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Obama Uses Transgenders to Undermine Society

September 9, 2016


The US transgender population is estimated at 700,000 or .20% of the total. Why do their rights trump the other 99.8%?
Why are children as young as nine given sterilizing puberty hormone blockers for merely questioning their biological gender?  
In this excerpt from his book Transgenda, Alex Serritella lists Obama administration initiatives designed to mainstream transgenderism.
The object is to make masculinity and femininity fluid and optional rather than the biological and psychological determinant gender is.
Gender is a large part of our human identity. The Masonic Jewish (Satanist) bankers thus hope to destabilize and reshape society. 

Alex P. Serritella: "The main thing is that the public learns the truth about this corrupt industry. Transgenda is not a pretty book. It deals with rape, child abuse, suicide, shattered lives, bodily mutilation, political corruption, and Satanism. But if you're looking for the truth on this subject, I believe that you will find more of it here than anywhere else."

by Alex P. Serritella
(Excerpt by, pp. 244ff)

President Barack Obama is definitely a favorite of the transgender community. He is the first president to openly speak the word "transgender." He is definitely out to appease the trans community. Here's some of what he's done:

ï‚· In 2014, President Barack Obama signed an executive order banning discrimination against transgender employees of the federal government and its contractors. This gives them the same protection as racial minorities, which is not really justified. But more importantly, it gives transgenderism legitimacy in the public mind. This executive action leads the public to believe that transgenders are an oppressed minority, which is not true.

 So far, President Obama has appointed three transgenders to government positions. He appointed Shannon Price Minter to the President's Commission on White House Fellowships. He appointed Raffi Freedman‐Gurspan as a director of the White House Office of Presidential Personnel. And he appointed Amanda Simpson as Senior Technical Advisor to the Commerce Department.

 Obamacare and many other insurance providers must now cover the cost of gender‐reassignment surgery and hormone treatment. Even though these are purely cosmetic procedures, the public will be made to pick up the tab. No explanation was given why insurance should cover something that is not a medical necessity.

 Obama supports a ban on conversion therapy for transgenders. This therapy is simply counselling children to help them become more comfortable with their birth gender. Why would Obama want that to be illegal? There is no political pressure for this. Only a tiny percentage of a tiny percentage of the population has ever been affected by conversion therapy at all. This is not an epidemic that's plaguing our nation. Why an all‐out ban instead of just adjustments to the therapy? This ban only serves the transgender community and no one else.

download (35).jpeg

ï‚· President Obama has reinterpreted Title IX to include gender identity, which is a misuse of its original purpose. This reinterpretation is now being used to force educators to allow transgender students to use the restroom and facilities of their choice. This same twisted interpretation is also being used to force Christian schools and churches to compromise their beliefs and to embrace transgenderism.

 President Obama has failed to order an investigation into the fraudulent and abusive practices of the APA and the AMA. The reclassification of gender identity disorder is a complete fraud, and patient screening is virtually non‐existent. This has led to untold suffering by many. A federal investigation should have been called for.

ï‚· Obama must be aware of the fact that small children are being sterilized in the name of transgenderism. Anyone with marginal knowledge of the subject knows that. He has done nothing about it. He has therefore given tacit approval to this version of child abuse. Supporting the trans lobby is more important to him than protecting the children.

ï‚· President Obama was the first president to invite transgender children to participate in the White House Easter egg hunt. It's a small but symbolic gesture. It is just one more way of trying to promote transgenderism by making it appear normal.

Why is President Obama doing so much to please the transgender community when there was no political pressure to do so? Caving in on gay marriage made some political sense, because more than 50% of the population supported it. But support for transgenders was minimal and there was little if any political gain to be made by catering to them. At this point he didn't have to worry about re‐election anyway, so what was his motive for supporting transgenderism? There is some unknown influence going on behind the scenes. Somehow, this 0.2% of the population bought themselves a president.


Stella Morabito writes for The Federalist website. She has some interesting thoughts on Obama's possible motives. She mentions the inclusion of transgenders in the National Security Strategy. According to the NSS document, the government is "advocating the rollback of laws and regulations that undermine citizens' rights." Most likely it does just the opposite. The trans movement is all about undermining citizens' rights. Among other things, this concerns trans people in the military.

We might also ask why pushing open transgenderism into the military is so important to the Obama administration. Throughout history, real cultural and societal changes come about gradually, inspired from society's grassroots. But the LGBT agenda has been orchestrated and pushed extremely hard by elites from the top down. Resistance seems based on an unarticulated gut understanding that transgender non- discrimination laws actually do something very different than promote equality: they redefine the humanity of us all. Read any one of these laws, including the Employment Non- Discrimination Act, and you will understand that the underlying presumption in all of them is that everybody's sex is arbitrarily "assigned" or arbitrarily "designated" at birth...

