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Trump Victory Necessary to Get US Into World War?

October 28, 2016


I predicted Trump will win and asked my readers what
the Illuminati's game plan is. 

While most readers favor Trump, Kevin Boyle and others
 suspect his real role is to lead Americans into WW3.

Americans would never follow Hillary into battle. 

by Kevin Boyle 

Thanks for the article on Trump. I have been thinking about trying to write such an article on my own blog for a while. The key danger seems to me to be as follows: Trump is on a project to "take back America".

From whom? Well, quite obviously ... Jewish bankers.

When he is elected he is in a perfect position to play the anti-banker-establishment game whilst a major war is engineered in which he will be a more than willing participant ... backed by the heartfelt support of an adoring and grateful public (very much in the Hitler fashion).

The international banksters will get their war and they can even publicly oppose it so that they will get everything we know they want while taking NONE OF THE BLAME.

It would be incredibly dangerous for them to try to use the hated Hillary to perform this duty in the current post-Brexit, Trumpist, Euro-Revolting anti-Banking world.

Such a game plan is probably looking to these people, our traditional (but increasingly hated) masters as just PERFECT.

They get their war, while "anti-banker" stooges and dolts can be ascribed blame and (as usual) actually take the blame for a situation that they, THE USUAL SUSPECTS, have artfully engineered.

This looks like a highly possible, even probable, narrative for future events.

On the other hand it is just possible that he means what he says and that Trump really intends, like Vladamir Putin, to make his country's culture overtly Christian again, to reduce the power and influence of the international banking cartel and set an admirable template of self-sufficiency, self-reliance and freedom for communities that other countries will rush to copy. Just possible. Highly unlikely but you never know. Here's hoping and praying.


The obvious template for comparison is, as you have pointed out, Hitler. Opposition to banking crimes and betrayals was at fever pitch and in steps the hero of the hour. He is being funded by the bankers while on the rise but attacks their systems and projects blame onto all Jews, without discrimination. Active banking parties in the German disaster​ slip away and the schnorrers take it in the neck. Conflict is manufactured, millions die and it turns out our "hero" can now be portrayed as the Devil in disguise.

End result, it's no accident ... total victory for the international bankers who can now 'fix' the problem by lending everyone all the money they need (and the bankers haven't really got) and continue their drive for global control using their latest and most effective instrument, Zionism.

Trump will win, attack 'the bankers' and covertly give the green light for local attacks on Jews and Jewish groups, which he will publicly but half-heartedly condemn. He will bring back jobs and a real boom to the USA and become beloved of his people. Now the stage is set for the big war in which he will be supported by his people. Cue 'false flags' and God knows what else leading to unprecedented horrors that, in their aftermath, demand an absolute and universal demand for a permanent international solution that will deliver a future of certain Peace.

One banking system. One central government will be the single obvious solution to our problems. Job done.


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Annette writes: 

Excellent article this morning on Trump. It could not mirror more closely my own thoughts on the matter. I am still not sure who their pick is. If Hillary does win I believe it will be by fraud through the voting machines. There is strong evidence for that scenario already. But I have asked myself the same question you have i.e., if Trump is their selection, what is the agenda ? 

election760 (10) (1).jpg

The Illuminists always have their finger up to the wind to see which way the population is moving and these days it is only too easy for them with all the monitoring of chatter on the internet. They have to know the majority of Americans are fed up and getting savvy to their system. Why not let the White population have one last stab at running things and show the world how evil they are ?

I pray Trump is not a total fraud and sellout, but all that Jewishness in his family does not warm my heart. If indeed he is their pick, I am imagining something similar for the US as for Germany. What initially looks like a savior will lead us into defeat and humiliation - the final death nail for American nationalism and pride. 

More importantly it will also solidify the anti- White narrative here and around the world. Trump the trickster can and probably will turn on most of his promises and he may even lead us to war even though he talks of peace with Russia. After that the hue and cry from the jackals in the media and academics will be, " see, proof that White males are not fit to run anything, all they do is destroy".

 Remember Hitler was very conciliatory at the beginning of his regime, trying to negotiate peace with Poland and England. All that changed quite swiftly didn't it? Yes I am imagining that it would be even better for them if a White male led the world into WWIII than a White woman. It would end the all protest and confirm the assertions of the Noel Ignatiev's of the world; that Whites are the cause of all the problems and that Whiteness should be abolished ( White Genocide ) . The profound demoralization and vilification of Germans by Illuminati Jews started with Hitler and WWII. That vilification has since spread to all Whites. They are probably planning on bringing that agenda and narrative to its final culmination with the election of Trump. A very depressing thing to contemplate.

