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Hillary Voter Calls for Mutual Respect & Calm

November 11, 2016

"John" is concerned about the attitudes 
coming out of the alternative media, 
and "wants to put out this call for restraint 
and introspection to help temper the situation."

 Disclaimer: "John" did not get the memo about the Soros-Clinton-NWO agenda. Nonetheless, he helps us to understand the Left. I endorse his core message. Keep calm and respect the rule of law.(More below.)
John: "If you're on the "left," it's time to face up to why half your country voted for Trump. Where are they coming from? What do they want? Where is the common ground? And if you're on the right, you need to do the same. Try to look at the world through the eyes of a minority in Trump's America - black, latino, disabled, gay, even "liberal." What can you do to make your neighbors, despite your political disagreements, feel listened to and welcome? How can you model charity, restraint and peace to those around you and online?" 

by John

With the dust settling from the American presidential election, I would like to advance some perspectives that are rapidly disappearing from the alternative media, and extend a hand of solidarity, peace and cooperation with my fellow Americans, regardless of their vote in this election.

I and many others were at first intrigued by the Trump phenomenon and enjoyed watching him expose and beat up his establishment Republican rivals. I was enthused by his views on trade, desire for peace with Russia, the need for American industry, and other positive ideals that I assume were his keys to victory in this election.

Despite this, I voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary and Hillary in the general election. Sanders shared most of Trump's positive qualities, and made a number of economic demands Trump did not: taxation and regulation of Wall Street; more public control over health insurance and higher education; an ambitious plan for infrastructure and others. 

Hillary was strong-armed into inserting these demands into her platform, though admittedly did a very poor job of representing them. I thought, despite her flaws, that her presidency would give America a chance to improve Obamacare (she was now demanding the "public option" which would have reduced costs by 1/3 to 1/2), the possibility that my kids could attend college (she was demanding tax reform to make community college and public Universities tuition or debt-free), some needed restraint on Wall Street and corporate America. I and most other voters had no illusions about Hillary. We want more public control over public life, and made our best guess that she was the best path.

images (88).jpeg
As I spent more time reading about Trump's background from the various biographies available, I became increasingly concerned. Trump was mentored by Roy Cohn; he does business with organized crime figures and drug traffickers; he is surrounded by advisors like Rudy Giuliani, he has an atrocious record of failure and abuse of workers and investors in his business schemes; to name a few. Many on the alt-right are making some pretty serious accusations about the Clintons and pedophilia, but have scrupulously ignored the child rape lawsuit against Trump (dropped after the witness folded to numerous alleged death threats) and the many eyewitness accounts of Trump partying with and trafficking in teenage "models". I don't think any president, including great ones like JFK, were free of vices and baggage, but we should at least be honest and cautious about sanctifying someone like Trump who is in his biography vice personified.

My greatest concern, especially as a husband, father and friend to many different kinds of people, is how Trump has galvanized - intentionally or not - the most destructive elements of American culture: nativist hate against minority groups, the degradation of women, the glorification of violence.


Today the American middle class has absolutely been abused and abandoned by the "system" that once (through FDR's New Deal, I would argue) provided them with high-wage jobs, decent living standards, and a culture where they felt valued. But then came Vietnam, free trade, deregulation, globalization and the degradation of the culture. I fear that right now the veneer has crumbled from the "right" and we're seeing eruptions of lower values that will be difficult to contain or reverse.

When you look at leftists angered by Trump, like these kids protesting around the country, don't think of them as "other" or obsess on lady Gaga, Beyonce and other cultural artifacts these people had no part in creating. The left and the right have the same core values. We want good lives, we want to create and appreciate beauty, we want to enjoy our friends and family. 

What you're seeing on the left is not yet rage but the thin veneer that refuses to confront its own dark shadow values and has lost contact with the difficult understanding, accommodation and community-building that is needed to heal the rifts in this country. Now go watch the post election monologues by honorable "left" talk show hosts like Stephen Colbert and Conan O'Brien, for example, and you'll see maturity, restraint and reflection we would all do well to model.

