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Sorry for Being a Debbie Downer

September 4, 2016

Debbie Downer.png
(Left, Debbie Downer, an SNL character played by Rachel Drach, was a party pooper and buzzkill.) 

The best way to fight 
the NWO is to be happy.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Recently, I went to an out-of-town wedding and was exposed to people who don't know about the "Conspiracy".

This includes family and their friends and the throngs of strangers I saw at the wedding and on the streets.

You know what? They seemed pretty happy. 

Young, good looking, affluent, they were engaged in the conventional pursuits of life. There was no threatening cloud hanging over them

They don't waste time obsessing about society's slow-motion circle of the toilet drain. 

(left, oblivious to Judeo Masonic conspiracy.)

They don't know about it, and until it affects them personally, they don't want to know. 

I hate to admit: My work is depressing.

The fact that society is controlled by a satanic cult (Cabalist Jews and Freemasons) depresses me. That traitors, perverts and criminals are our "leaders" is depressing. That the media puts lipstick on these pigs is aggravating. That the education system is devoted to social engineering...well you get the picture! 

I'm frustrated and I'm depressing you! 


But we'd be inhuman if we weren't depressed. 

On the one hand, Bearing Witness to the Truth is a sacred duty which gives life tremendous meaning. 

On the other hand, ignorance is bliss. People are much happier believing their leaders are competent and sincere.  

Am I making any difference charting this madness? What if I tuned it all out and pretended all were well? 

I am making a difference. An informed public is an empowered public, one that is harder to manipulate, and hence happier. More people are twigging to the Judeo Masonic conspiracy and want information.

But, it mustn't get me down. 

The best revenge is to be happy in spite of everything. 

Appreciate the many wonderful things life has to offer. 

Be grateful for the great blessings I enjoy.


First Comment by Mat:  
Many people die in ignorance, I choose to die knowing what killed me.

The very reason why NWO cannot move with speed in implementing all their plans is because they find it difficult to function openly. They find it difficult to function easily because they are hindered by knowledgeable people like you Henry.

The truth you share in this space, albeit being labelled as conspiracy theory for the purposes of hiding the Truth in plane sight, has created an environment that makes it difficult for the NWO to move ahead with their plans without checking first if they will do what the conspiracy theorist said they will do lest they expose their evil intend to the whole world to see.

If it wasn't for this website and the information you share, I would not have had many of my questions being answered about so many questionable things happening around the well that I could not put my finger on.

Who would have told us about Eugenics, GMO's, poison in our food, the Captured Governments of the world, the Occults and many others?

My worldview is a far cry from what we were fed by the History books thanks to you.

You may feel depressed. But that is what every messenger of God feels like. You tend to reflect the frustrations and anguish of your master about the ignorance and shortcomings of the very people you trying to open their eyes.

Moses was also frustrated with Israel many times including when he struck the rock for water in Numbers 20:11.

Rest in the knowledge that while some may be happy in living in ignorance, others like me, am happy that my eyes have finally been opened by you and there are many whose eyes continue to open too.

Comments for "Sorry for Being a Debbie Downer"

T said (September 7, 2016):

You went to a wedding and were surprised that ppl were happy? Lol. That’s what ur SUPPOSED to do at a wedding, just like your supposed to dress in black to a funeral, and cheer whenever Hillary comes on the television, and go to church on Sunday or a club on friday etc etc. People are all fake actors now, copying the television bc theyre too weak to be individuals/themselves. Hence why everything is just a remake of something made decades ago.

So by all means take a break if you need it, but you cant compare yourself to the lifestyle of children. When they finally ( if ever?) grow up, theyll realise they cant live in student debt or welfare, that their mom isnt going to do everything for them, and that playing dumb isnt going to work as an excuse, and that employment and money and happiness isnt a guarantee in life, and THAT is when they’ll become like you and every other truther… either that or they’ll become more enslaved as oversized children. So yes its hard at times, but at least truthers have a future, the blissfully ignorant do not. The ppl that do not interest themselves in this kind of stuff are going to fall HARD, very very soon. They wont be taking instagram pictures of themselves then, I guarantee you that. Even fakery has a limit/point of collapse.

