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Slavery -- "Guilt" as a Jewish Weapon

April 24, 2016

TUBMAN7.jpeg(left. Abolitionist Harriet Tubman is replacing Andrew Jackson on $20 bill)

 Jewish organizations went ballistic when the Nation of Islam documented Jewish domination of the slave trade. Why? Because they blame whites for slavery, while leading blacks to think Jews are their friends. Jewish organizations champion blacks, and all minorities, solely to undermine America's European Christian heritage. They use sexual, religious & racial minorities to dispossess the majority. They're a satanic subversive force and they're largely in control.

Review of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, vol. 1 (Boston: The Historical Research Department of the Nation of Islam, 1991), 334 pp.

by Andrew Hamilton 

Jews & Slavery: Three Books by the Nation of Islam

(abridged by 

This now-famous book, relying primarily upon the works of mainstream Jewish scholars, demonstrates in meticulous detail and with formidable documentation that Jews were at the very center of the trans-Atlantic slave trade as merchants, financiers, shippers, and insurers. They also sold the products of slave labor on international markets.


The credibility of this underground classic speaks for itself. It relates a fascinating, previously invisible story that every educated American should know about.

According to the Nation of Islam (NOI,) it is a "persistent but mythological claim that Jews were either co-sufferers or innocent bystanders" during the slaveholding era. 

The first third of Secret Relationship surveys the role of Jews in colonial slavery in South America and the Caribbean, the middle third that of slavery in colonial North America and the antebellum South. The final 100 pages consists of an alphabetical list and capsule biographies with extensive footnotes of dozens and dozens of prominent Jews involved in slavery.

Their role was not small. Jews were particularly active outside the present borders of the US in Brazil and the Caribbean.

North American Jews owned black servants and Jewish plantation owners in the South worked their lands with black slaves.

"In 1820," historian Jacob Rader Marcus wrote in 1989, "over 75 percent of Jewish families in Charleston, Richmond, and Savannah owned slaves, employed as domestic servants; almost 40 percent of all Jewish householders in the United States owned one slave or more."

Refuting arguments that US census records confirm only a "modest" level of slaveholding among Jews, the authors point out that Jews were twice as likely as white Americans to own slaves.

In addition, Jewish merchants sold dozens, even hundreds, of slaves at auction, turning over their chattel inventory as rapidly as possible to maximize profits. Brief ownership by slave merchants of this kind is not captured in census records.

Not only were there no protests against slavery by Southern Jews, but very few Jews anywhere in the United States protested slavery on moral grounds.


(left, Louis Farrakhan) 

Today, the Nation of Islam writes, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews "can be found in the collections of every major academic library, including those of every Ivy League college and university."


Since its publication, the book has given the Jews fits. The ADL devoted a lengthy hit piece to it, and no less than three book-length attacks by Jewish authors have been "laundered" through mainstream publishers including New York University Press and Transaction Publishers. Hostile articles were also planted in scholarly journals.

Supportive white academics like Yale philo-Semite and convert to Judaism David Brion Davis were enlisted in the cause, as was Harvard University's resident Uncle Tom, Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

In a degrading act of self-delegitimation, the American Historical Association (AHA) issued a public statement at the behest of three influential Jewish members condemning any historical account "alleging that Jews played a disproportionate role in the Atlantic slave trade." The AHA statement is frequently cited as "authority" to undermine the legitimacy of the book. In the conventional slavery narrative of academia and the AHA, the Jews of history vanish, replaced solely by Christian and European evildoers....

It is strange that prior to the Nation of Islam's research, those who had studied history and this critical aspect of the impact of the trans-Atlantic slave trade on American society were perfectly content allowing the blame to fall squarely on the shoulders of the White Anglo Saxon Protestants in the South.


The primary purpose of volume two is to elucidate the hidden political, economic, and social influence of Jews in the post-Civil War South between roughly 1860 and 1925.

Their influence was amazingly extensive. A list of Jewish public officials by state, compiled from numerous scholarly sources, covers 9 pages in small print.

Jews were elected to office in the South in surprisingly large numbers. Jewish officeholders helped create and enforce segregation laws.

An abbreviated list of Jewish bankers in the south covers 8 pages. The authors note that the Jewish banking network was not limited to the South, but extended to every region of the continent where Jews settled and opened businesses.


(Judah Benjamin's face appeared on Confederate currency.)

There is extensive discussion of both the Ku Klux Klan and white racist Southern politicians, the attitudes of both toward Jews, and the substantial Jewish role in Southern racism.

This analysis raises intriguing questions about the structure of white racialism.

For example, it is well-known that the original Ku Klux Klan was Freemasonic, philo-Semitic, and welcomed Jews as members. But a persuasive case is made that even the second Klan of the 1920s was not anti-Jewish.

Similarly, several noted racist white politicians are shown to have been either philo-Semites or indifferent to Jewish power (most were philo-Semitic).

