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Expat Returns to Find England Unrecognizable

May 5, 2016


Squalid little island in rapid decline.

Englishman "Semper Castleton" has lived in Thailand 
for 25 years where he works as a consultant. 
Recently he returned home to visit his mother. He found 
that a pall of fear hangs over the country.

"The brief return to my country of birth was 
not a particularly pleasant experience."

By Semper Castleton 
( ) 

English Society has undergone enormous transformation since my last visit 13 years ago. As my mother always told me, "Life is continual change" and "There is no coincidence in Life - everything happens for a reason." 

English Society appears to be totally controlled by fear. With so much unemployment and homelessness, the peoples' fear is the loss of their comfortable lifestyles. 

There has been a huge influx of immigrants of every conceivable religion and culture. This has put incredible pressure on social and welfare services. Almost every town and city have been completely taken over by foreign sights, sounds and smells . Not all natural born English citizens have taken kindly to this overall transformation. Many companies and business are now owned and managed by foreigners. For example, many construction companies are owned by Polish nationals.

The most obvious societal change has been the interbreeding of the white race with races of various skin colours. Not everyone is aware but it has been a deliberately planned destruction of the English indigenous peoples. Avid researchers of truth would be aware of the 1925 Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. Details can be found on the Knights Templar International website. 

Mother, who is now in her 80's often reminded me of the only British Member of Parliament who was independent of the Rothschilds, Mr. Enoch Powell, Tory MP for Wolverhampton South West, made a historic speech in 1966 about a future civil race war in the streets of UK. He stated that the  streets of Britain will become rivers of blood . He did not explain when that war would take place. Powell, a highly educated man with the highest standard of parliamentary ethics, non-existent today of course, was no doubt aware of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan when he made that speech. The rivers of blood have yet to flow. But the Powell Prophesy could happen at any time from now. 

The Police Department of every city has become a Police Force. One cannot find the friendly constable or bobby on the street. He no longer exists. When actually seen in public, the Police Force takes the form of the black uniformed armed militia man with SWAT letters on his back armed with a machine gun generating fear. Crime, in particular muggings involving knives has become uncontrollable in urban area. Police appear not to care .

Public education has seen an increasing number of children failing to achieve basic standards. Parents must now seek school permission to keep their children away from school. If the child is taken away on holiday without school permission, then the parents are issued with large fines. 

 In all major cities, homeless people litter the streets at night propping up shop doorways. There are as many people living on government handouts as living on a normal salary. Unexpected loss of employment has in many cases cost people their homes. 

In 1972, then Prime Minister Ted Heath signed UK into the Common Market. At that time, the price tag to join the prestigious European club was very high and unbeknown to the average man in the street. Ted Heath signed agreement that to gain entry UK must give up all its engineering and manufacturing industries. This has happened. The coal, iron and steel and car manufacturing industries have been completely destroyed . 

The Bank of England bank rate for saving is less than 1% and there is no incentive whatsoever to save money. UK is a consumer society. So England spends spends and spends. 

Government has imposed taxes on many goods and services. The Value Added Tax is now at 20 per cent. UK has become a country of Talmudic regulations: "you can't do this , you can't do that, you can't go there, that is not allowed." Over the past 13 years there has been an explosion of laws and statutes. Driving a car has become a total nightmare. Speed cameras are everywhere. People live in fear of fines and destabilization to their lifestyles. People are unable to take their moans and groans to a higher level because they may lose their jobs .

The cost of food in the supermarkets has increased to such an extent that many families are going hungry. Parents need to to work additional jobs. Some children are going to school without eating breakfast. Ironically, the cost of beer, wine and alcohol in the supermarket has become cheaper than that found in the pub. 

Consequently people are doing their drinking at home and not in the pub. Many public houses have closed. People stay at home much more than ever before, watching television. After 6 pm at night one cannot see many people walking on the streets. There is no coincidence in Life everything happens for a reason . The powers that be want English people in their little boxes at night and not wandering the streets. To keep people in their little boxes there has been an expansion of investment in television, sport and entertainment. There are now hundreds of British and foreign television channels to choose from. 

The brief return to my country of birth was not a particularly pleasant experience. The twelve-hours flight back to Thailand passed quickly whilst I contemplated how low the country had sunk.  Would I be able to cope with life in a such cosmopolitan entertained-and-taxed to death mixed-race society which spends all its energy working to sustain a meagre existence battling the strict government regulations? And what about those rivers of blood ?

