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Is There a Jewish Race?

April 6, 2016


"The Library of Political Secrets" is a series of 50-page booklets by the Hungarian researcher Itsvan Bakony, translated in Paris in January 1969. The series, published by the "League for Christian Defence," provides evidence that since Biblical times, psychopathic Jews have indeed regarded world domination as part of their "Covenant with God" and have actively pursued this mission.

Excerpted below is a discussion on whether the Jews are a race or not. In this regard, there seems to be parallel and contradictory paths. On the one hand, ancient bloodline families occupy a hidden aristocracy within Judaism and promote the importance of racial purity.  On the other hand, the Illuminati (Cabalist, Masonic) families intermarry with generational satanists of other racial backgrounds. However, these "outsiders" may in fact be crypto Jews. The intermarriage may take place at a lower social level.  

"Reformist Judaism and other Israelite sectors believe that the Messiah is a mere symbol and that the Jewish people itself is the Messiah, which by its own efforts, with God's help, will conquer the world."  This explains why the holocaust has replaced the Crucifixion.

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by Itsvan Bakony

What is Judaism?  

(abridged by 

Secret Jewish circles that must be of pure blood are a kind of aristocracy of Israel, that operates hidden inside Judaism, so that persons of impure descent and plebeians do not feel discriminated against. Families who carefully keep their genealogic trees belong to these circles; those trees go back to the different Hebrew kings or other Biblical personages.

Outstanding among the aristocratic lineages are those who say they descended directly from King David. Their genealogic trees are carefully kept by the synagogue, because it is supposed that the Messiah, the conqueror of Universe, will have to come from this stock. He, according to Orthodox Judaism, will definitively establish the command of Israel over all the world. Reformist Judaism and other Israelite sectors believe that the Messiah is a mere symbol and that the Jewish people itself is the Messiah, which by its own efforts, with God's help, will conquer the world.

Other outstanding aristocratic lineages are the Cohanim and Levites who descend directly from the ancient sacerdotal caste. It is necessary to explain, nevertheless, that many Hebrews have tried to falsify their genealogic trees to give their names a supposed ancestry. These can maybe deceive gentiles and plebeian Jews, but not the high hidden circles leading the synagogue - very secret circles of the initiated where no Jew of blood stained by mixtures is admitted....


But race crossing by Hebrews, effected despite these prohibitions, with all the various peoples in the world, has made Israelites genetically similar to the aboriginal populations, and as many different local types of Hebrews have appeared through millenniums as there are peoples with whom they have mixed.

That is why there are: white, blond, brunette, Mongolic and black Jews, etc., according to the country they have lived for 500, 1000, 2000 or more years.

On many occasions, bachelor Hebrew traders or adventurers made very long journeys, and as there were no Jewesses, they had to marry the women of the country where they settled. ... Children from such marriages were initiated by their fathers into Judaism and received into Abraham's covenant...By law, among the Israelite people, the transmission of Judaism can only be made through the mother, but the instances mentioned above by Jewish historians prove that since centuries ago there were exceptions to the general rule, as there are in Our days.

In this way the Israelite communities in the forest places of Asia, Africa, Oceania, and Spanish and Portuguese America were formed, where the "Marrano" of Spanish or Portuguese origin, who were publicly Catholic and practiced Judaism in secret, once they were discovered by the Inquisition had to flee to the mountains if they wanted to escape from fire.

The "Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia" says that in the formation of the very different types of Hebrews existing everywhere in the world, in addition to the mixture of races, other important causes had influence. "The final product, nevertheless, does not depend only on the genetic factors. The physical or anthropological features also depend on the climate and many other factors." 


...There are contradictory opinions of the different Hebrew writers as to whether there is a Jewish race or not, according to whether their opinion is more political than scientific and vice versa . Those who analyze the problem from a purely scientific point of view doubt the existence of a Hebrew race or even deny it.

They talk about the different racial groups that compose the Jewish people spread throughout the world, but we wish to clarify that among the books of Israelite authors we could consult, the political opinion prevails, as frequently occurs among the leaders of Judaism who disregard the scientific reality and try to impress on the Hebrew communities the love and loyalty to the race, the Hebrew superiority over the rest of races, creating a theologically-based imperialist racism.

