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Satanist Jews (Illuminati) are Edomites

October 19, 2016

(left, the wolf in sheep's clothing is on the Coat of Arms of the Fabian Society) 

"I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Judahites, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." (Revelation 2:9)

The Satanist conspiracy that has subverted mankind may be over 2000 years old. 
130 years before Christ was born, there was a final battle with the Edomites who lived in the neighbouring land (Edom/Idumea) to Judea. The Judahites won, but their chiefs had become so estranged from God's law that they stupidly forced the Edomites to convert to the Judean religion at sword point, circumcisions and all. Thus began a pattern of false identity that has seen their successors, the Sabbatean-Frankists-Illuminati infiltrate and subvert all nations and all organizations.

Sid Green, a Jewish contributor, traces the Illuminati conspiracy to its possible beginnings in the descendants of Esau, the Edomites. 

by Sid Green

In the truth movement, we often refer to the conspiracy as Masonic-Jewish. This is accurate. But I think it is important to know that within the Jewish people, there are strains of non-Jewish peoples who had been converted to Judaism. 

According to Josephus in "Antiquities of the Jews" around 100 BC, John Hyrcanus converted the Edomites to Judaism. The Edomites were the offspring of Esau. God had warned the Jews not to mix with the Edomites. In Kings II 25, the Edomites helped the Babylonians destroy the first temple. Once Hyrcanus converted the Edomites, they became influential in Jerusalem among the scribes, Pharisees, and Roman Government. The mixture of the Romans and Edom is described in the Book of Jasher, and the mixing between the Jews and Edomites is documented in the 1925 edition of Jewish Encylopedia

Josephus also implied that many Pharisees and influential people were Edomites.  Herod was an Edomite. They usurped the top positions in the tribe of Judah, and secretly wish to exterminate the true Jewish people. 

Shabbatai Tzvi, the Satanic messiah of 1666 called his religion "The holy religion of Edom". 

In the doctrine of Shabbatai Tzvi and his successor Jacob Frank, biblical law no longer applies, because the Messiah (Tzvi) had come. Now a new Torah was in effect. The new commandment was to commit sin, and reverse the Ten Commandments. 

In a book written by Jacob Frank called "Collection of the sayings of the Lord Jacob Frank", Frank rambles on about various occult subjects, and praises Edom. 

In Saying 251 he says "When you are worthy to come to Esau (Edom), you will feel joy as never before". In saying 590, Frank says "There are gods on the earth but you can not see them. They are the ones who tell people to do all kinds of abominable things". 

download (58).jpeg
In saying 2153, Frank says, "I tell you, Only Esau and Edom comprise the Good of all worlds. I see that the time is near, for this reason I tell you my help will come from Edom."

 Jacob Frank and the Rothschilds follow this Satanic Doctrine. Financial help did in fact come from the Rothschilds who accepted this doctrine. 

The Edomites had always worshiped demons. The six point star was a symbol which was used for this purpose. It was the Rothschild coat of arms.  Rothschild means "Red shield" and "Edom" means Red. The flags of communism and world revolution are all red. 


In summary, the top positions among Satanic Jews are occupied by Edomites. While calling themselves Jews, they are the worst enemies of the Jewish people, having caused the holocaust (a sacrifice to Satan.) 

The Edomites are behind the seemingly "Jewish" movements of communism, atheism, secular thought and the modern financial system. This doctrine offended Orthodox Rabbis who excommunicated the  Sabbatean- Frankists. However, after World War II, most Jews were convinced to follow doctrines influenced by Sabbatean-Frankist beliefs such as Zionism,  Reform Judaism, and atheism.

Gershom Sholem, in his essay about the Frankists called "Redemption through Sin" describes how Sabbatean-Frankist intellectuals ended up becoming modern secular intellectuals, while covering up their roots. 

Sholem: "Many of their descendants, particularly in Austria, rose to positions of importance during the nineteenth century as prominent intellectuals, great financiers, and men of high political connections. Such persons, needless to say, could scarcely have been expected to approve of attempts to "expose" their "tainted" lineage." 

Are we failing to see the connection between modern secular thought, and this Satanic heresy in Judaism? While some true Jews are in on the conspiracy (Jeremiah 11:9), the majority of Organized Jewry as in the time of Christ, is dominated by Edomites posing as Jews. 

While the Khazar theory is popular, only a small percentage of Jewry descends from the Khazars. This theory is partly true, but distorted by false opposition. According to David Livingstone, the Khazars descend from the lost tribes and the Edomites anyway.   In fact the Jews of the Synagogue of Satan are Edomites. 

HENRY: "I have read Satan in Goray. I feel that the resistance it describes has faded to the point of non existence. Do you see much opposition to the Frankists expressed today?"

SID: "I don't see it, and am too young to ever have seen it. I believe one of the reasons that the Illuminati (Frankists) targeted the largely Orthodox Jewry of eastern Europe rather than Western "Haskalah" and Zionist Jews, was to get rid of people who wouldn't accept their Illuminati agenda. Many of the Rabbis in Galicia would spit when they walked past Zionist institutions or schools. They would excommunicate communists and Zionists from the community. (Piety and Perseverence, Herman Dicker)

I believe that once the eastern European Orthodox community was partly eliminated and partly resettled, In America, most of us accepted secular and "modern" philosophies that derive from Sabbatean-Frankism. In Israel, the Zionism is a Sabbatean dialectic. On one side, many extremist settlers seek to hasten the Messiah's 
arrival by triggering conflict and a final war. On the other side, Leftist Zionism is atheist and based on communism. 
My family were Reform Jews. Scholem connects Reform Judaism to Sabbateanism. Your site is opposition, if not Rabbinic. I am glad to see a Jew writing what you write. It gives me hope and fulfills some prophecies about a "remnant" of Judah. Orthodox Jewry has faded, I believe most Jews are utterly consumed by the Illuminati agenda. Like I said though, your site is a light in the darkness. It proves Jews are not uniform. 

