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Racial Prejudice Thrives in Canada

August 22, 2016

(left, not Alex)
Despite Canada's good guy image
and commitment to "diversity"
racism may be worse than in the US. 
"Alex Chilcott" 25, describes 
what it was like growing 
up black in Ottawa. His story is
a reminder that all people must
be judged as individuals first.

 "I went from being viewed as a gifted nice boy to simply black, and black was no good. "

by Alex Chilcott

I would like to share my personal experiences growing up as an African American in Canada to allow you to see the world through my eyes and feel how I feel. My family moved here from the Caribbean to find opportunity and a better life. My father is an engineer with a high position in his company; my mother is a doctor. I live in an upper middle class neighbourhood. I have four older siblings. We are all university educated in either law, medical or engineering fields.

As one of the few African Americans in my school, I was bullied for being different, getting lunch stolen and beat up for refusing to do what my bullies wanted, even got my bottom teeth literally kicked in by a group of kids at school. I'm not saying I was a victim or am I looking for pity as we have all dealt with bullies in one form or another. This is just part of life; kids in general don't know better unless taught. 

I was a quiet, extremely polite, timid individual who kept to himself while being a gifted math and science student, which is probably why I got picked on. This was pretty much my situation well into middle school, until I started growing and playing sports and was strong enough to defend myself. I only made friends because I was athletically talented. 

It wasn't till I entered high school that I began to notice that everywhere I went, I was treated with prejudice based on what black meant to others, which they learned through music and what they saw in movies. Stereotypes that all blacks are criminals and dangerous. I realized that I went from being viewed as a gifted nice boy to simply black, and black was no good. 

Where my fellow classmates adored and respected me, now it was the teachers who began to bully me. Refusing to teach or answer questions in class to humiliating any and all African Americans in their class. Naturally my grade dropped, I was no longer a gifted student. 

One young teacher in particular would go as far as calling us "niggers" multiple times and when we reported her she was just given a warning and slap on the wrist. In grade 12, that school ended up expelling a large number of students a month before graduation on attendance technicalities, as well as the excuse of poor attitude to hide their true reason. That included me, but didn't matter as I had all the credits I needed to graduate and get into a good university due to reaching ahead in summer school. However, I was robbed of my prom with my colleagues. 

Even the coaches of the sports teams had their prejudices, only allowing a maximum of four blacks on the team only to bench them every single game, even though some of us were clearly the star players. On the basketball team, the two best players was an African American boy and myself. We were benched the whole season except two games which we won, all the others we lost by a landslide, generally being 86-14. I later quit most of the sports teams that didn't allow me to play.


Though school had its bad moments, my non-stop run of horrible encounters with police officers were experiences that no one deserves to go through. Up to the age of 17 yrs, I had been a victim of racial profiling by police easily more than two dozen times in and out of school. During school we were subject to pat downs by the police looking for drugs, putting our hands on our heads and being patted down thoroughly. Then we were tossed around by our necks like slaughter house meat on a hook. 

The really funny part is all the kids who dealt drugs at the time were rich white kids, but they never touched them, so their searches never turned up anything. Another time was at the end of high school before graduating, it's a custom to do scavenger hunts and play pranks on everyone, it was the boys vs. the girls that day and my car along with many others was subject to a prank done by the girls where they covered the car in eggs. So we were getting the girls back. 

As we were saran wrapping a car, a police officer in a truck pulls up into the parking lot, but we really weren't doing anything wrong so we stood there as he pulled up to us, rolled down his window and said " Hey Blackies , what are you up to hear? you're lucky you didn't run or my four legged friend hear would be chowing down on you" half the group was white but he proceed only to speak to the 4 black guys there including myself. As he continued to talk one of my black friends grimaced him, as if to let him know he was being ridiculous, and began to walk away, the officer didn't like that so he got out of the truck, told us all to get on the ground, which we all did except the one boy walking away, the officer than opened the rear side door to the truck and the German Shepherd launched out the truck towards him, by the time we yelled out his name to warn him the dog had already jumped up and gripped onto his shoulder and ripped him to the floor with the force and momentum he had build up sprinting towards him.

