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Hollywood's Revenge on Dissident Historian David Irving

August 16, 2016

On September 5, 1996, David Irving sued Deborah Lipstadt and  Penguin Books for libel for characterizing him as a "Holocaust Denier" in her book Denying the Holocaust.  The judge decided in Lipstadt's favor, ruling that her accusations were substantially true. Indeed Irving has never addressed the subject in an article or book but has stated in speeches that he cannot find a paper record for the official view, and he questioned the numbers. He represented himself at the trial. The controversy is now the stuff of Hollywood epic. Actually the trailer looks pretty good. It raises the issue of whether "free speech" includes the right to be wrong. (I believe it does.)

Disclaimer-  I don't agree with Hoffman (below) or Irving about the Holocaust. I don't think the Nazis would round up Jews incapable of work just to provide free room and board, or demand a ransom of 10,000 trucks to exempt them from these benefits. (See also) My parents had to pass as non-Jews for a reason. Nevertheless,  Irving should not be prevented from questioning the official narrative. Restrictions on free inquiry and free speech are the hallmarks of Communism. 
The real scandal is Zionist exploitation of Jewish tragedy for political gain when they collaborated with the Nazis and were responsible for many Jewish deaths.   Indeed, these scoundrels want to replace the Crucifixion with the holocaust as a sign of the Jews' God-like status. This tawdry political agenda is the main reason people question the Jewish holocaust. Finally, the holocaust creates the illusion that Jews were the primary victims of World War Two when in fact more than 60 million goyim died. The Masonic Jewish bankers were behind the war. The real target was humanity in general. 

by Michael Hoffman
(abridged by 

In late September the Zionists will once again advance their cartoon version of history by means of Hollywood, their "court" of first resort. Tinseltown is the ideal venue for projecting fantasies disguised as historical truth and trying and convicting heretics and dissidents. The target in question is English historian David Irving, author of more than 20 best-selling history books and the leading military historian of National Socialist Germany.

(left. rat-faced actor plays Irving) 

In the year 2000 he brought a libel suit in London against Deborah Lipstadt, a dreary thought cop from Emory University in Georgia who has made it her life's work to dream up a new category of heretic ("Holocaust denier"), reflective of the hysteria and megalomania of the religion of Holocaustianity, of which she is high priestess. The hobby horse of one obscure professor soon became a marching order for the media of the entire western world. The story behind that chilling Orwellian perversity is itself deserving of a book-length study.

Thanks to Deborah, many writers and historians now bear the career-withering " holocaust denier" stigmata, branded both by new media (Google search engine, Wikipedia) and the senile print media. Imagine if every atheist who was a chemist, astronomer, geographer, novelist or sculptor, who did not believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, would have to endure going through life perpetually branded by the media as a "Resurrection-denier"? 

Of course in our modern world one may deny the central tenet of Christendom all one likes. Hollywood director James Cameron lavishly funds the Resurrection denial of Israeli activist Simcha Jacobvici. In the Israeli state there is a tourist trade based on selling maps and taking tours of what the Israelis describe as the tomb where the bones of Jesus rot, but Cameron and co. bear no contumely for it.

Acting as his own attorney, Irving went it alone against Lipstadt and her team of lawyers and researchers in the Masonic courts of injustice, for which Britain is justly infamous. In spite of a few failings (chiefly in deciding not to call German-American chemist/historian Germar Rudolf as a witness), Irving mounted a magnificent defense against a legal team consisting of lawyers for England's aristocracy, funded by the bottomless pockets of movie mogul Steven Spielberg, and with the Israeli ambassador seated in the courtroom with his retinue of gun-toting bodyguards -- in case the presiding judge didn't get the message about which way the verdict should go.

Unfortunately, there is no revisionist book about the Irving trial as there is for the show trial of Ernst Zündel in Canada. In the breach, on September 30 Hollywood will tender "Denial," its mendacious spin on the ignominious Lipstadt, who was so cowardly she hid behind her high-priced lawyers and refused to take the stand and endure Mr. Irving's cross-examination (it will be interesting to see how the film will handle this embarrassing, self-indicting fact).

