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Germans Feel Defeated by Migrant Invasion

April 4, 2016

Freemason traitors have opened the Third World floodgates and Germany has been inundated, as if a dyke has been breached. 
Oliver, a German reader, reports that the German immune system has been destroyed. 

"The prime backbreaker of the German people is that omnipresent guilt complex.  'Germany is alone guilty of the horrors of the  world wars and then the (industrial scale) gassings.'  That psychology has obliterated the immune system of Germany."

by Oliver

Munich- My basic feeling is, it´s all over for the German people (for the foreseeable future).  Though I personally cannot get comfortable with that notion.  I´m still a fan of Lao Tzu. The Tao Teh Ching says: "tackle difficulties while they are still small". People always prefer to deny them until it´s way too late.
The prime back breaker of the German people is that omnipresent guilt complex.  "Germany is alone guilty of the horrors of the  world wars and then the (industrial scale) gassings". 

Neither is true imho, I´ll spare you that one. That psychology has obliterated the immune system of Germany. One could talk about all kinds of topics "a peace treaty finally, a constitution like in Iceland, negotiations of reorienting towards Russia ..." etc, etc., but if the patient does not have a zeal to live any more, none of this finds much of a hearing. 

The majority of Germans is caught in some kind of competition of proving that they are "not racists" and how staunchly they condemn "their past". On top of that comes gender mainstreaming, xenoestrogens, feminism and the rest of it.
Aleister Crowley & Helmut Kohl_2.jpg
The vast majority of Germans would find it grossly distasteful to touch upon such topics as our "Zionist Occupational Government". Merkel is a Polish Jew. Her immigration madness has nothing to do with Christianity. Before that we had 16 years (!) of Hennoch Kohn (Helmut Kohl, Rothschild friend, sporting Crowley hand sign). 

Josef Ackermann (former CEO Deutsche Bank) had a bureau in the parliament and instructed the MPs where to sign the bailouts. Ackermann was called the most exceptional Jew in the German financial sector by the "German" embassy in Israel. [Finance Minister Wolfgang] Schauble (Greece; Orwellian; EU statism) is a leading member of the masonic lodge DER RING. None of this has anything to do with "Germany".
If the "king" is taken out prematurely, the whole tribe will not reach it´s natural potential. Sometimes a politician dares to stick his neck out. Usually it´s over quickly with a character assassination or a bootlicking "apology". Mollemann and [Jog] Haider and many others got killed without the people even wondering about really why.
Recently I read about [ex-Foreign Minister Guido] Westerwelle dying from his cancer treatment. Obama set a goal for a nuclear weapons free world. Westerwelle wanted to include that goal in the coalition contract with Merkel. When Obama then announced to load more nuclear weapons into Germany, Merkel complained it would be difficult because Westerwelle "forced" that contract on her. Soon after he died from the medical treatment. Many people think what they may, but patterns keep repeating.
Recently I saw like ant trails of Africans walking through the city. They were checking their I-Phones for directions all the time. Sometimes new immigrant waves come from the main station here. Merkel wants to send the illegals back to Turkey and then bring them back to Germany again as "legal settlers" by airplane (and pay billions for it).
When I go by public transportation and public places I see a population of about 80% migrant and 20% Germans here in Munich. Official numbers are different, because it has been defined now that a German is anyone who is treated like a German by the (government) agencies. That gives you lots of "Germans". Such definitions happen in the world of Franz Kafka or in occupied Germany. It would be hard to tell the difference now.
This video has surfaced recently. Purportedly migrants hit on a young woman in an unacceptable way. One somewhat elderly German had the guts to step in to help the young woman out of her plight. He was then pressed to the wall in the subway by Muslims and harassed. What I find unsettling is that mysteriously all the migrants of all different backgrounds suddenly knew that they would unite against the German minority. It is so unbelievable beyond me, that still the majority of Germans can not see the writing on the wall.
Those Germans would say things like "this isn´t true Islam". I couldn´t care less what is "true Islam". The percentage of nutters among the people who identify themselves as Muslim is too high, and the whole thing doesn´t fit with a European background.
I could write on for pages about what I would think to be essential to say about that little question you asked. I just have to make a close.
By now I guess you know, I can´t stop writing when you ask me these questions. It´s an opportunity as well to speak my mind. Few people around me can relate that much to my observations....

First Comment from Dan:

"What I find unsettling is that mysteriously all the migrants of all different backgrounds suddenly knew that they would unite against the German minority. It is so unbelievable beyond me, that still the majority of Germans can not see the writing on the wall. "

North American observers need to understand that the terms of EU membership nullified national sovereignty.  Open Borders are EU policy:  that limits the authority of national "leaders" to act.    In Germany and France for example, we've seen that the police are simply not allowed to stop Muslims from attacking whites.   Where crowds of native Europeans have assembled to protest, the police protect the Muslims. 

The EU is a trick bag.   I recommend reading the 1995 warning 'THE TRAP' by by the  late Sir James Goldsmith. ISBN: 9780786701858

Advice to European men: Man the Fuck Up 


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Comments for "Germans Feel Defeated by Migrant Invasion"

Horst said (May 6, 2016):

There is absolutely no error in Oliver’s heart-breaking description of the situation in Germany and the cowed-down Germans. If Germany falls, along with America, the “destroyers” of this planet would have achieved their goal, “nwo”!!!