Stephen Coleman said (September 7, 2016):

Debbie Downer is somebody that is powerless. We mostly are powerless as individuals to change what is going on in the world today. So while I'm aware of terrible things, I will take control of the only thing I can control and that is myself. I continually work on getting rid of my negativity, because I have learned that negativity always weakens us. What I mean my negativity are all emotions that are less than Christlike.

Because of this my life is fulfilling, peaceful and happy though I'm well aware of banker's games, satanists, crooked cops and law enforcement, masonic conspiracies... etc.

I have also learned that cleansing myself affects those around me in positive ways. In that we can indirectly help others and as the ripples of one person working to become Christlike spreads, the evil powers that be lose a bit of their power over all of us.

Kyle said (September 7, 2016):

Great article Henry, and I’ve been feeling the exact same way. After 15 years of non-stop obsessing over evil (since 9/11), I need a break. This weekend I got a couple books by Garrison Keillor from the library and have been laughing so hard I’m almost crying. I learned nothing about the judeo/masonic conspiracy, but I remembered it feels good to be human. The answer is not for all us “conspiracy theorists” to become ignorant, but to try to build a culture in which one can be both informed and happy. Jesus said “be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” I think that’s good advice. The timeline of this struggle is not in our control, and we need to start figuring out how to turn all this information into something that can safely be passed to younger generations without destroying their humanity.

John said (September 6, 2016):

To avoid knowledge about the destructive, is like switching off the immune system of the mind.
Sooner or later the mind has to cope with information about destructive.

Some people start to create their own world view, not compatible to the real world, others realize too late they lived a lie. Both will harm.

Since the destructive forces are part of this world, there have been tales for children like Little Red Riding Hood, preparing children for the deconstructive part of this reality.
Children can build up an immune system for their mind with the truth served in tiny pieces.

If an adult has a mindset like a newborn and therefore little immunity against the truth about deconstructive, it can create chaos in the mind.

Sooner or later everybody will get confronted with deconstructive truth, maybe not before their family gets devastated by feminism, which lies can resonate and rampage in the mind without counterforces of truth.
Sure you can then know all the good stuff about a harmonic family, but if the lies are unknown and therefore not identified, they are like trojan horses for the mind.

Good health is the good balance between everything.
Like the balance between knowing the constructive and the deconstructive forces in life.

The trick is, to know about danger, but to not let it resonate in your mind, which would be the equivalent to know about poisoned food and therefore being able to avoid it.

Truth will sooner or later always lead to the good.

Mike B said (September 6, 2016):

I myself have developed some unaccountable ailments and a kind of dull tension headache that has lasted over a year, and i now attribute it to my ongoing attention on the negative and/or satanic. I've been reading about and thinking about all this grim stuff since the beginning of the so called war on terror. Fred the philosopher said 'Be careful in fighting monsters that in the process you do not become one yourself.' It could be said to be careful in absorbing negativity, such as through movie preferences etc., that you don't invite diseases and accidents.

I've recently stopped reading grim books, or at least put them on hold, and filed away most of the alternative sites on the pc favorits list.It's more important to change my mindset to positive, and not sink in the ongoing negativity or be mesmerized by it. One helpful thing for this is to place a positive thought beside each negative thought that occurs.

Also of course just to be aware of the train of thought, determined to be its conductor and not its helpless passenger. So much grim fact is known because it is deliberately given to the public through gatekeepers, precisely for the effect of intimidation. But we couldn't have been created to be prey to intimidation.

'Bearing witness to the truth is a sacred duty.' This is referring to the deeper truth, not bearing witness to the ignorance and devil worship. 'Be happy in spite of everything...' Yes! Unhappiness and fear are denials of the greater truth. Whatever happens in this world, what must happen for some reason, does not even touch the greater truth, and cannot be taken any more seriously than a bad dream. We must work on producing good dreams.

