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Barry Chamish (1952-2016) Exposed Illuminati

October 8, 2016


"Barry Chamish didn't go looking 
for dirty secrets; 
they found him."

Barry popularized Rabbi Marvin Antleman's revelations about
the Sabbatean Jews who formed the Illuminati and took over the world. 
He went on to expose Israel's use of Yemeni Jewish children as
radiation guinea pigs and the murder of Yitzak Rabbi by the Israeli
Shin Bet. Barry alienated many (including myself) by his lack of
sympathy for Palestinians, but his contribution to truth cannot
be denied. 

In Memoriam - Barry Chamish
by Debra Caruthers 

There are not many people who have the courage to take on the Israeli Deep State. Barry Chamish certainly did not expect that his own path would take that direction. Far from it, Chamish's early reporting career began as a journalist for some movie and music trade rags. By his own words, he didn't go looking for dirty secrets; they found him.

The book for which Barry Chamish is best known is the title "Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?" Up until his death on August 23, 2016, Barry frequently hosted a radio program from his home in Florida. He also maintained an email subscriber list to whom he would send editorials. That is how I knew him and by which I was fortunate to be asked by Mr. Chamish to appear as a guest on one of those radio shows way back on June 03, 2014. Near the end of this article, I will post that audio file and give you some highlights of our topic.

The official news of his death, such as this well-written obituary at Jewish Media Agency, told us that he died of a heart attack and was found the following day having succumbed during the night. It may be true that no foul play was involved. His health had been failing for many years. But anybody who knew Barry also knows for a fact that he had many enemies in the Mossad and within the hallways of the Knesset. Shimon Peres surely did not mourn his passing.


The last email editorial that Barry sent to his subscribers was one with the single-word subject line of "pigs". That was sort of Barry's schtick. The subject lines of his editorial emails always comprised of just one word. Frequently he would later post that email message as its own web page at his own website of We are fortunate that he did so with this particular item. (linked here.) I will copy some of that text below. And then you will understand why former President of Israel and Nobel prize winner, Shimon Peres,  probably raised more than one glass of champagne upon learning of Barry's demise [unaware of his upcoming demise two months later].
While world Jewry was boycotting the Nazi regime in the '30s, the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem was propping up Hitler. A deal, called The Transfer Agreement, was cut whereby the Nazis would chase Germany's Jews to Palestine, and the Labor Zionists would force the immigrants to use their assets to buy only German goods. Once the Jewish Agency got the German Jews it wanted, those they secretly indoctrinated in the anti-Judaism of Shabtai Tzvi and Jacob Frank, they let the Nazis take care of the rest of European Jewry. The Holocaust was a eugenics program and Levi Eshkol played a major role in it.

Barry's editorial was basically a review of a TV documentary that aired earlier this month in Israel entitled "100,000 Radiations." ... Mr. Chamish had joined other researchers in uncovering the gruesome story of a genocide of thousands of Sephardi children (Jewish immigrants from the other side of the Mediterranean) back in the 1950's. Shimon Peres was Director General Of The Defence Ministry at the time. It is Chamish's contention that the entire Israeli cabinet was complicit in the atrocity. These children were dark-skinned Jewish immigrants, mostly from Morocco, who were plucked out of schools and sent to a facility where they were subjected as experimental lab rats to high doses of radiation. Their parents were told this was being done to cleanse the children of ringworm. Hence, they came to be known as the "Ringworm Children." 

The youngsters were given doses of radiation that were as high as 35,000 times over the legal limit. Barry explained why this was being done. "We are told that a US law in the late '40s put a stop to the human radiation experiments conducted on prisoners, the mentally feeble and the like. The American atomic program needed a new source of human lab rats and the Israeli government supplied it," he explained in his article.

Barry also came into possession of information that indicated that as many as 4500 children of Yemen immigrants were likewise spirited away to America to fulfill their destiny as lab rats for "American" scientists (or were they really 4th Reich Nazi scientists?). I mentioned this a long time ago in one of my own blogs written as a summary of Barry's information. That page is still found at my original blog site by this title: "What If I Told You That 'Jews' Helped Murder Jews in Nazi Germany?" (linked here.)

This is what Mr. Chamish reported way back in the year 2012:

"The Sabbataian Zionists made a terrible pact with the Nazis, simplified after the best known component, called The Transfer Agreement. They let the Germans have their way with Europe's Jews, and later continued the torture and medical experiments on the Sephardi children who immigrated to their new Sabbataian state."

