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The CIA Can't Let James Wesley Howell Live

August 27, 2016

If James Wesley Howell were a genuine terrorist, you'd think there'd
be one news item about his case in the two-and-a-half-months
since he was arrested June 12. 

There is a virtual news blackout and law enforcement refuses to answer
inquiries. The mass media are too afraid to ask about Howell. Why? 

James Wesley Howell was a CIA-sponsored "terrorist" 
who realized he was being double-crossed. He backed out and surrendered
to local police before he could be murdered. Of course the MSM spun it that he was arrested.

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

James Wesley Howell is the smoking gun that proves terror events worldwide are sponsored by intelligence agencies. He asked Santa Monica police for protection June 12, the morning of the Orlando "massacre."  He told them he was supposed to bomb the gay pride parade but had backed out when he learned Omar Mateen had been killed in Orlando. He said he had trained with Mateen at a CIA camp in Virginia.

Police found the following in his possession, items no freelance or ISIS terrorist would be able to assemble: "He had twenty-five (25) pounds of Shoc-Shot, an explosive used for blowing up targets by high velocity bullets most likely to cause a crowd widespread panic, and a possible escape by assailants in smoke and mass confusion. The two components needed to make the Shoc-Shot explosive had been mixed. Howell had an Anderson Manufacturing AM-115 .223- high velocity round caliber rifle. The rifle had a round in its chamber and additional rounds in a 30-round magazine attached to it. Another 30-round magazine was taped to the rifle. He had a .30-06 bolt-action rifle with a round in its chamber, and a high velocity .22-caliber Ruger semi-automatic pistol. He had a mass murdering commando assassin's arsenal.[4]"

The FBI swept in and took charge of Howell. Since then, there has not been a word about his case in the media, proof that he was telling the truth.  Most disturbing is that both the mass media and alternative media won't touch this story. It proves that the American people are complicit in the charade that is the "war on terror." They are accomplices at best; victims of Stockholm syndrome at worst. 

Howell is not on this database of California inmates.

My email or phone inquiries to the following were not answered. I asked the status of the case and who his lawyer was. 

Law enforcement: 

Sean Carney  Assn't District Attorney LA County      Phone    213-257-2226         Email:  [email protected]

FBI Spokesperson Laura Eimiller (310) 420-6441

Santa Monica detective Dereck Leone (310) 458-8949

Mainstream Media:

Mathew Hall - Editor Santa Monica Daily Press  [email protected]  310-573-8350 

Michael Anthony Adams Reporter at Indianapolis Star  (317) 444-6123. 

It is mind boggling that NO ONE in the mainstream media has followed up on this case.  It is heart sickening and mind boggling that no one in the alternative media has followed up, not even letsgetoffthebs and G. Edward Griffin who first broke the story.  I have written 4-5 alternative media types and also didn't get a reply. [Update- let's get off the bs did follow up and what they found is bigger than Watergate.]

Where is American Free Press, Gordon Duff, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Michael Rivero and the hundreds of other websites that pretend to present the truth? Have all these people been warned? (Where are Russia Today and Iran's Press TV?) Happy to see this article come up on google under "James Wesley Howell." 

This is a sign that the country may be paralyzed by fear.  It remains for ordinary citizens to demand information from the authorities. I'm asking you to help find out what has happened to James Wesley Howell and let me know. 

Our fate is bound up in his. JWH is our best chance to prove that the government is waging a terror war against its own citizens. If he is allowed to "commit suicide" or slip down the memory hole, that war will continue. 

Have we forgotten that more than 3000 innocent people died on 9-11? Their murderers have not been brought to justice. They are holding James Wesley Howell prisoner today. His life is in danger.  How many more people will die before the real CIA terrorists are stopped? 


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First Comment from VT-

Good work following up on the story that everyone else seems to have forgotten! I do remember briefly hearing about Howell on the mainstream news just after the Orlando nightclub incident. I immediately thought, 'Patsy!' but then my attention shifted to the crisis actors and obvious hoax that the whole thing was, and Howell disappeared from mind...until I read your article.