All I heard at that moment all you could hear were the screams and pleads for help from a 5'5ft , 100 lbs boy. As I scrambled to my feet in panic to help, the officers stomped me back to the ground grinding his boot into my back informing me if I tried that again I would regret it. The officer casually walked over to the dog that was brutally mauling my friend, as if it was crazed animal looking to kill and tear its prey apart, it thrashed its head around with a vice grip on him dragging him across the pavement more time than I could count. 

When the officer stood above the dog savaging the boy, he yelled at the dog to stop but it continued biting into him violently, the officer then grabbed the dog by the collar as the dog dragged the boy in his jaws. Then officer began to strike his dog, after a couple hard punches to head it let go, but made a couple attempts to lunge at the boy for a second round. The officer walked by us to put the dog back in the truck. My focus was on my friend, whose moaning was only interrupted by his own attempts at catching his breath. I was too afraid to move to meet the same brutality as friend now lay on the concrete, bloodied and ravaged. 

The officer then walked back towards him reminding the rest of us to stay put. He patted him down tried to stand him up but he could no longer stand on his own and cried in pain every time. By then, teachers and many student came out to investigate what had happened. Our friend was then take to the hospital and treated to puncture wounds that ran down his right collar bone all the way down to his right leg. The teachers and police made it out like it was our fault. The police even tried to pressure the owner of the car to press charges, but she was a family friend and her parents were aware of the end of the year pranks custom.

I never usually tell this story in its entirety because many people don't believe it until it happens in front of their eyes. The other reason is that I've never been so ashamed in my life to have been so cowardly to not have done anything. 

A year later, that boy got into an altercation trying to stop a fight from happening. During that time a 5'10 180 lbs Caucasian boy made a derogatory about his mom trying to re-instigate the fights. My friend lost all self control and beat that boy pretty badly, making multiple fracture on the Caucasian boys face, along with a couple cracked ribs, sending him to the hospital. That same evening the police picked up my friend along with anyone else of color at the scene of the crime for, assault, battery, assault with a weapon, attempted murder and hate crimes. 

 A year after the incident and trial my friend did 5yrs prison. Got out at the age of 23yrs, couldn't get a job; no one would hire a convicted felon even if he were falsely convicted. During that time he was also finishing up his first year of university. But when he was looking to return, the university wouldn't allow him in. In everyone's eyes he was criminal with anger issues. The odd part was he had never gotten into any fights before the event that led all to this. This is how racism has made its way into the justice system, and how easily we are criminalized with no way to really protect ourselves from false accusations.


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First Comment from TW:

I read the article with an open mind, but I'm honestly tired of all this victimhood talk from blacks.  Really, if Canada (or the U.S.A.) is sincerely as bad as these people make it out to be, then why do they remain here?

Additionally, I got a wry chuckle out of the account of the boy who "lost all control" and committed aggravated assault on the "Caucasian boy".  The author then goes on to blame the outcome of the assault (five years in prison) as somehow being the work of racism.  If the one who committed the assault wanted to remain out of jail, he should have exercised some self-control, shouldn't he?  Perhaps cuffing the guy across the yap would have sufficed.  Acting like an animal and trying to kill him was the wrong route to take under the circumstances given.

I'm a white guy and have experienced, all too often, the attitude of entitlement that has been fed to the black population.  The chip-on-shoulder attitude is omnipresent and they all seem to think whites are weak (I guess our leaders are, for sure).  Many of them (not all), in my experience, act in a childish manner where reason doesn't prevail.  I should also mention that I've been turned over for jobs because of stupid employment equity programs right here in my homeland where my family has resided and helped build the country for generations.  I've seen all manner of programs and groups implemented and formed for the black man where, if the same were done for the settling and majority demographic, it would bafflingly be labeled "racist".