"The purpose of my exposing these sadistic experiments is to strengthen Judaism by removing these anti-Jews from our midst. Over the past 120 years the Sabbataians have infiltrated the Jewish leadership worldwide and oversaw the destruction of over 80% of the people by promoting wars, pogroms, assimilation and the Holocaust."
"And no one knows that better than Israel's Yemenite community. They have not forgotten that during the early years of Israel, some 4,500 of their children were kidnapped by the authorities and most disappeared for good."

"In 1996, Rabbi Meshulum asked to meet me.... He then blasted the music on his portable tape machine and explained that he didn't have the heart to tell the parents that the majority of their children were dead, murdered in atomic experiments, most shipped first to America in cages. Then he revealed the reason for his repression: the founder of the Israeli atomic research program was Shimon Peres and if the truth came out, he would be exposed for his role in the atrocities."


Now let's backup to that word Sabbataian. I will forever be grateful to Barry Chamish for educating me on who the Sabbateans (alternate spelling) were and are. These are the followers of a cult that became very powerful and famous in the Near East back in the 17th century. Outwardly, these people would claim to be followers of whatever mainstream faith they chose; they could be Jewish, Christian, Muslim, whatever -- all just for show. But privately these disciples of Rabbi Sabbatai Tzvi (or, Zevi, many alternate spellings) could practice whatever they wanted, including orgies and Luciferian rituals. Barry gave an excellent lecture on the subject. I encourage you to review it and pay close attention to the 43-minute marker when he connects the dots of that Illuminati-connected cult to modern times....

One final note about Mr. Chamish. He was always very careful to use the phrase "Labor Zionist" rather than just "Zionist." He wanted to make it perfectly clear that Labor Zionism was a political party that Hitler allowed to exist in Germany so that he had an agency of Sabbateans through whom to drive a chosen few to what would soon become the political state of Israel. I have always been careful to avoid the overworked and often misused label of "Zionist." If we really want to educate people, we should instead be using the phrase "Labor Zionist," with all its historical links to its alliance with the Nazi Party.

If you care to do further research of Barry Chamish's topics of interest, I keep this playlist at Youtube. Some videos include his lectures or radio shows; some touch on subjects that he would write about. Keep an ear out for the numerous shows he did with Eric Jon Phelps about how Shimon Peres, who had been educated at a Jesuit school, was working to help insert the Vatican back into the Holy Land. Do feel free to leave a comment below if you find other Youtube videos that I should add to my Barry Chamish Playlist.


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First Comment by AW

Barry Chamish did not just lack sympathy for the Palestinians. He was a fraud who perpetuated the Zionist lie that there was no such thing as a Palestinian and that the native Arabs in Palestine/Israel today were brought in from surrounding Arab countries in order to prevent the creation of Israel in 1948.

This paragon of "truth seekers" continued to believe and propagate this Zionist LIE even in the face of irrefutable evidence (some of it gathered by his fellow Jews like Finkelstein etc.) that Palestine had for centuries been populated by a majority Arab population and Jews were always nothing more than a very tiny minority.

I am concerned when sincere truth seekers trust Chamish's version of events about anything when he clearly approached his research subject with a clear bias and his main concern was always "his people" which he believed are God's chosen (special) people. 
Remember that Chamish always referred to Palestine as Judea and Sumeria and believed that the settlers were unjustly maligned by the media.

Henry, I have visited Palestine and have witnessed firsthand the cruelty and barbaric nature of these "settlers" who are given free reign to terrorize their Arab neighbors without fear of ANY legal consequences.

I don't doubt that Chamish's research expanded our knowledge of some facets of the globalists' agenda; but, in light of what I mentioned above, I struggle to see how many genuine truth seekers (like yourself Henry) consider his work (or even his character) so highly.

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Comments for "Barry Chamish (1952-2016) Exposed Illuminati"

Anonymous said (October 10, 2016):

I got excited learning Zevi's Crypto magic and how this manifests on the LDS church. Baphomet immediately came to mind, then Luciferianism and subsequently LDS elite. This works.

We have a solid timeline on the creation of the LDS standard works commencing with Zevi, brought to fruition via William Wickham, produced by team Cloots and presented on the US public via a yet unknown transitional carrier and handed off to Brigham Young before it reached Joseph Smith, if there even was such a person.

The worst is yet to come locally as the sheriff's department here appears to be a service asset for Shin Bet. More on that later.

