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Is Communism (Satanism) "The Jewish Utopia"?

April 1, 2016

at-the-wall-i.png(Left- Rothschild lackeys swear allegiance)

According to Rabbi Higger, in Jewish tradition
Jews are destined to govern mankind.  
The "non-righteous," i.e. everyone who 
resists Jewish domination, shall perish. 
This is the New World Order.

Most wars can be seen as Gentile genocide. So is the war on gender and migration.  Gentiles need to wake up and smell the coffee.
The Illuminati are inching toward World War Three. 9-11 and "terrorism" are just pretexts for invading the Muslim world and building a police state.  Ordinary Jews have a choice: Disown this demented ideology or take the blame for it.

Don't be deceived. Higger's "God" is Satan. Their "righteous" are Satan worshipers.  This is not God's dispensation. It is Satan's. 
Satanists invert everything.  Humanity is satanically possessed. 

"Israel Must become a World Power"   Benjamin Netanyahu , Sept, 2015
Zionist Sock Puppet, US Holds World Record for Killing Innocent Civilians 
How the World Ends- Zionist Engineered World War Between Russia and US

(from May 2013)
by Michael Collins Piper 
Excerpt from The New Babylon
  (abridged by

jewish-utopia.jpgIn 1932, Rabbi Michael Higger, Ph.D., [1898-1952] published a book entitled The Jewish Utopia, ...[based on] "the sum total of the prophecies, teachings and plans and interpretations of the foremost Jewish rabbis and tribal leaders over a period of some 2,500 years..."

The books talked of "the righteous" and "the non-righteous." In the end, according to Higger, the "non-righteous" shall perish...

And it is clear, throughout Higger's writings that the "righteous" shall be the Jews and the servants of the Jews; and the "wicked" will be those who are perceived by the Jews to be standing in opposition to their interests!

The words of Isaiah will be fulfilled: "Behold, My servants shall eat, but ye shall be hungry. Behold, My servants shall drink, but ye shall be thirsty; Behold, My servants shall rejoice, but ye shall be ashamed." ...

MCP.jpg(This article is  from this book.)

Higger continues: "All the treasures and natural resources of the world will eventually come [into the] possession of the righteous." 

This, he said, would be in keeping, with thy prophecy of Isaiah: "In her gain and her hire shall be holiness to the Lord;...for her gain shall be for them that dwell before the Lord, to eat their fill and for stately clothing." ...

In short, this is the massive extermination of those who resist the Jewish Utopia -- the New World Order. It continues:

"All of these unrighteous nations shall be called to judgment before they are punished and doomed. The severe sentence of their doom will be pronounced upon them only after they have been given a fair trial when it will become evident that their existence would hinder the advent of the ideal era."

"Thus, at the coming of the Messiah, when all righteous nations will pay homage to the ideal righteous leader [the AntiChrist] and offer gifts to him, the wicked and corrupt nations, by realizing the approach of their doom, will bring similar presents to the Messiah. Their gifts and pretended acknowledgment of the new era will be blunted rejected, for the really wicked nations, like the really wicked individuals must disappear from the earth before an ideal human society of righteous nations can be established."

And when one considers the fact that the Jewish concept of the Messiah is often reckoned to be that the Jewish people themselves, what Higger has described takes on even greater consequence.


 Armageddon, in Jewish tradition, is the final battle in which the Jews will once and for all establish their absolute rule over the earth...

(left. Meanwhile Illuminati Jewish-controlled DHS stocks up on guns and ammo)

According to Higger, there will be no room for the unrighteous whether Jewish or non-Jewish in the Kingdom of God. All of them will have disappeared before the advent of the ideal era on this earth. Unrighteous Israelites will be punished equally with the wicked of other nations. All the righteous, on the other hand, whether Hebrew or Gentile, will share equally in the happiness and abundance of the ideal era.

In contrast to what the average American Christian would think, or perceive in the context of his Christian faith, which looks forward to a universal kingdom of God in Heaven, the paradise referred to throughout The Jewish Utopia describing the "new ideal era" -- the New World Order -- is "a universal paradise of mankind ... established in this world," with no reference to the future world whatever.

Who will rule this New World Order? According to Higger's assessment of the Jewish tradition: "He will be a descendant of the House of David."