The high initiates in the Jewish Cabala translate the theological racism into a pantheistic racism, and deify the Jewish race. They take their paranoic delusions of grandeur to incredible levels, and have fanaticized all the Hebrew people and its leading classes, giving them a surprising energy and perseverance in their millenary struggle for domination over the world.



Because [Cadmi-Cohen] is a Cohanim, he is accepted in the most secret circles of high initiated of pure blood of Judaism. His famous work "Nomades" says: "In the future of the race as in the Semitic character there is such a surprising firmness and immortality. Is that firmness explained because of the absence of mixed marriages? But, where can we find the cause of this reluctance for the man or women who are not of the race? Why that permanent negative? . ..

"As the consonants of their language the Semites appear since the first appearance of the race with their character clearly specified, with dry and poor forms that cannot either increase or diminish and hard as diamond that scratches all things and is not scratched by anyone."

"'I am who lam', said the Eternal. The Eternal, the race is eternal. Its essence is one, not differentiated. One in the time, stable, eternal. .. That is why the blood running in their veins has maintained its primitive force and the passing of centuries will do nothing but reform the value of the race, that is definitely the predominance of the 'jus sanguinis' on the 'jus solis'" (Kadmi Cohen. "Nomades" pp. 14-19. French edition)

Here the bare, rude, imperialist racism of the Jewish people is shown. That racism that in the peripheric spheres maintains the form of an imperialist monotheism based on the false interpretation of the Bible and Talmud, but which in the high circles of the cabalist Hebrews takes form of an imperialist pantheism that practically deifies the Hebrew people and the Jewish race. The world has never before seen such an implacable and totalitarian imperialism as that of the Israelite sect-people.

In their fight against other racisms, Jews act hypocritically, because their only intention is that the other racisms should disappear so that theirs might prevail.


Thanks to Marcus for the tip!

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First Comment from Dan:

Bakony wrote that the aristocratic lineages of the ancient Jewish elite have been preserved since King David.  He wrote "their genealogic trees are carefully kept by the synagogue, because it is supposed that the Messiah...will have to come from this stock."  

There are all kinds of problems with this statement.  First of all, the Cohanim were the sole Priesthood of the old Judaism. They claimed direct lineage to Aaron.  Thus they were close relatives of each other.  Their lineages were housed in Herod's Temple in Jeruselam during the Second Temple period.  According to the Jewish historian Josephus, contemporary and native of Jerusalem, they were the Sadducee, and they were the upper social and economic echelon of Judean society.   The other prevalent sects were the Pharisees and the Essenes. 

Most of the 'revolts' during that tempestuous era were between these Jewish sects, and the Herod dynasty itself.  These sects practiced incompatible forms of Judaism and didn't get along. Herod the Great's problem was that he was usurper, granted power to rule Judea by the Augustus Caesar. In Sadducee tradition only the High Priest (Kohanim) could be king, and Herod the Great was the son of Arab converts who had taken advantage of a Jewish civil war to seize power with Roman help.   In order to "legitimize' his rule, he had the High Priest and many others assassinated, and married the High Priest's daughter.  Their son was Herod Agrippa; the one that taunted Jesus in the Gospels. 

Long story short, the genealogical archives were destroyed with the Temple in 70AD.  And if that's not enough, the Cohanim bloodline went extinct by the beginning of the third century AD.   It's crucial to understand that the Jewish aristocracy were NOT Pharisees.  The original Judaism went extinct with their Temple. The Sadduccees did not have synagogues or rabbis.

Those are traditions of the Pharisee religions that came out Babylon.  

I don't doubt that there's a secret sect for the more recent financial Jewish elite that dates back to the first century AD.  If they believe they're direct descendants of the Cohanim or Levite bloodlines however, they're befooling themselves.   Judaism today is Pharisee Judaism, and the Pharisees had much to do with killing off the original Jewish aristocracy:  much as they killed off the House of Romanov, I suppose. `

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Comments for "Is There a Jewish Race? "

James C said (April 8, 2016):

Having studied the history of the rabbinical calendar for many years, I can tell you that your commentator Dan knows what he is talking about. After the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D., the Pharisees replaced the biblical Sadducean priesthood. Over a period of 1626 years (586 B.C. to 1040 A.D.), they also replaced the Bible with the Talmud, an anti-biblical religion of "racism, self-worship, superstition and deceit."

