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Migrants are an Underground Army - Ten Signs

April 16, 2016


Left- IPhones and best new Mobile phones distributed by secret intelligence services to these 'refugees' for free?

An anonymous writer makes a convincing case that
the migrant invasion was organized by the Illuminati bankers 
as a future military force.

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by Anonymous15 April 2016 at 11:22 (in the Comments) 

You thought you knew about imMigrants. Nope it gets worse:

1) Arms shipments secretly coming into Europe to covertly arm them ready for the signal to rampage and genocide. At least two of these have been exposed. [I have not been able to confirm this. hm]

2) IPhones and best new Mobile phones distributed by secret intelligence services to these 'migrants' for free and fraudulently issued under the names of real UK and EU citizens but with false addresses with the full co-operation of the major EU/UK phone companies who are all owned and controlled by the same people who have planned and conspired in the genocide - communication is very important;

3) Detailed instructions distributed to the migrants with telephone numbers and details on support networks, and organisations to contact and where to go on arrival. All written in Arabic and with translations of phrases like guide books. This proves organisation and orchestration beyond any doubt;

4) Reports that many migrants are carrying unbelievably large sums of cash money with them which make no sense if they are destitute "refugees";

5) Many migrants are carrying an impossibly large and diverse number of false passports and similarly expensive documents to fake and forge. This can only be due to the involvement of security and intelligence services sponsoring this invasion. (Mossad is well known for using false passports). Also, refugees coming from poor or war torn areas should not have access to the money needed to purchase such expensive fake documents - up to and more than seven forged passports each!!!

6) Europe-wide "softly softly" approach by police and refusal to investigate most crime they commit and an insistence on releasing migrant criminals even after the most appalling and serious crimes. Violent Stranger Rapists ARE NOT GRANTED BAIL!! Migrant Rapists are [freed] ALL THE TIME!! That proves this is done on orders from the very Top;

7) Co-ordinated Police action to silence indigenous resistance and opposition to this invasion. The Police can act quick when they want to but when it is some one black or immigrant, then suddenly the police can do nothing and act like they are incompetent. No, it is all intentional and on orders from ZOG.

8) The aggression and sheer hate of these recent migrants makes no sense whatsoever unless they have been specifically told to invade. The behaviour is the same from all of the new arrivals there is not even a pretense that they want help. They are openly saying that they are coming to rob and steal and openly threaten and demand what they want. That makes no sense if they are seeking shelter - it only makes sense if they are an invading army and more to the point that they know that is what they are and that they know they have been given 'permission' or authority from someone to be like that and so they know that the local population is unprotected and that they will not face any sanction for attacking them.

9) Significantly and NOT reported on the MSM, Very Large Numbers of these Migrants are going missing as soon as they arrive. This is not explicable on the basis that they are absconding to join family as most do not have family here (yet!?!) and nor does it make sense if they are just desperate for board and lodging as that is being made available (very nice accommodation in Sweden) but it fits much more with a covert army going off the radar until the balloon goes up...

10) Then within a short period of no more than approx ten years from right now, and probably a lot less, will these Migrants suddenly reappear and transform (not much transformation required really) into Armed Terror Squads right in our midst shooting killing disarmed White Europeans on a massive scale all with the involvement and connivance of the intelligence and security services. This may have three aims:

A) Genocide White Europeans
B) Justify a full European Police State
C) Increase hatred for Muslims/Islam

Meanwhile the Greater Israel Project. moves ever forward with greater speed..

What we need is some blogs and bloggers with real balls to properly cover this and hopefully prevent it!

"2013 - 043 The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan - The Genocide Of The Caucasian People Of Europe and Agenda 21
Posted on 20 December, 2013 | 21 Comments 

"If we look around us, the Coudenhove Kalergi plan seems to be in full flow. We face Europe's fusion with the Third World. The plague of interracial marriage produces each year thousands of young people of mixed race: "The children of Kalergi". Under the dual pressures of misinformation and humanitarian stupefaction, promoted by the MSM (main stream media), the Europeans are being taught to renounce their origin, family and renounce their national identity."

Protocols of Zion 16: "We will destroy every collective force except our own." 

First Comment by James Perloff:

Spot-on article makes sense. The Zionists used 9/11 to make the Christian West destroy Islam's relative stability in the Middle East. Now they want the wars taken to the next level: to the streets of Europe itself. The writing was on the wall when TIME Magazine anointed the traitor Merkel as its prestigious "Person of the Year," simultaneously declaring her "Chancellor of the World." A few more Charlie Hebdos, Paris's, Brussels and gang rapes and you'll have all-out race war. Then Europeans won't protest when Israel's 4,000 tanks start conquering the surrounding territories (enfeebled by NATO bombings and "Balkanization"), in order to create the Rothschilds' long-coveted "Greater Israel." Netanyahu would even sell the conquest as an expression of "solidarity with Europe."

America would probably follow suit with its own race war, lagging behind only because of geography. Then Europe and America could both be placed under martial law.