Talmudic tradition says that "a descendant of the House of David will appear as the head of the 'ideal era' only after the whole world will have suffered, for a continuous period of nine months, from a wicked, corrupt government like the historically traditionally wicked Edom."

(Note: Today there is a formally organized international Jewish organization, Davidic Dynasty, openly working to track down and reunite all of the descendants of the House of David. This is no "conspiracy theory." It is fact. Knowing what the Talmud teaches about who shall rule the globe, we can perhaps understand the motivation of this group.)

The whole world will "gradually come to the realization that Godliness is identical with righteousness," and that God "cleaves to Israel and that Israel is the ideal righteous nation."

According to these rabbinic teachings which are the foundation for the age-old Jewish dream of the establishment of the New World Order, the peoples of the earth will then proclaim to the Jewish rulers: "We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you."

So it is that, as the rabbis proclaim: "The people of Israel will conquer spiritually the peoples of the earth, so that Israel will be made high above all nations in praise, in name and in glory."

Note the concept of "conquer" -- as in battle. Note the concept of Israel raised above all others -- as in supremacy and superiority. Violence and racism toward the non-Jews: as simple as that.


There will eventually be one global religion, Judaism i.e. Cabalism. This has been part of the prophecy: "The nations would first unite for the purpose of calling upon the name of the Lord to serve him."

obamapissing.jpg(Is this too harsh condemnation of a man who serves the NWO & covers for 9-11, Newtown and numerous other false flag attacks?)

Indeed, it will be the global Jewish power, seated in Jerusalem, headed by a descendant of the House of David-referred to as "the Holy One" -- who will divide up the property of the world.

Who will get this property?"To the righteous will belong all the wealth, treasures and industrial gains and other resources of the world. To the unrighteous will belong nothing."

The unrighteous nations "will not share in the ideal era." Their rule will be destroyed and disappear before the ushering in of the New World Order. The "wickedness" of these nations will consist mainly in accumulating money belonging to "the people" and of oppressing and robbing "the poor."

Although Higger does not state this emphatically, those familiar with Talmudic tradition, the "people" and the "poor" are the Jews: The Talmud teaches that only Jews are humanity and all others are animals, thus, of course, only Jews can be "people." The "poor" are -- of course -- the Jews who have forever painted themselves as the victims and the oppressed -- as in "the poor, persecuted Jews."

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Comments for "Is Communism (Satanism) "The Jewish Utopia"?"

Lisa said (May 26, 2016):

Great article! What is interesting about Christians versus Jews is Jews want to live on earth forever with resources and wealth. Christians know we will die and hopefully get to heaven after purgatory and after Jesus’ second coming where he judges and condemns the evil. The earth will be made new and saved souls will be given a new uncorrupted body to live on earth again. But, that time will be only for the meek who inherit the earth not the greedy Jews who could not accept Jesus and the commandments to treat people fairly and with love. Beside, truthfully, that is the earth I want to live in not this one with greedy Jews who enslave the world. Only wackos like them want to live in the world they envision. Normal Christians want a world of peace, love, real freedom, no money, no taxes, ability to roam the planet, and live harmoniously with nature and creation. That is not the world Jews envision for themselves. LOL. They will destroy creation and God will make it new again after their destruction. Jews are the most fooled people on the planet and the most attacked by Satan. They will earn their well deserved prize and descend to where they belong. And, the good people will be able to hang out with the beautiful animals and creation God made for us. ;-)

A said (May 24, 2016):

was glad to see your article this morning on Judaism and Communism. It is concise and informative, and needs to be repeated and forwarded as often as possible to get it through peoples skulls.
I personally have not read a source greater than Juri Lina’s “Under The Sign of The Scorpion” that proves without doubt that Judaism is Communism. It can be read online. Just a few quotes get right to the point….

Trotsky said that with the “triumph of Communism comes the triumph of Judaism.”

“As a People's Commissary for Military Affairs, Trotsky introduced the pentagram - the five-pointed star - as the symbol of the Red Army. The Cabbalists had taken over this symbol of black magic from the witches in ancient Chaldea.

By the aid of Alexander Parvus, Trotsky reached the conclusion that the true purpose of freemasonry was to eliminate the national states and their cultures and to introduce a Judaised world state.

