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Texe Marrs: Serpent is Symbol of Jewish Satanism

August 2, 2016


Current events demonstrate that humanity is 
indeed in the grip of an occult power
rooted in the Jewish Kabbalah. 
The situation is dire.
Adherents of this satanic cult control the government,
economy, education and the media.
No one has done more to alert mankind to its perilous state 
than Texe Marrs.
In his latest book, he exposes the satanic nature of the Kabbalah. 
In the article below, he proves Judaism worships the snake 
who represents Satan or Lucifer. 

(Disclaimer: The Kaballah is central to both Judaism and Freemasonry but the majority of Jews and Masons are uninitiated, i.e. unaware of its diabolical character and intent.) 

"For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue has muttered perverseness... They hatch cockatrice (flying serpent) eggs and weave the spider's web: he that eateth of their eggs dieth, and that which is crushed break out into a viper."    Isaiah 59

By Texe Marrs
(Abridged by

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus straightforwardly called the religious Jews "serpents" and "vipers" (Matthew 12 and 23).

    "How can ye escape the damnation of hell?" said Jesus.

Since Jesus' time, one rabbi after another has proven Jesus right. The majority admit to their lordship by the Serpent. The rabbis even put their evil in writing, declaring in their most holy books, the Talmud and Kabbalah, that the Serpent is their "companion" and "helpmate." So holy and sacred is the Serpent in their Judaic religion that the rabbis maintain he is their "redeemer" and "Messiah."


First, we go to the Zohar, one of five books which are the core books of the influential Kabbalah. The Zohar teaches that the middle letter in the Torah (first five books of the Bible) is "vav," which is the 6th letter in the Hebrew alphabet. The letter vav is known as the "serpent." In gematria (numerology) this is said to mean that, "The serpent is the middle brain which is the middle of the letters of Torah."

The rabbis say that "vav" is evidence of both deity and of the Holy Serpent and note that this supernatural Hebrew letter is found exactly at the middle point of the Torah, at Leviticus 11:42, which is said to be the belly of the serpent.

Now, the Jewish people are themselves claimed to be represented by the words of the Torah. The kabbalist doctrine is that the Jews can be found to live and exist totally within the interpreted words of the Torah. The Serpent, too, resides within the Torah and, in fact, say the rabbis, encloses the Torah and the entire universe. Descending and rising within the Tree of Life, which the Torah also represents, the Jews eventually arrive in the middle of the spiritual world. Thus, Rabbi Joel David Bakst states, "we have journeyed to the center of the world and landed in the belly of the serpent."


Rabbi Michael Ezra further states, "Our sages explain that in Gematria, the Hebrew Words, Moshiach (Messiah) and nachash (Serpent), have the same numerical value." Rabbi Jacob ben Cohen declares outright, that, "The Messiah is a snake."

Rabbi Elijah ben Solomon, left, perhaps the most famous of historical rabbis, known as the Vilna of Gaon, heartily agrees with Rabbi Cohen's conclusions. Not only is the serpent Messiah and redeemer of the Jews, the Zohar states: "The Holy Serpent is the fountainhead, root, and essence for all God's sacred revelatory light."

Remember, in the New Testament, we find that Jesus is the "light of the world." The Kabbalah's Zohar disagrees. The Zohar teaches that the Serpent is "the source of universal light."

Rabbi Michael Ezra, argues that, "The Serpent has the transformative power in spiritual development."
Rabbi Michael Laitman enthusiastically teaches that, "The Serpent is the Angel of Help. We should be grateful to the Serpent."

Rabbi Michael Laitman interviewed by CNN's Larry King. According to Laitman, the Serpent is the Jew's Angel of Help. "We should be grateful to the Serpent for his help," he says.

 Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburgh says that, "The positive snake represents the epitome of good" and adds, "The Messiah is referred to as the Holy Snake."

 Beit Ha Derek, a popular Jewish religious group, published an article, "The Revelation of the Holy Snake." According to this group of Jewish scholars, quoting the Zohar (11-54a), we are told that, "The Serpent is wise and is a counselor to God."

 The rabbis and their holy books of Talmud and Kabbalah, agree that the Serpent is man's great helper and friend. Rabbi Ibn Ezra states, "Serpents stand as servants to do your will."

 The Talmud, the Jews' most holy book, teaches that, "Serpents encircle the Righteous during their lives, attending to their needs and guiding their actions."

 "On the Sabbath," says the Talmud, "one is permitted to charm snakes and serpents" (Sanhedrin 101a, 101b). As such, the serpents will go forth to strike out at enemies and will protect the Jew.

 The Talmud concludes that, "The Serpent is the great servant of man" (Sanhedrin 50b).