The part of the slim and good-looking Irving of that era is played by Timothy Spall, a chubby thespian with a flaccid jaw who  typically portrays villains. The role of the plain-looking Prof. Lipstadt is undertaken by the glamorous Rachel Weisz, who is usually cast as a heroine. 

This is a morality play in a shades-of-gray world. When Christians endeavour to slay a dragon we are told to lighten up, don't be a fanatic, embrace diverse viewpoints. When the Zionists prepare to slay a revisionist reptile, existential factors are banished and a pure struggle between cosmic good and evil takes center stage....

The trailer for the movie "Denial" 

Hoffman's extensive archive on the libel trial, dating from January 11, 2000 to April 21, 2000

The Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH) maintains its own archive on Lipstadt/Irving

Lipstadt's book, Denying the Holocaust is demolished by Carlo Mattogno 

Michael Hoffman's Truth Mission is made possible by sales of his publications and broadcasts, and donations from benefactors

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First Comment from Dan:

First, about the elephant in the room.  The Holocaust narrative.  Hitler ordered the systematic assembly line gassing of 6 million Jews in order to exterminate every Jews in Nazi occupied Europe. 

Raise your hand if you always believed every word of this from the age of 3 or six or soon as you could understand television shows.  I did.  I heard the Zundel in the 80's and 90's but for years I didn't pay attention because he seemed to be a crank.  It wasn't till several years into the Internet that I actually read what he said.  Still I thought he was a crank.  

But I kept hearing more about these trials for 'Holocaust Denial' and finally when someone I didn't consider a crank got ambushed on Swedish Television in 2008, and was charged in absentia with Holocaust Denial in Germany, and all the blatant persecution of the man for honestly giving his opinion when asked on television, THIS is when I began to research the history myself. 

Thank you Michael for showing how the casting alone is a grotesque distortion of the real people in the case.  When I saw the promo photo, I thought Timothy Spall was playing Richard 'Skunky' Evans. Spall resembles the rat-faced Evans*, not Irving.  The choice of Rachel Weisz to play Deborah Lipstadt needs no comment.  Just so everyone is one the same page about what Historical Revision is, here's the definition. 

"Historical revisionism involves either the legitimate scholastic re-examination of existing knowledge about a historical event, or the illegitimate distortion of the historical record. For the former, i.e. the academic pursuit, see historical revisionism."

I say 'revisionism' can't mean both.  One is in the interest of the truth, the other is about making up any narrative to suit political aims. 

We need another word for Hollywood History.  Let's call it HOLLYWOOD REINVENTIONSIM (ie, bullshit).  Every history movie they've ever made is a distortion - and they never apologize for it.   Now that the last of the generation eye witnesses of life in Europe during WWII are either dead, or in prison for Holocaust Denial I've seen a rash of articles announcing 'newly discovered documents' originating from the Daily Main, UK Guardian, picked up by the New York Times and the rest.  How about this one:

Thus 'historical revisionists' are motivated to get the truth of what really happened to be the final history for posterity, what the 'enemys of the truth'; in Hollywood should not be called revisionism.   Let's call it Historical Re-Invention.  

As for the history of ethnic cleansing under Hitler's Lebensraum policy, you won't get anywhere analyzing it through your emotions.  Historical research is an academic discipline which requires objectivity.  

David Irving never denied ethnic cleansing occurred, that's documented. 
What the 'Holocaust Deniers' question are Holocaust Industry narratives.
They raised valid questions, and for that they got thrown in prison, and had their careers and lives destroyed. 

Merkel's government sentenced 87 year old Ursula Haverbeck to prison last year for openly challenging the German government to provide proof of 6 million Jews;  extermination gas chambers; and a 'Final Solution' to genocide the Jews of Europe.   We're still waiting for their answer to her challenge. 

She said "The truth needs no laws."

JG Writes:

I feel for all the truthers like Irving who dwell in this present '1984 Age' where the lie is the truth and the truth is the lie.
The Holocaust has become the power engine for Modern Jewish Identity and it has become too powerful of a monster to revise or discredit the politicized authorized version.

