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Feminists Regret Failure to Have Families

August 1, 2016

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( Anonymous woman reveals secrets of the sisterhood.)

Millions of women have been deceived by their society 
which has been totally subverted by satanist bankers
and their Masonic and Jewish lackeys (our "leaders.")
Ray describes a conversation with a woman
who exemplifies how satanists have undermined marriage
and the family and shredded the social fabric. Now many women serve
the central bankers instead of their families, and join the crowded ranks of traitors to their culture.

by Ray

Last week I was having a phone conversation with a woman I met on an internet dating site.  

We had each been divorced within the past few years, and were still recovering from the trauma of it.  She did not want to say too much about her experience, but encouraged me to speak about mine.  

At one point she interrupted me and said, "You shouldn't be taking what happened personally, it's probably not your fault."  

How could she know this I wondered?  Aside from the fact I did not want the divorce, and was willing to do almost anything to save the relationship, I was still carrying a burden of guilt.

"Women are very complicated," she said.   "There is a lot going on in us that men never know about; in fact it's none of their business to know about it."  

Interesting I thought.  "I agree, women are complex which is why I could use any help to better understand what happened.  Maybe it will help me to avoid making the same mistakes next time."  

Again she seemed hesitant to say too much.  Then she said, "My girlfriends and I have had many conversations about this subject...many of them feel like failures."

Suddenly I was very attentive because my ex had used that same word to describe herself during the separation.  I had tried to tell her that she wasn't, but now I wondered if I had understood.

"What do you mean by failure?" I said.  Again she sort of talked around an answer, so I pressed her to elaborate.  Our conversation up to this point had been very friendly and respectful so I felt I could dig a little deeper. After all, we are two adults in our fifties, and basically anonymous to each other, so what better opportunity to be open?

She said that some of her girlfriends felt like 'failures' because they never had children.  They had put all their eggs, so to speak, in the career basket and had missed the opportunity to have a family.  

Well that hit home with me, seeing as my wife threw herself into an academic career and had little left for me or for a family.

After a while, I asked her to share more of her experience with me.  She gradually revealed the story of her childhood, being raised by a 'strong' single mother.  

"My mother told me that I would have to compete with men in life,  and to never back down from a challenge with a man.  I could do anything a man could, and could do it better because I was a woman, and women are better than men...they can do it all, and they can have it all."

"Wow," I thought, the "mother" lode!

Her experience sounded so similar to my ex's: Raised by a single mom, pushed to achieve, highly educated with a liberal arts degree, and a masters.  Difficulty relating to men, never satisfied in life, and frankly, never really happy.

The next night I had a dream about my past relationships with 'liberated' women.  I suddenly understood why those relationships failed. The woman on the phone had been right. It was not my fault; it was the result of a poisoned pill fed to little girls for generations.  

And most women know about this on some level , but were afraid to speak about it, afraid to betray the 'sisterhood', or reveal any weakness.
All these generations of women fighting for 'equality'.  Starting with winning the right to vote, then the right to work, then the right to divorce, the right to the pill and promiscuous sex, and the right to abort unwanted life.  Out of this 'success' came millions of dead, deranged, and dysfunctional children, broken families, and broken hearts.  

I could see very clearly now how it was the communists who had plotted these events and who had created this monster called feminism,  that had made the American dream implode

At that moment I set my hurt and resentment aside, and wanted to  have the same conversation with my ex.

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First Comment from Tony B:

One finds it interesting that these brainwashed feminists who insist that women can do everything better than men conveniently "forget" to mention that the satanists at the top of control do everything possible to sabotage men while giving women a total free ride to "success," paid for, of course, largely by the sabotaged men.

The FACT is that the things women CAN do better than men have to do with home life, not fighting the world for a living.  For example, most women have better dexterity in their smaller fingers to do such things as sewing than do men.  But I have yet to see a single woman who had the strength to break loose a stubborn nut corroded to a bolt with her arm strength.  Ask any soldier who went through basic training about the capabilities of women, physical, mental or emotional.  Or a million other chores men do relatively easily.  No, women need the HELP of machinery as well as unequal circumstances, all invented or allowed by MEN.  

Something else never mentioned is the female lack of courtesy, even in potentially hurtful situations, such as driving.  It is built into them, they (unfairly if the sexes are "equal") expect others to give way to them in everything they wish to do.  I remember the advice in the California motorcycle driving license booklet.  "Old people and YOUNG WOMEN will pull out in front of an approaching motorcycle without showing awareness of it," words to that effect.  It is absolutely true.  Furthermore, the old people, once they do see you, will do all they can to get out of your way while the young girls just throw up their arms and scream.  Take it from years of personal experience.  Is that "doing anything better than a man can?"

No.  Out of place and out of control is not "better than men."

VT adds:

I have been reading the thought-provoking and (usually) right-on-the-money articles on your website for more than a year now, and just want to tell you how edifying they are. They really are a welcome antidote to the lies, obfuscation and malevolent deceit we get from mainstream media.

Re the above article by Ray, I have this contribution which something in Ray's article provoked - he mentioned how the woman he was talking to was hesitant to share her thoughts, saying that women are "complicated".

