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Why am I so anxious?

August 19, 2016


Most people have 
much better reasons
for anxiety than I. 

This is how I handle mine.

 "It seems our society is dedicated to perpetuating a collective anxiety. It's a social malaise."

by Henry Makow Ph.D

My life is good, so I asked myself, "why am I not happier?"  I meditated and traced the problem to a generalized anxiety. Addressing this problem has calmed me.

I literally had no reason to be anxious. No money worries. Good marriage. Job that is a hobby. Live in a stable, peaceful country. Things are really awfully good yet my anxiety level prevented me from enjoying life. I analyzed possible causes.

1. I'm Jewish. Many Jews are driven, anxious people by nature.  

2. We live in a society that is satanically possessed. Public schools groom children for pedophiles. The natural order (gender ) is being dismantled and we are barely aware of it. We're under an anaesthetic. There are very few genuine constructive influences in society. The ruling elite consists of criminals and psychopaths. The ship of humanity has broken free of its moral moorings and is heading for the rocks. 

But none of this affects me personally yet. It's true I write and tweet about it but none of it has hit home. So why fret over something I can't change? Jonathan Swift said, if you can't stumble over a stone, you'll trip over a straw. Was I a victim of a generalized anxiety that would fix on any excuse?

3. Almost everything we see on the the Internet seems calculated to make us anxious. Fear mongering sells. "We're all going to be chipped and put into FEMA concentration camps etc." This drumbeat of fear seems calculated to paralyze and prevent action.  TV news is a litany of conflict, sickness and disaster. Turn the channel and you have an orgy of sex, violence and greed also calculated to make you anxious. The commercials parade beautiful women and products to tempt you. It seems our society is dedicated to perpetuating a collective anxiety. It's a social malaise. 


I believe there are four dimensions to reality. We all know about width, length and height. The fourth dimension is morality i.e. God, Consciousness. This spiritual dimension is more Real than the three material one.

In this state, Truth, Goodness, Love, Beauty and Justice are self evident. Occasionally I glimpse this dimension and am reminded to seek God consciousness instead of the human race or the world. 

I am reminded to "let go" of the world. Even if the world is completely destroyed, which is unlikely, God is eternal, supreme and immutable. I have to worship God and not mankind. 

The earth fits on a postage stamp in the universe. We parade and posture as human beings but we are less than ants. Yes we have the potential to be much more, but that requires missing moral leadership.  

We're all going to die anyway. Best for me to die to the world now and contribute something positive instead of being paralyzed by negativity and fear. 

We're all searching but we don't know what we're looking for. 

It is God.

Anxiety is due to fear. It is cowardice.

The cure for anxiety is to live fearlessly. Die now and live joyously. Serve (worship) God.

Since having this realization, my anxiety has diminished. Now the challenge is to execute. Instead of being so niggardly self centred, make an effort to bring something positive to every situation. 
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Comments for "Why am I so anxious? "

DS said (August 21, 2016):

In all seriousness, try reducing all processed, man-made foods, foods with names you can't pronounce, also reduce as much as possible white sugar, dairy and any meat. These are mostly acid forming foods. Excess acidity brings on anxiety in the body.

Anxiety is a biological necessity/inevitability from eating foods that are not in the Order of the Universe/God produced foods, like from farms..

Eat more greens, grains and beans.....There are hundreds of great cook books. I like the Macrobiotic ones as they come with a philosophy.

LoisAnn said (August 20, 2016):

The entire world suffers from anxiety and exactly the reasons/comments you just expressed and listed. You are wrong, however, in believing none of these things should affect you personally. ALL of them are cause to perplex the human soul and the soul IS a part of you. A very important part as you well know.

Evil breeds and seeps into the lives of every human being rather we are aware or not. Perhaps most people who care about what is happening to our world, our lives, our 'future' suffer the most. It is an empty feeling as most probably acknowledge, so, don't blame it on your Jewish heritage...blame it on the evil workings of the satanic leaders who have invaded the human soul to this extent. At least you're aware something is wrong. Missing!