This is also stated in "The Secret Initiation into the 33rd Degree":
"Freemasonry is nothing more and nothing less than revolution in action; continuous conspiracy."
Bronstein became a convinced internationalist who, by the agency of Parvus' care, learned that the Jewish people were their own collective Messiah and would reach dominion over all peoples through the mixing of the other races and elimination of national boundaries. An international republic was to be created, where the Jews would be the ruling element, since no others would be able to understand and control the masses.”

Stalin is often put forward as the psychopathic gentile who ran the show , but Lina’s book quotes a 1953 edition of a B’nai Brith Magazine as saying that Stalin was indeed one of their own, a Jew. He spoke Yiddish, and his wife was a Jew as well.

Larry C said (May 24, 2016):

Henry, I have Higger's essential book and have used the following quote more than any other because I marvel that a rabbi could get it straight but so-called Christians can't.

"We are now in a position to discuss the Jewish conception of the Kingdom of God. The contrast between the Christian dogma and the Jewish doctrine of the Kingdom is evident...Nothing is mentioned in the New Testament of the spiritual and material glory of Palestine in the day of fulfillment...The New Testament is mainly concerned, not with the earthly, but rather with the heavenly Kingdom of God...Jesus thought of the Kingdom as having actually begun with him and his disciples. Compare Mark 1:15: "And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel."...This dogma of a purely spiritual Kingdom, independent of the material, earthly world, was later expounded more fully by the sophisticated argumentation of Paul..." Rabbi Michael Higger,The Jewish Utopia,p.113

Dan said (May 8, 2013):

The 'Wailing Wall' worshiped today as part of Herod's Temple is actually the surving wall of a Roman garrison building that housed Roman soldiers. According to the Roman-Jewish historian Josephus, Titus razed Herod's Temple not just to the ground, but beneath it, so that no shrine could remain.

Until the 11th century Jews venerated the site of Herod's Temple 1000 feet south over the Gihon Spring, which is now the Dome of the Rock. It wasn't until the 16th before the world Jewish authorities formalized the tradition that we see of Euro-Orthodox men thrusting their pelvises back and forth at the wall in a trance-like activity.

Not coincidental this practice originated in the 16th century with Lurian Kabbalah orthodoxy. I won't go into what the pelvic thrusts are really about, suffice to say the public legend of the Wall has nothing to do with the ritual, (which is actually occult sex magic). It's a political cover story. The Wall is not a remnant of the Second Temple, and the Kabbalist mafia know it.

Henrique said (May 7, 2013):

So many imbeciles pushing today that "Islam is gonna be the NWO's religion" and all that, things that have been drummed into the head of so many fools, and that the IQ-below-zero Christo-Zionists just love to parrot.

They refuse to see the reality that the "muslim invasion" of European countries only happened because in one form or another they were INVITED in ( governments propagandizing the greatness of their welfare system and how their countries are "equal" - obviously with the intention of getting cheap labor and destroying the national cultures, as one of Blair's aides in Britain openly admitted he was instructed to do ) and that "Islamic terror" is a Jewish facade through the underworld fronts like CIA, MOSSAD, FBI, etc.

By the way, I have absolutely nothing against ( or in favor ) of ordinary Jews, I judge everyone looking in their eyes as individuals, as everyone should, and some Jews are of solid character and honest people, no doubt. But their leaders, the representatives of the "community" are in on the act BIG time; Judaism is essential, as I've already said, to implement a decadent victim's morality on every society, and manage it's self-loathing and abandonment of values and culture, in order for something more "fair" and "enlightened" to take over.

However, I have no doubt that they would never pull this off without the collaboration of very powerful and malicious gentile elites, that's simply un-debatable.

But after this type of considerations as in the article, I always expect nonsensical and Bible-thumping hostility to come from random Jews and Christo-Zionists; here in Brazil writing anything about it is enough to destroy your own reputation for quite a while, and before so many "pillars of the community" ( Masonic term, by the way ).

It's almost economic suicide. So having escape valves in a foreign language, in a foreign culture that still hasn't given up it's testosterone completely is somewhat refreshing. Thanks for that.

JG said (May 7, 2013):

Only the naive and misguided could believe that God sanctions unconditional salvation to the Jews only. So if we don't have a Jewish mother at the time of birth then we're just wasting our time here and salvation is totally unconditional because it's racial and not spiritual.

If that be the case than Jesus Christ would have not included the Gentiles as heirs to the promise of eternal life along with repentant Jews. As Paul the Apostle tells us, the chosen people are the believers in Jesus Christ, and that includes all races.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at