Well, to cut to the chase, and at the risk of sounding misogynistic, what she's really hinting at, whether she knows it or not is that Satan has the ear of women, and when women are let off the leash (so to speak) of societal and religious constraints, he REALLY has their ear, and they become much more open to his suggestions.

What she's really talking about is the slavery of women. As in all New Age speak, words usually mean the polar opposite of what they purport to suggest, so women's "lib" really means the complete and utter debasement of women.

Women's bodies have become a sort of communal masturbation chamber for men, who have been led by the women into likewise debasing themselves just as Adam was led into debasement by Eve. To exacerbate the humiliation, her womb is not deemed worthy of the man's seed, so it is sprayed over her face, or elsewhere. On the rare occasion it is, the womb is infertile anyway due to the pill, sterilization or other reasons. Her purpose for being - motherhood, the nurturing and raising of strong families and a source of strength and support for her husband, are totally mocked and ridiculed, and this is "liberating"??

This is so enormous and incomprehensible to the modern woman who has just imbibed this Gospel of Satan from generations of older women, that all she can articulate is "we are complicated".

In a sense I agree that women ARE complicated - I'm a traditional Catholic and we believe that the Virgin Mary is Satan's most formidable foe as many exorcists will attest. So Satan most certainly does NOT have the ear of the virtuous woman. However, as soon as the woman lets go of her virtue, that guardian of true womanhood which sadly proved ephemeral in the case of Eve and is non-existent in most modern women, the situation is completely changed. You have what the elite call a "new paradigm".

This is precisely why documents like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and similar works like the Communist Manifesto that presaged this Satanic Age (I rather call it by its real name rather than the euphemistic "New Age") are so emphatic about isolating the woman from the fortress of her family and her role within that fortress of mother and helpmeet of her husband.

The "liberation" of women is in many respects much more important to the success of this Satanic Order than the establishment of the Central Banking System and the two World Wars.

Yes, the woman shorn of her virtue is for some reason more open to Satan's influence than men but has the power to bring men down with her.

So she sits at the board table aping men, wearing power suits and trying to outman the "bastards", and when she surveys the wasteland that is her life, just scratches her head and wonders, "Gee we're complicated!".

Witches are a natural ally of the Devil, whereas warlocks have to really work for it.

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Comments for "Feminists Regret Failure to Have Families "

Lisa said (August 4, 2016):

Tony B and VT are right about women...but, they missed one point. They both described WHITE women. I have zero white women friends and white women have been very mean to women like me all my life. They are every bit of what these two men described: ego, mean, stupid, entitled, self-centered, self-interested, GREEDY, materialistic, promiscuous, attention-seekers, competative with other women, and mean! Hispanic women are nothing like white women whatsoever. They will work outside the home if the family needs the money, but we are family people. And, we are not mean, entitled, and as stupid as white women. Both men described white women to a TEEEE I always say white men who endlessly seek the "perfect 10" deserve the women in their culture. They deserve each other. That's why so many are divorced and married 4, 5, + times. White culture thinks nothing of throwing husbands, wives, children away and running around promiscuously and marrying MANY times. They deserve each other!

Jennifer said (August 2, 2016):

I've met just as many men who are now in their 40s and 50s, that bought the feminist lie and now regret not having a wife or children. Men who passed over the traditional housewife/mother girl in college, in favor for the career grad-school girl getting her MBA.

Men became more concerned with wanting a wife who they could use financially to help them bootstrap their way up the ladder or who could help them share in their manly provider responsibilities--instead of a "taker" homemaker/mother. Those high stress double income relationships generally failed.

And in my experience unfortunately, often men who could afford financially and emotionally to support a wife and mother had either porn/sex addiction/adultery problems or alcohol/drug problems. So if They didn't get you on the feminist side they would get you on the sex or drug side.

Anon said (August 2, 2016):

"My mother told me that I would have to compete with men in life, and to never back down from a challenge with a man. I could do anything a man could, and could do it better because I was a woman, and women are better than men...they can do it all, and they can have it all."

...Proving that feminism is not about "equality", but is really just another supremacy movement. Whenever you read the word "feminism", read it as a portmanteau of "female chauvinism".

These women are right to think themselves failures. They completely missed the point of womanhood and instead picked a pointless, internecine fight with men.

Glen said (August 2, 2016):

Just like everything else in this freakin' land of make believe we live in, feminism was just another invented means by our controllers (the Jewish, Satanic, Masonic banksters) to destroy everything we as Americans once held so dearly. The family, the middle class, the woman who was capable of being and proud to be a loving mother. The strong, masculine father who worked hard and took great pride in the family he raised. A school system that actually encouraged at least a little free thinking along with the three R's. Churches which preached morality and self restraint.

Poof, all gone in the matter of a few decades until we ended up with the sick, decadent society we exist in today. As we watch the world sink further into this cess pool of depravity and immorality never let it be said it was all part of the enlightenment of man, for it is nothing more than Talmudic Satanism at it's best. If you don't believe me, please listen to what Aaron Russo has to say about the whole mess as he describes how his friend Jay Rockefeller said it all went down.

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