religious' issue - not a human one.   Camille Paglia merely publicized what professional Feminists knew all along and openly celebrated in their book and conferences - that abortion is a 'sacrament' in the religion of Feminism.  (Another is patricide, but I digress).  If you've never heard this, look up 'The Sacrament Of Abortion' by Ginette Paris.

Western society is a generational shift away from religion based ethics toward moral nihilism.
There's a tendency among Pro-Life people to always see the women that have abortions as victims.  The ones who are underage are victims; the rest are debatable.  The fact is that Pro-Choice women have abortions and most of them are proud of it.   Just listen to their comedians on TV, like Sarah Silverman, or the late Joan Rivers.  [Sarah Silverman: "My husband and I want to have an abortion but we're having trouble conceiving."]

Here's the bottom line.  Abortion-as-birth-control is the face of two sided coin.  The flip side is euthanasia - the forced termination of the life of a living person.   Euthanasia is also sold as "Choice", framed as an individual right.   

Abortion as birth control is already mainstreamed and taken for granted by Millennial.  Euthanasia is next.  Already five US states have legal Euthanasia.  Under the next President I expect we'll see the Supreme Court make it unanimous as they did gay "marriage".   After that's a done deal, the next step will be State Euthanasia.  Sterilization is coming too.   Does anyone but Bernie Sanders voters think a Socialist government is sustainable carrying millions of unemployed or unemployable people on welfare?*

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Comments for " Another Saturday morning outside a local abortion mill..."

Marcos said (March 27, 2016):

In Poland, baby survives abortion and is left crying for one hour until he dies.

The country is shocked and disgusted. Abortion is cold blooded murder of innocents.

Al Thompson said (March 26, 2016):

I think it is important to note that some very instructive verses are not taught or noticed in the Christian churches. Where or not they rise to the level of scripture may be debatable, but these very clear verses would be quite useful to anyone considering the issue of abortion. I also noticed one like these in the Book of Enoch.

Abortion is murder, but young people, through the feminist movement, have been deluded into thinking that a fetus is not a child until it is born. I suggest to all women not to listen to feminists and never consider murdering your baby for any reason.

Tony B said (March 26, 2016):

I cannot understand how ANYONE cannot understand that abortion is the very worst kind of murder, much less the child's own mother demanding it. Such a betrayal by the mother of a child must be extremely hard for God to forgive. He has already given that child a soul which will never see life outside the womb. If it was not a whole and complete person there would be no reason to kill it. It does not seem possible that so many mothers have truly become that selfish.

Diane said (March 26, 2016):

An older OB nurse I worked with once told me this: "in my thirty years I have never once seen a woman regret NOT have an abortion, they and the father love the baby the instant they see it, but nearly every single woman who had an abortion had lived with deep regret for her entire life. They may not tell their friends or family, but they will often tell their OB team."

Mike in Maryland said (March 26, 2016):

Besides abortion being wrong, the early boomer generation never thought about the earliest victims of this crime. Those victims would now be in their 40’s having contributed to the tax base for more than 15 years and potentially being the ones that could have solved problems like cures for cancer, etc., and hitting their prime income and contribution levels.

Evil ignorance of the generation that supported this sin were so short sighted that they are now the retiring generation wondering if Social Security will support them. They should have been thinking of this when they were in college in the late 60’s / early 70’s favoring abortion.

Has anyone figured the economic impact of this national tragedy?

anon said (March 26, 2016):

Absolutely heartbreaking. One can clearly see that this world is run by satan. There is a war for the souls of mankind.

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