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Indonesia Proves Islamophobia is a Lie

May 13, 2016


With 250 million people, Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim country .
Bernard Grover is an American who has lived there for nine years.
Contrary to Islam's popular image, he says Indonesia is a peaceful 
and tolerant country where many Christian family values 
are still strong.  Three years ago, he posted an introduction
to Indonesia for those who wish to escape toxic Western culture. 
Today he provides additional information. 

Indonesia Facts: 8000 islands, 250 million people, 750,000 square miles (about the size of Mexico) 

by Bernard Grover 

Many people find the West in moral and intellectual decline. Issues such as gay 'marriage,' transgender toilets, spiritual pogroms against white males, nuclear families and Christians in general, Common Core, and a laundry list of related items are almost literally chasing the middle class out of the country. 

Indonesia offers a strong traditional alternative. The traditional family, sanctity of one's home, and a strong heterosexual, male-dominated culture present a radical departure from the satanically possessed West.

Religion figures prominently in society, and despite a large Muslim majority, is quite tolerant and for the most part peaceful. There is occasional violence, usually against property, but those responsible are normally dealt with quickly and decisively.

Roughly 80% to 85% of the population is Muslim but the Constitution guarantees protections for Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, and Protestantism, as well. The laws go so far as to forbid mixed-religion marriages. One of the partners will have to convert, at least on paper, or marry outside the country (not easy anywhere in Asia.)


In Indonesia, marriage is considered a sacred union between a man and a woman. When getting married in Indonesia, one must first receive a blessing from a mosque, church or temple before applying to register the marriage with the government. There are no civil unions here. The concept of 'gay 'marriage' is all but unthinkable here, and the US is derided for recent changes there.

Though not strictly legal, Muslim men may have up to four wives, though only one can be registered with the government. A man must have the permission of his current wives in order to take on another. The families are generally kept separate and usually in different cities or towns.

Though Indonesia is very egalitarian in many respects, the man is still very much in charge of his hearth and home. It is still traditional for a young woman to audition her housekeeping skills for prospective in-laws. Fathers are automatically considered to have the final word in their house, and no Communist social services will appear at the door for sensitivity training because of it. There are, however, wildly differing cultures in Indonesia, and they have their own internal rules. A foreigner looking for a spouse will want to study family background and traditions before diving in. This will save a lot of headache and surprises later.

When it comes to manners and social graces, Indonesian society is very traditional and polite. People are almost always referred to with an honorific, such as the local equivalent of Sir or Ma'am, or in more familiar circumstances Uncle and Aunt, or Grandfather and Grandmother, even when there is no blood relationship.


Education in Indonesia is somewhat of a grab bag. If a local can afford it, children are sent to international schools, tutoring centers, or even out of country for education. The international schools generally conduct classes in English and Mandarin, and have a heavy emphasis on Math, Science and Business skills.

The primary focus of an Indonesian education is to produce managers and operators for local companies. This leads to a strong and growing middle class, but the people are not well-rounded or multi-disciplinary. In other words, schooling is very functional and utilitarian.


The public schools are very low-tech and have a heavy Islamic content. Very low emphasis is placed on History, Art and Literature in favor of additional time spent on religious studies. When second languages are offered, it is generally English or Mandarin. The Sciences are most certainly presented within a religious context, as well. However, there is a wealth of tutoring services that offer specialized education in various subjects. There is a strong class system here that is based primarily on the educational opportunities that one receives. The lower class will rarely go past high school if they attend school at all, while the upper class invests much time and resources in advanced education.

Literacy rates are very high in Indonesia because the language is designed to be learned very quickly. Despite that fact, very few Indonesians read for pleasure and bookstores can be rather spartan. Television and movies are the primary forms of entertainment, with little opportunity for things like theatre, symphony and ballet, unless one travels to major cities in other countries. This is slowly changing, but it will require some time for democratization.


Choosing to ex-patriate to any country will require sacrifices. Relocating to nearly any country in Asia will force a major change in culture and lifestyle. One must be fully aware of what is being gained and lost in any move. However you feel about foreigners in your native country is liable to be how others will feel about you. It is very important to assimilate as much and as quickly as possible in a new country. Most people will be deeply insulted and resentful I one does not make a sincere attempt to learn the local language and customs.

One final note. As you ponder ex-patriating, do not focus on escaping something, but rather on moving toward something else. This may seem like a subtle difference, but it will make a major difference in the quality of your decision. For instance, some folks might be escaping 'gay marriage' by moving to a country that allows bigamy, which they may find equally offensive. If you have decided to leave home, then you already know what you are leaving. Keep your sights on what you want to find in your new home.


Bernard Grover is an award-winning arts and entertainment professional living in Indonesia for the past eight years. Grover recently completed the country's first commercial arts center and brought the first-ever Broadway musical to Jakarta. His blog can be found at, and he produces the interview program Radio Far Side on YouTube.

First Comment by Ken Adachi:

The answer to America's current dilemma is to STAY HERE and fight, and return it back to the freedom-loving country it once was in the late 19th century and early 20th century, by wresting power away from the sellout, Zionist-sponsored political cretins who are responsible for funding and passing the rammed-through, un-debated, unconstitutional "Acts" that are negating our constitutionally guaranteed liberties and converting America into a Marxist/Communist Hell hole. 