RL said (September 6, 2016):

Thanks for being a downer!

Happy" people need to get their buzz killed. Sheeple are "happy" and ignorant because they have all their needs taken care of by this system and didn't experience pain or suffering in their life. They have their drugs. They don't want to feel guilty, ashamed or see evil in themselves or the world. They don't want or need God's help. As long as they believe that their paper and plastic and their useless "jobs" have value they could care less about what life supposed to be like.

The Bible says Sodom and Gomorrah became degenerate because of too much bread(food). The West got spoiled and corrupted by too much wealth and technology. The West needs pain and suffering to wake up.

Tina Z said (September 6, 2016):

I just finished reading your last article entitled, "Sorry for being a Debbie Downer". A few years ago, I was also depressed by the state of the world but that changed when I became a believer in Jesus. There is something to be said about the truth shall set you free! Each of your articles also sets me free! The state of the world will not change, it will only get worse but in that darkness, I find much light. Having faith in God is the only way to get rid of these emotions. The only good news is Jesus and your role is to expose the matrix because God gave you that gift. God has blessed you as a writer and He has blessed you to see things that many people could not and cannot see. The day you switch up to Jesus, you won't have depression and anxieties anymore and you will have a better understanding of your work... BTW Jesus was considered a radical and an outsider too, so much so that they crucified Him.

One thing is for sure, none of us are getting out of this life alive and thus what do you have to lose in putting your faith in Jesus? The one representing God... Not the church, the pastor or pope but Jesus!

God bless Henry and keep those articles coming (and please stop whining *;) winking)

William said (September 5, 2016):

I don't see you as a being a "Debbie Downer" at all, Henry. I agree with many of your commenters to this story, particularly James and Glen.

Sure, the masses to which you refer seem happy and carefree. I think this is superficial. If people are in such a state of ignorant bliss, why are so many people taking antidepressant drugs? Why are so many people apt to get irrationally angry at minor slights? Why do people, by and large, enjoy engaging in schadenfreude, never want to really make true friends with others, and see other people as opportunities to exploit?

I think a lot of people know something is very wrong with the world in which we live, but they're either too afraid to confront the source of the problem or they're confounded as to what the source of it is. When someone, such as yourself, tries to point them in the direction of the problem, their minds either rebel at the very notion that such evil exists in the world or they perhaps realize it could, but don't want to be seen as the aforementioned "Debbie Downer" by others.

Again, I reject the notion that you're a "Debbie Downer" (a term made up by the popular media to deride realists). The truth is sometimes harsh and unsettling, but it's still the truth and should be acknowledged and not ignored. This doesn't mean we can't have some good times along the way. Those who are ignoring the facts may be enjoying themselves now (at least on the surface), yet what are they being set up for? Time will tell.

I'll leave you with a quote. I'm unsure who to attribute it to, since I've seen multiple possible sources for it.

"The truth is the truth, even if no one believes it. A lie is a lie, even if everyone believes it."

Keep proclaiming the truth.

Marco said (September 5, 2016):

Yes, it is often the best revenge to be happy despite someone or something constantly trying to destroy you and spiritually break you - the NWO in this case. You hit the nail on the head when you wrote, "An informed public, in an empowered public. One that is harder to manipulate, and hence happier." When we grow in power and control of our own lives, we become happier; if we allow ourselves to be slaves and drawn away in the current of modern insanity, we will lose our personal power, and become unhappy.

"They don't know about it, and until it affects them personally, they don't want to know." This is despicable and the unfortunate ugly truth. You are right, they will wake up when it affects them personally. Wait until they have their child pumped full of vaccines and left brain damaged - then they will care, how sad. But until then, they will keep drinking booze and partying as if the sky isn't falling in over their heads. (I'm not preaching against partying at all, or judging anyone at the wedding you attended, weddings are awesome... I'm writing in general, don't get me wrong. I am just infuriated by people who don't give a damn about anything other than themselves and pleasures).

