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Brendon O'Connell: Why I Seek Asylum in Iran

November 12, 2016

(Left, Compare the message below on the Iranian 100,000 RIAL note with the US one dollar bill which states, "In God We Trust". An all seeing eye with pyramid next to it. We can well wonder which "god" they are trusting?) 

Remember what Voltaire said about recognizing who your master is? 
Brendon O'Connell was jailed for three years for hurting a Jew's feelings. 
Unrepentant, he continued to resist the corrupt Masonic Jewish 
establishment in Australia. He wants to continue the fight from Iran. 
Here he summarizes his story and gives his first impressions of Tehran.

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by Brendon O'Connell 

Its a strange feeling - being "on the run". Stateless. Warrants out for your arrest. I'm not from Syria. Not from Iran. Not from Iraq. I'm from Australia, and it's not a joke.

My name is Brendon O'Connell. I'm 46. I have the notoriety of being the first person in Australia jailed under the state of Western Australia's racial vilification legislation. My heinous crime? Calling ultra Zionist Jewish activist Stanley Elliot KEYSER a "racist jew" with a religion of "racism, hate, homicide and ethnic cleansing." Those are the words that started it all, way back on May 2nd, 2009. Those words were considered so horrifyingly "hurtful" and "likely to offend", I was subsequently given one year's jail for that particular charge, one of six. Hurting someone's feelings was officially criminalized. But we should add for the record, that Stanley did not proffer any evidence of his hurt feelings; he just let it be known we should all accept his emotional state as "fact".  Maybe he should write a memoir?

Before the trial, the Israeli Ambassador to Australia and the Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister turned up at a huge rally to support a 'Friends Of Israel' meeting. Over 1,500 West Australians turned up including just about all of the W.A state and federal political class either in person or by letter. 

Stanley KEYSER was a key note speaker. I was mentioned by name. This was a week before the original August 16th, 2010 start of my trial. Needless to say my lawyer John BOUGHER panicked and the state's establishment "got the message". I would not be presenting any evidence at my trial and I could forget about any notions of "justice". 

I was given 11 years jail in total - found guilty on six of seven charges utilizing a second section of the legislation. Found guilty on five counts, I received two years jail for each count for a grand total of 11 years including Stanley's hurt feelings. Then judge John WISBEY made them "concurrent" and squeezed multiple acts into one - making for a total of three years.

 I was made eligible for parole but I was deemed so dangerous by the West Australian Parole Board I was refused parole - who knows whose feelings might be hurt next? Safety of the community is paramount! So, while repeat sex offenders, child rapists and general riff raff walked in and out of the jail violating their parole conditions at will - I languished in Casuarina Prison, the state's maximum security jail for the worst of the worst. 

There is not the word count space to describe my time in jail adequately - so much went on, it will fill a book. Suffice to say, I learnt from first hand sources just how utterly corrupt the West Australian police, prison officers, judiciary and political class really were. Maybe this pyramid on the side of the main court in Perth indicates something? They have one on the Israeli supreme Court building too.

After jail, more charges followed. ould  When Chief Judge SLEIGHT of the Perth District Court ordered me for a psychiatric review stating I was "clearly delusional" based on my blog postings - that was enough for me. I hit the road. There are three warrants for my arrest. My current lawyer emailed me and wished me luck. 


So here I am. 5000 miles from home in downtown Tehran. 'The Wild Colonial Boy' meets a Leon Uris "Exodus" novel. I applied for political asylum to the Islamic Republic of Iran via it's Foreign Minister on Saturday, the 5th of November. I had a nice chat with an official. (Out of interest, they all know who Dr Steve Pieczenik is over here.) Will they accept me? I'd like to think so. But Australia and Iran are seeking good relations and they are natural trading partners. The Iranian governments main priority are 80 million hungry people - not a slightly overweight belligerent bad tempered ethnic Irish Australian with a personal bar fight going on Down Under. I am owed a parliamentary inquiry for the debacle of the last seven years and a very public rebuking of the Israeli state for interfering in my 2011 trial. I wont be holding my breath.

