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Civil Unrest Rocks Brazil: Is Dilma Our Hillary?

March 17, 2016


Think we have problems? Brazil is ensnared 
by an even more corrupt Communist
government that it can't shake.

Marcos, our Sao Paul correspondent reports.

"We common Brazilians wake up every day with a knot in the stomach when we think about the future, a dreadful feeling of hopelessness. Will a whole generation of our kids be doomed? Is there a future for anyone who wants to work hard and who has some talent, or is Brazil only a land of opportunity for those who want to lie and steal, for mediocre sycophants? We know that by teaching our kids to be honest and hard working, we will doom them to a life of poverty and oppression. Our kids ask us every day: why has not Lula been arrested yet? And we don't know what to say." 

"Dilma instituting Lula as minister this moment. A bunch of terrorists chanting like Castro revolutionaries inside the Palace.
She has attacked the Judge and the Justice, saying they violated the law and the Constitution. Lula told her to go to the attack, and she did. No scruples, it is total war. 
It is a coup d'état, and I fear for the worst." 

Latest from Marcos Friday: 

Brazilians are shocked and horrified with the transcripts of the judicial wiretappings, which show crass conversations of high honchos of the Party and the government, but on the level of drug dealers or thugs. A profanity after every couple of words, open machinations in order to evade the police and stop the investigations. Lula's wife, while talking to their son,  told the people to stick the pans (from the pan beating protests) in their ***. Almost all conversations show some kind of criminal talk. The feeling is like finding out your mother is a prostitute. 

Dilma had decided to resign last week, but Lula convinced her to stay and fight to death, the country be damned. It is now clear and proven by the dialogues that Dilma asked Lula to be a minister in order to escape prison. 

500 federal judges signed a document of support for Judge Moro, and members of the Supreme Court made harsh speeches against Lula. The party declared war against Moro, and is now common knowledge that Dilma used Abin, the Brazilian CIA, to spy on the Judge and find that Lula was going to be arrested. 

10 judges all around Brazil blocked Lula's institution as minister, based on obstruction of justice claims. So, Lula is not a minister anymore. Jokes in social media compare him to the Miss Universe who was a winner for 2 minutes last year. 

It is a matter of time, but Lula will burn Brazil if he can, before he goes. The party will have a manifestation today in Sao Paulo. Chartered buses paid by the Party, with food and a R$ 30 financial help. They have asked for "mostly black and mulatto people" in order to show that "people" are on their side, but basically it will be  a gathering of corrupt union leaders and party militants. They are probably looking for violence, but pro-impeachment protesters will only return to the streets after they are gone, and they promise to protest non-stop until Dilma is out.

Yesterday,  Congress opened the impeachment process with 433 votes to 1. It will take 45 days to remove the corrupt terrorist from power, and even after that, Senate will have to vouch for the decision. 
Chaos and instability will mark the near future. 

This is a good article from Daily Mail. BBC is pro-left and is spreading lies. Surprisingly, the Guardian has a balanced coverage. The rest of the world is silent. 

by Marcos

Three and a half million Brazilians took to the streets last Sunday to protest against corruption and demand the impeachment of President Dilma and prison for former president Lula. São Paulo alone saw 1.5 million people in Avenue Paulista, the heart of the city, while Rio gathered one million in Copacabana. Families, children, all together in a spontaneous and peaceful protest. Unfortunately, the government has responded by spitting in their faces and declaring war on its citizens. 

Brazil has been destroyed by the Marxist Workers' Party (PT). An ally of Cuba and part of the Latin American leftist front Forum of São Paulo which controls most of the continent, they came to power in 2003 when criminal union leader Lula became president. He soon became the darling of the globalist left: Obama called him "the man", while Bono said Lula was a "treasure of the world". The Duke of Kent, Masonry's head honcho, also gave him awards. His power as a demagogue and the Venezuelan election fraud software Smartmatic enabled him to hand pick his successor, Dilma Rousseff, a former Marxist terrorist and bank robber, elected in 2011 and 2015.


Brazil is facing a recession worst than the one in the 1930s. GNP fell 3,8% in 2015, the second worse result in the world, second only to another Marxist hell, Venezuela. 

(Will Americans be demonstrating against Hillary's corruption?) 

Industry fell 6.2%; 95,000 retail stores shut down and there is widespread unemployment. Extreme poverty index climbed from 13% to 20%. This is a direct result of huge corruption, incompetence and mismanagement of the economy. More than 200,000 high paying positions in the federal government were created and filled by faithful Party comrades. Public debt skyrocketed to the advantage of the bankers who saw their profits break records year after year. Business compadres of the Party could get billions in cheap subsidized loans.

