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Olympics Hype Highlights Grim Reality

August 7, 2016

Left. They even had a sculpture of a fist, the symbol for communist fight for the cause of impoverished although their needs are blatantly ignored. 

The citizen is told he is participating in a new paradisiacal world 
while the global satanic elite steals his freedoms, his rights and his money. 

Brazil presents a fiction of a tropical paradise, with beautiful women 
and a happy, amoral people content in their submission to the global leaders. 

Passivity is the keyword here. 

Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions -- everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses (panem et circenses).

Juvenal - Roman Poet - 100 AD

by Marcos

The Hype

The Games have begun and what we saw was the usual globalist garbage in the ragamuffin Opening Ceremony. 

Lots of Marxist discourse, the usual occult symbols and Brazil being presented as an "exotic" place where poor promiscuous people are happy living in favelas (slums) and smelling the scents of the tropical jungle, like little monkeys eating bananas and fornicating with each other. This was followed by globalist warnings about climate change, sustainability and support for the "refugees" problem. The Olympic pyre was made smaller so it would consume less fossil fuel. 

Since this ceremony was planned by the now defunct Marxist government, the whole discourse was leftist: two corny singers who are staunch supporters of the Workers Party (and who received lots of money from the government), one of them a former minister of Culture. Defense of the rights of blacks and indians, feminism, and even a scenario of favelas instead of the classic Sugar Loaf mountain and Christ the Redeemer. 

During the scene celebrating the building of our people, Italian, German and other European immigrants were left out. The spectator would think that Brazil was created by indians, blacks and, ironically, Japanese people only. 

Was it a party or a political rally?


A recent poll showed that 76% of cariocas (citizens of Rio) don't give a damn about the Games. What a result in a city that has been involved with its preparation for years! In the rest of Brazil, this number must be in the 90% range. The excited crowd the world watched on TV at the stadium paid thousands of dollars for a ticket, so they'd better be smiling a lot, but they don't represent the people here. 

Locals know the wretched state their city is in after 14 years of federal Marxist government and corrupt municipal and state leaders aligned with them. In only six months, they saw 97,177 robberies (someone pointing a gun at you), 534 a day. This is a 59% increase over 10 years ago, in spite of R$ 40 BI being invested (wasted) in crime prevention in the last decade.

Why would Brazilians celebrate? Federal government has spent R$ 3.8 BI (US$ 1.1 BI) in 2016 only on the Games. The athletes' accommodations ended up costing 5 times more than expected and the subway line 21 times more. Since business involved with the Games didn't pay taxes, one can double that amount. Compare this with the paltry R$ 708 MM spent in sanitation and sewage in the country (ten times less). Almost half of Brazilians lack sewage collection. 

One would think the Left would try to raise the living standards of the poor after 20 years in power, but instead they glorify poverty, so people stay ignorant and easy to control. 

They claim the only legit Brazilians are the favela people, preferably black ones, ignoring the rest. They explicitly say they hate the middle class. Instead of removing people from favelas and providing education, leftist NGOs teach kids to play African drums. Europeans tourists in favela tours love it. 

Even though I live only 250 miles away in Sao Paulo, I never took my kids to Rio to see the wonders of nature (yes, the nature is beautiful indeed). The trip is not worth the danger and the hassle. 


Last week, hundreds of thousands of Brazilians again demonstrated in 20 states demanding an end to government corruption and jail for former corrupt president Lula. The Games obviously obfuscated this event. 

Anyways, it is becoming harder for the elite to tell us everything is alright when it obviously isn't. Their only effective solution will be to completely censor the internet, like the Chinese will soon do with their new "web score" ID system. Our window of opportunity for change is closing, so we'd better make the most of it.
First Comment by Dan:

Glad to hear the report from Marcos, though the spectacle he describes is grotesque.  

These are pagan festivals.  It won't be long before they resurrect human sacrifice as part of the opening.  Many deaths always happen anyway during these things.  11 workers died during the construction of the facilities by the Ides of March.  2 died when a brand new bike path over the sea collapsed in April.  2 sky divers died during a jump in July.   3 days ago a Russian with a diplomatic passport killed a Brazilian mugger that tried to rob him.   Olympic Death Toll in Rio 

Marcos put it perfectly;  "One would think the Left would try to raise the living standards of the poor after 20 years in power, but instead they glorify poverty, so people stay ignorant and easy to control."

Marcos will be interested to know that I see strong parallels in the mentality of the Communist Internationale 'visionaries' that squandered over billion dollars of public funds for this pagan festival, and the American communists that gathered in Houston, Texas this weekend for the GREEN PARTY (us) NATIONAL CONVENTION.    


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Comments for "Olympics Hype Highlights Grim Reality"

John said (August 8, 2016):

Sports-related costs of the games in Rio are likely to end up being approximately $4.6 billion.
Means the games will end up being approximately 51 percent over budget.
Overall cost of the games including all Olympic-related projects has been estimated at $12 billion for which the state of Rio is responsible for a quarter.
Approximately 70 percent of the cost of the games have come from the private sector, policy analysis firm IHS noted.
Local organizing committee is running a deficit between $121 million to $151 million.
At 156 percent in real terms, the Olympics have the highest average cost overrun of any type of mega-project.

John said (August 8, 2016):

The Brazilian taxpayers will be stiffed for paying its 2016 Olympics financial debt 20 to 30 years into the future. Just like in Greece and in London over bidding and overpriced. In addition, Brazil will lose tourism due the Olympics' in that area of the country. It should not become an economic issue instead that is exactly what it has become. The games themselves have been thrown underneath the buss so a few individuals and corporations can profit from the event.

The City of Los Angeles future Olympic bid, this is what I will have to deal with or at least avoid driving through LA.

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