This is a plus as it gives you the courage to continue the good fight using your gift of words to enlighten others. Had you been un-aware of this inner un-settlement there would be cause of worry. To all who are experiencing these same emotions/thoughts keep lighting the path for others who have yet to be awakened and guide them along to inner awareness.

Damon said (August 20, 2016):

Very nice. Thanks for sharing your insights. We are fellow travelers on the same bandwidth as I was born in 1950. The Fourth dimension IS the REAL place of PEACE.

Marco said (August 20, 2016):

You write, "best for me to die to the world", and that is exactly what God commanded of us in the New Testament. But when we die to the world we will become exiles in it, we will be foreigners living in a strange land and society (fellow mankind) will hate you, dislike you, think you a fool or insane. When I write that society will hate you, I am not writing from paranoia, I am being honest and perceptive; this is what I have personally experienced and what is written in the Bible for followers of Jesus. Spiritually when you turn away from the world, the world will not understand you anymore (you are a new man, a citizen of Heaven); I find that there is a spiritual perception in all mankind that judges whether you are a slave of the Devil or a servant of God and hence a brother - or an enemy. In these dark times, I find that there are many slaves of the Devil.

You also write that we must be less self centered, and I think this is 'to die to yourself' as preached by God.

This suffering in the World for followers of God, is what is called the Way of the Cross, and I think it fits in with your Fourth Dimension explanation.

When we decide to ' die to the world' and live fearlessly rejecting the World with its dark Ruler, you are going to need a whole lot of courage, because the world will hate you for it. And the closer you come to God, even your fellow Christians will largely reject you because to come close to God is to become like Christ who was rejected by men.

Ultimately, I think turning away from society for God will lead you to your true self because this is a solitary road. This is my experience and what the Bible teaches.

A said (August 20, 2016):

I liked your article today on the anxiety you feel. I share so much of your outlook; bouncing back and forth between caring so much about the state of our world and at other times knowing it’s futile, and to just do as Christ and so many other Yogis have admonished -to forget about the world, and seek God. There is so much I could express, but no time to write so I will simply say that, I think it is the love in you that cares about this Earth and Humanity. I do believe that this world could be so wonderful - not perfect, but very good indeed if we did not have these psychopaths setting up a matrix all around us. So we sense what could be and what we hope our children will be able to experience, but alas, at the present moment anyway, Evil rules this domain and we would most likely serve ourselves better trying to live by the admonishments of Jesus and his saints to find any real peace.

MF said (August 19, 2016):

God knows we tend to be anxious about many things. Jesus told Martha that she was worried and bothered about many things but really only one was necessary (i.e. Jesus).

He also said What man amongst you can make one hair black by worrying about it?

And Paul wrote to the Philippians Be anxious for nothing but in all prayer and supplication make your request know to God

Fozdyke observed to you that most people were prepared to live in their knees rather than die on their feet so I tend to agree with you that the cure for anxiety is to live fearlessly. Die now and live joyously.

Finally The author and perfector of our lives summed it up this way (Luke 17:11): Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will keep it.

AA said (August 19, 2016):

Your article ‘Why Am I so Anxious?’, couldn’t be more timely. I’ve been reading a lot lately, on the End Times, from an Islamic perspective, and all I can say is, that if it doesn’t leave you feeling anxious to say the least -your not human.

Sorry for sounding a cynical pessimist -but the storm before the calm is going to be a big one. We will be looking at a most definite World War -the Malhama (or Armageddon), most likely going nuclear; Muslims will face the al-harj -increased global killings everywhere; and to top it all off, a nasty little bugger will claim Godhead in Jerusalem, once the radioactive dust will settle!!!