Meanwhile, as I wait, I observe, and slowly make my way around town with the aid of Google Maps. I've got three Iranian/Farsi words down and am adding every day. Hami from Press TV is in touch. He's in Berlin and might catch up if he can. Friends who have lived in Iran give me some advice over 'Whatsapp'. I'm sure that encryption they have on it is first rate ;-)

They have a pretty good public transport system here and you can get around anywhere. Its cheap. Persians are notoriously polite and friendly. For a people who have suffered under long sanctions and constant Cold War style attacks, they don't seem to bear a grudge and love meeting foreigners. 

Sanctions continue and your Visa Credit Card is not going to work here. Forget about transferring money from your bank account to here with any ease. Bring cash, Euro's and US dollars. Food is cheap. Even in the modern western style shopping malls in the wealthier parts of town.

If Islam is oppressive to women I don't see it here. They drive, they make up the majority of the university places and they work actively at all levels of the community and government. If they are "oppressed" it is in the public domain of dress. In that, they dress with dignity. You will not see 13 year old girls dressed like two bit hookers on the streets of Tehran. Apparently, the femmo-nazi's surrounding Hillary Clinton base "woman's rights" on your ability to dress and act like a Hollywood porn star. I guess high levels of education, work and family life don't factor into the "freedom model" of the "progressives" of Western Civilization?

Another thing I have noticed about women here is a quiet confidence. Women covering up raises their self worth. Would be nice to bring 10 two bit pill popping night club ho's here, cover them in some stylish garb and see how they feel.

I've seen three people wearing head phones and listening to their "smart phone". Persians don't seem to walk into light poles with their heads buried in their phones either. I guess Pokemon Go never made it here? Few talk on their phones on trains. Their kids seem unbearably happy - I haven't seen a tantrum on the street yet - there's still time however. Maybe they need to put more fluoride into their water and hand out IPads to get the juvenile mental illness up to scratch with 'the west'? Clearly the Iranian public have not caught on to the joy of messaging your friends on Facebook while in the same room and other 'western' habits. They seem to talk to each other face to face. Facebook and You Tube are banned! War crime! 

Sanctions have bitten hard. Unemployment is a problem. Buildings not in the wealthy part of town appear run down. But this ain't Cuba. 

Once the sanctions are fully lifted, Iran will grow rapidly, economically. A highly educated, sophisticated population not poisoned with fluoride and IPads; a fully indigenous high technology sector - based in the military; strong nationalist outlook with a cohesive family structure - whilst also seeking to engage with others. Israel and the satanist, pedophile, Kabbalist run 'west' cannot stand this thought any more than they can stand Trump.

Maybe Iran will pull off what 'the west' never could? Combine a high technology future with a 4000 year old stable culture with the family as central? Unstable families lead too an  unstable society and President Vladimir Putin considers that a national security issue. He should know, his country is only just recovering after seventy years of satanist/communist rule. Iran never allowed the break down of the core family unit and has never allowed the poison of the degenerate "do as thou wilts" satanist ideology to sneak through the back door as "progressive values".

I hope I can stick around to watch things unfold.

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Comments for "Brendon O'Connell: Why I Seek Asylum in Iran"

Jamie from Ireland said (November 13, 2016):

You come across to me as the quintessential Irish bare knuckle Boxer who just doesn't back down.

There are so many levels to this thing, you would have to have been continually warned to But out, wind your neck in, just let it go, listen son if I were you I would.... but you have stood firm to your beliefs against the obvious discrepancy's in our judiciary and how it is so easily manipulated or bi-passed not in occupied Germany but so called Free Australia.

The 87 Year old German Woman and the 94 Year Old former Camp Guard who joined up at 17 are both in jail in Germany as we speak. While a never ending stream of Zombies flock to Poland every year and spend the rest of time validating themselves to their friends back home with the details.

I remember reading an article in the early 90's when I was starting to "Waken Up" about a travel Journalist who had just visited Iran as they starting to issue Visa's again. To summarise he said Iran was the friendliest Country he had ever visited and that everyone wanted to speak English. When he was on one Bus the entire bus came down to speak to him and offer help/advice. He also found that most of the time when he asked for directions the person he was asking usually just "Came with him" to wherever he was going.

It completely exploded my media installed view of Iran and the Western Media forever.
It was my Eureka moment on my journey to truth and recognising the Western Media for what it is.... simply a Propagator of Myths projecting a false reality and World View on the Goyim a World View which has enslaved them.

