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Attack on Gender Reaches Bathroom Door

May 17, 2016

Obama's threat to cut funding to states and schools that don't comply with his transgender policy doesn't worry me. Obama and his ilk will be history in six months. Indeed, they have insured a Trump victory because this is an issue literally everyone can identify with.

As usual, the Illuminati Jews, their dupes and abettors, have overreached and will get bitten in the ass. 

The bottom line is that gender confusion is a developmental disorder associated with family dysfunction, specifically the absence or negative presence of a male or female role model. Either that, or it is the product of sexual abuse at a young age. The attempt to normalize and promote this dysfunction is the hallmark of Satanism.  Humanity has been colonized by a satanic cult i.e.  Cabala-believing Jews and Freemasons. 

Bathroom legislation is a vicious assault on femininity (i.e. female modesty) by Communists who control corporations, media and government through the banking sector. Essentially it means males can intrude on female bathrooms, lockers and showers simply by saying they "identify" as women. 

It doesn't matter if the women in the locker room identify him as a man. They don't count.  Thus, the Illuminati use minorities to disenfranchise the majority.  It is characteristic of the Cabala (Satanism) that reality is defined subjectively by "thought" and "feeling" rather than objectively by what actually is. 

Will men who think they are women be able to compete in the Olympics against women?

Just like "refugees", this issue has been sprung on us by the Illuminati. Where have transgendered people been relieving themselves for the last century?  Minority "rights" are a pretext to psychologically attack, destabilize and dispossess the majority. 

According to the Protocols of Zion, the Masonic Jews "will destroy every collective force but our own." (16) The four legs of our collective identity are race, religion, nation and family. The attack on gender destroys family. 

Cabalist Judaism (Freemasonry) is a Luciferian doctrine dedicated to inverting the natural order and replacing God at the apex with the Masonic Jewish banker. Thus they have used their control of government, education and the mass media to pretend gender distinctions don't exist (unless they are inverted.) Basically, they are at war with God, nature and man.

Thus, the bathroom controversy must be seen in the context of feminism, the promotion and teaching of homosexuality, and the recent promotion of transgenderism. Incest, pederasty and bestiality are next on their list. All that is unnatural and sick will be made to seem healthy. 

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"A Deathless Suicide": Man Rues Transgender Choice

July 14, 2015

 The media made him 
hate his masculinity so much, 
he tried to become a female. 

"I have seen the dark underbelly of the gay and transsexual lifestyles and now would warn anyone contemplating such not to even think about it.  It's sad to see the promotion of destructive lifestyles by government and media. They know what they are doing."

by "Susan"

I am a casualty of the war on males and have had a sex change operation due to projected feelings of inadequacy.

 It's a shame I was so gullible and suggestible.

The barrage of Kinsey's philosophies,and the thesis antithesis synthesis shows of the time i.e: Donahue, Oprah,et al Growing up around "liberated" women I felt like a monster. I had been averse to the homosexual lifestyle, and don't even know how I ended up like this in retrospect.

 Well not really....TV & popular culture were a factor.  The Venus envy spell dissipated not long after the operation.

 It was like a spell one wakes up from and envy is a deadly sin.The women I had known had been under the spell of feminism and I was open minded to the point self-hatred for being a male.  They call what I have done "The deathless suicide".


First Comment from Dan:

That cartoon "Just when we got him (government) out of the bedroom..."  showing Uncle Sam lurking behind the women's bath room door is a keeper.    I actually hadn't connected those dots -- but yes indeed: after 30 years of gay howling to 'get Big Government out of our bedrooms!', the Supreme Court finally did that in 2003.  Can you imagine?  Just 13 years ago.. 

The case was Lawrence v. Texas.  The case began in 1998, police got a call to check out a report of a 'black man with a gun going crazy'.  The later defendant, Lawrence made the call because he was jealous of his much younger black "boyfriend" with another homo named Garner.  But by the time the cops got to Lawrence's apartment at 11pm they heard what sounded like bloody murder from the bedroom. 

Naturally the cops entered the bedroom with guns drawn to find Lawrence and the the OTHER HOMO (Garner)  pounding away at anal sex.  Lawrence - who was extremely drunk yelled at the cops -- how dare they enter his safe space!  Of course cops being the protectors of society that they are threw Lawrence in cuffs in and arrested him on the variety of charges available to them in the situation, most notably, SODOMY, which believe it or not was still against the law in Texas, though cops in the Montrose gay enclave of Houston hadn't enforced in decades. 

Sodomy was just a class C misdemeanor - just show up for court and pay a fine less than most traffic tickets.  But the arrest made the local news which got the attention of an LGBT activist law firm.  They told Lawrence to plead 'no contest' and pay the fine so that they could start the appeal process to take it to the Supreme Court.   

But the minimum fine was too low to quality for an appeal, so these lawyers got the Judge to raise the fine by agreement with the prosecutor.  This means THEY WERE ALL IN ON IT!   This case reminds me of the British court system in which everybody's a Freemason and judicial conspiracy    All the attorneys and Judges along the way in the appeals process did their part to make sure the case went all the way to the SCOTUS as it was intended to. 

Purpose?  An excuse to knock down every remaining sodomy statute still on the books in any of the 50 States.  That's how this works folks.   It's called "Legislation from the Bench" and goes against the "separation of powers" principle of the original US Constitution. 

I urge you to take stroll down the memory hole and read this 2003 article from that bastion of the SJW Liberal Left, SLATE: 

Now check out SLATE in February 2016

When it comes to government, I think all Libtards are BI, because they clearly go BOTH WAYS every time! 

Always remember that the crazy case you see in the news today is connected directly to a lineage of SCOTUS rulings.  Look them up, and you'll see how "gradualism" works.   It's evidence of the Long March Through the Institutions to invert Natural Law. 

Read Justice Anton Scalia's dissent against the Court's ruling on Lawrence v. Texas:

"Today's opinion is the product of a Court, which is the product of a law-profession culture, that has largely signed on to the so-called homosexual agenda, by which I mean the agenda promoted by some homosexual activists directed at eliminating the moral opprobrium that has traditionally attached to homosexual conduct.... The Court has taken sides in the culture war, departing from its role of assuring, as neutral observer, that the democratic rules of engagement are observed."

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Attack on Gender Reaches Bathroom Door"

Kristine said (May 19, 2016):

had to laugh when I read that men will some day be competing in sports against women. They already are and have been. Transgenderism is not new. Look at Steffi Graf, Billy Jean King, Serena Williams … the list goes on and on. Many of the Hollywood “stars” have been transgendered. Open your eyes.

G said (May 18, 2016):

haven't yet seen anyone mention spas; wonder what will happen when a trannie enters the sauna. The circus always seems to have new and more acts.

LM said (May 18, 2016):

I understand everyone is concerned with men in womens restrooms. The underlying potential issues.

However I am sick of them blowing off the other side. I do not want women in the mens restrooms. Too many women already believe they have a right to go into the mens restrooms under any condition they rationalize away. Especially when they are drunk. And then they do not go in alone but bring 3-4 girls in there along with them. Get angry if you complain. Like it is my fault for their smaller bladder and that they have drunk a lot of alcohol.

Women have no business eing in the mens bathroom, and men have no business being in the womens bathroom. That we have lost this simple bit of God given common sense is a marker of how far the cultural insanity has progressed.

I do not want women in the mens bathrooms. Generally they are the obnoxious ones. Further it is terrible for he said, she said setups for a man. No rational thinking man with half a brain would ever think this is a good idea for him.

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