As far as there being a "Jewish race" is concerned, for the following reasons I personally believe that the so-called "lost 10 tribes of Israel" ended up in Northwestern Europe.

I believe that biblical prophecy is the key to national identity. The descendants of the patriarch Shem were prophesied to become major colonialist powers, and the nations of northwestern Europe became such from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. Thus the peoples of northwestern Europe are the real biblical Semites. The "Jews" have never been a major colonialist power.
With the fall of Khazaria from A.D. 969-1030, there was an exodus of Khazars into the Crimea, Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Poland. (This same area later became known as the Pale of Settlement.) Thus there were many Khazarian "Jews" residing in eastern Europe prior to the immigration of German, Austrian, Bohemian, Spanish, and Portugese Jews into Poland and Hungary during the 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries.
The Bible describes biblical Semites are being of an extremely fair complexion, not of the dark swarthy complexion as many of those now calling themselves Semites. Here again, the peoples of northwestern Europe fit the biblical description of real Semites.
In his article, "Who are the modern Jews?" Scott Stinson demonstrates conclusively that the vast majority of modern "Jews" more closely resemble the ancient Hittites than they resemble biblical Jews.

The truth concerning our national identity is so crucial that Satan had to "poison the well" concerning it. Satan is undoubtedly the ultimate source behind the "Jewish fable" (Titus 1:14) known as the two seedline doctrine. This false doctrine can be traced back to the Talmud. It has been used to discredit the truth concerning our national identity.

Marcus said (April 7, 2016):

"These bad people who call themselves jews and worship the devil were obviously the chosen people from the standpoint of the Gods. If you think about it there is no other people across the world who has managed to damage the whole world as much as these people. It is said in myths and legends that at the end of time there will be kind Gods and evil Gods and there will be much evil on the earth. Who plays the role of bringing evil and destruction to the world? Yes, the black magic worshipping jews . These are the chosen people to do evil. They fulfill prophecy perfectly if we take a step back and look at the big picture.

Romans 2:24: "As it is written: "God's name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.......2:28-29: For you are not a true Jew just because you were born of Jewish parents or because you have gone through the ceremony of circumcision. But he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that which is of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the letter; and his praise is not from men, but from God."" /Marcus

Gregory F said (April 7, 2016):

The frequency of Jewish men, including some of the famous Jewish Patriarchs, mating with non-Jewish women, who were the Jews’ concubines, slaves, and prisoners of war, in the Old Testament, underscores the fact that the Jews are not a race, and that they probably never were a race, contrary to the Jews’ insistent and erroneous description of themselves as “Semites”. Is There a Jewish Race?” Certainly not.

Pat said (April 6, 2016):

Re Jewish race, before the rabbinical period, you were a Jew if your father was a Jew.

There is a passage in the OT where Jewish men who had married and had families with non-Jews were made to give them up. However, later they made many converts - Yemenis, Berbers, Arabs, etc. I think there is even mention of conversion in the OT. A famous one is Ruth. After the death of her husband, she stayed with her mother-in-law. Later remarried.

Then during the rabbinical period, the rabbis ruled that you were a Jew only if your mother was a Jew. And they've made a big fuss about that.

The Khazars were converted in the 8th century. DNA studies say Ashkenazis have Jewish DNA. You have to remember that many teachers - probably Cohens - were sent to Khazaria to teach the new converts.

Cabala came much later.

After this came the Sabbateans.

And don't forget the Ethiopian Jews - and the Lemba - descendents of a Yemeni, who was shipwrecked. And the Jews of Nigeria.

And the Arab Jews who are treated like second
class citizens by the Ashkenazis.

And the Indian Jews - 3 separate groups - 1 is from a shipwreck of Iraqi Jews.
And the Chinese Jews - descendants of Judeans.
And the Palestinians - also descendants of Judean farmers - converted first to Christianity and later to Islam - to avoid paying taxes.
You've all been brainwashed to believe you are a Chosen People and superior to the rest of us. Such nonsense!

Just watching how they have treated the Palestinians and how they behave even with each other in Israel - shows you that they are not chosen!

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