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Society is Being Weaned off Cash

August 5, 2016

The central bankers could control everybody by simply eliminating

cash and shutting off their atm & credit cards. This is exactly what they

are planning.

Makow comment- They don't have to wait for a cashless society to erase your bank account. Our "money" is already virtual. The bankers can take your money any time they want, whether they call it a "bail in" or something else. Should we trust our nest egg with a business that is constantly promoting sodomy and "diversity"? Obviously our bank is just a branch of the Masonic Jewish banking cartel. We need to diversify our stores of "wealth." 

How To Resist Conditioning For The Cashless Society

(Abridged by

Within the next few decades, it is likely that there will be no more hard cash (coins/notes) left. By this point, the notion of using physical money will be a distant memory tinged with disbelief. "How did we ever manage something so clumsy and backward?" many will say. An increasing number of people are already saying similar things.

In January, 2016, John Cryan, Chief Executive of Deutsche Bank predicted that: "Cash, I think, in ten years time probably won't (exist). There is no need for it, it is terribly inefficient and expensive."

Most of the arguments for a cashless society sound sensible and logical on first glance. People who argue against the 'progress' and 'sense' of this development have been accused of being backward, suspicious, or worse. In light of this, it is going to take considerable courage and character to refuse to conform to the inevitable process unfolding before our eyes. 

This article explores five ways in which people are being heavily conditioned to accept the cashless society, and it concludes with what we need to do in order to take a stand against this.

(1) Rhetoric -- The use of violent and aggressive language consistently gives the impression that Cash is something we need to treat as an enemy, and thus make war against.

The headline to one article reads: "One Swede Will Kill Cash Forever--Unless His Foe Saves It From Extinction."[1] The article features the story of Abba front man, Bjorn Ulvaeus, who became a spokesperson for the cashless society after his son was robbed. Ulvaeus postulated that the chance of this happening would have been greatly reduced if paper money (exchanged for stolen items) did not exist. ...

2) 'Reason'  --Here is a line from one Fox News report: "There is no credible cause for concern about implanting these tiny microchips under your skin."[8] As Ellen Brown wrote in her article "The War on Savings: The Panama Papers, Bail-Ins, and the Push to Go Cashless": "It's all about knowing where the money is and who owns it, in order to tax it, regulate it, "sanction" it, or confiscate it."[19]

Contrary to what the public is being led to believe, the real "winners" of the war on cash are not the vast majority of the public. The winners are those individuals who stand to significantly profit from it - mainly the banking cartels and those who support their policies.


(3) Ridicule  --  Mastercard, one of the main financial institutions propelling the cashless society, commissioned a billboard advertising their lead debit brand, Maestro, emblazoned with the slogan: "Cash is so last millennium!" Between the lines, users of cash were being labelled as archaic and behind the times.

To many, the colossal elephant in the room which is being missed is the prophecy in Revelation 13:16-18 and Revelation 14:9-11.[21] The Bible warns of a future scenario where people are forced to make a choice about their relationship to the monetary system. In the prophecy, a final world leader makes it compulsory for everyone to have some kind of mark in their right hand or in their forehead, without which they can neither buy nor sell. The Bible warns that God's wrath will be poured out "without measure" on anyone who takes that mark. There really is no banking answer to this prophetic passage, apart from rejecting God and the Bible.

(4) Repetition  -- Advertising experts know that if you repeat a message over and over, it becomes embedded in peoples' consciousness. Banks, retailers, politicians, and other agencies who will benefit from the cashless society, have the funds and motivation to use media outlets and public spaces to sell their products and proclaim their views. This is where the rhetoric and reasoning for the cashless society is likely to be repetitively preached, wearing people down in a war of attrition.

Billions of dollars worth of advertising is focusing only on the benefits, which are further enhanced through glossy looks, sex appeal, and other positive images. Consequently, people's reality can become sufficiently blurred for us to all cave in. Repetitive advertising can easily deceive and condition people to buy something, or believe something, that they may otherwise not have.  

(5) Reality  -- Spin created to exaggerate the weaknesses of cash, while exaggerating the benefits of cashless alternatives, is conditioning people to think differently in order to get them to act differently. But we are being conditioned to accept the cashless society even more deeply through circumstances themselves: The element of choice is quickly being eroded away.