Being called a Debbie Downer is just a term used to shut down informed people. We should be shouting from the roof tops by now! Look, just the other day I was talking to my cousin about vaccine damage, they have a new born child. Do you think I got a significant response of concern from them? OF COURSE NOT! People are in a hypnotic trance! They just want to have a 'good time'.

I mean what do you need to do to get through to people?

Look up at the damn sky. Its being sprayed full of chemicals. But you know, people just want to party and drink booze... why be such a 'Debbie Downer'.

This saying always comes to mind lately, "Let us be merry and drink, for tomorrow we die."

KM said (September 5, 2016):

This is nothing you need to apologize for. I would not trade an ounce of your "depressing" truth with tons of anything the main stream media spews out, whether happy, scary, or depressing. While I consider the New Testament the very foundation of truth, knowledge, wisdom, and life, you sir provide extremely important information that helps build on top of that very foundation. I highly value your work and have learned from you so much over the years.

Yes, most around me are happy to remain blissfully ignorant, but a few others I referred to your site have learned very valuable information, such as "Politically Incorrect Advice for Young Men (Updated)", for example.

The work you do is priceless for those of us who seek truth, knowledge, and wisdom. Please keep it coming. Thank you and may God bless you and your loved ones.

Lorie said (September 5, 2016):

I always cracked up at Debbie Downer (and the sound effect SNL made to her downer comments) - ha. Anyway, you are doing tremendous good because through all the bad news and your play by play of this giant slip of humanity -- where the exception to the rule (the 'bad') has now become the rule - we must be informed not to play by most of the new rules. Your sweet spirit comes through and you don't have an agenda like many. Stay forever young ~L

Al Thompson said (September 5, 2016):

This has been one of my frustrations in attempting to inform others about the problems mankind faces. Obviously, the whole world system is based on the principles or lack of them of Satan. Satan uses the lie very effectively and many people buy the lie rather than think a few steps ahead.

Based upon the lying information, they base their thoughts on actions of the lie and then they hurt themselves and their family by their bad choices. It is hard to take that the reality is that we've been lied to about almost everything.

I get a bit pissed off at people not because of their lack of knowledge, but because of their lack of curiosity. They don't ask questions or they ask very few. The best questions to ask is who, what, where, when, why, and how. And people don't do it because it is easier to be stupid than it is to be informed. Then, the dummies will get mad at me probably because my knowledge makes them look stupid. Instead of attempting to learn, they criticize the ones who do.

I like learning and the knowledge I acquire keeps me out of trouble. By having truthful information I feel like I have an advantage that other people don't have nor do that want it for themselves.

Anymore, I like to aggravate people with this. If I'm going to pay "money" for something, I'll sometimes ask: How many Communist Jew Notes do you want?

This really inflames the situation which I thoroughly enjoy. If this communist society continues, we all will be running out of toilet paper just like the poor people in Venezuela.

When the people can't feed their children and they have to wipe their butts on the lawn for a lack of toilet paper then they might be ready to get rid of these communist govtards. All communist government people--which is all of them--should be put on a ship to Cuba and they should live there until they get some sense and leave the rest of us alone.

James Perloff said (September 5, 2016):

People were also enjoying themselves on the Titanic before disaster struck. If the Rothschilds have their way, the world will become a global Gaza & Yemen, and no one will be enjoying that “blissful ignorance” any more. Keep up the great work, Henry.

By the way, since we all DO still need laughter, here’s my own favorite Debbie Downer, the Thanksgiving episode:

Andrew M said (September 5, 2016):

If it wasn't for caring people like you, younger people like me (I'm 44 years of age), would never have been able to figure out what it is that is actually afflicting us - the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan.

So thank-you so much for all of your effort to expose the truth. All of the front-runners like you who published material on the internet between 1996 and 2003 or thereabouts were instrumental in sounding the alarm and it was all the front-runners like you who copped the most vicious slander in terms of ridicule, name-calling and other things.

Well they're not mocking now. They're writing articles like, "This conspiracy theorists were right!!!". Shock! Horror! Maybe that's as much of an apology you're going to get.