But hey, all is not doom and gloom. The calm will eventually come, and truth and serenity will hit the airwaves from all four corners of the world. So how I do I relax and not let it get the better of me? I pray to God, and seek his protection; I keep myself busy focusing on the kids, their education; I focus on appreciating my good health and enjoy eating the wonderful foods my wife cooks for me; and I just take life a day at a time, for no matter what obstacles I may face tomorrow and perceive will happen in the future, there is no point in worrying about it.

As you say, Henry, we are all going to die, in a way that has been decreed by our Creator, so lets focus on whats good and keep on praying for that greater intimacy with God Almighty.

On a side note, your wonderful website, has been providing me with so much solace and meaning, over the years-so thank you Henry, my dear Sir! Thank you very much.

Rollin said (August 19, 2016):

Some good observations in your memo to yourself. But it's not enough to have such thoughts occasionally. You need to focus on the spiritual dimension of reality on a regular basis. I'm sure you know what I mean: prayer, meditation, the reading of (and reflection on) writings that are inspired and inspiring. I was trained in meditation, having lived for years in a yoga ashram, though I now pray instead. (The simple difference is that meditation tends to lend itself to an attitude of self-sufficiency, and a spirituality without humility, whereas prayer is relational and acknowledges one's need for a power greater -- and wiser and more loving -- than oneself.) Nevertheless, meditation can be very beneficial, and in fact there is a large area of commonality between prayer and meditation.

I'd also recommend not only reading, but writing -- putting your own spiritual thoughts on paper (or online). Of course, you already write online, but most of your writing (with some excellent exceptions) focuses on the negative. This is helpful to all of us, but for your own sake, it needs to be balanced, or over time it will influence your outlook adversely. This needn't be done online, it can be done privately,

Dan A said (August 19, 2016):

As an adult I consider myself to have a rather high degree of anxiety that varies from day to day. I have no fingernails from chewing on them. Another habit I've had since I was a child.

Historically I have experienced panic attacks, but have been free from such attacks for quite some time now. This may be due to my living environment now combined with a drug called seroquel I take at night to help me sleep.

Seroquel is an atypical antipsycotic that can cause weight gain along with other side effects. Now I take a low dose of seroquel so side effects are not a concern.

One pleasant side effect of seroquel is it makes me a bit apathetic. Apathy leads to emotional stability for me.

Yes I agree that the cure for anxiety is to live void of fear. I feel I am void of fear now due to having nothing really, but anxiety still presents itself within me intrinsically from time to time.

Anxiety may be due to fear. Or there may be a genetic etiology for anxiety as well.

Also life experiences can cause anxiety to present itself within an individual.

For some time now I manage my anxiety through exercise and writing. Exercise frees myself from symptoms associated with my anxiety.

When I write about trauma in my life, it lessens the effect of that trauma on me. Because I have divorced myself from that trauma when I write about it in some way.

Finally I believe anxiety may be a cause in some way for any success I've had in my life. It has made me persistent and at times I'm able to focus very well possibly due to my anxiety.

Kaz said (August 19, 2016):

I had been through the same before for decades and finally overcame my anxiety after I accepted Jesus Christ without any reservations and finished reading the New Testament.

I know you're jewish and jews generally don't believe in Jesus Christ. However, I do believe accepting Jesus Christ and living life according to the Word in New Testament is the solution to our problems, including general malaise and anxiety, regardless of our origins whether jewish or gentile. And I don't mean to say this in any kind of condescending, presumptive or disrespectful way, rather out of my Christian love for all, more so for those I hold in high esteem. After all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, with peace, forgiveness, and eternal life being most important of all.


Thanks Kaz

Jewish is an ethnic designation. I do not subscribe to "Judaism" and do derive inspiration from Christ's words and example.


RS said (August 19, 2016):

I really liked your essay today “Why am I so anxious.”

It reminded me very much of this quote:

“The secret to happiness is freedom, and the secret to freedom is courage.” Thucydides, c. 410 BC

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