The straw that broke the camel's back was the exposure of a huge corruption scheme involving state companies, especially oil company Petrobras. The scheme stole R$ 50 Billion (US$ 15 BI) in kickbacks for the Workers' Party and the politicians. Suppliers could only sell to Petrobras if they gave 3% of the amount in bribes. Dilma's election campaign was financed with this money. Petrobras went from being the 12th largest company in the world to number 120. 

In the last three years, millions of Brazilians took to the streets, signed petitions and protested in several ways. People absolutely hate the Party, and both Dilma and Lula. This is by no means an "orange revolution" sponsored by Soros or by the CIA, but a grassroots spontaneous movement.  


Behind the exposure of these crimes is Judge Sergio Moro, left, a low key devout Christian who became a hero for the common Brazilian who watched as the Federal Police exposed a new scandal every week. As investigations of Operation Lava-Jato (Carwash) proceeded, it became clear that Lula was the behind the kickback scheme. Several Petrobras directors and owners of large companies, including the billionaire heir of one of the largest businesses in Brazil, Odebrecht, were arrested for corruption and accepted plea bargain deals. Like a Matryoshka set of dolls, one arrest led to another larger scandal. 

It is believed that Lula, who claims to be a champion for the poor, has stolen more than US$ 50 MM in money in offshore accounts, disguised as "lecture money", has received a triplex apartment facing the beach, a ranch, and even stole precious objects such as sculptures and gold silverware from the Brazilian White House. His son, a former zookeeper, became a millionaire with shady deals based on corruption. 


Lula was taken to the Federal Police HQ last week right before the protests began. At the same time, prosecutors from São Paulo asked for his arrest. 

Sunday: (March 13th): 3,5 million people in the streets demand Lula's arrest and Dilma's impeachment.

Monday: Rumors of Dilma's intention of making Lula a super minister, in order to escape prison and help her stay afloat. (in fact, Lula's arrest had been decided, but spies inside the Police warned Dilma.) Meeting of the government to discuss actions.

unnamed (28).jpg
Tuesday: Dilma decides to make Lula minister. The country is shocked and horrified. Now Lula can only be judged by the Supreme Court, as he gains special privileges, and we know many of the judges there owe their positions to the Party.

Wednesday: Judge Moro in a master coup releases audio from the investigation of Dilma talking to Lula at the phone, telling him she is sending the document of his instatement, so he can show the police if need be. This is a crime of obstruction of justice. Also audio of Lula requesting help from Supreme Court and Minister of Justice (another crime). Audio of Lula calling the Supreme Court and the Congressmen "useless" and "cowards" (he now will lose all support he desperately needs). 


The result: Congressmen shouting "Dilma renounce, renounce!". Avenue Paulista filled by huge crowds again. Thousands gather in front of Dilma's palace. The Supreme Court has been put against the wall and must decide against Lula.

Craziest day in Brazil in 50 years. We will probably see instability, a war of lawsuits, and general turmoil in the coming days. Violence is already starting in the streets. Will the Army interfere? Will Lula's army of terrorists from the Landless Peasants movement attack as he threatened some weeks ago? Even Marxist buffoons Evo Morales from Bolivia and Maduro from Venezuela have threatened war with Brazil if Dilma falls. 

Marxism's role is the destruction of individual freedom and traditional values. It will never work as an economic system, and the elite knows it. It is enough that it creates a dependent generation that praises high taxes, public debt, a huge monster State that controls everything and a culture based on Satanic values of immorality and disregard for human life and dignity. 

The Worker's Party was given the country on a tray by President Cardoso, a personal friend of George Soros and leader of PSDB, the Fabian Socialist party which never acted as a real opposition to Lula and Dilma. Now it has done its job, and like the proverbial goat in the room, people will accept any solution to be rid of it. Good cop must follow bad cop, new world order out of chaos. 

The only thing that is forbidden is the rise of some real conservative presidential candidate, a possibility now after many people realized the scheme. That's why PSDB has prepared another coup d'état in the form of a Parliamentarian bill presented this week. Like all countries in the world, Brazil must have a new world order government.

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First Comment by Dan:

unnamed (26).jpg
Outstanding in situ report from correspondent Marcos.   It's a huge groundswell has erupted against the Socialists in Brazil.  

I saw photos a couple of days ago on Associated Press that reported 10,000.  HA!  The photos obviously show hundreds of thousands, and that's just what can be seen in frame.  Today they're saying 3 million. 

Americans don't pay attention to Brazil and they should.  Anyone who has followed the sordid story of Lula and Dilma will see they're using the same playbook as our Democratic presidential candidates.  