I never understood the glory of victimization that goes along with the Holocaust narrative or why these Holocaust fact finders like Irving or Zundel are held in contempt for undercutting the numbers. You would think they would be relieved rather than disappointed to find that there was less bloodshed and not more. One of the reasons why there is no  turning back from this present narrative now because there is way too much money involved. Germany has paid out billions and now they might soon be paying more billions to some of the 2nd generation of Jews who were related to the 1st generation of victims. There will be no end to this one.

The victors are writing this piece of history and you all better learn to accept it and enjoy it.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Hollywood's Revenge on Dissident Historian David Irving"

T said (August 18, 2016):

I never understood the glory of victimization that goes along with the Holocaust narrative or why these Holocaust fact finders like Irving or Zundel are held in contempt”…… It might seem counterintuitive, but the masonic Zionists are the biggest WELFARE RECIPIENTS on the planet. That’s why. They are parasites that need to keep the illusion alive to keep getting sustenance from their host nation. They would not exist without banking bailouts, favourable loopholes, state funded expenses, illegal collusion with authorities, etc. Israel and monarchies/presidents are the biggest welfare claimants of all, and no coincidence they are the ones most censored that you cannot speak out against.

Here's the point: Most people on welfare get sneered at for being losers and encouraged to get off it and be productive for society, so to remain on all-expenses paid offices, these Zionists decided to flip everything upside down and make people feel guilty so ppl are acquiescent of paying their way bc they “are entitled to be paid reparations for being such innocent victims”, even if its clear as day you're just supporting a conspiracy/rigged system.

Z said (August 17, 2016):

He is Jewish himself and therefore a spook. His mother Beryl Irene Newington is indeed Jewish. A friend of Irving, Rolf Hochhuth stated it for the record in Junge Freiheit (No. 08/2005 from 18 Feb. 2005) while trying to defend Irving from anti-Semitism.

It is also worth mentioning that Irving has never denied the Holocaust happened. He proposed that the numbers may have been inflated and questioned the use of gas chamber and other specifics, but he never denied atrocities occurred on a large scale.

David said (August 17, 2016):

Henry, I heard Irving speak on many occasions before his US visa was revoked on a technicality a few years ago. He is one of the most rigorous, eloquent yet viciously smeared scholars alive, all because he points out discrepancies in the orthodox version of WWII uncovered in decades of research into declassified material, archives and interviews with Reich survivors or descendants.

People who get their "history lessons" from Hollywood or PBS are hopeless, but any other thoughtful individual should read Irving's closing argument in his 1996 libel action. The regrettable truth is most "historians" would rather play it safe with handsome fees, contracts with big publishing houses and cushy tenure-for-life by repeating the Official Story than in digging out the truth behind any historical event.

As for the buzz phrase "Holocaust denial" that is always guaranteed to provoke the same reaction in everyone who hears it, when will Hollywood screen a cloak-and-dagger epic on all the Holocaust hoaxes that have been exposed in the past? The most recent one from just a few weeks ago is a Joseph Hirt, who lied for decades about being an Auschwitz inmate and who collected huge fees lecturing & guilting impressionable high schoolers who don't know any better.

James C said (August 17, 2016):

The best antidote to the establishment's version of World War II is a book by the son of the famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin, Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil by Gerard Menuhin. After reading this book, I'm coming to the conclusion that nearly everything we were ever told about World War II was a lie. We've had over 70 years of totally one-sided anti-German propaganda. This book takes a long overdue look at the other side of the story. IMO, it's a "must read." Highly recommended.

Larry C said (August 16, 2016):

Henry, with Yahoo News headlines like these I don't see how you can worry about 60 million goyim. I mean, this is just today...

Kim Kardashian Flaunts Slimmed Down Figure in ‘Savage’ Bike Shorts

Kim Kardashian Wears Insanely Long Wig, Shows Off Curves at New Photoshoot

Kim Kardashian Explains Why She's Not a Feminist: 'I Don't Need to Be Defined by Those Beliefs'

North West Tries On Mom Kim Kardashian West’s Balenciaga Boots

Seriously, Henry, let's give it up. There's no hope for humanity.

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