I'm not advocating a return to Talmudic Orthodox Judaism. I think it's the Talmudic mentality that leaves the door open for heresies like Frankism." 

First Comment by JBW

Readers who wish to explore the Edomite connection further should read "The Curse Of Canaan; A Demonology Of History" (1987) by Eustace Mullins. It is available for free in many formats at:

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Comments for "Satanist Jews (Illuminati) are Edomites "

BT said (October 20, 2016):

I wonder where the Kabbalists come into this scheme, because I was shocked to read today that the red string bracelets worn by Hollywood celebrities, and even Vladimir Putin during his meeting with the President of Indonesia (, are based on the Jewish Kabbala. It makes me wonder how many other world leaders wear this red string bracelet. Red string is widely used in China to make "lucky knots" for jewelry and talismans, so it all seems related.

Old Salt said (October 20, 2016):

Business as usual with the human mind always being brainwashed, lied to, reformatted to the Devil’s Plan of Total Sin to fulfill greed for power, money, total control of the slaves.

Today is no different from yesteryear. Same Old “S”. What is finally showing up is the huge amount of fraud since the Internet opened up a whole new world of information that no one ever found in the newspapers, politically-correct history books, etc.

A scam trial was always so “windy” with words that the reader seldom had a chance to remember the main clues and put together a short summary of the fraud that would be easy to remember. And then use that to remind others from time to time to smack down the next fraud before it harms someone.

Larry C said (October 20, 2016):

Henry, let us not forget the Canaanite influence:

5 And the children of Israel dwelt among the Canaanites, Hittites, and Amorites, and Perizzites, and Hivites, and Jebusites:
6 And they took their daughters to be their wives, and gave their daughters to their sons, and served their gods.
7 And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord, and forgat the Lord their God, and served Baalim and the groves. Judges 3, KJV

Tyron said (October 19, 2016):

Good article but it missed some points and didn't go all the way.

Casear ordered King Hycranus of the Kingdom of Judah to incorporate Edom into Judah. The Esau "Jews" killed off both the Priesthood and the King, implementing Talmud instead of Hebrew common law. They proceeded to open the borders allowing all races, cultures and religions in in order to try and genocide the true Judaite leftovers from the 12 tribes who went to Medes by way of the Assyrians and then through the Caucus Mountains flooding into Europe between 600 BC and 200 AD.

Proof of this is King Tut's DNA marker (R1b) that's been traced by atheistic Archeology from Egypt to Palestine to Medes, through the Caucus Mountains into Europe and now found at the four corners of the earth in what's left of European/White Christendom.

The "Jews" DNA marker is E1b1 and I surmise that this comes from the fallen ones who mixed with Canaanites who mixed with Esau (then later with Japeth/Ashkenaz) who lost the fruitfulness and dominion mandate to Jacob (whites/Europeans) having only a token blessing from their father Isaac to break the yoke of Jacob at the end of each earth age to rule by way of terror, murder, war, tyranny until Jacob takes back his birthrights that starts the new earth age again.

A study of Jasher, Genesis, Obediah, Malikiah, Pauls words on Esau/Jacob, James epistle to the 12 tribes abroad, the Roman eye witness records of Jesus ethnicity and revelation are in order to understand this in full.

Simply put, what white/European Christendom *Israelites are going through right now in our nations is a repeat of what Esau did to Jacob in Judea some 2000 years ago at the end of that earth age and it will end the same type of way it ended back then, total destruction of the Esau "Jews".

Sid replies:

To Tyron: Thank you for your comments. It is true that the lost tribes and Europeans have some Judahite blood, but some Judahites did return from Babylon and become Judeans. There were Edomite Pharisees but some had true Judahite blood. You can tell because some of them like Rabbi Gamaliel, made comments in support of Jesus. E1b1 is the marker for Sephardic Jews from North Africa. R1a is like you said a Medo-Scythian gene. Only 50% of male Ashkenazi Levites carry R1a (and R1b).
However most Ashkenazi Jews have YDNA marker J and Mdna marker K1 or K2. While E1b1 may be Cannanite or Kenite, J and K are middle eastern, and Southern European respectively. What you say is true, but there are some Jews who are remnants of Judah.
Zephania 2:7 confirms that some remnants of Judah will live on coastal Palestine, where Tel Aviv and Ashkelon are.
You can tell the descent of the Jew by their fruits. Gamaliel told Caiaphas not to execute Jesus because it's possible he could come from God, and that you can't fight God. (Acts 5:39) Paul called himself a Pharisee of the tribe of Benjamin. Thanks again for your comments, I appreciate the additional information.

Rabbi Gamaliel, True Judahite Acts 5:39

38So in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone. Let them go! For if their purpose or endeavor is of human origin, it will fail. 39But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop them. You may even find yourselves fighting against God.”

Gordon said (October 19, 2016):

In the years since my discovery that my birth mother was Jewish I have relied on people like you to help me understand the people and the faith. It occurred to me this morning after reading your article on Jews and Edomites that I need to express my thanks for your help. Your articles have represented an essential source for guidance on sorting out the truth in Judaism. Thank you. My best wishes for you and your family and for many years of continued work in this field.

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