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Canadians Not Keen on Immigration (but who asked them?)

October 6, 2016

(left, Prime Minister Justine Trudeau hams it up with recently arrived Syrian refugees.)

First, Zionists destroy Syria, 
and then use their victims to invade the  
West. This policy is not in our interest,
and Canadians like Arthur P don't like it. 

"Canadians aren't as accepting as we think -- and we can't ignore it," writes pollster Angus Reid

by Arthur P

A CBC news article by pollster Angus Reid reveals that Canadians do not share the pro-immigration polices of the Masonic Jewish controlled Liberal government . 

" On immigration, the vast majority of Canadians prefer a policy that will enhance our economic prosperity over one that emphasizes the needs of people in crisis around the world, " Reid writes.

You bet we do. Some Canadians would even prefer an immediate end to the wars that produce these refugees in the first place, and Canada's vassalage to NATO, among other yokes around our neck.

I entered the workforce in 1972 with a Grade 12 education and had no trouble earning a living by various honest means. As FTA and NAFTA kicked in, Canadian businesses began closing down in droves, and most of my experienced high-tech R&D colleagues and I found job hunting harder and harder. During this transition, "personnel" departments were renamed "human resources".

Post-9/11, I turned down increasingly rare job "opportunities" to develop military gizmos, the better to kill and maim brown-skinned people on the other side of the world. I feel sorrier for today's youth because it looks like they will never experience the can-do spirit and prosperity of the 70s and 80s that I was so fortunate to be a part of.

" On multiculturalism, by a factor of almost two-to-one, Canadians say they would prefer that minorities "do more to fit in" with mainstream Canada, rather than encourage cultural diversity in which groups keep their own customs and language. (I asked an almost identical question 25 years ago, and fewer Canadians actually support multiculturalism as a concept today.) 

Asked the same question today, Americans are actually more likely than Canadians to say minority groups in their country should keep their culture and language (in the U.S., it's closer to a 50/50 split)."

25 years ago, Vancouver BC and Mississauga ON weren't Chinese and Pakistani/Indian majorities. Don't get me wrong here. Our degenerate TV culture has disgusted Canadian-born me, so I can hardly object to immigrants forming enclaves and preserving their best traditions. 

I live in a polyglot area with immigrant families and university students from you name it. I've never seen or heard of wife or child beatings or drunken arguments and fights among them. 

After my wife died, grown men hugged me and cried with me when they heard the bad news. When a new stranger arrives in the 'hood, I treat them with casual courtesy, and they quickly warm up.

" There's little evidence of a crisis today in the treatment of newcomers to Canada. Unlike the situation in France, where large swaths of the immigrant community feel they aren't treated as French citizens, we find that the vast majority of newcomers to Canada feel that they are treated as "Canadians. In fact, they're more likely to say they're optimistic about their children's futures and the future of the country than Canadians who were born here. "

Little wonder, considering the conditions they fled. And it's nice that the avuncular Angus Reid tossed us a good-puppy biscuit despite the subtly chiding tone of the article. And he couldn't resist dragging in the Donald Trump boogyman. But that's OK, we ARE the 51st state whether we have any say in US politics or not.

" The demographic reality is that Canada will continue to rely on large numbers of newcomers in the coming decades to keep our economy afloat and serve the needs of an aging population.The tensions between accommodation and assimilation are likely to become even more acute as increasing diversity continues to stretch the fabric of Canadian identity in new directions. "

Well done Uncle Gus! In your closing paragraphs, you announced this part of the NWO agenda as is required as part of the magick, sold it as necessary "to keep our economy afloat" even though it was soaring rather than sinking in prior decades before mass immigration set in, and told us we ain't seen nothing yet in the divide and conquer tactics.


First Comment by CR- 

I'm no economist, but it seems to me that something has to be done about the low birth rate and aging population in Canada.  It was reported close to 10 years ago that within 20 years the majority of the population would be over 65 with the current birth/death rates, so if most of the country is retired and living off government pensions and such how are we supposed to support them?  The obvious solution would be to encourage people to have more kids (as was recently done in Italy, but didn't go over well with the radical feminists running the place) but most Canadians are too busy marching in slut walks, having sex change operations, and looking for other men to anally penetrate. 

 I understand the argument used by many "white nationalists" that we should maintain our culture and heritage, but the way things are looking there is nothing left in the western world that is worth saving.  

At this point we can only hope that they bring over enough extremist Muslims that eventually the country is subject to Sharia law, it cant be any worse than what the Liberals and so-called Conservatives have planned for us.  Keep in mind that most immigrants don't support things like sodomite marriage, gender "theory", or abortion while most white people have either been completely brainwashed or are scared to say anything that might lead to being labeled a bigot.  White people need to get their minds straight, otherwise they will be quickly replaced. 

Comments for "Canadians Not Keen on Immigration (but who asked them?)"

CH said (October 7, 2016):

There is One problem: Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

The agenda is White Genocide. Period. Diversity=White Genocide. ITs a crime not a policy option. And 'assimilation' is not the issue. You can 'assimilate' 2 million Chinese and Indians in Vancouver or Toronto and what you have is a non-white city. The Whites are destroyed and lose their right to their identity and control of their nation

Look at Frank Raymond. He has a very interesting non-white perspective on White Genocide and the agenda of political elites.

Very interesting. Frank Raymond - The Caucasian Mind: Transcending Biological Needs

Immigration is forced; Integration is forced
Diversity is forced; White Flight is forced
White Genocide is always forced.
Diversity means Chasing DOWN the last White person. Enough.

We've never been a nation of immigrants except in the minds of immigrants looking for THEIR interests.

1.White people exist.
2. White people have the RIGHT to exist.
3. White people have the RIGHT to exist AS White people in White Communities and Nations.

M said (October 7, 2016):

The problem in Canada isn't so much multiculturalism, but instead is the growing culture of Marxist liberalism. An alt-right type reading this probably just had an aneurysm, but hear me out as I try and explain...

Canada's popularly portrayed culture is essentially a snobbish Marxist one. This isn't really the reality on the ground, but its what the culture makers are working towards everyday and have been largely successful with; thank the triad of evil for that, the CBC, government, and universities.

Instead of elaborating too much on this, here is a picture to dwell on that describes the real problem in Canada:
A liberal neophyte, agnostic know-it-all, sipping black coffee in a cafe, reading CBC articles, laughing at conspiracy theorists, demanding government intervention into all aspects of life, demanding churches be taxed, demanding abortion be free, mocking vaccine critics, hating religious people, dreaming of a socialist paradise... essentially a Marxist control-freak turd.

In regards to immigration in Canada, I feel like that many immigrants do in fact make an effort to fit into the Canadian culture and try to get along. Look, I just finished a construction project filled with them - Eastern Euros, Indians, Blacks... all hard working guys.

An immigrant only needs 2 traits, that is, to be hard working and ethical... if he has these two things, he can stay and will naturally make an effort to assimilate as best he can.

If an immigrant is lazy and a sleaze bag, well that's another story.

All immigration should obviously be controlled so that it doesn't disturb the host hegemony, but with Trudeau #2 in power, you can forget about that.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at