We ALREADY are living in the Greatest Land of Abundance the world has ever known, and ALREADY possess the most Individual-rights protective Constitution of any nation in the world. Why on earth would we abandon it and start over again, working up from the bottom, as an immigrant in a third world Muslim country? 

The way to restore America back to being, once again, the most desired country that people around the world had previously yearned to live in, is to dismantle all of the Gestapo-style agencies (DHS, TSA, Fusion Centers, FEMA, CIA, NSA, etc.) and to repeal/reverse all of the "Acts", Executive Orders, Presidential Directives, funding authorizations, etc that are imposing the iron hand of totalitarianism upon us. The US congress is REEKING with fifth columnists and Zion-sponsored, self serving TRAITORS who can be removed and replaced by pro-constitution, anti-NWO, freedom-loving patriots if only the majority of voters in this country would WAKE up, smell the coffee, and vote out Zionist-owned traitors. Trump WILL be the next President. If only he could be given an 'America First' congress to work with. That would be something! 


Don't like the promotion of homosexual perversion being rammed down your kid's throat at school? FIGHT

Don't want your kids or your wife exposed to transgerder bathroom decrees from Washington? FIGHT

Fed up with seeing 3 Billion of your tax dollars yearly going to fund Zionist Israel's reign of terror against Palestinians? FIGHT

Stop taking it. Get up and FIGHT with words and deeds and take back this wonderful country which belongs to the American People, not the Jackals & Cretins of Zion.

Comments for "Indonesia Proves Islamophobia is a Lie "

M said (May 14, 2016):

Frankly I can hardly believe how rosy your view of Islam has become.

Long before the takeover of the Eyes Wide Shite society via usury was the Muslim world busy waging war and killing in the name of Allah.

They waged hundreds of bloody wars against the Christians, Hindus and practically everyone. If they had won, then we would be living in the Middle Ages.

Islam should be forbidden on Earth for the good of humanity just like usury and Luciferianism.

I wonder how anyone cannot see that the Muslim world just got pushed by the scientific, humanitarian and spiritual advances of the West in the last centuries. Even their reforms in the last century up until the 1970s were only a reaction to the crushing civilizational defeat against the West.

Sure - the current radicals are certainly funded and supplied by the top, since they want WW3, but it's not as if they are really innocent there. If the Muslim countries were given suddenly super-advanced technology, then you would find out quickly how peaceful the religion of peace truly is.


Thanks M

What gets me is that we have destroyed numerous Muslim countries yet people like you think they are threatening us.


KT said (May 14, 2016):

Having studied islam for over a decade now, I share MB’s statement that good moslems are good in spite of their religion. I do not understand how after reading the Koran anyone could see the religion of islam as a good thing. I would recommend the confused westerner to read the book Understanding Mohammad by Ali Sina. Another great book is God’s War on Terror, written by a former palestinian terrorist, Walid Shoebat. His website, is also a very good source of relevant information. Islam and judaism are two branches of a same tree, I do not see either one as good.


A religion should be judged by the behaviour of its believers not by texts that can be manipulated or misrepresented. Muslim fundamentalism is a Zionist/Saudi operation.


Anders said (May 14, 2016):

I have previously written to you on your blind sympathy for Islam. I gave you many Koran references showing that Islam has the same purpose as the Pharisees: The eradication of Christianity and world domination for their common god with his several names: Lucifer, Allah etc.

I am sorry to see that an intelligent author like you knows so little about Islam. In fact, it makes me feel that your your research in this field is faulty – although I often refer to your other excellent posts on my blog.

Now you bring a post fron Indonesia, one Mr Bernard Grover - “Islamophobia is a lie” - praising conditions there.

I don´t know Indomesia, but i do remember what that Muslim country did to the Christans in East Timor. Horrible!
But of, course, if you do as Bernard Grover, you have no trouble in Indonesia: “ It is very important to assimilate as much and as quickly as possible in a new country.” But is that what we as Christians want us and our children to do in the coming world caliphate, Henry Makow? In that case we are no Christians any more – just as Muslims respecting Christ and his followers are no Muslims any more by Koran-definition.

Hereby, Mr. Grover indirectly confirms that islamophobia is not a lie- and it is: The Muslims are noe systematically extinguishing Christianity in their countries in the Middle East, North Africa which were once Christian - and now in Europe with help from “our” Pharisee/Masonic politicians and their Jesuit masters.


Thanks Anders

Great to hear from a Zionist troll. You may pick up your check.


Chad said (May 14, 2016):

Thus, penetrating further into the issue, it reveals the subject of conversation should not be about Muslims but that of Semites. Not all Semites. Just Arabs in particular. Or rather, Arab Muslims. We can also include Africans and other smaller groups. Absent from this criticism are Arab Christians. Again though, the main offenders of late have been Arab Muslims. Let’s focus our energies on that group. Asian Muslims share characteristics with other Asian nations. That being, not acting like wild animals at the drop of a hat.