However, the American military is the perfect answer to force dramatic and rapid change in the one segment of the society that is admissibly "authoritarian." If military officers must salute and make the best of the situation whether they like it or not, the forced change is less likely to implode. Acceptance in the military, then, in turn helps push the agenda in the wider society, more gradually perhaps, but faster than would otherwise be the case.


Steps have been taken to promote the trans agenda abroad. The NSS document opposes restrictions that deny foreign funding for the trans movement. That is a deliberate attempt to spread transgenderism around the globe. Obama considers this a vital national interest. Also, Secretary of State John Kerry threatened to cut off funding to countries that don't embrace transgenderism. Who is that serving? The State Department issued a statement recognizing the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (May 17). That means they can penalize countries that don't recognize the day. Shockingly, the U.S. embassies have flown the gay pride rainbow flag under the American flag in other countries. I was so surprised by this that I had to find pictures to confirm that it's true. I did find pictures and, sadly, it is true. Again, who is this serving?

Making transgenderism part of the National Security Strategy is a significant move. It's the first time that transgenderism has ever been mentioned in such a context. But how is transgenderism part of national security? Will our country be safer if we have more transgenders? Does promoting transgenderism make the country better or happier? Obama is misleading the public into thinking that there is some vital national interest at stake here that benefits us all.

On July 1, 2016, the U.S. military officially lifted its ban on transgenders serving openly. They can no longer be discharged just for being transgender. The forced assimilation of transgenders into the military is a step towards assimilation into society as a whole. The 8,800 transgenders currently on active duty are mostly there secretly. Until now, revealing the truth about themselves would have gotten them discharged.

The new National Security Strategy pressured the military into lifting the ban on transgenders. Naturally, more transgenders will join the military now. Their acceptance by other soldiers will be forced. If transgenders are officers, they must be saluted and treated with respect, regardless of personal feelings towards them. Soldiers will be more likely to embrace transgender soldiers, knowing they may save their life someday. Everyone is equal in a foxhole. And when transgenders serve in the military, they are much more likely to be accepted by the general public. They will be viewed as heroes. They serve the country and they risk their lives to protect us. The public sees anyone in a uniform as a hero.  


Transgenda is available from Amazon here.

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Comments for "Obama Uses Transgenders to Undermine Society"

J. Henry said (September 11, 2016):

Believing to be of a different gender than one is biologically is a mental illness. If I read correctly, Obamacare fully supports the delusion of these mentally ill people, including, apparently, surgeries. Yet, Obamacare does not support their psychiatric treatment.

Also, since transgenders are now also openly welcome in the military, it might result in their enemies laughing themselves to death; the end of ground troops in the US army; bombs away!

Any from up downward only seemingly progressive changes are never in the interest of the people and of strengthening our society, but in the interest of weakening it to destroy it.

The 1% that rule everyone and their corrupted collaborators don't mean us well at all and our "Liberal" fools in their ignorance support them. Meanwhile North America is a lunatic asylum with the criminally insane in full power. The State' support of transgender lunacy is just one of many termite bites to bring the house down. I despair for the future of our children, who will end up as worker ants without a society of any values; no more civilization, but, hey, sex and rock and roll.

AC said (September 10, 2016):

Regarding the article on trans-genre risk, may I suggest that Gender Confusion is a mental disease of the mind and should be treated in a mental institution. The medical profess who practice the art of body mutilation should be locked up and publicly shamed!

Anyone cooperating in this mental disorder should be found guilty by association and punished and ridiculed likewise.

FS said (September 10, 2016):

Why the grand push for the BIG gender bender now? The Age of Aquarius -- Aquarius, the Zodiacal Water Bearer, pouring out the obsolete gene pool of the Old Man and the Old Woman -- is upon us, the time for the creation of the perfected, hermaphroditic slave race, based on the Mystery Religion's ages old hermaphroditic deity (Isis-Ra-El, Si-On, the over-laid male and female triangles of the six-pointed hexagram star, the separation of Eve from Adam, marking the Fall, etc..). Alan Watt covers this extensively in his talks at

SS said (September 10, 2016):

Regarding transgender who knows what the ultimate goal is? It’s certainly another divide and conquer tactic: men versus women, old versus young, stay at home mums against go out to work mums, blacks against white, transgender against normal. I would think though that this is just a stepping stone to accepting human/hybrid beings. The younger generation have been conditioned for this with X-men movies and scientists have been working with embryos for at least a couple of years now.

Diane said (September 9, 2016):

...had lunch with a friend whose husband is a well known Seattle psychiatrist ...he is now seeing three times as many teens who believe they are the wrong gender and want to trans...even he is really questioning what is going on...

Tony B said (September 9, 2016):

This whole bunch of crap about gender needs to be put in it's place, that is, it needs to be outlawed as the criminal perversion it is. All the blather about it is stupid. Why lower yourself?

Queers marrying queers was NOT desired by over half the people. Massive, often hypnotic style, propaganda had way too many people okaying this in spite of its offensiveness to them as none of their personal business, but you can bet that its polling, like all other polls, was "creatively arrived upon" (lied about) to fulfill another evil agenda.