Rick said (September 5, 2016):

You have been such an insightful inspiration to me. Even today's topic about being aware and informed. I can't turn back on what I too see ( thanks to people like you). I'm grateful for your daily story. I sometimes envy so many around me just lost in their happy material bubble... Your topics? They are dead in the water to people I've tried with.
I'm trying to find peace and appreciation in what I have and see..

Donna said (September 5, 2016):

So true……..but more and more people are waking up and we are hearing certain words and subjects discussed that we weren’t hearing before…..some people will turn a deaf ear and others will probably do some research on their own out of curiosity….my personal motto is Those of us fortunate enough to have been raised with common sense and decency should feel obligated to pass it on!

JG said (September 5, 2016):

As Christians we are to be in the world but not of the world. However , this does not mean that we have to remain naive or misinformed as to the true agenda of the political powers that be.

The poison of being mislead through false propaganda is what often leads to sin. It can create wars that bring about death and destruction to millions. We must be able to distinguish truth from lies.

Growing up starts when we are told that there is really is no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy. Growing up also comes when we find out that some of our self concocted imaginations of reality are not real also.

In the end it's not the truth that solely sets us free but it's the love for others that sets us free. And, this is why scripture tells us to love and pray for our enemies.

JS said (September 5, 2016):

It makes me think of "The Hobbit". Frodo and his companions prepare to make the ultimate sacrifice so that "The Shire" can carry on being the place it always was. Despite the horrors and heartaches when they return home they seem to derive some comfort from seeing the others blissfully unaware of how close they came to annihilation.

Frodo is so changed that he can never settle down again, but he doesn't resent those he did it for who will never thank him for sacrificing own his future on their behalf.

It's a lonely path and only those who are able and willing will wake up and see what is happening and what needs to be done, but thankfully not everyone needs to step up to make the change.

I think it warms our hearts to join in from time to time with those happy folk who are oblivious to evil (Gandalf had the right idea).

Glen said (September 5, 2016):

The old saying "ignorance is bliss" says it all. Let's face it, the population of the western civilized world(especially America)is dumber than a bucket of hair. They care not about anything, and as Frater 616 puts it "Homo normalis is beyond caring. Provided their bellies are full, their minds empty and their time consumed with frivolous entertainment."

The human condition has never been in the shape it is today. We live in a world that has been constructed for us. We are nothing more than inmates in our debtors prisions. The sad part is we played a big part in constructing those very walls. A few more words from Frater 616

" And Anton was many things, but never a fool. He also opined that the best street cleaner was a riot-gun and there are few that would quibble. Turning against themselves they live alone and vicariously with others. They have allowed themselves to become prisoners in our mythological penitentiaries amid the bright-lights and dark corridors of their cheap and nasty psyches.

If viewed objectively, Satan does not need to buy souls. The crowds are drip-fed belief systems, pointless choices and hollow opportunities. From radios, televisions, print media, billboards and the accepted agenda of the day, they exist in a constant state of boredom.

Fashion experts assist psychopaths in both politics and big business. Words as empty as the hearts that speak them, hardly affect the masses any more. They exist in a universe of suspicion. Their jobs are tenuous; their comatose lives as artificial as their prejudices and their alienated futures mostly short-term.

Its not that the true nature of what has and is being offered has changed or wasn’t obvious all along. Just get another beer, turn down the lights, heat your packaged dinner and watch the flat-screen colour and movement of compliant simplicities. Your parents ‘could not think of a number so they gave you a name.’ But the State has assigned you a number for your pettiness and you will work until you drop! Samuel Adams said it best at the Philadelphia State House on the 1st of August 1776, “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” Nobody listened then either, except initiates of the precursor to the (Satanic) Alpha Lodges."

In closing on this "Labor Day" I say to all, light your barbecues and open another beer. Eat, drink and be merry, and most of all, don't let yourself be crushed by the foreboding knowledge that tomorrow is another day.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at