In countries like Denmark thousands of ATM machines have been physically removed in recent years, making it more difficult for people to obtain cash there.[29]

In Ireland - a nation among the biggest users of cash and cheques in Europe - a charge on all ATM transactions has been introduced in an attempt to encourage people to go cashless.[30]

Even 10 years ago it would have been almost unheard of for cash payment of goods and services to be declined. However, these days, in various sectors of retail and commerce (especially the Internet), the use of cash is becoming increasingly more difficult, if not impossible.[31]


(left, Nicholas Rockefeller told Aaron Russo they plan to "chip" everybody.)

In a growing number of cities it is no longer possible to pay for certain forms of public transport using cash. Stockholm, for example, has outlawed cash for travel on its Metro, and in Central London customers are no longer permitted to pay bus drivers using cash. Alternative means of payment (e.g. contactless payment) are required for public transport in many major cities. In some cases where different payment options are still available, cashless options (e.g. London's "Oystercard" or Sydney's "Opal card") are incentivised by making them considerably cheaper.[32]

It follows that the harder and more expensive it gets to use paper money and coins - as more tax is put on it, as fewer outlets allow it, and as retailers and authorities become more suspicious of it - the more people will be forced to use alternative forms of digital payment, if they wish to continue with their lifestyle.

In light of this, when we are told (for the umpteenth time) that "more and more people are choosing to go cashless?" we need to seriously question how honest a picture this is. For many people, the "choice" to go cashless is being dictated by circumstances that they have little or no control over.


We have explored five ways in which the banks and their allies have been conditioning the world to accept the cashless society as the next, inevitable step toward the Mark of the Beast. They have used rhetoric to play on our fears and emotions; some impressive reasons to prove they have considered and dealt with all potential problems; ridicule to discredit opponents; and then they have brainwashed us by repeating these strategies over and over ad infinitum. The end result has been an over-powering reality which is going to force everyone to give in and do it their way in the end.

Footnotes are with the original version. 

First Comment by Glen:

Good article on a cashless society, but I found the Doc on the implantable chip a little dated. Truth is most all of us walk around with our own personal micro chip, and we do it voluntarily. It is called our smart phone. It performs at least 75% of the task they want from an implantable chip. It enables our masters to know where we are at all times and who we are with. It also has an open mic and video camera which can be switched on or off at any time. We can be monitored 24/7 with this device. 

We also use social media such as FB and Twitter, both of these funded and developed by the intelligence agencies of the world for the sole purpose of monitoring and steering the "hive mind". Anything posted on these sites is fair game for anyone.

And no matter how hard some of try it is now impossible to not be monitored by these alphabet agencies. We now have Smart Dust. 

"Miniaturization is one of the most world-shaking trends of the last several decades. Computer chips now have features measured in billionths of a meter. Sensors that once weighed kilograms fit inside your smartphone. But it doesn't end there."

 I could try to go on here but the following article can do a much better job than I could. The vehicles to distribute such technology will be chemtrails and vaccines. Sorry, we are screwed.

Dan writes:

In 1982 as employee of a bank I attended seminars given by the the American Institute of Banking.  They were quite awaking for me at that age. We were informed that yes, the banks and governments planned a cashless, paperless society.  The speakers always came in pairs, from government agencies; the Treasury, DoJ, FBI.     

download (23).jpeg

In 1982 banks still processed every transaction on paper with the exception of wire transfers.  At my desk still stood an IBM Selectric typewriter and electric adding machine with a paper spool.   I balanced the bank's daily transaction ledger on a Burrough's Double Ledger accounting machine the size of Hammond Console Organ.  There were dozens of paper pushers producing stacks of paper and buckets of paper trash.  So the Plan's "Job One" was "the paper's gotta go". 

If you remember 1982, personal computers didn't have hard drives yet, and a new Apple II plus with 128K RAM cost over a thousand dollars.  If you said "Internet" people thought you meant a hair spray.   But the banking trainers  outlined the long term plan that we're still living through.  First, ATM cards to develop in the public a preference for "the convenience" of non-cash transactions.  Back then most people didn't quality for credit cards.   The plan required EVERYONE to use plastic by "the year 2000".    After that the plan to phase out currency would commence. 