I can disagree completely with the conclusions of "MGTOW" advocates, but still understand and sympathize completely with the predicament of disenfranchised American males and the problems with extreme feminism. I can disagree completely with the race-separatism of David Duke and anti-Zionist critics, yet understand why they feel the way they do. What we need now is not division and "otherness" but truth and reconciliation.


What I feel right now coming from the likes of Alex Jones, the "alt-right" and the comments on websites and social media is not this spirit of reconciliation, but rabid self-esteem and the desire to humiliate and destroy their conquered foe. How can anyone take delight in seeing teenage girls cry over the loss of a role model (whether they were misguided or not)? How can anyone associate their middle class neighbors with the alleged crimes of Democratic political elites, yet lose all criticality about the crimes of Republican elites? How can anyone desire the destruction of "mainstream" journalists - many of whom perform very honest and dangerous work - yet join common cause with perverse alternative media figures who only traffic in opinion? Do you really want to destroy the system that produced Gary Webb, David Cay Johnston, William Greider and so many other honorable public servants, so you can get your "facts" only from Matt Drudge?

This is going to be a very difficult period in history, for good or bad. I call on all persons with intelligence, good will and charity in their hearts to "give peace a chance." Let's see what Trump can do. I hope I'm wrong and he produces some pleasant surprises. I don't like him, but if he's the vehicle for better foreign relations and cleaning up corruption, more power to him. But please, let's NOT demonize our fellow Americans. Let's not allow our political elites to scapegoat "others" in their inevitable failures. 

We on the "left" are not the elites. Not the media or even most people on Wall Street and government are the elites. Certainly there are crimes that must be stopped (war, mass theft, exploitation, etc.), but one of the biggest crimes is our collective failure to develop ideas that bring us together and move us forward. 

Young children don't have prejudice about their peers because their core human values have not yet been polluted by disappointment, heartache, pain and fear. We as adults have different perspectives and ideas about how to achieve the same goals, and we need to reach deeper if we want anything better than continual conflict. If we want a renaissance, it's going to be a lot of work, and the work starts within.

Makow comment:  Yes, Trump has a troubling dark side. We will continue to expose it and hold him to account. But how can John and his ilk gloss over the Clinton Foundation corruption and Clinton Satanism and pedophilia? How can they ignore the heinous destruction Clinton inflicted on Libya and Syria? Her role in creating ISIS who are guilty of the worst conceivable depravity? The imminent danger of a nuclear war, which the Russians warned would ensue? The porous US border? If you want respect John, see things in proportion. There are not equivalent.  By voting for Hillary, you're complicit in crimes that are far more serious than Donald's. 

WHY CAN'T WELL-MEANING PEOPLE AGREE?  This discussion suggests many factors which require another article. But I think it comes down to the fact that white Americans, a proud and hardworking people, are being dispossessed demographically, economically and culturally by the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel epitomized by George Soros. Soros has deceived many Americans, like John, into furthering the agenda which is to empower minorities as a way of dispossessing the majority. Americans who refused to be dispossessed, voted for Trump. For defending their rights, the left stigmatizes them as "bigots" and "haters" in order to dispossess them. 

John replies:

Thanks Henry. To your questions, I do understand where you're coming from and appreciate that your site is willing to offer some balance. What I've seen of the alleged satanism and pedophilia claims coming out of these emails is indeed troubling, but not entirely convincing at this point. Is hanging out with a creepy modern artist worse than the Franklin scandal? Why is Mark Foley hanging out at Trump rallies? What kind of instruction did Trump get from Roy Cohn on running blackmail operations? I find it odd that the person who reported this alleged NYPD investigation into pedophilia in the DNC (on Breitbart News) was Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater and a leading figure in the right-wing Council for National Policy. If these emails turn out to be what they're claimed to be, all perpetrators should be held to account. To play it safe I would not let Tony Podesta anywhere near my kids.