I think you are right about Trump winning. It really makes sense that the elite would actually favor a Trump win for the reason I stated previously. Acting strategically as they always do, does it not make sense to take an opponent's momentum and use it against them ? There are firm principles as in the martial art of Aikido where you literally take your attackers momentum and you steer it without force into him defeating himself. Though Hillary seems the obvious choice, if she won I think it would be the breaking point for not only conservative Americans and everything they value, but for independents and more conservative Dems as well. There could be an outright revolt. Trump, if he is deceitful, will bring a final death blow to any conservative politics, and humiliation to his predominately White supporters in a way that Hillary never could.


First Comment from Andrew:

Actually, the opposite is true. Hillary's victory would start World War 3. Compared to Hillary, Trump is the peace candidate. In August 2016, Pat Buchanan wrote an article arguing Trump is the Peace Candidate. Buchanan listens to Trump's speeches and not to mass media's characterizations of them. 

Trump's entire goal is Make America Great Again which means jobs and wealth creation, both financially based. Wars are very expensive. 

Trump has non-hawkish positions on every front:

On the Iraq war, he claims he was against it from the start, because it would destabilize the Middle East.

On North Korea, he wants to leverage China to solve the North Korean situation.

On Iran, he is willing to "police" the Iran nuclear deal as hard as possible, but not "tear it up" as others have stated.

On Russia, he is already making friends with Putin.

On Syria, he wants to see Russia take out ISIS.

Hilary wants a NO-FLY ZONE over Syria which would mean war with Russia. That's why Putin acts with such restraint in Syria while his generals want war. See

Putin is holding back in hopes of a Trump victory, because he knows Trump is the peace candidate. 

Your articles last two days are simply out of touch with Trump's campaign message. That's the same tactic mainstream media takes with Trump.

Reply: Andrew, I have made it clear that I am all for Trump's message, as far as it goes. I hope he wins. It's reasonable to ask what the Illuminati are up to. 

Glen writes:

  Again with the Putin worship. People need to do a little research on this former KGB agent before they name him the saviour of the world. I hope all will take the time to watch these two YouTube videos, lest we be fooled once again. I think you will find he is not who he professes to be.
Assassination of Russia (Blowing up Russia) HQ

Brandon Martinez on Putin Worship, Anti-White Bias and Cultural Marxism

C writes:

   Has Kevin Boyle been following the news over the last eight years? It doesn't sound like it to me. "The hated Hillary" instigated a disastrous regime change war in Libya, and crowed ghoulishly on TV when Ghaddafi was brutally sodomized and murdered in public; yet the mobs with pitch forks didn't descend on the State Department or the White House to stop her carrying out this insane policy. 

She likewise played a leading role in starting the war against Assad. No one stopped her doing that either. And no one stopped her husband invading Haiti, and former Yugoslavia, and continuously bombing Iraq - not to mention starving hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children to death through draconian sanctions. No one went after Bush (and the Clintons and the New York Times) for lying about WMD and causing the deaths of millions in the process. Even the recent Wikileaks revelations that prove beyond any doubt that Hillary supports Isis and Al Quadea, have gone largely unremarked. So I think we can safely say that whatever the Zio-globalists are up to, they have not put Trump forward because they lie awake at night fretting that the masses will rise up against Hillary's war-mongering.

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Comments for " Trump Victory Necessary to Get US Into World War?"

Tim N said (October 30, 2016):

If Hillary wins...maybe she won't live long to "enjoy" it. Perhaps the plan is to "reward" her and give her her life long wish to be the first woman President...then she dies in office, becoming "immortalized".

Tim Kaine becomes President, who is most likely a Jesuit. Then we'd have a Jesuit President and Pope to help conduct WWIII

Chad said (October 29, 2016):

My thoughts are that we’ll ‘likely’ get WW3, no matter what. With Trump in the White House, at least there may be some speed bumps. Hillary, we all know, is fully on board with the game plan. That’s not debatable. The questions is, how can the Elites, twist Trumps arm into complying. It’ll be a scene right out of Dr. Strangelove with the President of the United States trying to mitigate a catastrophe.

With the behind the scenes involvement of Russia with the United States, we don’t know just how much (or how little) we can trust them. Russian activity in Alaska? Russian (and others) troops sightings through the States? A convenient war in Syria helping to flood Europe and other parts with refugees? Sure, Russia puts on a good show but those of us who know how to see and hear can understand the intrigue.

Rulers and Elites always love a good opportunity to knock down their populations some while bringing more government. WW3 serves just that purpose. All the invasions of Muslims are designed to provoke a response against them. When the Europeans have finally had enough, then what?

Trump enters the picture as either a stunningly convincing con-man or a useful idiot. He speaks on stage as though he buys into most official stories. The only time he challenges Hillary is when the crimes are irrefutable. Again though, all the things they speak of on stage already exist in the mainstream and popular alternative media. Why not expose the fact several nuclear tipped missiles were illegally removed from Dyess Air Force base? Those will likely be the ones used for nuclear black mail and to blame it on someone else. Trump will be the person who has to react.

