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Gay Activists Want to Contaminate Blood Supply

July 7, 2016

Not content with perverting sexual mores, gay activists are threatening the blood supply. In Canada, gays represent the vast majority of HIV cases. Yet, until recently, a gay man could donate blood if he hadn't had sex with another man for five years. 
A sexually inactive gay man? Are you kidding me?  And we're supposed to take his word for it?  

Last month, under intense pressure from this privileged minority, the Canadian government shortened the ban to one year.  The same is true in the USA. Gays define themselves by having promiscuous sex. Would you want a blood transfusion?

In the 1980s, about 30,000 Canadians were infected with HIV and hepatitis C after receiving tainted transfusions. 

Homosexual activists want to give blood about as much as they want to get married. The real goal is to transform society. It is necessary to protect healthy from sick. This is what Satanists call "discrimination." Organized sodomy is as dangerous and subversive as organized Jewry or Freemasonry. 

Reality May 2015 
Real Women of Canada 

The Canadian Blood Services has the responsibility of protecting the public. It is not acceptable that homosexual activists endanger public safety by demanding that blood taken from sexually active gays be used in transfusions.

The Canadian Blood Services has declined to do so for the all too obvious reason that homosexual sexual acts are particularly risky.

illegal.pngFor example, in Canada, homosexuals comprise 64% of all HIV cases while comprising 2% of the population.

The next most HIV prevalent male category is intravenous drug users, but they consist of only 12% of HIV carriers. Even though homosexuals make up a tiny minority of the Canadian population, they still represent 50% of all new HIV cases--i.e., they are identified as one of the most likely groups to have HIV.

The Canadian Blood Services is a not-for-profit charity funded by the provinces, but at arms' length from them. It replaced the Canadian Red Cross in blood collection work in 1998. Under the Red Cross, tainted blood donations caused 800 deaths in the 1980's. There are also 400 tainted blood recipients still living with HIV, and as many as 20,000 living with Hepatitis C.

As a result of this tragedy, the Canadian Blood Services had insisted that no blood can be accepted if a donor has had sex with a man during his lifetime.

Under political pressure from homosexual activists, however, the ban was relaxed in 2013 to permit blood from homosexuals who have not had sex with a man for a five year period. 

According to EGALE, the homosexual lobby group, the five-year ban is "intrinsically abhorrent to the fundamental Canadian values of equality and non-discrimination".

But what about the right of the public to be protected re. the public's blood transfusion system? Surely, the public has rights too.

Concern about homosexuals donating blood is not just peculiar to Canada. Many of the most gay-friendly countries, including Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium maintain a lifetime ban on blood donations from "men who have sex with men".

To be sure, the Canadian Blood Services carefully tests for HIV and every other blood-borne disease. But the HIV has a brief early period when it doesn't show up in the tests. The consequences of a false negative are so devastating that the Canadian Blood Services didn't take chances and does "category screening" as well. It also excludes blood donations from prostitutes, johns and intravenous drug users. 

Also, donation bans extend to donors who lived in France and England during the 1980's Mad Cow Disease epidemic. Further, high rates of HIV infection in West Africa has led to Canadian Blood Services to ban any donor who has spent time there. Do you see these people protesting discrimination?

Homosexual activists accuse the Canadian Blood Services of being "homophobic". However, the Canadian Blood Services has the responsibility of protecting the public. Political interference by homosexual activists who want to push their socially subversive agenda is not acceptable. 
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First Comment from Glen:

It gets harder and harder to come here every day and read what Henry has posted. It has nothing at all to do with Henry and everything to do with the subject matter he brings to the table. It is really beyond belief to see on a almost daily basis the level of depravity the mostly NATO countries have sunken to. We have roughly two to three percent of  the population being able to jam their dirty, filthy, perverted life style down our throats. It is taught in our schools, our religious leaders tell us we must be more "tolerant" and except what not only goes against God but nature itself. It is a very dangerous and unhealthy life style, yet we are now told we must take blood from these sickos when the blood from the heroin addict in a ghetto flop house is far safer than from say a gay male.

In a time where our military celebrates not a "pride day" but a "pride month", I'm afraid to say it is all but over for western civilization. The Talmudist reading Satanist have succeeded in turning it all upside down and inside out. The sad part about it is if we would put the cell phone down and turn off the big game, we might be able to do something about. Will we ever stand up and actually do something about ? Of course not, we are far to busy and distracted to think we could actually effect some change in our own lives.

Habid writes-  Maybe these bloods should be labeled clearly from what type of donors they came from and should be given to the same group of people!

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Comments for "Gay Activists Want to Contaminate Blood Supply "

Ken said (July 7, 2016):

Henry: I read every article you post and I must agree with the gentleman who can barely stand to read what you will post next. And yet, I am compelled to check every day to see what you have uncovered and posted. Most people that I know will not even consider for an instant that the evil in this world is part of a master plan. A comfortable life blinds most people to reality.

Will we turn back to God or continue to run willingly into Satans arms. I fear we already know the answer. The US has not seen violence on a broad scale since the Civil War. As far as i know, Canada has never seen it on their soil. I have great fear that that our shared future will be different than our shared past.

Wade said (July 7, 2016):

This situation exemplifies the FEAR that has been struck in the hearts of the vast majority of the population. The sheeple are not only brain washed and brain dead,
they tremble in fear of going against any political correctness. The very thought of being called "anti Semitic" "homophobic" "a conspiracy theorist" " racially prejudice" etc. etc. strikes fear in their hearts and send a yellow streak of cowardice up their spineless back sides.

This fear that has been instilled in the population is the controlling influence that allows the insanity that we see unfolding daily. Had any President just 30 short years ago
sent a message out to all public schools demanding that males be allowed in girls restrooms and showers...that President would have been impeached post haste. The entire system has become rotten to the core, and the fault, and the blame, lies with the people themselves.

