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Defining "Sexual Perversion"

July 30, 2016

slutwalk9.jpg(Left, Young women want power and permission to be promiscuous.)

We have forgotten that a woman's vagina 
is not an amusement park ride. 
Sexual intercourse is the reproductive act.
We can measure sexual perversion 
by the distance sex is from the context 
of courtship and marriage.

What is Perversion?
(Significantly revised from Dec. 11, 2013)
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

In a world controlled by
a satanic cult that encourages every urge, the meaning of "perversion" has been obscured. Perversion is anything that deviates from healthy and natural. The word "perverse" is synonymous with "sick." 

Reality (as opposed to social reality) is governed by an immanent design -- a moral and natural order --which reflects the Creator's purpose and wisdom. When we obey this order, we are happy and thrive. 

The essence of Satanism is to defy God and invert this order: Make the unnatural and sick appear natural and healthy. Essentially, a satanic cult controls and exploits its members by corrupting and perverting them. Western society is a satanic cult.  


Next to survival, sex is our most powerful natural instinct. Nature made sex pleasurable to ensure the survival of the species. To turn this powerful instinct into an end in itself, for sensual pleasure, is perversion. In our satanic society, sex is a full-time obsession and recreation.

Female sex appeal is mostly a function of fertility. Few women are sexually attractive to males after menopause. Male attraction to fertile women is largely based on reproductive programming.

Sexual perversion is measured by the distance a sex act is from the general context of procreation. (I am not excluding birth control.) Thus pedophilia, incest and homosexuality (sodomy) are extreme forms of sexual perversion because they have nothing to do with procreation. Sexual promiscuity is a milder form of perversion because it impedes the formation of marriage and family. I regard these as I would regard any sickness. Morality enters the equation when other people are hurt. 

Sexual perversion is boring, degrading and self destructive; that's why they have to use drugs and constantly up the ante. 

In a healthy society, sexual intercourse would be confined to marriage or at least  long-term committed relationships founded on compatibility and love. Thus, sexual energy would consecrate and strengthen the marriage bond and provide a firm foundation for family. Women want to be desired exclusively, not used and thrown away.

Young women have been duped to think promiscuity is "empowering." They are in turmoil. Their instincts tell them to get married and propagate but society tells them to pursue careers, get drunk and fornicate with strangers. In fact, marriage is empowering.  Marriage ensures a woman is loved as a human being and not used as a sex object.

"Free sex"  dehumanizes and degrades both men and women by promoting physical intimacy without human intimacy. It is turning millions of young women into sluts and porn stars. Yes, there is a place for sex as a source of pleasure. The place is a long-term monogamous relationship.


Created by the Illuminati, Communism has always stood for the communal sharing of women and destruction of family.  Sexual "liberation" is the principle method of satanic possession. Thus
 the Illuminati promote anonymous sex and pornography. Ultimately, they want to abolish marriage and family. The state will take over procreation altogether, in the same way as  education.

slutssayyes.jpegThe Illuminati promote homosexuality which is defined by its credo -- "sex for its own sake."  
They attack gender which is an essential part of the natural order, and try to make it appear unnatural. They attack the natural modesty of women by promoting genderless toilets. In "Sex Ed,"they teach pre puberty children to regard homosexuality as normal and engage in sodomy.  They promote promiscuity to young women as healthy.  

Satanists invert sick and healthy. They make what is sick and dysfunctional appear to be healthy and normal. And we're not including the culture of greed and violence they foster,  not to mention their endless wars and heinous war crimes.

The bottom line is that perversion is the dogma of the ruling elite. Humanity is satanically possessed. We have been inducted into a well organized and powerful satanic cult.

The Illuminati are determined to enslave humanity, mentally and spiritually, if not physically. Massive gratuitous NSA-FBI-police surveillance confirms this. Illuminati perverts want to ensure that humanity will miss its Divine destiny. Our political and cult-ural leaders are traitors, opportunists and worse.   But thanks to the Internet, humanity is awaking to its true predicament

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First Comment from Dan:  "Thanks to Hugh Hefner's Playboy Philosophy, growing boys learned to confuse character with penis size as the measure of masculinity."