The language in this WP is challenging but directed at the problem, so please do not take offense.

The Ideological Tap Root of the Mormon Church is Sabbatai Zevi

MS said (October 10, 2016):

Excellent information. Although not discussed in this missive, Sabbatai Zevi's Crypto explains the LDS church perfectly. This would gave to have been William Wickham's inspiration for his work with FR subversives who were resourced to write and publish the LDS standard works well before making an appearance in the US some 50 years after fact. I don't claim to be an info source about this issue, but I did write a brief - albeit unprofessionally worded - Word Press narrative on this issue a few weeks ago. I'll send it from my laptop shortly.

What the LDS application accomplished that the Baptist church could not was penetration on mainstream US Protestantism via sex. Eventually frame bridged to food and recreation, LDS elite were wired to physical needs and the psychological dynamic of power and visibility thus empowered to end Christianity masquerading same to people who were less inclined to developing character than to aggrandizing their perverse desires the later of which come across vividly in such projects as the Redlands temple and 2013 abduction/slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores.

I have another way of getting at it, but this produces corroborating information linking Sabbatai Zevi to some pretty sick operations via religion.

Sid Green said (October 10, 2016):

Henry, I don't think people should attack Barry Chamish just because he was a national religious supporter of settlers. He exposed the truth about the Sabbateans, to a wider Jewish audience. That is valuable. People are not bad just because they live in the West Bank as Jews.

The West Bank is called Judea and Samaria in Hebrew. And it was inhabited by ancient Israelites and we have words for in in Hebrew. I don't support the occupation, but there is no evidence that Barry did anything against Arabs. The settlers truly are over maligned in the media, vague accusations of attacking Arabs can not apply to every single settler. Yes it happens, but we cannot discount what Barry Chamish has to say just because he lived or supports living living in a certain part of Israel (or Palestine, so what?). I don't believe in the occupation but I believe Jews are allowed to live in Judea and Samaria, as equals with Palestinians.

Barry Chamish exposed the Illuminati to his fellow Jews, this is the most important aspect of him. It's hard to expose the ruse of "anti semitism" when some people make it seem real

Clifford Shack said (October 10, 2016):

Thank you for honoring the memory of Barry Chamish. It was through him that I was introduced to Rabbi Marvin Antelman's small but mighty book, "To Eliminate The Opiate." Rabbi Antelman based much of his research into Sabbateanism from the work of Gershom Scholem. Rabbi Antelman learned about Early European Jewish Freemasonry from the amazing research of Prof. Jacob Katz.

Barry Chamish, love him or hate him, pointed to these great Jewish researchers who shined a light into obscure, unexplored historic rabbit holes that kept me busy for many years.

I will always be grateful for having known Barry and I will miss him. I will also miss Barry's good friend and and fellow Canadian, the Israeli investigative journalist, Joel Bainerman, who Barry had introduced me to in the late nineties. Joel and I became close friends. Unfortunately, Joel passed away about two years ago. I had told Barry of his passing. Joel was a great sounding board to me as I plumbed the depths of Sabbateanism and beyond. I am grateful to have known both Barry and Joel.

IN2 said (October 10, 2016):

One thing that Debra did not mention is that Barry believed that the Vatican was planning to internationalize Jerusalem so they could own it. After doing my own research online I realized he was right. However, recent events with the Pope (he seems to be working to establish a world religion from the looks of it) indicate that Chamish and others are might be wrong about the Vatican wanting to own Jerusalem. The international Jerusalem which Barry and others talk about seems to be planned for a new one world religion. The Vatican is just doing the globalist's bidding. Will Francis be the first spiritual leader to head this new entity as Jerry Jenkings and the late Tim LaHaye envisioned?

IN said (October 10, 2016):

Some of the reviews bashing Chamish's books on Amazon are a coordinated attack to lower their ratings. If you visit some of his books you will see that the reviews give him 1 star and say the same exact thing on his other books!. One example:

Dan said (October 9, 2016):

I was moved to learn Barry Chamish is dead. I stumbled on it somewhere back around my birthday. He always seemed so sad.

Most summers during much of the 60's we'd spend a week on the beach in St. Augustine. Back then we had the whole place to ourselves, because the tourist season was only during the winter. I hope Barry had some enjoyment living there for his final years of his life there.

He accomplished some important work, which I suppose cost him his career a mainstream writer. I've though he was one of the more under-appreciated researchers of the last 10 years.

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