Take a good look America - this is what happens when Socialists get hold of the Presidency. 

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Comments for "Civil Unrest Rocks Brazil: Is Dilma Our Hillary? "

Alex said (March 20, 2016):

Yes, your correspondent in São Paulo, Marcos, is spot-on and quite right at everything he reported in that article.

Antonio [below] totally missed the mark. He is unable to realize how self-contradictory his piece is, after all, PETROBRAS was looted by the Workers Party (PT) to such an extent that, obviously, the giant State-run oil company only nominally belongs to the Brazilian people: for all practical purposes PETROBRAS has long ago been privatized: it belongs to the Marxist Crime Syndicate. To us, millions and millions of Brazilians who do not work at PETROBRAS, a really (de facto and de juri) privatized PETROBRAS would mean prosperity for millions instead of the current prosperity for just a few hundred of PT cronies.

Henrique, well, what a confusion, eh!? His first line is enough to ensure a fair assessment of his deranged state of mind. He wants the victims' blood to gush on the streets. Henrique is sick. So, he is toying with the idea "of giving some financial support to Leftist entities", that is, to PT fellow travelers. Go ahead, Henrique! Enrich those who have already taken away from you, help to empower those who overtly brag about advancing the NWO agenda.

We Brazilians are struggling to get legally rid of a corrupt government who has plunged the country into a deep, deep recession. The criminal investigations are for real, the looting and the kickbacks were real, the people´s indignation is real and has to do with domestic hardships. If the legal ousting of the Marxist Criminal Syndicate in Brazil benefits the Rothschild Syndicate, which I doubt very much, again, which I doubt very much, it is not the fault of we Brazilians, but it would be due to the Syndicate's certified cunning.

Antonio said (March 19, 2016):

Henry, the article you published, authored by a guy called Marcos is an absolute peace of personal opinion. I am not defending Dilma, the Brazilian president, Lula or their party but in fact they are not what this guy is telling about them. This crisis was created, orchestrated and funded by international capital and the political force of the USA. What is really at stake is the privatization of the Brazilian oil company and the absolute control of Brazilian resources and companies. At Lula,s first term, he turned Brazil to a different way, out of the influence of United States, FMI, World Bank and joined the BRICS with Russia, China and South Africa and India. People who are pretending to be the saviours of this country, in fact are the real corrupts, bad apples.

Henry opened you website for this fraudulent gay, named Marcos


Marcos is a friend and long time contributor to my site.
He lives in Sao Paulo and has been a longtime critic of the Communist government there, which is supported by the Zionist world establishment (Soros, Clinton etc.)


Henrique (from Brazil) said (March 19, 2016):

Just for some self-vilification, I will say that I hope the Left reorganizes itself ( there are already other leftist parties being formed ) and yes, that Lula and Dilma create the maximum amount of division and hatred among Brazilians possible before they leave ( if they leave ) as a means of fighting back. Horror because of the crass language is typical of the new Conservatoid mentality that has swept Brazil since Olavo de Carvalho: superficial, pedantic/militant moralism infected with a fanatical manicheistic view of the World. Bolsonaro, the main hero of the Conservative Christoids, traveled to Israel the other day to learn about "public security" ( you know, black-clad militarized thugs ), because no one else can teach him, of course. People on the Right are confused, divided, don't know what they want, and as every weak-willed people does, follow the mandates of hysterical ( or fake hysterical ) "leaders". NO ONE is talking about the existence of the Central Bank and it's loans from international institutions, national affiliation to the UN, regional "trade" blocs ( nation-diluting entities ), Climate Change bullshit forced down our throats, the fact that a top University ( FGV ) is openly the official arm of the CFR in the country, and constantly invents fake "indexes" ( some of which only exist in Brazil ) to justify the economy, etc. - REAL problems. Oh but everyone sure as hell knows how crucial it is to protect Israel at all costs, how Good America and it's allies are and how Evil the Russians, Chinese, Muslims and the left is - and that anyone with different ideas is by default "leftist".

In short, the "Right-wing uprising" is COMPLETELY inoffensive to the real powers-that-be, no matter how "grassroots". It actually favors them by creating more division - and if the Right triumphs in the end, might favor even more by creating a US/Israel submissive Golem in the region, financially and militarily as dependent as ever. And Albert Pike wrote that the US/Israel side will lose World War 3, so this might actually be suicide. I confess that I've been considering giving some financial support to leftist entities, even though I hate them.

