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No Country for Oil Men

September 18, 2016


Fear and Loathing in oil-poor Alberta

On May 5, 2015 the socialist NDP Party under Rachel Notley, left, won a landslide victory in Alberta, Canada's most conservative province. This happened because the conservative vote was split and the electorate hoped to cushion the fall in oil prices with government spending. Since then the socialists have changed the face of a once thriving province with a healthy civic culture. Alberta resident "Mick" vents his frustration. 

by Mick

Welcome to the dawn of Communism in Alberta. With each passing day Rachel Notley shows us why she was brought in to Alberta legislature - and that is to make Alberta a communist/socialist province.

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Since this incompetent feminist seized power in Edmonton, along with the narcissist charlatan posing as a federal PM in Ottawa (Trudeau), the once prosperous and rich Province of Alberta has been turned into a declining and Have Not Province over night. People are fleeing Alberta; mortgage defaults are skyrocketing and  AB families are struggling to put enough food on the table.  And what does she do about it?

She shuts down coal mines and wants to phase coal out because it's a "dirty" energy, leaving thousands and thousands of Albertans with no work. 

Not only has she done nothing so far in terms of fighting for the Energy East Pipeline project, but she is not even trying to negotiate anything positive in that aspect for the Province she represents. The plunging oil price is a common denominator for her and her incompetent Government - when things are bad as they are right now, they just go ahead and blame the world's oil market for all of the Alberta's woes. It's not Rachel Notley's fault! But don't worry if the money's tight - she will impose new carbon taxes on gas and home heating, so we can all enjoy "greener" Alberta - atta girl!

On the other hand, the list of her "accomplishments" is a silver lining.... She attends gay/lesbian parades, shaking hands with and smiling at sexual perverts (walking in Trudeau's footsteps). 

She continues to shove sex and "sexual liberation" at schools down our children's throats to the point of ad nauseam. Nowadays they are (teachers) openly trying to indoctrinate our kids at schools that being a homosexual is completely normal - all this during regular school classes! 

Now there is also the Nazi-style Feminism, definitely Rachel Notley's forte. One cannot even criticize her any more; whatever anyone is to say against her is immediately proclaimed to be an attack on women in Alberta. 

Opposition Leader Brian Jean, left, said he wanted to "beat up Notley" (politically speaking) and ....Oh my God, all hell broke loose! And then, of course, BJ issued a slimey apology - so much for being a leader of the opposition. 

The cops, sitting comfortably in their newly acquired and expensive trucks, are laser detecting soccer/hockey/swimming moms and dads and are mercilessly issuing speeding tickets. This is not a traffic control any more; this is an open Hunting Season on already depleted household family budgets. 

At the same time, the potheads and junkies are all over schools, but that's ok and soon to be completely legal, right? Also, the "epic & heroic" job with reference to the wild fires in Fort Mac - the fires that hadn't been put out for more than a month!! 

Then Russia offered some help (firefighters, plains, etc.) which was disdainfully declined, only to hire some black firefighting jokers from S. Africa who went back home after a couple of weeks. Some help they were, but all that African dance upon their arrival at the airport - that was so nice and multicultural, good for you Alberta! 

Finally, what truly may bring us into the era of Communism in Alberta is the latest push to impose new rules on hiring more women and giving them more executive spots with the energy companies in Calgary. 

In plain English, we have to bow down to women just because they are women, and the men, especially white men .....well, they are just an "old boys' club" and some sort of dinosaurs who still happen to be walking this planet. 

Probably something to mock & ridicule while watching the commercials where we usually see a super intelligent, usually black or dark brown woman, being overwhelmingly superior over their inferior, chubby or  goofy  white male partners. This is so "a la mode" nowadays! 

Anyway, it looks like either the companies will employ more women and get a "boost" in terms of their stock market values, or they will have to "explain"  why they DON'T HIRE more female executives! In other words, so long merits and who's qualified for the job, the feminists & lesbians are to take over the oil & gas industry. The Government would dictate companies who to employ or promote - now that sounds like a true social engineering & Communism.

p.s. In the meantime, the Edmontonians have successfully finished financing the new hockey arena for the Jewish billionaire Daryl Katz. Taxpayers money into private pockets, all for Katz's loving franchise that hasn't made play-offs in the last decade or more (not that I care much about it, but again....merits).

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Comments for "No Country for Oil Men"

TW said (September 20, 2016):

I know it's of little comfort to you, Mick, but how do you think those of us who are sane and living in Ontario feel with the bull dyke cultural Marxist and bosom buddy of Trudeau we have leading our once-prosperous province?

BR said (September 18, 2016):

An excellent article regarding the feminist clown who now holds the reigns of power in Alberta. I am writing from the sidelines in the U.S. Although I am not well versed in Canadian politics, there is something of importance mentioned in the article that is affecting citizens of not only Canada, the U.S., but all western countries: the satanic so called "Green Movement" or what most corporations claim; going green. Which is nothing more than an attack on the viable energies that have existed for decades obtained from natural resources, such as coal, natural gas, etc. Providing sufficient energy for centuries to come.

I want to provide your readers with a link that might give them a better understanding of what is being called the Green Gospel:

About the Book - Green Gospel: The New World Religion
Green Gospel Reveals the Most Shocking Fraud of Our Era. In this groundbreaking book, Zilinsky reveals how science has been willingly corrupted by a diabolical agenda.

Essentially it is an investigation by the author Sheila Zilinsky regarding the worlds elite limiting the amount of energy to the people to further their agenda for depopulation which I believe supports the article written by Mick. One can learn more about the author by clicking on the link. She has appeared on the Hagman and Hagman radio show as well on Steve Quayle and Timothy Alberion shows as well.

EG said (September 18, 2016):

The Alberta oil patch was/is an illusion. Peak oil never existed.
Abiotic oil is no theory, this was made evident with the Deepwater Horizon " disaster ". We are in a world of illusion (maya).

Al Thompson said (September 18, 2016):

This is a perfect example of kakistocracy which means "government by the worst people." And it exists under democracy which ensures the kakistocracy because there are now more stupid people and intelligent ones. This is due to the communist educational systems and the bad fruit of people not asking questions.

One of the questions that should be asked is this: Who is counting the votes? Why does the government deploy all of the Communist Manifesto? All of the governments of the world have been communist for hundreds of years (feudalism), there's really nothing new about it. Of course, the communists aren't that dumb as they do allow some of the market economy to thrive because if they didn't, there would be nothing to steal.

The women have been destroyed as they have been pushed out of the home and put into the workplace while the communist state "educates" their children. Who in their right minds would put a child in what amounts to a Bolshevik training camp masquerading as an educational institution?

All governments are not worth the money and effort spent on them. I guess people like to spend over 60% of what they earn and turn it over the government. Like I say, there's no shortage of stupidity.

This is why I think democracy is stupid and evil. You don't know who is counting the votes and why would anyone allow a communist or socialist to participate in any government? No government is better than what we have now in the United States and in Canada.

Rollo Thommassi said (September 18, 2016):

" ... whatever anyone is to say against her is immediately proclaimed to be an attack on women in Alberta ..."
Interesting that often when I say anything against Obama, I am accused of being a racist.

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