On foreign policy, I and other independent leftists who understood 9/11 worked very hard to prevent and expose US intervention in Libya, Syria and the Ukraine. There was vigorous left opposition to Obama for 6 years. It melted away as he de-escalated in the middle east and started cooperating with Russia. What was Clinton's role in all this? Well, does she own a majority stake in Chevron? No doubt as the sitting Secretary of State she bears responsibility, but to jump from there to "all powerful demonic witch" is lazy. I'd like to see "conspiracy theorists" go back to a more healthy position of examining geopolitical forces and pointing more fingers at transnational cartels and organized crime rather than the people they spent so many years calling powerless puppets. To be perfectly honest, I consider Trump himself to be an empty suit who has been preyed upon by organized crime for his daddy's money. By all credible accounts, this is not a person with ideals or convictions, but a lonely man with severe personality problems.

Lastly, on the subject of "white" dispossession, and more generally cultural warfare, this is a complicated issue. Here in the midwest, I have far more in common with a typical assimilated black, latino, Jewish, Asian or Indian person than I do with an intolerant white cracker. That said, I'm proud of my European heritage and my "white" family. There are complicated ethnic and cultural forces here. Has anyone heard of the 30 years war? That was not started by Jews or Mexicans. White people have a long history of slaughtering each other for pretty stupid reasons, and I don't expect my white skin to make it any more enjoyable to attend a Klan meeting.

Where I agree completely is that any regional culture (i.e. the rust belt of Pennsylvania) has every right to self-defense and a reason to stand together in solidarity, even if they're all from the same ethnic group. If Trump actually stands up for trade tariffs and helps rebuild the steel mills and associated manufacturing (China is the world's #1 producer thanks to free trade), I will be the first in line to shake his hand. My family was devastated when the small manufacturing business my dad built up over a long career was shuttered and sold to an Indian investment firm because they could no longer compete with cheap steel and other input costs. The Mexicans, "libtards," bathroom trannies, special snowflakes or whatever straw men are bearing the fury of disgruntled, self-identifying white people, did not remove tariffs. They did not take your jobs - international financiers did. This process has been going on since the 1950s (GATT agreement), along with the loss of our farms. If Trump voters don't like uneducated immigrants flooding in to use their social services, it's understandable - so let's work together for sensible immigration reform, high-skill, high-wage jobs for all communities, and encourage assimilation and economic development. If you just don't like non-white people, your powers of imagination are lacking, and it's time to dig a little deeper.

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Comments for " Hillary Voter Calls for Mutual Respect & Calm"

Ted said (November 12, 2016):

Is this guy John for real? He comes back to imply that we're angered and filled with intolerance and hate our fellow man. What utter bullshit. It's the political left that has been filled with anger, hatred, and intolerance for just about as long as I can recall. They thrive on it. As a matter of fact, when you hear a leftist speak they always make mention of classes, gender, race, or sexual orientation. Yet somehow conservatives are the ones who are "divisive" (liberal code word for "those who disagree with us").

I can't take seriously a man who claims to be on the side of traditional values (since he listed things he does and doesn't do and they all seem to point toward traditionalism), yet votes for Hillary Clinton, who is the very epitome of the "tiny cabal" he mentions that are pushing garbage down our throats. He supports her in the name of "tolerance". Guess what, John? I have some homosexual acquaintances too and, while I disagree with their lifestyle, I am quite tolerant of them and we get along fine. I didn't need to prove this by supporting a cultural Marxist, however. Those of us on the right (and I don't mean fake conservatives like the neocons) are far more tolerant of differing opinions than the left is. Which side of the divide demands speech laws to stifle dissent? Case closed.

John (author) said (November 12, 2016):

What I will grant is that the Democratic party has been catastrophically stupid in making gay marriage, abortion and gender-neutral bathrooms "top of the ticket" items. I believe this is a reaction to the rabid intolerance of the right. It is ultimately a wedge issue – read about Lee Atwater's "Southern Strategy" to foment this kind of conflict as a way to peel working-class Christians away from the Democrats.

