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NY Masonic Control "In Plain Sight"

July 24, 2016

Left. The assassination of William Morgan, engraved by artist Pierre Méjanel.

A satanic cult, Freemasonry, controls Western society yet no one dares speak of it. Richard Kaine observes that after a national scandal 200 years ago, Masonic control is very evident locally.

By Richard W. Keene

In 1826, a signal event occurred in Western New York that shook the nation and the world. William Morgan, a Freemason, printer, and family man living in Batavia was kidnapped and presumably murdered by his fellow Masons. 

In the firestorm that followed, the United States Anti-Masonic Political Party was formed. The Anti-Masonic Party opposed the election of Freemason and Democratic party presidential candidate Andrew Jackson in 1828.

As news of the abduction and murder of Morgan spread, many New York Freemasons renounced lodge memberships, published secret lodge ceremonies, and joined with Anti-Masons in exposing Masonry as a corrupting and controlling influence in government (1, 2).

To this day, Masons proclaim their innocence in Morgan's disappearance, but some facts are indisputable. In 1827, Mason and New York Governor at the time, Dewitt Clinton, removed fellow Mason and Niagara County Sheriff, Eli Bruce, from office for suspicion in the abduction of Morgan and for obstructing justice by running interference to protect his fellow conspirators. Eli Bruce was tried and convicted in Morgan's disappearance a year later.

Anti-Masons at the time asserted that seven counties in Western New York had sheriffs that were high Masons at or above the Royal Arch degree. Most judges and individuals serving on petit juries were Masons. Grand juries were often comprised of Masons because these juries were appointed by the local sheriff who was a Mason.

Anti-Masons complained that Masons illicitly operated behind the scenes of government and, in doing so, acted as a secret unelected influence that violated laws, sacredness of private property, personal liberty, human life, and due process.


Despite the furor of the Morgan Affair long ago, Freemasonry presently exhibits an open presence in New York that suggests it exerts as much influence in government as it did two hundred years ago. Masonic lodges are sometimes built adjacent to, or as integral part of government buildings, and Masonic symbols appear in plain sight on major public structures.

In the Village of Middleport, for example, the local lodge is situated on Main Street where it sits immediately adjacent to the Police Department. The Police Department, in turn, is right next to Village Administrative offices, meaning that the Police department shares a wall with Village Administration on one side and the lodge on the other.

A number of local residents have privately complained about abuse of authority and corruption within the Middleport police department. The head of the lodge occupies a seat on the Middleport  planning board.

In the nearby Town of Yates, the lodge is located within the municipal building itself. Local residents joke that after public meetings are held on the first floor of the Town Hall, Masons then adjourn upstairs where all consequential government decisions are made.

Sometimes Masonic symbols openly appear on public structures. For example, at the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, a compass and square symbol is 'hidden in plain sight' immediately over the security entrance through which all passengers must pass (Figure 3).

This rendition of the ubiquitous symbol shows a compass set at thirty three degrees and the square set at it's usual ninety degrees. What this particular rendition of the compass and square symbolizes might be worthwhile to explore in a separate narrative.

Despite the obvious conjunction of Masonic symbols and lodges with government buildings, public discussion of Masonry falls into the category of verboten conversation. Whenever I've broached the subject with local residents, a singular reaction seems to prevail: As soon as the word Mason is spoken, there is a hushing of the voice, slight lowering of the head, eyes darting quickly back and forth to see who's watching, and further conversation on the subject of Masonry terminates.


(1) Bernard, David. Light on Masonry. Uttica: Anti-Masonic Party, 1829. Print.  

(2) Proceedings of the United States Anti-Masonic Convention. Philadelphia: P. Trimble: 1830. Print. 

First Comment by Sid Green:

Henry, I like the article by Richard. Masonic signs are not just in New York, although I've seen them there too, but in every state. In the entrance to every municipality in California there are multiple signs for the different Masonic secret societies operating in the town with meeting times and occult insignias. All cities are built according to a Masonic arrangement. Masonry is mystery religion, a mix between Babylonian and Egyptian magic. It dresses it self up as Judaism, just like, well Judaism. Only difference is that Masonry is for Gentiles who become successful enough that they must be controlled. Blue masons are the equivalent of regular Jews. They think they are part of some special group who is wrongly accused of all these things because they don't know about them but really they are the vanguard and pawns of a Lucifer worshiping religion. The United States is a country possessed and controlled by the Devil and it always has been and always will be. Masonry is just one small aspect of institutional Satanism, the aspect for Gentiles who want to talk the talk and then end up getting sacrificed to a naked bull statue while they give each other blowjobs.

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Comments for "NY Masonic Control "In Plain Sight""

RB said (July 25, 2016):

Back in 2004 an "accident" occurred in the basement of a Lodge in Patchogue NY which resulted in the death of a new initiate. I remember how within days long articles appeared in the local newspapers explaining what free Masonry is with an obvious intent of dispelling fears of non Masons that this was no accident etc..,
One article appears via the hyperlink below:

I never really believed the report that the 76 year old man had a senior moment and used the "wrong" gun in that he was supposed to use one loaded with blanks but used his CCW permitted one with live ammo instead!

Just thought you might find that interesting.

Allen said (July 25, 2016):

Another ( and probably the last ) indication that the FULNESS OF THE GENTILES (Luke 21:24 ) is indeed NOW.
The NEW WORLD ORDER was completed in 2009-and the US marks 240 years years ( BY PLAN).
Not much resistance to evil these days.
Incidentally-i am from one of those small towns mentioned.

Allen said (July 25, 2016):

Another ( and probably the last ) indication that the FULNESS OF THE GENTILES (Luke 21:24 ) is indeed NOW.
The NEW WORLD ORDER was completed in 2009-and the US marks 240 years years ( BY PLAN).
Not much resistance to evil these days.
Incidentally-i am from one of those small towns mentioned.

Robert K said (July 24, 2016):

It is remarkable that "the Brotherhood" is so thoroughly installed in the institutions (police, secret services, courts, public administrations, etc.) that are supposed to be impartially protecting the citizenry. How can this duty be reconciled with dire oaths to favour fellow members of a secret society? The contradiction is so flagrant that its never being openly discussed indicates the extreme depth of the institutional rot surrounding us.

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