The seminar spokesman told us that in 1972, a department in the Pentagon asked the RAND Corporation think tank to come up with a system that could track every adult US Citizen in 'real time', yet not violate their Constitutional Right to privacy.  The result in a decade's time was the Automated Teller Machine with computer-linked plastic debit card.  

As bank employees, we'd assumed that the ATM was developed by big banks merely to replace human tellers with automation, and nothing else.   But that was only the "gravy", just side 'benefit'.  But now that you know the truth it should give you insight to see that when you use THEIR technology you give up ALL control, all privacy.   That's what the Cashless Society is for.   They will know all about you and everything you do.  But the worst is yet to come.  When there's no cash, your power to accumulate wealth will become a thing of the past.  You can wake up and find a zero balance.  And the more power they have and more powerless you become, it will all be over.  

The only way to fight this is to opt out every way you still can.  Don't be a sucker for 'convenience'.  It's a trap.  

The Plan for the Cashless Society that I learned about in those 1982 banker seminars can be found in Bertrand Russell's 1931 Book, 'The Scientific Outlook'. 

A Reading From Bertrand Russell's The Scientific Outlook

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Comments for "Society is Being Weaned off Cash"

Barney said (August 7, 2016):

Here in Britain, we've been forced to have bank accounts for a few decades now. Wages are paid directly into banks, as are welfare "benefits", so nobody gets to "opt out", despite a law that states wages must be paid in "coin of the realm unless specifically requested, in writing, by the individual" (probably not the exact wording, but close enough). I don't believe this law has ever been repealed. It's simply ignored.

While we still have cash, we can still employ gardeners, window cleaners and the like, and we can still buy and sell at what are known over here as "car boot sales" and "jumble sales". We can also make random donations to charity on the spur of the moment without the need to commit a regular amount.

Once cash is no more, none of these things will be possible unless casual workers and others are able and willing to carry card readers linked to a business account. We won't even be able to help a friend in need.

As well as controlling every aspect of life for what they clearly view as "their livestock", the bankers want a complete record of every transaction, however small, but for most of us it simply isn't practical. No cash means no gardeners, no window cleaners, no odd-job men, whatever.

Anybody found with "too much" cash, even if he's paying the money into an account, is regarded as a drug dealer and the money is likely to be "confiscated" (stolen) as the "proceeds of crime", so we're not even allowed to hide money under the mattress for fear of the bankers' agents (police) finding it, confiscating it and potentially imprisoning us as drug dealers or "terrorists". To be accused in thought-crime Britain is to be convicted, regardless of evidence of guilt or proof of innocence.

I don't have any thoughts either way about the Book of Revelation, which reads to me like the ravings of a sick, or perhaps drug-addled mind, but I will NEVER allow myself to be chipped.

Ken Adachi said (August 6, 2016):

I was going to write them back and ask: why are they half selling the very idea they want to defeat? There's NOTHING 'sensible' or 'logical' about a cashless society. It's a formula for enslavement that has no virtues whatsoever. Pre-planned convenience? Yes. But virtues? No. And there's nothing "inevitable" about it unless you're a Doom & Gloom, "End Times" DEFEATIST who is just going to wring his hands about the inevitability of it all while offering tepid bon mots on 'resisting."

The first 20 minutes of the video are devoted to promoting the memes of the cashless idea by listening to young, naive idiots regurgitate mindless and hollow arguments for its usefulness. You don't get the "analysis' commentary until after the 20 minute mark, but even then, it's a tepid, "nice guy" tolerant, mushy, "understanding" wishy washy sort of discussion. I really became vexed in listening to their video. It was hard to just stay with it because of the namby pamby equivocation.

I could be wrong and I may be overstating the case, but I think the possibility does exist that we are looking at a clever subliminal psyops here, dressed up as a critique, and sent around to web sites like yours and mine.