During such an event, will Trump call it out for what it is? Will he get the information and intelligence indicating where those went? When a nuke goes off, will there be the opportunity to receive forensics on the source of the materials used which came from those nukes? As in, was it an American nuke or Russian that exploded? No, he’ll just be cornered and fed disinfo to react in a pre-arranged manner. As Hillary stated, it’s four minutes to react to Presidential orders. Donald will be forced to choose heads or tails. Launch or don’t launch. They aren’t going to wait for him to join the club.

We can reference the film, “Seven Days in May.” All this stuff is coming into play. There was an attempted military coup in the United States, in the 1930’s. Yes, the same cast of characters. These people never rest. With Trump in the White House, it’ll just force these scumbags into the open. It’ll be up to the patriots to be watching to help back him up, in the event he’s truly on our side and needs America’s help. We just don’t know if there’s another Smedley Butler in the ranks willing to out the thugs.

Andrew C said (October 29, 2016):

The elites (globalists,illuminati, masons, one-worlders, call them what you will), are continuously (having to) adapt their tactics to fit current developing events, but, this is important, they do NOT EVER change their one, overriding, long term strategic goal, viz: total world domination under their control, however long it may take.
Worldwide, there are basically two camps or factions of globalists, East and West, both with the same objectives, and at the moment there is some friction between them, like rival drug gangs carving up a city.
Of course, war is in the offing. War is the only method whereby people can be traumatized into accepting radical societal change. However, this coming Middle-East war will be led neither by Trump nor Hillary.

Whatever the original plans were to start this war either through Hillary or Trump, I believe there is now a new game plan.

For a start, Hillary is toast. Her monumental corruption and pathological lying make her no longer useable, she's being thrown under the bus.
As for Trump, he's a bit of a riddle. Obviously a chaos canditate to begin with, he seems to have strayed off the reservation and may actually believe his own rhetoric about saving America. So, again, cannot be trusted or used as planned.
Scenario: Hillary pulls out or is pulled out of the race. Obama declares a short (3 to 6 month ?) postponemant of the election until a new candidate can be found. This solution will be acceptable to the American population as being very reasonable. No riots.

Meanwhile, Obama can stir the pot and can provoke the Muslims until he launches a lightening first strike some time in the Spring (May 1 ?).
Please remember, the overriding goal is world government, and for world government you need a world governing body which has clout. So the time has now come to raise the profile of the darling of the elites and the institution they have created for this very purpose – the United Nations.

After this relatively short but brutal war also involving Russia, the world will be ready to accept a reorganized (probably into 10 world regions) UN as the only solution for world peace. No more primitive nationlism or borders!

D said (October 29, 2016):

Hillary will be elected and due to her FBI problems cannot take office and Obama stays as the sitting President. Rioting causes him to instigate martial law. (This is the only monetary bet that I have on this race.)

Ezra said (October 28, 2016):

Trump is surrounded by and supported by Zionist Cabalist Jews and Freemasons (including much of the controlled/duped alt-media).

Clinton is surrounded and supported by Zionist Cabalist Jews and Freemasons (including the controlled mainstream media).

Trump has warned that the election WILL be rigged - is he not revealing that the election WILL be rigged against him (or maybe against Clinton!?) - either way the Shadow Govt cabaalists win.

Clinton/Obama have dismissed as conspiracy theory that the election will be rigged while simultaneously claiming that the election IS being rigged by Russian interference - is Clinton not revealing that the election could be rigged against her - either way the Shadow Govt cabaalists win.

WIkileaks reveals Clinton, in 2013, put forward her support for Trump (family friend of the Clintons) to run as (puppet) President - is this not the occult cabalist revelation of the method whereby she (and Wikileaks by publicising it now during a time of mass disturbance to the American/global psyche) is putting the Illuminati agenda into the world to externalise the hierarchy and notify the sheeple that this is the illuminati agenda.

Illuminati cabalists control both sides in order to produce the outcome their agenda requires - thesis; anti-thesis; synthesis.

The Earthly realm is their stage - their power play. Powers and principalities. Their existential angst is that they can never extend their power beyond the earthly realm.

God will ALWAYS have the final say.

MG said (October 28, 2016):

Unfortunately I have come to the same conclusion you have Henry that Trump is completely and entirely fake opposition as for how I see things moving forward I feel there is a very big chance Trump's Presidency will mirror George W. Bush's like Obama's mirrored Bill Clinton's ... So just like Bush came in with all sorts of Conservative like promises after 8 years of Cl and once 9/11 happened all of that was forgotten for the War on Terrorism (more like the "War of Terrorism" like Borat so succinctly put it) the same will happen here.