I grew up during the 1960's.  We were the 'Kinsey Report' generation.  Remember the 'Generation Gap'?

The Kinsey Generation's sex paradigm was diametrically opposite what parents and churches tried to teach us.   The traditional perception of chastity is patience, virtue, self respect, and strength (to overcome animal temptations).  In 1970, we laughed in anyone's face who said things like that.  We believed the opposite - that virginity was a symptom of immaturity.

How did sexual intercourse replace Christian 'confirmation' and graduation and marriage as the sole "rite of passage" into adult maturity?

I firmly believed, as surely as the sun rises in the morning, that sexual intercourse is a physiological need, like food or water.   I believed that going without intercourse for more than three months risked a proportional loss of virility and "maleness".

It turns out that this belief is a symptom of arrested emotional development.  The real masculine identity manifest when a boy learns to stand up for himself - and his family, and the helpless.   Thanks to Kinsey's scientific fraud, and Hugh Hefner's Playboy Philosophy, growing boys learned to confuse character with penis size as the measure of masculinity.


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Comments for "Defining "Sexual Perversion""

Michelle said (August 2, 2016):

I agree with this article. I just have a couple of thoughts, though. You mention that - or, since I can no longer find the article and it was just posted a couple of days ago, I may be paraphrasing: "most women are unattractive to men after menopause"...hmmm. Let me tell you something about the "attractibility" (is that a word?) of men: it all depends. The article was discussing the purpose of the marital act as one of procreation. That is entirely correct; however, you state, incorrectly, that women are generally unattractive to men after menopause due to the inability of them to procreate after that particular time in their life. I know that to be untrue. And, I also know that MEN, in ALL OF THEIR PHASES AND TRANSITIONS IN LIFE, are UNATTRACTIVE to most women. No, I'm not a lesbian. I love men, and I love my husband. But I've NEVER been "sexually attracted" to him. He smells like macaroni. Sorry, it's the truth we all never want to hear. Body odors matter. And my husband has ALWAYS smelled like that to me. I HATE it. But I love him. So there you go.

Women are generally unattractive to men after menopause? REALLY? Tell that to the guys who continue to proposition me almost everywhere I go.

Lisa said (August 1, 2016):

What is wrong with these women??? ONLY white women do this nonsense as excuse to show off their bodies. One NEVER sees Hispanic women doing this NONSENSE! White women in US are in satanic grip and use their bodies to sexually attract men. Ridiculous!

Lisa said (August 1, 2016):

What is wrong with these women??? ONLY white women do this nonsense as excuse to show off their bodies. One NEVER sees Hispanic women doing this NONSENSE! White women in US are in satanic grip and use their bodies to sexually attract men. Ridiculous!

Vladimir said (July 31, 2016):

In the Orthodox Christian tradition there is a state of mind that is encouraged, known as "the mindfulness of death."

It is encouraged to keep the faithful humble, thankful and grateful to the Creator for every day.

When Londoners went through The Blitz - 1940 - rates if cancer, depression and obesity plummeted. Neighbours talked to each other. Class bounderies disappeared.

Individual isolation was replaced with, "we are all in this together."

Jesus stated, that He and The Father were ONE. Also, that we were one with each other.

Through suffering we find familial and communal love. "We are all in this together."

When life is easy, with no consequences, littered with cultural markers encouraging selfish narcissistic behaviour - we sink into isolation, depression and death.

Sex, drugs and romantic love are proffered as a psychological cure for our separation from the adult consciousness of life and death.

We will individually and collectively be cured of this infantile, regressive, arrested development very soon.

Those that survive the coming hard days will display the required behaviours that promote life...and family. "I and the other are one."

Familial and community love are the cure to nihilistic, satanic self destruction.

Vladimir Putun stated in 2005 that, "Families are a national security issue. Unstable families equal an unstable society."

You have written constantly since I first came upon you in 2004, of the attack on marriage and families as central to the satanic conspiracy.

Dan said (July 31, 2016):

If a reader magnifies that photo at the head of this article, behind the half dressed girls are two smiling boys following them.