Bruce said (August 6, 2016):

This scenario is not only being pushed and promoted by the banking cartel, it is also being promoted with the turnpike corridors of the individual states. Well at least in my home state of Pennsylvania. 30 years ago if my memory serves me correctly all toll booth collections were made with cash. With the advent of small wireless transponders that can be displayed on the car dashboard, you can drive through the collection booths both entering or leaving the turnpike without paying. You set up an account I would assume through your bank with a certain amount of funds that are pulled from when you utilized the turnpike. It has come down to maybe two to three booths accepting cash only, depending on how many collection booths are at a particular exchange or exit. I'm sure that this is in place in Canada as well.

What they have done in forcing more people to start utilizing this service is to raise the costs of using cash for toll collections above the use of these transponders. For example there was a time when you could enter the turnpike and pay maybe .50 cents for driving one to two exits. Now the cost has gone to $1.95. And it increases greatly per exit. Of course this has been sold to the public as a convenience.

Here is a video that was posted back in December 2014:

It is a customer wanting to pay his mortgage with cash and the bank refusing such payment.

It is time for us to awaken as a society.

David said (August 6, 2016):

Henry, the war on cash is one of the most Orwellian aspects of the NWO, the notion being that if you prefer cash to plastic you must be a "drug dealer". Millions of Americans had their life savings wiped out in 2008 by the large commercial banks and since then do not trust banks with their deposits for good reason.

The police, mislabeled as "law enforcement", are now padding their budgets (in many cases deriving 100% of their operating budgets) by stealing cash from motorists in highway shakedowns that used to be the domain of racketeering outfits like the Mafia. So the big banks prop up their balance sheets by laundering drug profits and the police act like criminals. Can Western society get any more out of balance?

Doug said (August 6, 2016):

Its so ridiculous - I see it at the grocery store checkout. People using their cards and delaying everyone else thinking its more convenient. You try to talk to them and explain about banks but they just go googley eyed. I'm so angry at myself for being part of this species.

Every penny I earn I take for myself, none stays in the bank. Its so much easier to buy groceries, etc. Its much more considerate to others as well. My access cash is hidden, I don't carry more than about $40.00 usually.

They should have a cash line to help people get out of those grocery store lineups quicker but I guess the cards are more convenient in the Progressive mind.

VT said (August 6, 2016):

Great article!

I was aware of most of this, except the last bit about ATMs serving a dual purpose, one of which is surveillance of our propensity to use cash. Very interesting! But not at all surprising given the fact that many electronic devices can be used to spy on you - television sets for one. Your iPhone can be used to track your physical movements, and of course the fingerprints of the CIA are all over popular social media like Facebook, for example.

By now they know exactly how much cash we use, when and where. ATMs and cash over the bank counter (via cheque or direct withdrawal) is the only hole in their perfect system and of course they are going to fill it.

I guess the bank bailouts starting in 2008 should have been a wake-up call. It was a heist of gigantic proportions, so huge that we are still recovering 8 years later. Sure they are part of the oligarchy that runs our governments, but the important thing is they are BANKS, and banks are going to be crucial to this cashless police state, which is one of the main reasons they were bailed out.

I don't know how things are in the US and Canada, but I have noticed a growing indifference to criticism whether from the public or the government, of banks here in Australia over the last decade. We really only have 4 big banks here. All the smaller banks are owned by the big 4. Of course everyone's pay goes straight into a bank account, after (of course) the government takes their share in income tax first. So the government and banks get first use of our wages before we do! But that's old news and I digress. What is new is banks not passing on Central bank interest rate cuts to their "customers" (slaves would be a better word). Was a time when the Central Bank cut would be passed on dutifully in full (rate RISES of course ALWAYS are!), but that is now ancient history. Only half of the recent rate cut last week was passed on. I can only see this bank indifference getting worse as they, together with the government (which feigns indignation at their behaviour) tighten their grip.

Our only solution is to opt out of the system. Unfortunately only relatively few of us are going to have the resources in land, water and power generation to get off the grid, but whether we do it as individuals or pool resources, it's our only hope.

Tony B said (August 5, 2016):

Although Ellen Brown is allowed a voice because she will forever promote debt at usury falsely defined as "money," the article she wrote which has been linked here is necessary and truthful as far as it goes and should be studied by all.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at