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First Comment by Dan:

Your article timely: today, May 5th, 2016 is election time in Great Britain - if they still use that prefix.
The ballots include:

    Local council elections in England and regional mayors
    Mayor of London and London assembly
    Scottish parliament
    Welsh assembly
    Northern Ireland assembly
    Police and crime commissioners

As the crucial BREXIT referendum date approaches (June 23rd), eyes are on UKIP (UK Independence Party) which is aiming at seats in the London assembly and London Mayor, seats in Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

If UKIP scores key wins by the end of today, it will be beachhead for the British public to follow through on taking back British sovereignty, if the BREXIT goes through.

UKIP's party leader said yesterday that he expects May 5th to be the "breakthrough day" for his party.

Readers can keep up with current events on UKIP, BREXIT, and the American Presidential election on this Youtube channel:  Patriotic Populist

Barbara W writes:

Semper Castleton and the commenters are right, and haven't pointed out even the half of it. When Dan hopefully gives the election list, he doesn't realize the missing one, the one that is not allowed any assembly, any parliament, any voters of their own: England. The Welsh, Scots & Northern Irish can vote in both their own assemblies and also the UK one. Outrageously, non-British citizens from no fewer than 56 Commonwealth countries can also vote in UK elections, the only requirement being that they have lived at some time or other in Britain during the past 15 years, even if they only visited their Bangladeshi family in London's East End, which has been emptied of Cockneys. Election registration fraud is rife, the English voters have been completely disenfranchised, the indigenous British citizens democratic rights SWAMPED by non-British voters from the Third World, which is why the country has ended up in this state, courtesy of treasonous NWO politicians who seem to hate the English.

   British Steel is now owned by some billionaire from India. We have had Indian Brahmins in charge of the BBC, Muslims directing the Christian programme "Songs of Praise", a Brahmin woman Lord Mayor of Leicester, a Syrian mayor of Shakespeare's birthplace Stratford-upon-Avon, Sikhs in charge of London's Cycling Campaign, African archbishops complete with bongo drum ceremonies in the Church of England, Pakistanis as Head of the Conservative Party, Muslims controlling the Post Offices, guards at Buckingham Palace wearing turbans, Third World footballers replacing Brits, Sikhs who threatened to commit suicide if they had to wear bus drivers caps on duty, or safety helmets on motorcycles, "Sharia patrols" in British towns, Muslims in the House of Lords, police uniforms redesigned to please Muslim women, Africans beheading unarmed British police officers & Army drummers, Muslim gangs raping British children, beating them up with claw hammers, stabbing them with screwdrivers, or burning them alive like Kris Donald, the whole blinking lot. And now a Muslim mayor of London, who called moderate Muslims "Uncle Toms".

   The Scottish MPs came down to Westminster to vote for huge university fees in England, while keeping Scotland's universities FREE. Even water has become so costly in rainy England that the English must recycle and hoard it, while water is practically free in Wales and Scotland, both heavily subsidized by the English taxpayer. There is a very long list of such injustices, the deliberate targeting of the English people as the "ancient enemy", blah, blah, blah. To say nothing of Welsh workers driven out of their jobs to be replaced by East Europeans.

    It is amazing how many people hate the English, yet choose to live in England! MILLIONS of people hate the English, yet choose to live in England. And that is why, in my humble opinion, I think England and the English people should DECLARE INDEPENDENCE. From the Parasitic UK, from the Parasitic EU, from the Parasitic Commonwealth (Australia, New Zealand & Canada excepted), from everybody, and become THE INDEPENDENT NATION OF ENGLAND. As it was when King Alfred the Great first formed it in the 9th century. Let the other countries go their own way, decide their own destinies (as Switzerland has done so well), their own financial structures (as Iceland has done so well), their own immigration policies, and who they want living in their ancestral homelands with them.

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Comments for " Expat Returns to Find England Unrecognizable "

Chad said (May 8, 2016):

BREXIT. I don’t think it’s going to happen. The ‘Powers That Be’ will dangle that carrot before the people of England as a teaser then jerk it back at the last moment. What do they think is going on over there? Some kind of Donald Trump fever? The Globalists are nearing the end zone and feel close to scoring victory. I doubt the German ancestral “rulers” of England are going to allow the public to get anywhere.

Sure, they’ll have their DELPHI type meetings trying to convince people otherwise.

As with the Trump phenomenon, unless there’s a landslide victory, count on Britain going nowhere. It will take ALL of the indigenous ‘white’ people of England to make any good outcome happen. Television was brought in for a reason to divide and conquer the population. It’s working quite well. The people need to learn to shut off the idiot boxes and communicate in the homes and streets. Until that happens, they’ll continue to be mind control victims as ordained by the overlords.