As for the "gender problems" with school children, any kid who pulls this crap should get a swift kick in the ass and told to get to class pronto. End of problem. If his/her parents are stupidly nutty on the subject and complain, kick the kid out of school. Tell the idiot parents, who have mis-educated their kid on sex, to keep on home schooling "it" instead of allowing a satanic agenda of ONE to mess up all the other people at the school. I've watched this stupid kind of non thought. One year, in the school where I worked, peanut butter was not allowed to be served at meals because ONE KID was allergic to it. Geez, how moronic can those ex-jock superintendents get? Any wonder why I ALWAYS advise people to school their own kids at home?

W said (September 9, 2016):

Why is Obama pushing transgender? Very simple...he is a homosexual and Michelle is a transgender.

This is common knowledge and these facts are easily obtained on the web. That is until October 1st...
when Obama's plan to give us an internet experience just like they have in China goes into effect.

The woman who outed publicly the fact that Michelle is a tranny was Joan Rivers. Her comments to a reporter are still up on the web and probably Utube. Joan was going around performing marriage ceremonies for homosexuals. Watch her interview, and then start doing your own research.
All the information is out there. Michelle's real name is Michael. Obama has slipped up in speeches a few times and referred to Michelle as Michael. I am not going to lay all this out for you in need to do your own research.

By the way Joan Rivers did not live long after she let the information about Michelle slip out. I believe it was less than 30 days before she died in a very simple and routine medical endoscopy. Like many hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans, I have had this same exam done. The establishment was not going to wait for Barbara Walters or some other news personality to interview Joan Rivers about her comments concerning Obama and Michelle.

Good Lord people WAKE UP!!!!

Scott said (September 9, 2016):

Obama is only a small part of the agenda, but he has the bully pulpit. Obama had previously defined marriage as between a man and woman. Then, after public opinion had been swayed enough through constant barrage of pro-gay propaganda, Obama dispatched Biden on gay marriage. Lo and behold, then Obama threw his name in the ring! After the final legal battles for gay marriage were completed through judicial fiat, it made me wonder what demands would follow. Apparently, gays are set for the foreseeable future. We did get the answer to the next demand from LBGT, which obviously was the public restroom fight.

Any Democrat could have been in the White House for paying lip service. It would just be even louder with Hillary. The point with the transgender issue, though, is that it is not new. Its been put before the public for about 25 years. It used to be a regular subject on the Phil Donahue show back during the early 90's. The difference was it was still accepted as fringe, whereas now the clear goal is to have it accepted as normal. Obama is just a bit player. Find out how much funds are being transferred over from Soros's foundation to support the cause.

Marco said (September 9, 2016):

Transgenderism is simply another tool used to demoralize society; first the feminists and communist revolutionaries came, then the gays, now the trans-genders - this is full spectrum warfare against God, family and nation.

Language has even been used against us, 'sex' has been changed to 'gender. Even the LGBTQ party will admit that there is only two sexes, male and female, but they love 'gender' because it opens up the gates of Hell to a million different interpretations making this side of the world even more a mockery of nature, hastening our destruction.

From Rome in antiquity, to St. Petersburg before the revolution, to Weimar Germany, sexual deviancy is a pretext before ultimate destruction. However, in this modern era our 'leaders' are pushing this ultimate destruction upon us, they want this to happen in order to build the perfect manifestation of the New World Order upon our ruins.

Jesus said that it is better that a millstone were tied around your neck, rather than scandalize a little innocent child. Can you truly do worse to a child than confuse him as to what he biologically is, deny him therapy, and then set him up for a future of sin, drugs, mutilation and depression?

This is so maddening, I cannot help but shake my head - its all so stupid. Look, here in Ottawa Canada (I am told) schools are pushing this agenda very aggressively this year, from bathrooms to inclusion into sport teams etc.

Unfortunately, Canadians are a very self righteous, snobby and smug people to their downfall, who LOVE accepting this nonsense - because the 'smart experts' tell them its all progressive and great.

Canadians like to think they are more sophisticated than their southern neighbours, that they are somehow are more intelligent with their socialist policies and thinking, that they are civilized and advanced, all the while promoting a false 'cute' image that they are really just friendly northern people who like to play hockey and drink beer.

However, in reality they are possibly the most unintelligent people on this Earth. They are also some of the most evil , vile, and tyrannical; condemning children to either autism with their insane fanatical support of vaccination (even mandatory), to condemning innocent children to sexual confusion for life with their fanatical political correctness. AND to add insult to injury, they do it all with a smug attitude and countenance fitting of a devil. PRIDE COMETH BEFORE THE FALL!

I think Sodom and Gomorrah will receive less harsh a judgement on the Day of Judgement that our cities, because they were from antiquity - what did they know compared to us? The Son of God has come and given an example as to how to live, there is no longer any excuse for this.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at