They should read Eliza Cussen's 2013 piece, 'Why Men Should Keep Out of SlutWalk'

What is SlutWalk? It's an inside joke for the real Satanists that come up with events that get millions of confused people out in the streets to mock themselves and to be mocked by them.

The creator of SlutWalk will laughing all the way to the bank again this October 1st. 2016 SlutWalk

Anon said (July 30, 2016):

"They attack the natural modesty of women by promoting genderless toilets."

I'm not sure that either sex is naturally more modest than the other. It is presumed that men are less modest (e.g. men are expected to stand and expose their genitals when using a public toilet), but I doubt all of them are. ...Though in our debauched age it seems that modesty is largely absent in both sexes. No doubt there are still some modest folks, both men and women, but these days they are exceptions and their values scoffed at.

Whenever I see men and women cavorting naked, I always think that the men are the more foolish, since they reveal a great deal more. Men's genitalia are entirely visible, whereas women's generally aren't (consider what is involved when a doctor examines the genitals of each sex). It's basic anatomy: the female generative organs are internal, their opening concealed beneath the body, and even what little protrudes is obscured by the pubic hair. The male organs are external, situated prominently on the front of the body, and the pubic hair serves not so much to obscure them as to draw attention to them and make them look smaller. For a woman to reveal as much as a man does when he goes "full frontal", would entail a gynaecological exam. Men who go naked in public are humiliating themselves far more than women who do so. But it appears that they're too stupid to realize...

Maybe the pendulum will swing and people will begin to cover up again. But I won't hold my breath.

T.W. said (July 30, 2016):

Recently, I've been enrolled in a college program that had a university course attached called Critical Thinking and Ethics. I'm sorry I took the university course, since it had little to do with critical thinking and more to do with inculcating a Marxist attitude in students.

I believe this is a main reason Western society is going down the toilet fast. We have students who graduate into management positions who are taught this garbage and then promote and go along with the NWO agenda, since that's what they had paid to learn.

Corporations today are little more than communist organs when it comes to their internal culture (I've been employed by them and never lasted more than five years or so, due to the internal conflict I felt), and the graduating students are unlikely to try to change that because they've essentially been brainwashed that these values are good and right.

As for society as a whole, when I see pictures of these women marching in "slut walks", weirdos strutting in "pride" parades, and hear politicians and corporate spokesmen tell us how wonderful all this is, I think of a bunch of psychiatric inmates having taken over the asylum.

The worst part, Henry, is that the vast majority of people never utter a peep in opposition to all this foolishness. Whenever I have in the past, I usually get looked at like I'm the weirdo for standing up for traditional values.

Today's mantra is "anything goes" (unless it's Christian-based). I've come to the conclusion that there's no hope for this society we're in. It's accelerating too fast down the proverbial slippery slope to be stopped now. People are too enamoured with television (which I've heard referred to as the electric Talmud), sex, questionable music, and smartphones.

People have abdicated their responsibility to know what their political leaders are up to and seem to implicitly trust them to make all decisions carte-blanche. No one cares about the direction we're headed as long as they have the car in the driveway, the roof over their heads, food in their stomachs, and are entertained.

We're done as a society. Buckle up, because it's going to get worse before it's over.

Paul said (December 12, 2013):

thank you so much for this article.

i'm going to print and give it to my sister who i fear has been a victim or dupe in the process of trying to please a man that has gradually brought her from her strong convictions by the passion or love emotion of the relationship or by utilizing a weakness as an entry way into getting what he really wants. i.e. introducing her to admire other guys or getting in watching of porn. this guy can't keep his eyes off of other women and has been watching porn for most of his life since like age 12 or 14.

she tells me that his big argument is that he would do this behavior without her but he is willing to or 'has stopped' doing it when or if they are together. so really at the root that is really what he is... it's not about who you are with or what type of relationship it may be... it's about who a guy or girl is at the root as a single individual right?

Doug said (December 12, 2013):

Great idea, talking about what words actually mean. I was told by an insider once - think about what the words actually mean. The words are their weapons on so many levels.

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