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US Army Forced Me to Take Deadly Vaccine$

March 3, 2016

When Joshua Jongema, 31,  served in the Army Guard from 2010-2015, 
he received an anthrax shot that almost killed him. Two close relatives, both
Gulf War Vets, have also received shots and are in very poor health 

"It wasn't until eight months later that I read the toxicology reports. Then I learned that something like 1.5 percent of people die from that shot. Something like 2.8 percent have severe problems"

Joshua is now studying Nanotech at college in Seattle. It seems vaccines are a boondoggle administered to soldiers who can't refuse. 

by Joshua Jongema

I, SPC Jongema of the US Army, received an anthrax inoculation. I had to get it even though I pleaded with them to not give it to me, and I almost died. Within 5 seconds I passed out. When I came to, I was in a half dream like state. The MD and others came over. They lifted me into a special chair and they monitored me for thirty minutes. At thirty minutes, they have to decide to call it or clear it. The nurse whispered to me, "It happens a lot. It's the anthrax shot. It happens a lot."

She was saying it and looking back to make sure other people didn't hear her tell me, and she was trying to console and reassure me. She would come check on me every few minutes, and over the course of 15 minutes she told me three times that, "the colour is coming back to your face," but I knew she was lying. It's important to make a victim as comfortable as possible, because it's your body's reaction and not the thing itself which is the factor. My body has its defence mechanisms. For some reason I was very calm. I was in a comical mood for some reason. I acted like a good soldier when they said I could go, and I could tell they just didn't want to call it in.

So I walked to the next building to clear SRC, and they sent me back to dental which is in the same building as shots. As I walked back across the lot through the penetrating Mississippi heat, it felt as if my body was a sponge that was suddenly put into the desert. I felt the water in my body all disappear. So I was trying to convince someone to sign my paper in dental when suddenly I began to feel like puking, and I did, into a trash can they gave me. The MD came over. He said he is calling it in. Then at some point I lifted up my shirt and said, "Where did all those red dots come from?" They were all over my stomach. Within five minutes I was in an ambulance and within 5 or 10 minutes the attendant told me, the red dots went up to your upper neck, and then began receding.

If it had passed the blood brain barrier, my body might have killed my brain to defend itself.

I lay in a hospital bed for over 45 minutes alone. I overheard the nurse in the hallway whispering that the heart monitors weren't connected to the desk. The male voice told her to hush up basically and that it would be fixed soon. I looked over at the heart monitor and I knew that it was up to me to focus and to stay calm. They eventually came and got me, and did a CT scan of my brain as well as a chest x-ray.

Them I laid alone for 2 hours until another soldier arrived to watch me as a battle buddy. A while after that, they came back saying the MD will talk to me about the results.

The chest x-ray showed a serious amount of swelling in my left lung, like a big cylindrical white out tube on the picture. The MD said he was worried about the swelling around my heart, and they scheduled me to come back in 3 days for a heart ultrasound. I think it was late afternoon on a Friday...can't remember. So I asked him about the lung and he said, "I don't know what that is. It could be a recent lung infection. Heck, it could be cancer," and he sent me off without saying any more about it.

That night I had trouble breathing as I was trying to sleep. I had somewhat less trouble the next night, and the night after, but cleared up after that. My heart MRI showed no such Pericorditis, so case management stamped me ready to return to duty and that was the end of it.
No follow up. No proper care. No responsibility taken, but at that time I didn't know.

It wasn't until eight months later that I read the toxicology reports. Then I learned that something like 1.5 percent of people die from that shot. Something like 2.8 percent have severe problems. There are a few other categories in between and then over 30 percent of people have some technical name for a burning pain in the arm. One of the scientists that worked on the vaccine remarked that it was not meant to safeguard people against engineered and weaponized anthrax, that it could only safeguard them from natural forms.

One army MD over 14 months later rebutted that there may be no substantial proof that it does protect, but the idea is that it might, and they refused to do any kind of follow up testing. To me that meant we are guinea pigs to some research study at best, but at worst...
...most of us have turned our bodies and brains off. That's why it doesn't affect them..but some of us have a strong connection to our body and mind and our reactions may be violent.

I am definitely a person whom you can say has had extreme reactions to certain things. Maybe my panic before the shot, and my preconceived notions that it may be bad for me caused my body to react with panic also, but just cause it makes sense does not make it true, and this presents a possible logical fallacy. Just because B is equally possible does not mean that A is untrue.
The anthrax shot just is dangerous. Its ingredients are known heart and lung toxicants.

I think the Army takes advantage of people's confusion. As long as there is an "official story" then most people look away.
Every day is a struggle for me, even though I don't have half of the problems my relatives do. 