Of course, the Talmud is referring only to the Jews as "man," because it describes non-Jews as inferior "beasts" and "animals." Gentiles also must serve the Jews and will do so, according to the Talmud, in the future world.

joel_bakst (1).jpg
For the wary Jew who, possibly, feels a twinge of fear in befriending the Holy Serpent, Rabbi Joel Bakst offers a bit of reassuring knowledge. Though some may view the serpent negatively, the rabbi writes, "In Messianic times and beyond, the Serpent will be redeemed and revealed in all its glory and awesomeness."

Amazing! The ugly, lying serpent (Satan) will, in the prophesied Jewish future world, reign over all as a splendid, beautiful and glorious creature!


Now, dear friends, do you see and understand the depth of deception being perpetrated by the rabbis? The fact is, that the Jews in their religion do not believe in original sin but in original blessing. They deny that the serpent misled Eve and caused her and Adam to sin and fall. Instead, the serpent did man a great favor in the Garden by assisting him in his effort to attain godhood. The Jews say that the Holy Serpent will eventually lead and guide their race to fulfillment of this goal. They shall be as gods in the Jewish Kingdom yet to come.

The New Testament clearly paints for us an honest and forthcoming picture of the Serpent. Revelation calls him "Satan, and the Devil" (Revelation 12:9). Jesus said that he is the "father of lies." Jesus branded the Jews, "blind guides" and reported them as "full of uncleanness."

The prophets and apostles likewise warned of the teachings of the rabbis, which Jesus said were "man-made traditions" and "not of God." Paul said those who fall victim to these lies are "bewitched" (Galatians 3). Isaiah stated that the Israelites "despised" the Word of the Lord, and therefore, "Truth has fallen in the Streets."

John the Baptist, perceiving that the religious Jews had come to him for baptism as a pretense, angrily asked them, "O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?"

Jesus, too, called them "vipers" and "serpents" and He said they were "of their father, the devil."

"For by thy words," Jesus said, "thou shalt be condemned."

Please note the very words of the rabbis. Do their words--bragging and boasting of their great friend, redeemer, and Messiah, the Holy Serpent--not condemn them?

My new book, Holy Serpent of the Jews, demonstrates these and many other ungodly words are used by the rabbis in regard to their admiration and veneration of their Messiah, Satan, the Holy Serpent.

The Jews--in fact, the entire world--is therefore confronted with a clear choice. Either serve Jesus Christ as Master and Lord, or fall sway to the damning, deadly words of the rabbis.

Jesus or Satan? That is the choice. We have no other option, and time is running out.  

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Holy Serpent of the Jews is available here.

images (61).jpeg
First Comment from Art

What should we make of the [snake-like] Superman logo.

I watched Man of Steel (aka Superman) last night.

& thanks to your writings, I was aware of a whole lot of stuff going on in the movie.

As a kid I'd scratched out a Superman logo on my arm, with a Stanley knife! 


The one obvious symbol Texe Marrs does not mention is that "the snake" (repeatedly referred to in the article) is symbolic of sex and sexual energy -- not just "male" sexuality, but human sexuality in general.  It's "transformative" ability is often alluded to by the fact that "snakes" shed their "skin" and so are considered "re-born" (born again.).

The obvious allusion/conclusion that Texe Marrs avoids is that "the snake" represents SEX.   Indeed, one can also find multiple references in non-Gentile/Jewish culture that sex (and sexual energy, the dualistic creative/destructive force of the universe) is the earthly manifestation of their "god."

Note that the symbol of the snake always implies duality, not just "male" sexual energy.   The snake that beguiled Eve is an allegory.

It also brings to mind the original theology of a strange group of cultists out of Los Angeles called "The Process."   Their acolytes, known as "Processians", claimed that the true "nature" of God was found in the symbol of "Jesus Christ/Satan."   That is the concept that Satan is actually the "twin" of Jesus Christ, and to understand the "duality" of the universe (creation/destruction, good/bad, hot/cold, fire/water, positive and negative, etc.) one must understand that Satan is equally a part of Christ's "hidden nature."

Perhaps this explains why occultists consider Baphomet a bi-sexual hermaphroditic god-figure.

James Perloff writes;

I have read this book and highly recommend it. It does a great job of exposing Talmudic Judaism--its history; its centrality to the New World Order; its Luciferianism and inherent racism; and its links to Freemasonry and the New Age movement. Also, that's a great little insight from Art on the Superman logo--who would have noticed decades ago?!