I have a former CIA agent as a friend on Facebook and he's almost certain from his insider friends that there are ISIS cells ready to go with suitcase bombs and/or biological weapons in multiple American cities and he says the Obama administration is ignoring all warnings about this like Bill Clinton ignored all warnings about Osama and his group of patsies. So what I see is soon after Trump takes over the ISIS patsies get their orders to move forward and viola at that point Trump has every excuse in the book to send soldiers into Syria, Iraq and maybe even Iran. With all the Wikileaks files about Hillary helping ISIS coming out nobody would believe she'd really want to fight them but Trump who's been gung-ho from the start about Muslims would be much more believable in that role.

This conflict that Trump would start would probably lead to the much talked about Muslim vs Israel face-off that will lead to WW3.

Dan said (October 28, 2016):

"Americans would never follow Hillary into battle."

Since when have Americans had a choice?

But you do have choice, readers. Your ONLY chance to say NO to Hillary's nuclear war is to vote for TRUMP. Vote early today or tomorrow (Oct 28th is last day of early voting).

I voted Monday, and the place was packed all day. I had to stand in a line that extended halfway across the parking lot. The turnout is for Trump, not Shillary.

The GASLIGHTING and demoralization campaign isn't working this time - but it sure casts a spotlight on the shills.

G said (October 28, 2016):

I am relieved I don't/won't vote. But I still want Trump to be installed because that might bring opportunity to really show the masses it's all fake and run by Jewish control. If Hillary wins, they can still hide with business as usual; but Trump's proposals, if acted upon could either force their hand or expose his compliant corruption.

I don't think he'll try just standing still or just going through the motions. Too much pressure from those entertaining expectations for him to deliver on his promises. He will be under microscope. It's gonna be an interesting few months. We'll have to watch closely because they use the holidays to get away with murder. But late January should give a more finished story.

Al Thompson said (October 28, 2016):

I cannot think of one reason Trump would want to get the United States into war. And besides, we are already at war with the Arab Middle East. But trying to continually predict one false flag after another is just going to be speculation. I suggest that people base their opinions on the facts first. While it might be fun trying to predict the future, I think it is still guessing, so any conclusion is going to be right or wrong.

No one is going to be able to predict what Trump will do. He has a family too so I doubt a world war with Russia is on his agenda. In fact, I think all of that kind of talk is a bunch of blather on both sides. Any nuclear exchange would probably ruin life on this planet if not permanently, certainly for a few hundred years. I don't think any leader is that crazy with the exception of the Clintards.

My thinking about all of this is to suggest that we have no government at all if these existing governments are going to be so destructive. The governments have had thousands of years to prove their worth and all of them have been run by devils and demons. Why should we all keep doing the same thing over and over and over again? All of the problems of the world are caused by low moral standards and government.

PP said (October 28, 2016):

By way of supporting both articles suggesting Trump may win the election
on the 8th November I submit the following information -

On Election Day, 8/11/2016, Trump will be 70 yrs and 7+7+7 weeks old.
70 years is 840 months.
840+48 = 888.
21 weeks is 147 days.
147+741 = 888.
Jesus in Greek gematria = 888.
On Inauguration Day, 20/1/2017 Trump will be 70 yrs 7 mths and 7 days old counting both dates.

On 20/1/2017 Adolf Hitler would have been 6666 weeks old inclusive both dates having been born on 20/4/1889.
On 20/1/2017 HMQEII, having been born on 20/4/1926, will be 90 years and 9 months old or 33x33 months old. 33 squared!

Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler both have 11 letters each. the 11th horn in Daniel is the antichrist.
Their initials, AH DT, in Simple Gematria Equals:Â 33


They (the elite) do everything by the numbers!

David said (October 28, 2016):

Henry, as an American who's been involved in politics since age 12 (campaigning for a Goldwater Republican in a Democrat-run state), if Trump is false opposition I find it very difficult to explain the vicious thuggery of assaults on Trump yard signs, supporters and disruptions of his rallies, not to mention the propaganda ministries ABCCNNCBSMSNBCFOX masquerading as the Fourth Estate trying desperately to convince voters to stay home election day.

It's a real stretch to say all the attacks and slander on Trump are a highly orchestrated effort to get him the sympathy vote and advance the NWO. As for the Hitler comparison, the Brownshirt tactics and violence have all been on the Democratic side. What I do think is remarkable is the corporate media convincing Hillary's supporters the country has been screwed up -- not by the career politicians like Clinton, Bush and Obama -- but by a businessman in the private sector who has never spent a day in political office! Also, if Donald and Hillary were meant to be the Punch-and-Judy of the 2016 election, they wouldn't have tried to dilute his run with 16 other career politicians who Hillary could easily have run over (Cruz, Bush, Rubio, etc.)

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