I would however guess that Iran Utopia is awash with paid Mossad informants of the West so I would give your security proper thought.

Keep ducking and Diving...

but keep rammin it up them

Good Luck

Doug P said (November 13, 2016):

There is a very few people that I would be honored to meet in this rotten corrupt world. Ahmadinejad would be at the top of my list. He has a PhD in chemical engineering, is a holocaust questioner and seems to operate with integrity. He carries a lunch to work every day, made by his wife. Its just a job. I can't imagine him sacrificing children in a satanic ceremony to win favor with the Jew. Iran allows Jews to live there but keeps them isolated. Iran has been around for 3000 years, the USA, 200 years. Maybe the USA could learn from Iran.

Stephe Coleman said (November 13, 2016):

This is truly sad what happened to Bendon. His right to freedom of expression was squashed in a most disconcerting way.

I see western governments pushing a hidden agenda that few are noticing. The agenda of making everybody whiney victims. Once you are a victim, you can be nothing else and you are under "their" control. Victims will not take responsibility for their feelings and therefore will not seek to overcome hurt. Victims see it as always somebody else's fault, thus disempowering themselves.

So did Bendon take a bottle of offence and dastardly poison Keyser by pouring it into him? Those were Keyser's feelings and nobody else's feelings. Bendon simply brought up that which was already within Keyser... assuming that Keyser is not lying.

Likewise the feminist movement is all about victimhood, Go to any woman's shelter and there the counselors are missionaries promoting victimhood rather than empowerment. The only empowerment they are given is escaping from intolerable situations. Thus this movement overcompensates and turns women into tyrants, making them into unfit spouses and mothers.

Child Protective Services likewise promotes children and teen victims (whose brains are not yet fully developed) into tyrants and rule the roost over their own parents. I recall seeing a teen girl arguing with her mother about buying a dress, then threatening her mother with calling CPS if she didn't buy the dress.

It is victimhood that the governments are pushing and this is destroying western civilization. I'm not against women being empowered, but tyranny is not empowerment, it is narcissism.

Al Thompson said (November 12, 2016):

Apparently, criticizing Jews is a crime against mankind. These governments are communist. If they have a central bank, free public schools, income, property, and inheritance tax, then they are communist to the core. I don't know much about Iran but if Islam is the dominant religion, it comes from the same Satanic roots as Judaism. That also goes for Christianity. Religion is the main source of confusion as they pervert God's natural order.

Iran is probably a better place to live than Australia at this point and I hope Brendon can make it work. But the culture is so different and reality will probably set in shortly.

Looking at the women with the headscarves, I can say that they look very nice and dignified. Iranian women in general, look more appealing than the gutter-sluts called women in the United States and western countries. Most of the world's problems are centered around communism and religion and I think it is better to stay away from both.

Sid Green said (November 12, 2016):

Reading this article is very very very sad. I also regret to inform the writer that Iran and other Muslim countries are not outside of the NWO. Modern Islam is not even
based on what's in the Qur'an. Its interesting to note the influence of Judaism on Islamic doctrine. It seems Jewish scholarship has influenced Islam so much that Muslim scholars take traditionally Jewish positions about Christian issues. Fundamentalist Islam is a fake religion invented by western intelligence agencies. It's controlled by Western forces. If you read Sunni Literature out of Pakistan, it can look like it was written by a Rabbi.

In terms of the Iranian leadership, I have no idea how genuine they are, but I know the CIA was involved in putting them in power. Don't be naive. Be careful. You are in the middle east. People are acting nice. That's normal! If you have arrest warrants out in the west, don't trust people in Iran. Iran is crawling with Mossad. They even tried to convince the 60,000 Jews who still live there comfortably to move to Israel and be disenfranchised but they refused because they have it too good. The Orwellian nature of the Australian legislation, seemingly composed in my family's dinner discussion about the holocaust, then somehow elevated to executive levels, is extremely concerning. Last night I had a nightmare about the NWO beginning, with floodlights in all the streets rounding people up.

My main point is that in the middle east things are never as they seem, and especially with governemnts, you might be dealing with another branch of the CIA. Good luck. Did you consider converting to Judaism for survival? JK

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