“Merkel” (or should it be an insult to the lovely FERKEL ??) is jewish and a traitor to Germany and groomed by the other traitor “kohn” aka "kohl".

BUT people all over the world are waking up and shall revolt against the SCUM of this earth.

This is the final battle and victory, once and for all, will be OURS, GOD will stand us by, we all pray for it.

AW said (April 6, 2016):

I read your latest post about the Migrant invasion of Europe (I have read everything you post about this issue).

As a Muslim and justice seeker, I feel deeply sad and angry about what I am reading in this articles.

I don't want Europeans to become a minority in their own homelands as we Palestinians became one in ours.

I don't support the lawless behavior of some of these migrants and don't know of a single Muslim who would defend their criminal actions.

How can I convince your readers (the ones who are sincere truth seekers) that the actions of these migrants do not represent all Muslims and DEFINITELY do not represent Islamic teaching.

I also feel sorry for the REAL refugees (women and children) from Syria and elsewhere whose homes have been destroyed by the Globalists and who now have nowhere to go.

Sigh...this issue has caused me so much anguish, but I feel powerless to do anything.

SK said (April 6, 2016):

What The Nazi 's Done To All Six Million Jews , They All Deserve To Burn In Hell For That Back In The World War 2 Days ! With Adolph Hitler That Satan Worshipping Sick Sadistic Animal !

N said (April 5, 2016):

Good text from Oliver. It's true.... I lived 5 years in Munich - last year in September I moved away and I am glad about it. The only men who chatted me up in the open street, were always Africans. I wouldn't dare any more to walk alone in this city in the evening.

The number of deaths of popular Germans recently made me conspicuous, too.

The situation in Germany is really frustrating. Indeed, more and more Germans wake up and see the potential of violence and the traumatization that come along with the migrants, and the iniquities regarding the Germans, but most of them still think that Germany is a democracy and that they can change things when they vote another politician who is promising anything better. Their mindset is absolutely caught in the system.

BF said (April 5, 2016):

I read your article on the influx of immigrants into Germany with some interest. As far as Germany is concerned, Europeans react with mixed feelings about its current predicament, as memories of two world wars cannot easily disappear. Worse, Germany is one of the chief culprits for the breakup of the former Yugoslavia in 1991, being one of the first to recognize the independence of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia, and later on the absurd "independence" of Kosovo, which was always historic Serbian land, holding 1,300 Orthodox churches and monasteries. German foreign policy continued in 1991 where it stopped in 1945.

The current influx of immigrants is not as innocent as it appears. Only 5 % are native Syrian refugees, while the remaining 95 % are the unemployed of the Middle East, Asia and Africa, where the population has increased by ten times during the last 100 years. These unemployed are guided into Germany by Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the former issuing forged Syrian passports and travel instructions. Turkey is dreaming of resurrecting the Ottoman Empire, while Saudi Arabia of turning the whole of Europe into a Muslim continent. Even so, neither of these two countries could have done what they are still doing if they did not have the backing of someone. What we have here is geopolitics, where the intent is to prevent Germany becoming the chief power of Europe and also preventing the creation of a Russian-German economic and political union, which would mean the end of the EU and NATO. This immigrant invasion of Germany will destroy the country, as it already has one of the lowest birth rates in Europe. Worse, this immigrant invasion will destroy Europe, where there are sizeable non-Christian communities in the UK, France, Belgium, Holland and Sweden. Last year a well known Polish website gave an analysis of the immigrant problem, concluding that if the influx of immigrants is not reversed, then a day will come when the entire native population of Europe will flee to Russia for survival. This may not be as fantastic as it sounds, but a real possibility. The popularity of Putin after his Syrian intervention has dramatically soared amongst ordinary people in Europe.



We have to remember that the people responsible for Germany's sins are the same people responsible for the migrant invasion. Our solidarity must be will the German people. We are in the same position as they.


JG said (April 5, 2016):

I had the pleasure of serving in West Germany 35 years ago. The German people were great. It was a beautiful country at that time and they also had a strong economy and a social democratic form of government.

World War two had long been over and West Germany was now an ally and a friend to America and the "free world".

The only immigrant population at that time to speak of was an ethnic Turkish population in some of the cities like Nuremberg. They were civil and kind hearted and they had respect for the German people and were happy to be there. I remember spending time with them in one of their restaurants and they didn't stop buying me drinks.
This all changed when the Berlin Wall came down and the Cold War ended.

They now have lost their independence and have inherited a Communist friendly leader in Chancellor Merkel. The new wave of immigrants in Germany now are not the hard working practicing Muslims they once had but are young third worlders whose home nations were more than happy to unload.

This move by Merkel and her NWO bosses to sabotage the social fabric and identity of the German people with forced foreign third world immigration is treasonous.

However, knowing the German people, they won't be tolerating this charade for too much longer. The Germans have a long history of not going down without a fight.

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