One would hope the Arab Muslims can awake from this heavy dose of mind control from the usual suspects



As i said, I do not agree with whites becoming a minority. But this agenda is Zionist, not Muslim. Islamophobia, ISIS and terror all originate with the intelligence agencies that serve the central banking cartel. Islamophobia is a psy op. I'm surprised so many in the "truth" community have fallen for it.


Kurt said (May 14, 2016):

I don’t know what to believe about Islam. Much of it seems to reflect what Christianity was 200 years ago.
The banker run NWO wants to create chaos and disunity in the Middle East until the people there are so sick of the fighting that they allow the bankers to install their central bank scam along with usury. That way the bankers control the countries as they do in the rest of the first world.
All I know is; I want the Islamic’s to stay in their own country and leave The West alone.

AR said (May 13, 2016):

MB, [below] I am baffled by your ignorance of Islam and Mohammed (peace be upon him). He did have multiple wives, as was the practice, and one of his brides was what we would consider a child. Islam allows marriage only to females that are of the age of puberty and, as we know, puberty comes a lot earlier in extremely hot countries. Aside from that it was a perfectly acceptable practice in that society and indeed in many other places, including the western world, in times past.

The keeping of slaves was, as well, something that existed at the time and was not instituted by Mohammed (pbuh). And slavery, in the world back then, was nothing like the European form of slavery, which was based on the premise that the European white races were to superior to all others and they deserved to be subjugated by them. "Black slaves", were far fewer in number than Arab and Persian slaves in the Arabian peninsula back then. Furthermore, Islam came and reformed the institution of slavery. It allowed slaves to buy their freedom for a bearable amount to be written in a contract. Also, no religion has freed more slaves than Islam and it is advocated it many places in the Quran (Quran 4:92, one of many examples).

"War criminal", "Murdering non-Muslims? I'm not even going to dignify that with a response. You've brought nothing but unsubstantiated lies. I would expect more from a reader of this site. Islam created rules of warfare that are more humane that our current Geneva Convention (and this was over 1400 years ago). Just one of the many rules of war in Islam: No killing of civilians, women, children or monks. And there are many more. In the Quran 5:32 it is stated that killing one innocent person is like killing all of mankind so this notion you have of murdering non-Muslims is also total nonsense.

As for the heavy taxing you speak of, I would say this: some substance please mate. Again, you just bring fabricated, wild accusations. Educate yourself, please.This is another ill informed idea you may have gleaned from some anti-Islamic mouthpiece or whatever. The "jizyah" as it's known is a small tax (lower than the current tax rate of probably all countries now) was a sum paid by those who could afford it and in return they received all the benefits of the state (which were numerous).

Finally this conversion by force is again more falsehood. The Quran states (2:256) that there is no compulsion in religion. I would encourage you, MB, to educate yourself further in Islam. Instead of reading about it from sources of propaganda you should try reading the Quran, read an unbiased biography of Mohammed (pbuh) instead of wherever it is you're getting your information from.

Islam is the only other religion that recognizes the importance and eminence of Jesus (peace be upon him). No people love Jesus(pbuh) more than the muslims do. The proof: if you saw Jesus(pbuh) walking down the street in a long gown with a big beard and olive skin, what religion would you guess him to be? We love him and all the prophets of God and so we emulate them.

Peace be upon all those who follow guidance

MB said (May 13, 2016):

I continue to be baffled by your blindness towards Islam. Muhammed is considered the greatest example man has to emulate. Muhammed married multiple wives, which included a child bride. He had plenty of mistresses. He had black slaves. He was a war criminal. He advocated heavily taxing those of other religions. He advocating murdering non-Muslims and conversion by force. that's how and why it spread so rapidly. The dark ages is a myth (see Rodney Stark's work). History has been heavily revised. The list goes on...

Muslims who are good and virtuous people are good in spite of their religion, not because of it. Whereas Catholics who chose evil, such as Judas priests who have infiltrated the clergy, aren't evil because of Catholicism, they are evil to smite the Catholic faith.

There is a MAJOR difference here. Besides, the testimony of one man, if true, is just that; one man's. A foreigner at that, who wasn't raised in the country. It's different.

I could easily find you the testimony of an America blogger who preaches the virtues and tolerance of America today. Everyone has their opinions, and to some people, tyranny is freedom. That's just how it is.

Besides, in truth, tolerance of evil is a sin, not a virtue! Christ never taught us to tolerate evil. He taught us to admonish sin, as He did constantly during His earthly ministry.

The greatest problem we have in the world today is that people see what they want to see, not what actually is. Muslim's migrating to the West on mass, are refusing to assimilate. They want to conquer by any means necessary (as their religion teaches them too). They demand sharia law. Rape has increased significantly. Violent crime is rampant in their communities. They are openly hostile, many of them anyway, to their host nations and people, etc.


Thanks MB

I am against the im-migrant invasion of Muslims or any other foreigner designed to dilute cultural and racial makeup of the West. However I admire the Muslim religion and believe the proof is in the pudding. Muslim Indonesia values the nuclear family.


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