Henry, there is an old rule in jurisprudence which I heartily endorse: innocent until proven guilty. However, like every law, I believe this one may have an exception: Zionism. I say this with some facetiousness and reluctance, but given the countless crimes of Zionism against humanity, and its apparent role in virtually every major false flag in recent decades, a new maxim might be appropriate: in future false flags, perhaps Zionism should be presumed guilty until proven innocent.

By the way, I can hardly wait until Hillary is President, so she can swiftly be named TIME's "Person of the Year" and awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for nuking Iran.

Tony B replies:

Perloff has missed something in the U.S.  It is NOT lagging behind.  

Does no one wonder where all those "children" crossing the southern border without parents went?  It was at the same time that these young men (not children) became (for a short time) news that I saw ONCE ONLY an article about Homeland Security's ARMY with an accompanying photo of a room full of uniformed and armed teen age illegal alien appearing people with an older apparent leader.

You can bet that when the time is ripe they will be given orders to "get the guns" while those giving the orders will not care how many of them nor how many citizens are murdered so long as they get the guns. 

Then too, I am still "shouting" as loudly as I can that I have personal knowledge that back in 1991 a Bilderberg type bragged that when they put Hillary in as president she will establish martial law.  Unless they "need" to do it sooner.

Dan writes: When the 'refugee crisis' blew up in December I doubled down on researching whose on the ground physically delivering hundreds of thousands of predominantly combat age men across the Mediterranean into Greece and Italy.   Honestly, I really hadn't anyone in mind when IsraAid kept turning up.  Yep - "IsraAID is an Israeli-based humanitarian aid agency that responds to emergency crises and engages in international development around the world".  

Last year and this year IsraAID's operation herding Arabs into Europe has been centered on the Greek Island of Lesbos.  Yep - that's where Antipope Francis was Saturday -promoting open borders. 

unnamed (77).jpg

Here's more information on the human traffic handling NGOs. 

IsraAid also works directly with HIV/AIDS in Somalia and Kenya - so that may pan out to be another wrinkle in the mass sexual assaults we've seen in Sweden and Germany since last year.   Who knows how many of the perpetrators are infected?   Too soon to tell.  

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Comments for "Migrants are an Underground Army - Ten Signs"

Barb W said (April 18, 2016):

Well done for publishing this article, with further information from Dan. It fits in with the new bout of sabre-rattling over Libya and the Falklands, and the UK government plan to send 1000 British troops to Libya WITHOUT the consent of Parliament or the British people.

As usual, western Crypto-Marxists sending European Gentiles abroad to die in useless foreign wars, while at the same time opening the Gates of Europe to a Secret Invading Army, as described so well in the article, and as Brother Nathanael has been warning us about for a very long time. Yes, it is all part of the Coudenhove-Kalergi European Genocide Project.

Impossible as it may seem, Islam itself was actually created by Jews as a "Proxy Army" to destroy Christianity while deflecting blame away from themselves, at a time when Judaism was on its way to oblivion. Then, as now, it was Jewish wealth funding the Islamic hordes: it was the vast wealth of 40-year-old Jewish Yemenite Cabbalist Sorceress & Slavetrader Khadija (who asked her 20-year-old employee Mohammed to marry her), which funded Mohammed's army of conquest, wiping out whole countries full of Christians.

The point is that Jews and Muslims are natural allies, Jews having created Islam to do their bidding, which is why few Jews have ever been killed by Muslims at any time in history. It also explains the strange Unholy Alliance between modern Jewish Marxists and Muslims against Christians in every country, and why Jewish "Feminists" are so oddly reluctant to defend Muslim women's rights or criticize Islam in any way.

(Makow- I do not endorse this view that Muslims and Jews are natural allies. I believe Christians and Muslims are, and Jews are creating the division. Barb is feeding this agenda here.)

JG said (April 18, 2016):

The truth about ISIS and this Soros/World Order led refuge crisis has been exposed thanks to this article and the links given by Dan in his comment.

These are typical Mossad invented Psy Ops with the same "end game" of war and destruction not only to the Islam and Christian Middle Eastern Nations but now also to the White European Nations as well.

Capitalistic Democracy has had a long and prosperous run in the free world but ended with the halt of the Cold War in 1991.
This present generation of White Europeans are finding out that democracy will have to be fought for and defended on the home front now.

Evil wins when courage goes.

The spirit of sacrifice for the preservation of freedom and national heritage has been replaced with materialism and complacent apathy. Prosperity can be a cancer also if it replaces worshiping God first. Wealth won't save your soul, it feeds the fleshly appetites and insulates the individual from the harsh realities of the decadent society that they now live in but only temporarily.

As the Anglo Christian population decreases in the world a lot of the beauty and cultural civility will go with it.

Paul said (April 18, 2016):

A few years ago I met a Muslim from the Balkans who was in the Swedish Army and had citizenship in that country. He left Sweden though because he realized his relatives were taking in truckloads of weapon into that country. Just encountering the attitudes of many immigrants, though, should be telltale enough that something is going on.

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