John said (March 18, 2016):

Military seized power in April 1964 ruled for twenty-one years model relative democracy Congress remained open with greatly reduced powers. Today, the corruption must be on steroids at least the masses are waking up by protesting their incompetent elected officials who have completely ruined the country. The judges are bought and paid for while central banker H. Meirelles fleeced the country by robbing future generations of their dignity to work for their own way of life. 1973 coup in Chile Pinchot used military to squash the masses hopefully martial law tactics are not implemented as in 1964 scenario. Henry and Marcos excellent coverage of current events unfolding in Brazil.

MN said (March 18, 2016):

As a Latin American, I only see another "black or white" scheme. Communists vs Conservatives. Atheists against Christians. Mammon servers vs Bank worshippers. That is called "manniqueism". And we can't see the real agents that sow division and hatred between people.

Remember how was Brazil under the military power that overthrown Communist government? Humberto de Alencar Castelo Branco was the "militar hero" of the anticommunist people. Joao Goulart, the infamous Communist president before the coup d'etat of 1964 (headed by Castelo Branco), only had wasted the Brazilian budget in order to alleviate poverty of Brazilian people. That poverty was not an invent of communists but was and is a legacy of the past colonial status of the country, owned by the Portuguese king. And the "capitalistic" governments since the Brazilian independence from Portugal had not solved it. Nor the military governments between 1964 and 1984.
It's funny that one of the heros of the Brazilian "conservatives", Fernando Collor de Mello, who shouted against the communist corruption (like today's shouting against communists in power), ended up drowned by the waters of corruption. Also funny was the fact that thousands of people were on the streets to claim the ending of conservative Collor's government. Remember the "caras pintadas" (painted faces) movement in 1992?
In short, there is some naïvete in the article. To pretend that Sérgio Moro is a modern day "El Cid" is too black-and-white-ish.

The enemies are beyond the labels of Communism and Capitalism, but those ones manage well these labels.

A said (March 18, 2016):

An article of extreme relevance for South Africa. A country firmly in the grip of Marxist dupes.

All in all, we're just another Bric(s) in the wall. Pink Floyd.

Tony B said (March 17, 2016):

Methinks everyone here is missing the real point of destroying the economy of Brazil.

It has to do with the salvation of the City of London Rothschild cabal. Brazil is a key component of BRICS. The other big ones are too hard to crack at present (Russia, China, India) and the Rothschild scammers know well they are doomed if they cannot find new blood to suck as the west is now a bloodless shell. Again, Russia and China as well as the other BRICS.

Once again, the cabal has those who should join against it destroying one another, a Rothschild tactic which has yet to fail as that name is practically never mentioned in any kind of war, military, economic or whatever, yet it is behind them all.

The world must somehow get the truth beyond the kept media and point out the real criminals instead of forever falling for the same old divide and conquer lies.

JG said (March 17, 2016):

Thank you for this article Marcos. Your insight into South American politics along with the exposure of it's communist infiltrators is an education for all who care to know such as the many readers at this site.

The "red terror" attacks on Europe, Russia, and Mexico in the early 1900's set the ground work for the NWO regime.
I am ashamed to say that the Marxist dupes within the American government such as presidents Wilson and FDR helped made it all possible by employing it's military forces against the nations who were resisting communism both in WW1 WW2. The American public didn't have a clue about this back then and they still are unaware today.

Communist leaders are not brave or courageous people at all. They always have to employ others to do their dirty work for them. It's all just a game to them and they believe they have some inherited right to determine the fate of others.
Their success in this scheme for world domain comes from their control of the world's gold and money printing presses.

Under communism, "all is money", and this is how most of the world has gone today.

Once money replaces God as a person's savoir he then losses his soul, identity, character, and moral ethics.
If in the end it is only money that can give life and also take it away, God then becomes irrelevant and is no longer a part of a person's life.

But, not to worry, we still think we can serve both God and mammon.

Anon said (March 17, 2016):

Fascinating article. We don't hear that much about anti-Leftist marches in the Fabian Anglosphere.

Marcos's revelations are shocking, but should not be surprising: Leftists are looters, and appeal to everybody else's inner looter. Brazil went and elected a bunch of looters. And the looters looted. They and their banking confederates lined their pockets with the nation's wealth. Perhaps the only difference between Brazil and the Anglosphere is that millions of decent Brazilians recognise what's happening to them and take to the streets. Here in NWO HQ, the looting's done more surreptitiously, and the masses are too busy watching garbage on T.V. to stir themselves anyway.

Incidentally, the Brazilian president's Wikipedia page is a very professional whitewash job: oh yes, the scandals are mentioned, of course, but are downplayed and/or dismissed. (Some years ago, I clashed with one of the revolutionary guard that patrols Wikipedia pages: you will never defeat them -- it seems they have unlimited time, and can sit at a computer all day ensuring the Marxist version of events is the one which prevails.)

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