Howell is just like all the patsies who've been mind-controlled/inducted/groomed to conduct these operations which are probably sold to them as 'you're taking part in a very important "drill" to help us better prepare for terrorist acts'. None of these patsies are supposed to live after the event. The alleged perpetrators of the Boston bombings were neutralized (one apparently shot himself in his voicebox and cannot speak!! - very convenient), Adam Lanza of Sandy Hook was allegedly killed, the perps in Paris and Nice were killed, and the alleged shooter in Munich apparently shot himself. 2 of the 5 alleged Brussels suicide bombers apparently did not die - one of the rare exceptions.

The case most similar to Howell's is that of the alleged 7/7 London bombers back in July 7, 2005. Nick Kollerstrom's 'Terror on the Tube' is the definitive account of the day, and the video counterpart is Muad'Dib's 7/7 Ripple Effect available on youtube. All 4 patsies missed the train into London to rendezvous with the trains/bus that were the subject of the "drill" they were taking part in. Ergo they had to be eliminated. When they heard news about bombings on three train lines they knew something was up and 3 of the 4 headed for Canary Wharf where many well-known London news media are situated. The fourth tried to keep his rendezvous with the bus. All 4 were murdered, however the 3 at Canary Wharf were witnessed by several passers by and bystanders. 2 were shot point blank by police and the third was killed by sniper fire.

The events at Canary Wharf were reported at first but further reporting was quickly suppressed. The U.K. public was never given enough information to make the link between the supposed "suicide" bombers and the "terrorists" shot at Canary Wharf. Obviously the latter incident, if true, ruled out the government/media hoax story of suicide bombers blowing up the trains, but the British are too brain-washed, servile, weak-minded and fixated on their soccer team's next game, to give a damn. Just like the Americans, and the French, and the Germans, and the...

Gary writes:

"Where is Gordon Duffy, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Michael Rivero and the hundreds of other websites that pretend to present the truth? Have all these people been warned? (Where are Russia Today and Iran's Press TV?)"

This is a valid and very profound question. Considering some of the volatile subject matters covered by these Alternative News sources, I think we can remove any possibility of them being threatened (warned). However, it poses a bigger and darker question: Are Gordon Duffy, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Michael Rivero and hundreds of other websites just pretending to present ALL of the truth?  Are these alternative news sources merely Government-controlled opposition to give the illusion of high-profile, internet Patriots seeking the truth?

I remember when this story broke shortly after the Gay Night Club incident in Florida. The unanswered questions in Florida seemed to mimic the ruse of another false flag -- the same stratagem was reflected with James Wesley Howell. It shows that the War on Terror is totally bogus, and that many of the "alleged" terrorists are Government-trained/financed patsies.

Comments for "The CIA Can't Let James Wesley Howell Live "

DZ said (August 30, 2016):

2 days before the birth of my 1st niece, 3 buildings fell across the Upper Bay from my home on Staten.
15 yrs later...

"JWH is our *best chance* to prove that the government is waging a terror war against its own citizens."

My minds' boggled.

LC said (August 29, 2016):

Thank you for publicizing the strange case of James Wesley Howell. We must not forget this little "anomaly" that occurred on the road to Orlando, like the rest of the media apparently want us to do.

Like you, I am amazed that none of the "alternative" media has picked up this story. It really does make one wonder....

Sid Green said (August 29, 2016):

Do you realize, this is basically the last site to post real opposition information? All the others have been co opted by the Illuminati and turned into total disinformation which makes no sense to anyone who can read.

Maybe Jews get special slack, or maybe they realize mostly nobody believes this site except a very few amount of people. but I hope you can continue to expose the darkness...and be safe from it.