Such individuals included US Sen. "Cotton Ed" Smith (D.-S.C.), US Sen. Robert Reynolds (D.-N.C.), Eugene and Herman Talmadge of Georgia, Sen. Theodore Bilbo (D.-Miss.), Democrat Josephus Daniels (anti-black and repulsively philo-Semitic), Sen. Tom Watson (D.-Ga.), Sen. "Pitchfork Ben" Tillman (D.-S.C.), and others.

George Wallace is not mentioned because he falls outside the time period covered by the book, but I am very familiar with his career. He, too, was characteristically anti-black (prior to being crippled by an assassin's bullet) and philo-Semitic.

Clearly, not all white "racists" are necessarily valuable assets to the anti-genocidal cause.

Could such a persistent pattern signify a fundamental divide in the collective consciousness of white people? Perhaps it is fallacious to assume that generic "racism" that warmly embraces (or ignores) Jews on the one hand, and opposition to Jewish power on the other, bear a deep or necessary relationship to one another. They may even work at cross-purposes.

Finally, a major theme of the book is that liens, sharecropping, and other aspects of commercial law in the South facilitated Jewish (and white) economic exploitation of blacks. These, it is maintained, were adaptations of age-old Jewish laws found in the Talmud, which is described as a "business manual for the Jewish people."

At the very least, the economic exploitation of Southern blacks after the Civil War was ruthless and unscrupulous in the extreme.



Jews Selling Blacks: Slave Sale Advertising by American Jews [14] (n.p.: Historical Research Department of the Nation of Islam, 2010), 144 pp.

This companion volume to The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, billed as "the largest collection of Jewish slave-sale ads ever published," is an illustrated collection of 283 ads from American newspapers spanning more than one hundred years.

It shows Jews seeking to buy hundreds of blacks; Jews selling blacks with warranties, bank financing, chasing runaways, selling "wenches," "families," "gangs," "infants"; and Jews selling entire plantations, slaves and all. The Jews in question were leaders of synagogues and upstanding founding fathers of today's American Jewish community.

A brief YouTube promo for the book  notes that "The largest Gentile slave dealer was Franklin & Armfield . . . but they only operated in the South for 8 years. Jewish slave dealers operated in every place slavery existed . . . North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa--for 400 years."

The black scholars who wrote these invaluable books, while not friends of the white man and partisans of their own people, for the most part display admirable objectivity, coupled with a determination to view the historical record in its entirety and full complexity. They could easily have taken the safe, conventional route of repeating anti-white slurs and ignoring the Jewish role entirely. But they did not.

These fascinating works bring to light facts about Jews and blacks that are necessary for non-Jews to understand in order to view this key facet of history in proper perspective.

The books are partial antidotes to prevailing academic and media lies--and corking good reads besides!



Illuminati Jewish plan for racial strife by championing blacks 

Minister Farrakhan on the Illuminati, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews, & U.S. History   (start at 4.15)

Jewish groups attempted to force Farrakhan to denounce book 

 Minister Farrakhan - "If you want to be written into history as a good or great person, you have to go down in history as a friend of the Jewish people"....

Minister Farrakhan noted that in the meeting, the Rabbis etc demanded that they would keep an eye on Minister Farrakhan and his colleagues for a protracted period of time before they would consider him as a friend of the Jews...and he must denounce the book.....Minister replied - I want us to be friends but with the greatest respect, your people, the Jews, have done more evil to our people, than we have done to you maybe WE (the black people) have to keep an eye on YOU for a protracted period of time before we accept your friendship, and then he explains that he will renounce the book if the Jewish leaders would renounce as incorrect the work of the Jewish scholars which the book was based upon.."

Going Dutch - The Netherlands' slave trade

History of Dutch Jews Role in Slavery Is Bluntly Depicted

History Professor Tony Martin (1942-2013) blacklisted for merely teaching this book. 

Dr. Tony Martin - Jewish Tactics In The Controversy Over Jewish Involvement in The Slave Trade

Dr. Tony Martin - The Jewish Role in the African Slave Trade

Dr. Tony Martin on Blacks and Jews

David Livingstone --  Louis Farrakhan, Nation of islam, Freemasonry and Scientology 

References and footnotes with original article. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for " Slavery -- "Guilt" as a Jewish Weapon "

Pieter said (April 25, 2016):

I live in the Netherlands and the Netherlands had a big role in slave trade and most of the Dutch slave traders were Jewish. In Surinam, a former Dutch colony in South America, you have a place called Jodensavanne (Dutch, "Jewish Savanna") was an agricultural community in Suriname, South America established by Jews fleeing persecution in Spain. It was located in Para District, about 50 km (31 mi) south of the capital Paramaribo, on the Suriname River. Sugarcane plantations were established and slaves used. The colony faced an attack and heavy levies imposed by a French captain, competition with sugar beets, disease and revolts from indigenous people and slaves. The community eventually relocated to the capital of Paramaribo. Clearing of gravesites and maintenance of the synagogue ruins has taken place in the 21st century.

