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"White Privilege" or "Jewish Privilege"?

April 19, 2016


"Is 'anti-semitism' growing? Absolutely. 
It's growing through small incident after small incident 
that will result sooner or later in something big." 

Paul offers an anecdotal view of how 
Jews are perceived by others in society. 


I stared at my co-worker's arm. "What happened?" He had taken off his jacket. A deep furrow indented the forearm. He had been part of a demonstration in Ethiopia, he explained, when he was young. His tribe had been discriminated against. There had been Jews in the government. "They looked like us." A bullet had grazed him.

Fifteen years ago, I arrived in Toronto from the west. The most I had ever heard of Jews was from a European immigrant who spat out the words "dirty Jew" after describing a businessman. 

Then there was the Jewish senior from Russia who upon being asked about long bread lines said, "What lines?" 

And, of course, in religious circles I heard over and over again of Corrie Ten Boom saving "God's Chosen People". And pro-lifers always include anti-semitism as the culmination of a society going to hell in a hand basket after abortion and euthanasia have run their course. I had rarely met Jews themselves or heard the stories before; since arriving I have heard stories weekly.

Once in Toronto I started taking more education and a teacher told me of all the university job offers she was receiving even though she only had a Masters degree. This was funny because I knew of other teachers with the same degree who had to teach in private schools at minimum wage. This was my first encounter with Jewish privilege for she was Jewish and had many Jews in different universities willing to give her work right away.


My work changed from teaching to security. In this capacity that I saw firsthand through security work in Jewish homes the affluence they enjoyed. And contractors in those homes told me the recession had no effect on that community. 

I started to run into Russian security guards who told me the big problem in their community was to figure out who was Jewish and who was Russian because Jews lie about their identity. 

Is this true? It's not only true in the Russian community, it's also true in Toronto's white community and it's to the point where I rarely open up to another white person until several hours of conversation later when I've asked enough questions to understand that person's history. Too many times I have expressed political viewpoints to a European only for that person to say several hours of conversation later, "by the way, I'm Jewish." 

A friend of mine lent money to a "Christian" man who wouldn't pay him back. In the process of suing, he was shocked to discover the man was Jewish pretending to be Christian. As well, his own lawyer turned out to be Jewish who said he couldn't sue another Jew even though he had received payment to do so.

It seems the majority of the condominium builders and apartment owners of Toronto were Jewish. A business man told me that around 2010, many Jews came from the US and sought to buy out as much of Toronto as possible. 

Freemasons seem unaware of Jewish power. They claim Freemasons own Toronto's downtown. A bartender in a high-end establishment downtown who had many connections told me it was Jews who owned downtown. Recently I worked for a temp agency only to discover that they were a Jewish temp agency providing work for Jewish businesses. How many other ethnic groups can say this of their group?

And then there are the many stories. A Somalian man told me of a Jewish teacher in his child's school who kept jettisoning all the brilliant students to the trade classes until they got rid of her. 

An East Indian said he asked a friendly Jewish customer at his convenience store if he could give his engineer son a job and was told they only hired Jews. Another man told me that everyone that his daughter worked with in the "human rights" department in Ottawa was Jewish. 

Another man told me his brother-in-law nearly got a job with the government until it was discovered his name had a German spelling instead of a Jewish one. A contractor reported that the Jewish company owners would send a relative pretending to be English into the building project to get contractors to reveal their complaints. 

A foreman told me that if anyone working for his Jewish boss looked for other work, his boss would find out about it somehow and fire them. There are many such stories floating around; it seems everyone has a story. And then there are Jews such as the woman from Russia who bragged to me about Jews controlling Communism.


The recession affected security so I went into retail and it was here that one encounters the Jewish customer. They are well-dressed, well-heeled customers who, unnoticed by most sales representatives, exist in a culture. One rarely gains business contracts with Jews. This would frustrate the naive Gentile salesperson to no end but few people understand that Jews will only make their major business transactions with other Jews. 

And Jews dress and act in ways that have meaning. They rarely leave their residence in casual clothes with no thought to how they look because sooner or later in the day they will meet other Jews and interact with them on many more levels that Gentiles do so with each other (nota bene: to the Jew good looks are bought and maintained with money throughout one's life and are part of their conspicuous consumption). 

No other group of people at the moment behaves in this way here in Toronto and customers of all other groups are accessible for business dealings except for Jews. And if any group does decide to support each other economically and Jews find out about it, that group is called anti-Semitic.

Jews walk around with more confidence than any other group. A Jewish woman told me that if I ever want to scare anyone, tell them I'm Jewish. When it comes to human rights, Jews have the most powerful rights. 

Jewish "rights" trump black rights. A manager of a Jewish-owned company told me he never worries about charges of racism from blacks. A black security guard had to apologize to a Jewish tenant about the Jewish woman assaulting her. She was shocked at the fall-out of the matter but she wanted to keep her job. 


Most people who understand the tensions in society will admit that having a run-in with a Jew is not something anyone wants. The most powerful position is to be Jewish and to level the accusation of "anti-semitism" at someone else. In discussing discrimination, a European-looking Jewish woman shrugged her shoulders and told me that she never thinks about such things. She looks white but she doesn't live in my world where I continually have to be aware of accusations of "white privilege".

Most people will openly talk about white privilege; under their breath they will whisper about Jewish power and fear.

 Is "anti-semitism" growing? Absolutely. It's growing through small incident after small incident that will result sooner or later in something big. 

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First Comment from Tony B

I've been in these wars longer now than most have lived.  In all that time I have never been able to understand why there is such fear of the Jews in the U.S.  They are less than 2% of the population and of that number likely only 2-5% are the talmudic "chosen" types who refuse to assimilate and who hate the goy, especially Christians.  I have met too many Jews who just want to be Americans.  However, it is true that some of those people also want the economic advantages of being a member of the tribe which keeps them from truly assimilating, that is, somewhat controlled.

But then, those talmudists control "money" creation (bank credit debt) and finance, which means the whole economy, so those who are geared to the buck likely truly fear them.  

If people simply quit buying things they don't need, which usually means quit going into debt slavery, it would cut a huge swath into Jewish power, which IS a "money power."

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Comments for ""White Privilege" or "Jewish Privilege"? "

David in Vegas said (April 20, 2016):

As you know form our past exchanges I am Jewish. I read this article and kept thinking I wish I knew these people. Nothing has ever been handed to me. I have had to work my tale off to have the things i want in my life. I finally received my college degree in business after dropping out of school a decade earlier. It was not handed to me. I have taken on massive debt to acquire it. I earned it by my own fruits and labor.

I had no idea my fellow Jews had all these advantages. I never had a rich uncle in my family. I was raised middle class back in Brooklyn, NY. I have never used the fact that I am Jewish to help reach the top of my career. I have never felt like I was chosen because of me being Jewish. I have never felt that I was above my fellow humans.

All i want for myself is a successful life with a great woman and wonderful children to be part of the American Dream. I do not want to be judged differently because of my Jewishness. All I want is to please God and his son.

Larry C said (April 19, 2016):

Paul stated, "The recession affected security so I went into retail and it was here that one encounters the Jewish customer."

This reminds me that Eustace Mullins once said "Have a nice day." is Jewspeak for "Death to the Gentiles." I don't know how true this is but I can remember the days when retail salespeople would say "Thank you." after a purchase but now they say "Have a nice day." so the customer winds up thanking the employee.

I spent two years in retailing so I consider the phrase a power ploy for the gratification of the employee. Knowing this, I say nothing in return. Occasionally, I'll get a rushed "Thank you." as I walk away.

There has definitely been some influence that has changed culture.

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