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Jim Stone - Terror a Setup for War

July 20, 2016

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This sudden barrage of "terror attacks" means war is really close.
The ruling elite need war to stay in power. War is the only thing that will set a precedent for them to put in place social policies that will allow their survival now.

(Disclaimer- I post this provocative article for the sake of discussion although I disagree with much of it. See my comment below.)


Now it is axe man in Germany. This is all just a setup for war. Muslims did none of this, all of these attacks are fake as fruit loops and staged by people who want war. Obviously I do not agree with shipping so many ideologically different foreigners into Europe, but I also don't believe these foreigners are that much into causing problems of the type we've been told have happened.

From the perspective of the Soros/Clinton type elite, if you are going to go to war, you have to make your population hate the people you want to destroy. To do this, you need to make the people you want to destroy look horrible and monstrous, deserving no sympathy at all. You have to make your populations want to endure sacrifice of their way of life, so you can use your population's efforts and abilities to wipe out that enemy. And that enemy does not need to be guilty of anything at all; you just have to make your population base believe they are.

This so-called "sudden outbreak" of terror came on too suddenly to be a reflection of any real reality. It all started happening after it was made legal to lie about anything you want in the media, with no repercussions being returned to you for doing so. It all started happening when people really began to wake up enough to threaten the corrupted power structure. And if you dig into any of it, it all ends up being fake. Staging it all and reporting "terror incidents" that did not happen will be as effective as real life events, if you control the media well enough. And they do.

Even a mushroom ought to be smart enough to know that when it is openly stated that if Hillary gets elected there will be war with Russia, that someone wants war badly, and these types of psy ops are always a prelude to war. 

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The ruling elite need war to stay in power. War is the only thing that will set a precedent for them to put in place social policies that will allow their survival now. Tons of Muslim countries are allies with Russia. War with Russia equals killing Muslims. So you have to demonize Muslims to make your populations agree to setting the stage for war with Russia. If you own the media that can happen without Muslims doing a single thing.

It is starting to look to me like our enemies in the power structure are so afraid of Trump getting elected that they are pulling out all the stops and using the media to front lies in the craziest ways. They want war with Russia so badly they are willing to do practically anything to make it happen. Their survival depends on that now, and kicking off war with a slew of Muslim countries that are allied with Russia would be a great way for them to stay out of jail.


In concert with the hard psyops on the ground, they have agents hit the public sphere to influence people in the forums and blogs to hate Muslims, and milk the most out of their fakery in the media. Anti Muslim rhetoric has to be a key element to kicking off world war 3. No doubt about it, many agents are active online, and by their actions it is obvious ALL OF THEM want war with Russia. Do you?

If you do not, hit every forum you know of, target the war mongering "hate Islam" threads with "elect Trump to solve the problem" memes. This will be a back handed method of accomplishing the goal of stopping war that the idiots posting hate Islam threads are likely to fall for. 

Yep, electing Trump really will "stop Islamic terror", by putting the correct people in jail, starting with Hillary. Trump will not do war with Russia, and he is not stupid enough to be tricked into it with a back-door "terror" psy op against a 3rd party either. It won't take a war at all to put an end to "Islamic terror", all it will take is for someone like Trump to land the liars in jail. If that happens, you will be surprised by how peaceful the world suddenly becomes.

Thanks to Tim for the tip!
Makow Comment- I agree that war tensions are ramping up with US-NATO menacing Russia and China in E. Europe and the South China Sea. But the profit is in the buildup to war, not in actually having one.  I can't agree with Stone's logic that the West will go to war with Muslim countries backed by Russia.  If anything the proxy war against Syria seems to be winding down and ISIS is slowly being defeated. Turkey seems to be abandoning ISIS. I see the phoney ISIS terror more in terms of Gladio, a way of terrorizing the population and creating a distraction from the real enemy, Judeo Masonry, which is firmly in control. I think Trump may be an improvement but I am surprised at how quickly people like Stone forget who Trump really is, a longtime member of the illuminati.  

"They are weaning us off national allegiance and will resort to terrorism to win our assent to their global police state. They may use "one or two nuclear bombs to convince people we mean business," Day said. 

He refrained from mentioning who "we" are but said the names are recognizable. Given that he worked for the Rockefellers, I assume he meant the Rockefellers and their bosses, the Rothschilds. 

This adds weight to the widely-held view that the central bankers are responsible for most terrorism, using MI-6, Mossad and the CIA. Dr. Day also said that "war is obsolete" given the danger of nuclear exchange so terrorism would be used instead. This was 1969."

First Comment from Glen:

Frankly, I too am amazed at Jim's jump on the Trump band wagon. If one wants to see how a future president will rule, all he needs to do is have a look at the people he plans to stock his cabinets with. Are they Council On Foreign Relations members? If so the are dedicated to World Government and will do all in their power to advance that agenda. If history is any indication, I would bet my bottom dollar many top and mid level positions in his administration will be filled with CFR members.

Will he favor hard core Neo-Cons and "Israeli Firsters" ? I think we can see with his V.P. pick that is exactly what he will do. After all the hoop-la he will be just another fearless leader when it comes to sending our sons and daughters across the globe in search of "evil Muslims" to slay. He will also continue to pile up massive amounts of debt in these quest for empire. You can also rest assured not one of his family members will be called upon to sacrifice life and limb in these never ending conquest. 