Chad said (August 29, 2016):

Comment regarding the other alternative media sites. They are busy focusing on Hillary and Trump as well as trying to promote products to fund their operations. JWH is out of the limelight. Could they be afraid of posting information about JWH? Possibly. But they do publish other things questionable to the System. We can’t expect the “hard core” handful to be ever present. Just keep hitting up all the sites. There’s a lot more than the ones mentioned in the article. Go after Activist Post, Common Sense Show, Another Day in the Empire, Boiling Frogs, The Free Thought Project, Truth Stream Media, The Anti-Media and the dozens of others.

Use this as an opportunity to promote and build other competitive alternative media sites. Keep the documentation going. It’s like tending a garden. Even if the guy ends up pushing daisies, we can still keep his memory alive and forever haunt his tormentors with pestering harassment.

Lois said (August 29, 2016):

Love it! You really called their bluff this time. It might even keep him alive. As reading your article the same thoughts were going through my mind....just where in the world are these 'investigative reporters' and how come they didn't know about this. HA! They know about it all right. They're just more of the same old pseudo reporters trying to make people believe how 'diligent' they are in getting
'breaking news' to the people. I really believe the average listener/viewer is on to them and if not let's hope your article brings this to their attention. Keep it up

Tony B said (August 28, 2016):

Why has there been dead silence with Henry Makow as the ONLY apparent media outlet asking questions? One mention at the outset and then down the memory hole is MSM, not alternative media. This event is a good separator of the true true tellers from the sellers of crisis, etc.

As "Mady" de Shismareff made it clear to me about 50 years ago, the great majority of leaders of "patriotic" organizations are false opposition. Especially those who get media coverage of any kind. I have personally seen small truly patriotic organizations, after they forced themselves into the media ONE TIME, immediately infiltrated and made worthless, usually by some brand new "gung ho patriot" volunteering for the job no one wants - secretary - who then worms his way into secretary/treasurer which becomes the control, if not the end, of the organization.

The enemies of free mankind know well how to control most anything by controlling the cash flow. That's why they have criminally bought a monopoly on "money" creation, world wide. Through it they now control all things at the heart of civilization. It is doubtful that this man in custody realizes these facts but his knowledge is nevertheless a true threat to the whole opaque Tower of Babel; therefore the media has been ordered to make of him a non person.

T said (August 28, 2016):

Lengthy list of military-sponsored mind- controlled murderers and some that time forgot. There us so much pride in the US that not many desire TRUTH.

Dan said (August 28, 2016):

Takes me back watching Lee Harvey Oswald's live press conference in Dallas on CBS. Oswald had a swollen black eye from being a beating. That's when yelled out "I'm a patsy!" and the Federal Marshals grabbed him and whisked him away.

I was only seven, but ever adult in America believed Oswald, not the government. Next time we saw Oswald on television two big big cops held him in place for Jack Ruby to shoot him - also on live TV.

Lee Harvey Oswald "I'm just a patsy"

I'm not surprised that no MSM reporter has followed up on Howell. They do what they're assigned. There have been hundreds of loose ends stories like this over the years. We're never going to hear what happened to this guy.

Al Thompson said (August 27, 2016):

I don't think anyone's fate is tied to his. Assuming this story is true, he stepped in it when he got involved with the Cocaine Importing Agency. Anyone who gets involved with any government agency is completely batshit crazy. If he went to some alleged "terrorist" camp then the question should be asked: Why? So, he was going to blow some people up but figured out he was going to be the patsy and changed his mind?

If he didn't know he was the patsy, would he have set off the bombs? This guy put himself in a very immoral position and he got bad results. Unfortunately, this man is in deep shit and the "authorities" are having a difficult time with this situation.

Young people should always stay away from any government operation. Remember the words of Henry Kissinger when he called military men "dumb animals." The govtards will use people and then throw them away when they are done with them.

Being involved with any government is like being involved in a street gang. There will be no happiness in life being a part of the government and to have a career in government is to be a big loser. Only dumb and immoral people work for the government and this is a perfect example of why one should stay away from it.


Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at