CR said (July 7, 2016):

This is sickening. The LGBT movement is trying to force everyone to comply with their demands, including the most vulnerable individuals - young children in public schools and people in urgent need of medical care to save their lives. They have no decency and no honor, even in non-sexual matters. Good thing I have my Polish citizenship, if I need an operation one day then maybe I will go there. I'm starting to feel like my name is Lot and this is Sodom and Gomorrah.

Usually I try to ignore all the gay propaganda because paying attention to it can't possibly do me any good, but it seems like in the last few months anytime I look at a newspaper or turn on my computer there is always something to do with homosexuality or the latest transsexual phenomenon. From what I understand, these gay activists want to desensitize people by pushing this stuff in everyone's face to the point that it becomes seen as normal. Rather than adjusting your views of reality to what the media says, we need to remind ourselves and our children that this behavior is wrong.

Marco is right with his comment yesterday, "When you have people of diverse backgrounds, faiths, and ethnicity, you will have a hell of a time bonding together to resist tyranny". There is not even a common set of basic morals in Canada, except not to do that which is prohibited by law. Canada used to be a Christian Anglo-Saxon country with a French province, but now it's a majority white atheist nation with no direction in life. We are guided by the media and government.

James C said (July 7, 2016):

Well it looks as though the Jehovah's Witnesses ban on blood transfusions is correct. On the other hand, donate your own blood and have it saved for emergencies.

Adrian said (May 4, 2015):

The only reliable blood bank that remains is family. But since family has been dispersed geographically and almost deconstructed by the NWO, then good luck with that.

I wonder if sodomites would consider selecting family members for blood as discriminatory. Do Western medical politics still allow use
of family members? Do they bar it on some spurious grounds?

Dan said (May 4, 2015):

Hamid has the rational solution. Let homosexual donations be used for HIV positive patients exclusively.

But somehow I doubt the LGBT orgs will be satisfied with rational solutions. For them it's political. They want to force everybody to share their risk.

Actually, 'STD denial' is rampant among the most promiscuous homosexual demographic. I recently read a mainstream op ed in Huffington Post by a young homosexual actor in LA: "I'm healthier than most people that aren't HIV positive" he bragged.
That's delusional.

Andrew said (May 4, 2015):

William H Masters and Virginia E Johnson (Masters & Johnson) published their research in 1979 in their book Homosexuality In Perspective. Remember originally “homosexuality” referred to both lesbian and queer behavior. They treated both sexually confused men and women. For the people who came in trying to make the change, they used sexual surrogates and were successful in almost 80% of the test subjects.

The NWO destroyed Masters & Johnson, shut down their clinic and prevented all further scientific research in this area, but Masters & Johnson at least proved that you can help lesbians and queers who want to make the change.

Dan said (May 4, 2015):

The blood issue highlights the misconception that any exclusion of profligates is political discrimination. I use the word 'profligate' since high risk blood includes promiscuous people and needle sharing drug users. Not just sodomites.

When you donate blood in the US, the questionnaire looks for three basic risk factors: homosexual contact; prostitution; needle sharing drugs; and travel to high risk countries.

Over fifty years time they've managed to disarm the arguments of 1. religion, 2. social norms and majority preference.

Now they're working on disarming the Scientific Method. So who's acting like a religion now?

Diane said (May 3, 2015):

As a survivor of massive blood loss/hemorrhage and resuscitation after childbirth, I am alive today thanks to a blood transfusion. If you are a healthy person, I encourage you to donate blood, it is truly a precious and life-saving gift. Maybe you will help a mother or father live to raise their children. I have lived in a secret fear though, that one day a virus will present itself. I did develop chronic arthralgia after my experience, which could be from the trauma, but one never knows. Having worked in healthcare for many years, I am all too aware of how much we are still learning about communicable diseases.
I cannot imagine how afraid I would be if an at risk group such as gay men, were allowed to donate blood. You are helpless when they hook the blood bag on.

Dan said (May 3, 2015):

Muhammed's explanation of the pathology of homosexual fixation is the most clear and concise I've seen.

When the psychiatric associations redefined it as 'healthy', we stopped seeing explanations for it in print.

The post traumatic rage was turned on normality.

I wonder who figured out using people's disorders as weapons? I think it all goes back to animal husbandry. People who breed dogs for specialized purposes are keen on recognizing traits they can exploit. One breed makes good guard dogs but is generally harmless, while dogs bred for fighting are vicious. Dogfight breeders control such dogs through what I can only describe as sadomasochistic dynamics.

Mary said (May 3, 2015):

Henry I lost someone close to me in the early eighties. A hemophiliac , who was administered factor VIII to clot his blood . At the time the medicine was first developed blood donors were being minimally screened.

After a life of pain and suffering every time a joint filled with blood from a mild bump or twist of a limb that normal individuals would never even notice, he passed from full blown AIDS that his embarrassed parents explained away as "cancer". He was not a homosexual.

Once the source of contamination was discovered here, the drug batches were taken off the market, but true to corporate greed for profit the leftovers were sent overseas to kill more people suffering with hemophilia.

"But in the early years of the AIDS epidemic, it became a killer. The medicine was made using pools of plasma from 10,000 or more donors, and since there was still no screening test for the AIDS virus, it carried a high risk of passing along the disease; even a tiny number of H.I.V.-positive donors could contaminate an entire pool.In the United States, AIDS was passed on to thousands of hemophiliacs, many of whom died, in one of the worst drug-related medical disasters in history. While admitting no wrongdoing, Bayer and three other companies that made the concentrate have paid hemophiliacs about $600 million to settle more than 15 years of lawsuits accusing them of making a dangerous product."

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