Will he every really look into the fairy tale of 9/11. The one where 19 Arab high jackers with box cutters were able to knock down 3 towers with 2 planes in NYC? don't hold your breath my friends.

Bottom line is the man is just another puppet, controlled by his Israeli puppet masters. If he dares stray off the path that has been laid out for him and truly does put America first, he will end up like the last man who did, with a bullet to the head.

I must say I stand in amazement at the number of people who have jumped on his band wagon and believe he would actually bring REAL change to America. This ones for all you "Trumpies"



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Comments for "Jim Stone - Terror a Setup for War"

James C said (July 21, 2016):

I agree with Mr. Stone. I have thought for some time that they are ratcheting up the war propaganda against an enemy of their own creation, ISIS. This always occurs in the lead-up to war. There are numerous historical false flags that can be cited as examples. Demonization of the "enemy" always precedes war.

Sid Green said (July 21, 2016):

I'm glad to see the questioning of Jim Stone's article. His support for Trump and the enthusiasm and exuberance behind it worries me.

I really don't see any other alternative to him being a plant. Intelligence.

I just don't truly believe that someone who supposedly worked for the NSA and knows enough to write the Fukushima article could be stupid enough to fall for the election thing, supporting Trump like a cheerleader. It's a farce.

Somethings wrong.

Oliver said (July 20, 2016):

According to Albert Pike, the third world war “will be fomented between the leaders of the political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic world. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will fight to the point of complete exhaustion.”

For a while I was somewhat puzzled, why do ZOG /Zionists lead organizations against the Islamization of Europe, lead African Muslims into Europe and stage supposed Muslim terror events like Charlie Hebdo at the same time. The answer was provided recently through billboards: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.” Huge advertisements in US and Europe. They are fomenting the conflict according to the Pike plan.

But I would not go overboard with Jim Stone. Islam has been invited into Europe to destroy the European peoples and create a new slave super state. So far the plan is progressing. I don´t like it.

MDE said (July 20, 2016):

I enjoy reading your posts and I agree with most of what you say. These "attacks" are nothing more than theatre to facilitate a militant state. Ever since Orlando (which has been conveniently forgotten because if this was such a tragedy then why is the main stream media still not covering it?).

It seems that the Luciferians might be trying to accelerate their agenda before the populous "awaken"s if you will. If they are doing this on an alacritous whim then this might work to the people's advantage insofar as there is a possibility for them to be overly ambitious, causing a set back or a collapses in their organizational structure.

These are mere conjectures as I am not clairvoyant but I do observe the events and the myriad of outcomes that might happen.

Furthermore, I believe that people should quit heralding Putin as the "last best hope for humanity" as he is one of them as well. There might be some infighting with in the family at present, however, I believe it is nothing more than a show on a global scale, for the masses.

JG said (July 20, 2016):

The million dollar question with Donald Trump lies with how dumb or smart he really is.

At times he shows brilliance but often other times he proposes things that are irresponsible and counterproductive.

We also don't know if all of Trump's
Muslim rants are political theatre or reality. His anti ISIS rants are theatre because he had already blamed Hillary and Obama for creating ISIS during one of the debates.
I still think that the ruling Israeli Neocons in Washington are going to have a hard time pushing Trump into war if elected.

Karen said (July 20, 2016):

Axeman in Germany?

It's an appeal to our very low sub conscious. The axeman in a fairy tale. The axeman in a Grimm's Brother's fairy tale. The axeman in Little Red Riding Hood chasing her, coming after her, the pedeophile axeman looking for his next blood sacrifice of a virgin woman in red, red representing blood, a bloody massacre. You of all people ought to realize that.


Thanks Karen

Don't know how I missed that...


Dan said (July 20, 2016):

" If anything the proxy war against Syria seems to be winding down and ISIS is slowly being defeated."

It's an election year. You believe John Kerry? The US State Department is the source of the above narrative.

"Turkey seems to be abandoning ISIS".

While that may be true, something bigger just happened. The pro-NATO faction of the Turkish military and government made a last ditch attempt to oust Erdogan, and failed. Now Turkey will never join NATO, or the EU. Erdogan has now been driven into the arms of Russia and Putin's Eurasian alliance -- and BRICS.

In the United States and Europe, we're witnessing a similar desperate attempt of the ruling NeoLiberals to lock down their Global power after they've already failed.

If Trump wins, that's not going to happen. US State Dept policy needs to drop the Unilateral Globalist position it's pursued since WWII, and accept a multi-polar geopolitical power model. Putin will accept that.

BH said (July 20, 2016):

The profits are in the build-up, to be sure.

But I recall an observation you made, and to which I concur, that when the Rus defeated the Khazarians a millennium ago, revenge has motivated them ever since, and NOW, through the machinations of judaic-masonry the Khazarian wolf is moving ever closer to its attempt of crashing down the Bear's door.

I don't see this as a ramp-up to a horrendous war for the purpose of rounding up of society to be subjugated to the "mark of the beast, but more as that which would COINCIDE with it.

Christ said it all, with gospel quotes of "wars and rumors of wars", and the period of apostasy and tribulation that will not only test our faith, but also our wits insofar as those who would endure the storm to become one of the "meek that inherit the Earth">

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