Sorry, Henry, but I cannot shed any tears over this one.  I'm tired of being made out to be a guest in my own land and having to put my own interests aside while I hear endless tales of woe from minority sectors.  I truly would never advocate violence, but I do think it's about time whites grew a collective backbone.  All we know is self-flagellation and how to cuckold ourselves.  Race is always at the forefront of blacks' and other minorities' minds.  It's about time it was so with whites also.  In case anyone wasn't aware, whites constitute a minority in the world.

I have nothing against a person due to their heritage (or skin colour), but their culture and attitudes are what tend to determine whether I like them or not.  More importantly, I just want fairness for whites.  Others are allowed their own homelands, so why aren't we?  Having said that, I don't mind minorities living among us and would defend their legitimate human rights (as defined by God, not the leftist globalists).  I'm not some KKK wannabe or neo-Nazi.

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Comments for "Racial Prejudice Thrives in Canada "

Chad said (August 26, 2016):

I don’t think TW comprehended what Alex Chilcott had to say. Instead of empathizing, he turned it around into a “let’s feel sorry for the white guy” instead. Yes, [non-Elite] whites are being pushed off a cliff in North America. We understand that. However, when reflecting on the ills of others, we don’t need to immediately be the attention whore and turn this into a case of ‘screw those people.’

What happens to the least of us happens to the most of us. If TW can’t take the time to understand what Alex is expressing, why should we care about what TW has to say? And people wonder why “white privilege” gains traction. Black people have something they can not escape from and that’s their pigmentation. As Alex says, it doesn’t matter how talented he was, people still saw him as black. The white man can don many hats and at the end of the day, still be among a class of people who tend to get a better ride, overall. An extremely wealthy black man will still and always be considered less than the poorest of whites. That’s a fact and it’s born from skin tone.

What TW needs to know is that if he’s not willing to stand by and defend those who are as a matter of fact routinely discriminated against, how are we expected to come to his aid, when he needs it? You get what you give in life.

Smithy said (August 24, 2016):

I would like to share the following link as response to the cold responses to Alex Chilcott's testimonial.

How the Gospel Turns Racial Apathy Into Empathy

Smithy said (August 24, 2016):

I would like to share the following link as response to the cold responses to Alex Chilcott's testimonial.

How the Gospel Turns Racial Apathy Into Empathy

T said (August 24, 2016):

Im calling bullshit on this article. I’m glad other ppl are seeing through the liberal propaganda too, like commentor “TW”. I reckon Makow posted this in efforts to appear "fair and balanced", but come on now, some thought before posting utter fantasy? Canadians do not bully or steal lunch money or “get my bottom teeth literally kicked in... calling us niggers". Total bullshit. It just doesn’t happen in Canada. It hardly even happens anywhere else with this multicultural integrated assault ppl have these days. It’s a psyop to try build up minorities while bringing down whites as the only target, then interbreeding them into one race with no connection to either black or white, controlled by the masonic jew illuminate at the top under one world religion – because whites, especially honest middle class whites that go by TIMELESS COMMON SENSE and not by media fads, are the only thing standing in the way of the new world order.

Specifically for example: Masons are struggling to recruit these days (for obvious reasons), hence the immigration: poor economic migrants (“I moved here for a better life”) are the only ones willing to join freemasonry, get into debt, show off the worthless materialism (ie rap stars), and do the honors/worship to the system as most ppl have caught on and wont play into it anymore. So obviously they need their morale boosted with agents like this guy telling people how oppressed they are as a "race", and how much of a “rags to riches story” he is. Blacks are the new jews/It girl. And I’m not buying it... I never had anything against blacks to begin with, but on the same token, I sure as hell don’t expect to be told why blacks are oppressed and thus entitled.