YN writes:

While this is excellent information, my reservation with Texe Marrs is that while he knows so much about all this, he still purports the Jewish Mystical "Fallen angel human hybrid" fable as being factual, biblical anti-deluvian history.  I thought he did such a good job with his  "Marching to Zion" film, so I was disappointed to read that on his site.

I don't have anywhere near your experience or education Henry, but, here's what I posted about this two days ago in a series I've been working on about the fallen angels' alleged pre-flood elicit affairs:  I mention Texe. This stuff causes (more) confusion. At least it confused me. 

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Comments for "Texe Marrs: Serpent is Symbol of Jewish Satanism "

Imran said (August 3, 2016):

These particular Jews in that article appear to be popular. Although it seems that they are technically Satanists.

However, I would think that a number of global elite members would have a Luciferian religion with worship of Satan in one form or another, but which is almost exclusively restricted to them only and not the masses.

Peter said (August 3, 2016):

The Talmud is no the Torah.

Jesus identifies evil Jews and names them as the Synagogue of Satan - you make the same mistake everyone does who attacks this evil by not supporting the narrative with the Bible. If you are going to state the true character of Judaism is the Talmud then what is the religion the Jews follow who believe the Torah?

What is the pre-conversion religion of say Jerry Golden who is a Messianic Jew who believes in Christ? The enemy has stolen the Dictionary....

Peace (and you and I Henry, know there will not only be no peace but that we are heading for WW III )



It doesn't matter because the leadership doesn't.


Marcos said (August 3, 2016):

The first and most important prophecy in the Bible was told by God against the Serpent, in judgement for his deceiving of Eve. Genesis 3:15.
Your will bruise the heel of the offspring of the woman, but He will crush your head.

Jesus is the offspring of Eve. Satan and the Jewish leaders (whom Jesus called sons -offspring- of Satan) indeed bruised His heel when they crucified Him, but in doing so, crushed their own head unawares, because in that moment Satan lost the power over saved human beings and the Jews lost their temporal power on religion. What a flop.

It was a crushing defeat indeed, and Satan's main objective today is to keep people ignorant of this fact, so they don't seek salvation through the cross. The whole worship of the serpent thing is only an effort to deny this defeat.

Vikram said (August 3, 2016):

The Jew is an enigma. Who/what is a Jew? As E. Michael Jones points out in his 'The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its impact on World History', the Gospel of John 20:19 depicts the apostles locked in a room on the day of Christ's resurrection. They had locked the doors says John, "for fear of the Jews". But John was a Jew as were the other apostles, so the statement makes no sense, unless you understand that already, at this very early stage of Christianity, the term 'Jew' had taken on a very specific connotation, that is, a rejector of Christ. No longer is a Hebrew defined by his DNA, but by acceptance or rejection of the Messiah - the ones that accepted Christ were the first Christians, while the ones that refused to accept Him are called 'Jews'.

The fact that these rejectors of Christ have (in the main) seemingly also rejected the Torah, which is the roadmap that leads to Christ, and instead chosen to be beguiled and seduced by the Serpent's promises is confirmation that they have rejected the God of the Torah for the god of the Underworld. It is a predisposition that goes back to Moses' day and the golden calf.

But note that these rejectors of Christ are only a portion of the Hebrew people. Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of the Hebrew people have accepted Christ, among them the very first Christians. My hope is that many thousands more will trample on the Serpent's head and take up Christ - their Saviour and the Saviour of the whole world, intended for them by God from the time of Adam's fall.

Sid Green said (August 3, 2016):

It's the Gaon of Vilna (Genius of Vilna)
not the Vilna Gaon. That's like saying the Makow of Henry

I have read that Rabbi's vile Babylonian serpantine doctrine I own Rabbi Bakst's book. Texe Marrs seems OK, be careful of errors. We wouldn't want to discredit our highly valid criticism of the home faith now would we.

like the article
Al Thompson is an imbecile.
Biblical prophecy is going to come to pass and this earth will be singed to a crisp. Have a nice day

Al Thompson said (August 2, 2016):

Why should anyone believe in the Bible? It was written by Jews and Jesus Christ was a Jew according to the writing. After studying the Jewish issue, why should anyone believe anything a religious "leader" says. Many of them are liars, hypocrites, fags, child molesters, and just general perverts. And these kinds of people are found in most religions. I don't have any respect for any of them any longer. In the Bible, Jesus and Lucifer are both identified as the "bright morning star." What's up with that?

Most of the churches are lead by sick and demented teachers with no moral standards.

The problem with writings is that little can be proven as fact. And unless faith is rooted in some facts, then it doesn't have any value. That's my opinion based on experience. The only facts religious teachers can point to are their writings, but writings don't always reflect the facts; they may or may not be true. Then what?

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at