At the end of the 17th century approximately 600 people lived in the flourishing agricultural settlement of Joden Savanne owning more than 40 plantations with over 9,000 slaves. Besides her important economic role the Jewish community also had part in the protection of the colony.

Chris G said (April 25, 2016):

I am one of Nathan Simpson's descendants, though I have no way of proving it. I'm in my 40's and have always known he was a slave trader since a child. Our family jokingly calls him "wicked Ned" Simpson. Our family immigrated to Canada from Jamaica. Though I'm dark skinned I didn't care much my grandfather was a jovial blue eyed man that looked like Hitler. 9 years ago I was shocked to find out through an internet search he was Jewish. Only recently my mom told me her father used to tell people he was Jewish when he was drunk. Nathan Simson never had any legitimate children from his wife so I don't know who he must have raped; plus he was one of the richest men in the world, president of the Synagogue in NY and Amsterdam, and sold slaves in New York harbor, which I think is funny because there's such a big stereotype about the North opposing slavery. I think "Crown" Heights NY is named after one of his 2 ships.

"wicked Ned" had a sister Hannah and I found some of her descendants on; A woman who lives in Israel is my distant cousin through Hannah, told me Simson had a trust fund and will.

This prick had a trust fund! He left money to his wife's family & "any two orphans", never mind the insurmountable misery & death to Africans, they get [email protected] And we his direct descendants, we get jack [email protected]

The woman, that sent me the will, got money (25 pounds sterling) in 1962 to become a nurse in and lived in Israel most of her life.

They've been giving away money since 1725 and stopped recently!

The following letter of his captain is so cruel it almost makes me laugh. Nathan had become a very rich man, meanwhile his captain was begging for bread. The cargo was passing through the city of "Brotherly love", Philadelphia.

Dan said (April 24, 2016):

I've never heard any say that any incarnation of the KKK was "philo-Semitic, and welcomed Jews as members". Read the case of Leo Max Frank - the president of the Atlanta chapter of the B'nai B'rith who was convicted of the rape/murder of 13 year old Mary Phagen one Saturday at his pencil factory in 1913.

This is the historic event as a matter of fact the prompted the founding of the ADL. Such pressure was brought to bear that Georgia Governor John M. Slaton commuted Frank's sentence in 1915, when his conviction was upheld to the US Supreme Court. This was the incident that prompted the resurrection of the Ku Klux Klan.
The "Knights of Mary Phagan" kidnapped Frank from prison in Marietta Georgia and lynched him.

I haven't read The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, but any claim that the KKK was 'philo-Semitic' is just plain wrong. The Klan didn't even accept Irish Catholics.

The 'philo-Semitic' enemies of black Americans I know of are "white liberals", Planned Parenthood, ACORN, Black LIves Matter, the Boule, the music industry, and most of ALL the DEMOCRAT PARTY.

Robert K said (April 24, 2016):

People raised in and educated by a system tend to conceive of it as being normal. Probably many black slaves in the USA didn't conceive of a life very different from the one they grew up in. Nothing is different today. The vast majority of people are wage slaves in a system that is not inherent in the nature of things but, rather, designed and imposed.

This explains how the transformation of productivity through the application of automation and robotics can result in increased stress and insecurity for people, instead of an increasingly free and prosperous lifestyle. The control is exercised through the money system: money is required in order to live, and in order to get money people must kowtow to others in hierarchies, both private and public. Instead of the financial system releasing individuals, which is its proper function and could easily be done (and at an accelerating pace concomitant with the progress of technology), the power-mongers who operate it have fashioned it to be a means of control. Sadly, most of the slaves swallow the propaganda constantly streaming from government mouthpieces, media sheets and screens, and academic prostitutes to the effect that the "authorities" are really "doing the best they can in difficult circumstances".

JG said (April 24, 2016):

The WASP power base in America was the biggest threat to NWO Communism in the entire world until it was systematically dismantled beginning with the cultural Marxist Revolution of America in the late 1960's.

The prosperity of the White American population made them easy prey for the "guilt psy-op" of slavery which 99% of the whites had no direct role in.

They guilt they carried, if any, was for succeeding in life and building a strong family unit that resided in it's once crime free communities. Somehow they were successfully convinced to carry the guilt for the failure of others. This was the beginning of the doctrine of 'political correctness' that was intended to destroy them.

The Jews may have been broker's in the American slave trade but the blacks were sold into slavery by their own nation first.

It really doesn't matter much anymore because the WASPS have little left to give as we all watch America collapse a little more each day. America, as a nation, has lost the good fight.

Alfred said (April 24, 2016):

Some of the earliest Marxist propaganda specifically states using the Negro as a wedge against the United States This kind of subversion has been planned since the beginning of last century. Divide and conquer is a valuable tool for the elites.

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