Angela said (August 23, 2016):

I was really surprised to note that, at the time of my reading, there was not one hopeful note of understanding for Alex Chilcott' plight. He expressed himself without self-pity or bitterness and yet every person responded with negativity towards him. I found it puzzling and disappointing to say the least. His story rang true to me.
God bless you and him,

B said (August 23, 2016):

1) I agree with other commenters that we are tired of this endless whining of Third World immigrants who choose to abandon their own ancestral homelands and parasitize the West. Each of his parents, and each of his siblings, are taking jobs and housing away from the original European Canadians who built Canada into a great nation. They are not an "asset" to Canadians, but a liability.

2) The aggrieved author doesn't say who paid for his entire family to attend university, or whether they attended in Canada or their own homeland. If his parents gained their degrees in their own homeland, then they must have been among the wealthy upper classes there, with servants to do the cooking and cleaning while their mother was studying for her medical degree. Did the author look down upon those servants, as frequently happens in Third World nations as well as our own? Is he annoyed at not receiving the same deferential treatment he received in his homeland?

3) His family's "brain drain" away from their homeland harms their own people, who would have benefitted greatly from having such a talented family of doctors and engineers helping to build their OWN ANCESTRAL HOMELAND into a GREAT NATION, as our European ancestors built our countries into great nations. For example, a leader of Nepal once protested to the British government that the policy of allowing Gurkha soldiers to settle in Britain with their whole extended families was HARMING THE ECONOMY OF NEPAL, encouraging thousands to try to join the British Army, not out of any "loyalty" to the foreign nation, which would be treasonous to their own country of Nepal, but because of the free housing, welfare benefits and even pensions for their grandparents lavished upon them by the UK Marxists busy draining the lifeblood from British taxpayers.

4) Therefore, my question to the author is this: "What are you doing to help your own people in your own ancestral homeland?"

Thanks B

Alex was born in Canada. His parents are from Haiti which like most of the Third World has been screwed over by the West.


Doug P said (August 23, 2016):

I have one question. Who ever said that diversity could be a strength? Is this the same people who completely disallow it in their own country? Of course birds of a feather flock together.

I would like to add that in Oshawa between 1975 and 1990, I knew very few black people. They almost didn't exist in Oshawa Ontario. The few that did were never treated any different than white folks. Some were my friends. But when you have large numbers of Blacks and Whites then tensions sometimes form for various reasons as they do between people naturally and they get framed in a racial context. Once framed in racial context they tend to stay there and the racism fans the flames.

Recently I worked as a temp beside a black woman, well educated, rich parents, chances in life I never had. She hated me because as a white guy I must be elitist and prejudice. She said "Think you can hate ? ooooooh...I can hate!!!!" she said. I don't know where this came from, think maybe she was nuts. I never met her before but was talking about politics.

I think black vs white tensions have increased. Years ago, in Canada, in places where I lived it was a non issue, as it should be, but now you have to watch what you say.

Fortunately, the newfies still know all the best newfie jokes.

Marco said (August 23, 2016):

I am regularly disrespected in Ottawa to this day as a grown man, largely because I am small. Just last week I was pushing an object, and really struggling. This well-to-do young fellow, happy, popular,
'Rich White Kid' (seemed like a university type) with his people near him asked them if I was a girl, to mock me obviously and raise his persona. I can't imagine if I was both small, and black. I can't say I receive much if any disrespect by white folk who are poorer. It seems to be that with more of an easy life and money, the more narcissistic and judgemental people become.

While in school I was mistreated because I was small and even Italian in some cases (Italian was like a 'Euro-Nigger' to some of the 'Anglo/Saxon' types in my school... something a little different to make fun of).

But I believe in what Jesus says, 'do good unto your enemies and those who persecute you', and if the Son of God would withstand being spat on and hit by cowards, then I can bear my cross when it comes happily in imitation.

Yet, I also believe in humbling the proud. But I am not God, and don't have the strength to "look on everyone who is proud, and humble him" - Job 40.