Dan said (May 7, 2016):

re. Muslim Mayor

Indigenous English are a already a minority in London. That's the reason for this grim turn of events.
From the election results my assessment is that the British public has been far too slow to react. They're only approaching the stage at which they should have been forty years ago. They're all calling each other 'antisemitic!' while the Imams sharpen their knives, and the European Union will tax them to hell.

Democracy now clearly favors the Muslims, with their breeding rate of 8 to 1, and that means only civil war can save England now. That won't even start until the Muslims starts openly beheading Englishmen and stoning English girls by the dozens every day, and that's coming. I'm wondering if the English will ever fight back. Where's their survival instinct?

Someone I read way back in 1990 was decades ahead of the curve. Regarding the Millennium he wrote about these things and said, "decades, perhaps centuries of war lie ahead".

In the historic past when cultures are at this stage of clash the domestic wars will go on centuries.

Asim said (May 6, 2016):

I share some sympathy with Semper; he is essentially right in what he says but up to a point. England has changed, but in some ways for the better. Back in the 70 and 80s, racism was rife; it was allowed to flourish openly, with racist thugs beating up ethnics with impunity, terrorizing them.

Public houses were breeding grounds for the worst forms of racist feelings -some becoming no -go areas for non - whites,. Schools were rife with hardcore racist pupils, who made it a living hell for certain individuals deemed weaklings, relentlessly bullied and terrorized, only to mocked and humiliated by closet racist teachers. These teachers had no qualms about seeing you fail, and would insult you of your faith or race, but of course, it was all said in jest.

Yes, Henry, welcome to the England of yesteryear, when things were horrible for you if your name was not David or Paul, and your skin was not deluxe white. That has all changed......for the better. People are more culturally aware and accepting.

But it is a thin line indeed. From reading the views of Barbara W to Castleton and his, where do we draw the line? No doubt Barbara W, is most probably a supporter of the Pegida Movement or the English Defence League-notorious racist thugs, yet who harbour identical views.

The solution is to identify the main culprits responsible fo this mess, rather than going for the short and easy blame game and name calling. I say this to the likes of Semper...everyone is coming to England, because England is great, and because the indigenous people-the English, are on the whole, a wonderful, humble and compassionate people, with amazing levels of tolerance and understanding. Stand proud Semper, your people have done you well!


Thanks Asim,

I think you can want to maintain your national character -racially and culturally-- without being considered racist.
There is a difference between welcoming minorities and becoming one.

Racism is a good thing if it fosters healthy differences. It is bad only when one race claims superiority.


Ann said (May 6, 2016):

hank you for this. There needs to be more said about the situation in England. The "no-go zones" are completely anti-human. For a long time there have been foreigners in the UK, but now they have the majority and they are wielding their power and it will not bode well for the Brits.

C said (May 5, 2016):

Britain is the home of Political Correctness and Neo-conservatism - more so even than the States or Canada. I heard David Duke ruefully observe recently that 100 years ago the Union Jack flew over much of the world. It never seems to have occurred to him that current crises, including mass immigration to the West, might be related to that fact.

The British Empire was a Rothschild Empire - something Anglosphere "conservatives" - not to mention useful idiots like Adolf Hitler - have traditionally found very difficult to admit. The British Zio-media media is adept at manipulating jingoistic feelings among the English population - for its own ends. In Britain it's perfectly acceptable to slag off the Germans, the French, the Irish etc., but no one dares utter a yip against non-European migrants. Even the supposedly ever so right-wing UKIP supports mass immigration to Britain as long as it's from the Commonwealth, and not Europe.

Art said (May 5, 2016):

The English are a dogged & grim bunch of bastards.

They'll survive, but will have to tackle their national character flaw of being the banksters' bitch.

Great people otherwise.

JG said (May 5, 2016):

I once had a conversation with a couple of Pakistanis who were now living in England and had become English citizens that spoke with a London accent. It really threw me, it was as if my mind or the devil was playing tricks on me. Don't get me wrong, I get it, when in Rome speak like Romans or something like that.

So much for Victorian England and all that Elizabethan stuff, this is the New London where everyone is an Englishman regardless of cultural heritage or racial identity. Even George Orwell himself didn't predict this incorporated multi cultural nightmare. I guess he really wasn't a prophet after all.

It really is tragic that the once great nation of England that was the model of civilized culture, progressive literature, and the Modern Christian Church for the free world has now been overrun by a mingled population and a foreign world order controlled government that seeks it's demise.

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