More information on Joshua's website 

Gulf War Troops Got "Vaccine" of Nerve Gas 

Dan A: "As you can see, big pharma recently has been pushing the vaccine market:

First Comment from Glen:

  Dear American soldier, 
     It is time for you to awaken from your slumber. You must take a good, hard look in the mirror and ask yourself "who and what am I really serving?" Am I really serving to keep America free or am I serving the banksters who care only about one thing, the grabbing of our planets ever diminishing resources for their own greedy purposes? Is the government I serve one who believes in the freedom of its citizens or is it an over arching, heavy handed tyrant who would some day have me turn against my very own as I am told "I must follow orders". Will this government turn against me and deny me my second amendment rights because I suffer from PTSD?

  It is time to answer these questions honestly. It is time to quit believing in concocted "enemies" which are said to hate us for our freedoms. It time to realize "they" hate us because we destroy their world and kill and maim their children with our bombs.

  Bottom line is you have a choice. There is no draft to blame. It is time to do what is right for you, your family, and like minded fellow Americans.

  What follows is a short video by Mark Passio. It is meant to offend no one, but be forewarned that truth is rarely kind or pleasing to the ears.

Comments for "US Army Forced Me to Take Deadly Vaccine$"

David said (March 5, 2016):

This is why we need to do away with standing armies and conscription. They train free-thinking minds to take orders without question and kill on command. There was a time when an army made sense because the tribe across the savannah wanted to steal your women and villages. Now the only enemies the US has are the ones like al-Qaeda and ISIS we create, fund and arm ourselves so the federal government can wag another bogeyman at the American people and scare us into obedience. First it was the "Huns", then the "gooks", then "Islamic terrorists", now it's Putin and the Russians. No one in their right mind would attack the US except the false flag "terrorists" employed by the CIA and Pentagon.

NN said (March 4, 2016):

Military guinea pigs have suffered for a long time. Carl Miller gave his own Vietnam story in a 2012 interview. An Army doc injected experimental goo. The room started spinning and Carl fell unconscious.

Later his CO cussed the doctor for almost killing a soldier the Vietcong couldn't nail. "Are you shitting me?" The CO waved his sidearm at the doc saying if Carl had more problems, he'd blow the doc's head off. Carl got a special exemption tag in his file - no more vaccines.

Chad said (March 4, 2016):

It’s a real shame in this day and age with the Internet at our fingertips, people are still being victimized by vaccines. Makes you wonder, just what are people paying attention to? The Internet only shows us what we look for. If we don’t care for it, we ignore it.

It’s been since long before 2010 that ‘anti-vaxxers’ have made the news. What people in the military need to understand is that: #1) vaccines are dangerous and #2) the military members do have options for not receiving vaccines.

The problem is, they are played for fools and don’t know they’re guinea pigs. I have a close friend (in the military) who basically got a military doctor to sign off on their health record NO MORE VACCINES, EVER. There was a perceived health concern and the doctor recognized the situation, properly. Contrary to popular belief, vaccines are not mandatory. The military runs a good con-game with the illusions of uniforms, language, discipline and the following of orders. All the service person needs to do is get educated on the subject, grow a pair and stand up for himself or herself.

Some dude said (March 3, 2016):

The army did not make him do anything. He volunteered when he enlisted. This is a perfect example of WHY we are where we are: people REFUSING to own up to their decisions and accept responsibility. It is always someone else's fault. "They" did this, "they" did that.

No one makes anyone do shit, we all consent. Think about it, who would fight a war if no one agreed to show up? This guy seeks some sort of sympathy because he feels entitled to some sort of victimhood status. He made his choice, now he must deal with the consequences, as do we all.

But this victimhood mentality that permeates society is sickening. When is everyone going to learn: eventually, the victims become the hoods.

JG said (March 3, 2016):

The decline of the integrity of the US Armed Forces has really accelerated in recent years.

Using troops as guinea pigs goes back as far as the nuclear radiation experiments in the western desserts of Nevada shortly after WW2 and then later with the spiking of mess hall kool aid with LSD during the Vietnam Era.

With the advent of drones, mini -nukes, and advanced chemical agents that inflict a plethora of injuries and diseases on it's subjects makes the Geneva Conventions restrictions on warfare null and void.

And, very often our own soldiers are caught in the "friendly fire" of warfare often deliberately or undeliberately.

The end of the 'Cold War' has brought about disastrous results for Europe and North Africa as well as the world in general.

The 'Free World' has fallen to Communism and there is no more war against it. All is the enemy now of the NWO.

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