As a quick note: While, I am no expert on this subject, I feel like Canada's propaganda tries to convince potential immigrants that this country is an open, multicultural, welcoming society with opportunities. I believe that in a large number of cases once an immigrant family spends a fortune to arrive here they are quickly disheartened, realize that all their credentials are not even valid, the country has no culture, and perhaps they will experience prejudice in the job hunt destroying potential opportunities - and so, they leave... IMO Canada cashes in on duped immigrants.

RT said (August 22, 2016):

I doubt it would be much of a different story if a white person were living in an African nation, prejudice has no racial boundaries; ask the ex white farmers of Zimbabwe.

A said (August 22, 2016):

Of course it is not uniform throughout the country (like anywhere) as some places are considerably worse than others, but as a general meme this is yet another way the 1% keep the 99% in line.

As for me I have often said through the years that "I care not what colour your skin is, nor do I really care what belief system you have adopted, it is the way you behave that will dictate the way I treat you. If you want respect, give respect.

Tony B said (August 22, 2016):

What is too often overlooked in cases such as this is that diversity in race is NOT a strength for a nation, it is a weakness. Such diversity ALWAYS causes problems. ALWAYS. It doesn't matter which races are thrown together. It is even worse with a language barrier to boot. If the natural desire for separation is followed, the races manage to get along much better but enforced mixture, such as in schools and housing, is chaos.

Over sixty years ago in So. California I married a young wife and asked her to finish school. After two days she refused to attend. I finally got the reason out of her. The black girls were beating up the white girls. Sixty years ago. It hasn't, and it won't, change. Human nature can be tampered with but it will not change to any degree because of the tampering.

It is normal for like to want to be with like.

Wade said (August 22, 2016):

A great many people, including myself, are really sick and tired of black people playing
the race / discrimination card.

If there is discrimination these days...then it is the fault of the black people themselves.

Good, honest, hard working, law abiding blacks, can encounter discrimination. But it is
not because of the color of their skin...It is because of the reputation of the breed... That reputation has been, and is even now, being so richly earned by the behavior and attitudes of the majority of black people.

Note to black people: If you want to end discrimination... start by reforming the behavior and attitudes of the black people who have destroyed and are destroying the reputation of all blacks.

Stop making excuses for their horrible attitudes and behavior. Yes, your ancestors were brought
here as slaves. Would you rather have been born, raised, and still living in Africa?

Gordon said (August 22, 2016):

nope, I am not buying it, ie. the item "Racial Prejudice thrives in Canada" * ... Something put out under an assumed name, is suspect from the start. Very early in the reading, it rings wrong. Possibly it's a litany of complaints of one individual, but more likely, a compilation of several people's experiences. Yeah, white chauvinism certainly does exist here, hidden behind a facade of civility. But that essay is a piece of propaganda in the unmentionable race war going on in America. For the anti-dote, see the website "amren" reporting facts. It would be most interesting to hear what the author of the piece - so-called "Alex Chilcott" ? - has to say in response to the FBI report of 38,000 rapes per year, of white women by Negro men? If he doesn't like being treated by whites who perceive him through that bias, then he ought to turn his efforts to doing something worthwhile with his own race, rather than venting the perennial bitch : "it's all the white man's fault". Information overload brings pattern recognition : baby-boomers are deprogramming ourselves from the false narrative of To Kill a MockingBird, so as to become race realists.


I know this guy personally- he is not making this up. Moreover while the stats you cite may be accurate, this article is about not tarring everyone on the basis of race. How would you like to be held responsible for the sins of others of your racial background? I know I don't wish to be. I would still defend the West's racial identity. But immigrants of the caliber of Alex's family are an asset.


Gary said (August 22, 2016):

The parents of the author of the story comes from the Caribbean and settle in Canada. And then their son refers to himself as an African-American.

Shouldn't that be Caribbean-Canadian or African-Canadian?

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