Half of Catholics (like myself) voted for Hillary. We want nothing to do with this culture war stuff, and we play zero role in creating it – we make a compromise because we're at least willing to be tolerant (many of us do have gay relatives and friends who we love and respect greatly). What we want is less war and a better economic program – a just wage, fair prices for farmers, protection from cheap foreign labor, a national bank to replace the Fed, etc. To take myself as an example, I don't watch pornography, listen to pop music, let my kids (one of whom is disabled) watch anything but PBS. I read classic literature to my daughter who wants to be a chemist when she grows up, I garden, I fish, I'm self-employed and have never taken a handout in my life. It's not average, working people like me who are pushing Miley Cyrus down your throat. It's a tiny cabal of Hollywood culture creators, and you should damn well know that by now.

I've been around a lot of different kinds of people and have never come across a radical feminist, a communist, anyone who's used the word "microaggression," or any of this other stuff. PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION. I never ridiculed or insulted Republicans. I know many that are reasonable people, and just differ with me on issues like tax policy. These are disagreements we can work out in the political arena. But anyone currently consumed by anger and hatred of their fellow man might ask themselves why they're so furious after all their political fantasies have just come true.

Marcos said (November 12, 2016):

The problem with John is common to 99% of American socialists: they have never studied the history and strategies of Marxism. They believe in an utopia, in a magical world of fantasy and avoid facing the reality that Marxism never helped the poor, being only a political tool to keep the elites in power by enslaving and neutering the masses.
Marxism, by the way they block any kind of practical solution to poverty, is the main enemy of the working class.
Come here to Brazil and Venezuela and see how it really works. Bankers with record profits and political leftist elites embezzling millions, while the people starve.

MM said (November 12, 2016):

The low/middle class White people made Trump’s victory possible. The same people who have been systematically pushed aside and marginalized by the efficient communist NWO propaganda, disguised as a “liberal” ideology – and that’s been going on for decades.
The White Europeans created the USA & Canada the way they (still) are at this moment – big, industrialized & technologically superior countries which have been attracting immigrants for more than two centuries. But we have come to the point where we can’t call a spade a spade any more. The amount of imposed political correctness & collective white “guilt” for the colonial past has reached the ad nauseam point.

The liberal/leftist uncontrolled immigration threatens to destroy the notion of the nation state – that is exactly what’s happening in Europe at the moment. The Soros/NWO orchestrated chords of the Orientals are pouring into Europe to fulfill the ultimate goals of “internationalism” and “globalism” – the annihilation of the European Christian culture and race.
Every single thing the Liberal & Left do or advocate for is a hoax – We care for the kids and we legalize drugs and unleash the porn industry & pedophilia. We care for women and their emancipation, but we’ll let the sluts and whores like Lady Gaga, Madonna & Miley Cyrus teach our girls what to do. We talk about love and honesty, and we have the most corrupt woman in the world as our POTUS candidate to show how much we care. We love our country, but we leave the borders wide open. We are all for peace and prosperity of the “free” world, but we hate Russia and like talking about pushing buttons. We DO care about our jobs, but we ship every job possible out to Asia and love those “free” trade agreements. We love our families, but we shove the LGTB/transgender ideology down our kids’ throats every day at schools.
So....thank you Donald for this sweet surprise, but the real work begins now. You have two things to do – assure us that you mean business about things you said you were going to do in the first 100 days. The second thing – if you are true to your word, then watch your back like a hawk. Time will tell.

Dan said (November 12, 2016):

I rolled with laughter reading Ken Adachi's blast at the Ode to Hillary article.

Pretty much what I'd thought of it.

The article title " Hillary Voter Calls for Mutual Respect & Calm" made me chuckle too; since Hillary supporters are the only ones rioting in the streets, or tweeting death threats like this: Actress Lea DeLaria Threatens to 'Take Out' Trump Voters with a Baseball Bat

Ken Adachi said (November 12, 2016):

What an outrageous, self-deluded Hillary apologist making one preposterous and spurious claim after another to defend the indefensible and continue the Trump bashing mantra under a new mantle of "solidarity" with fellow Americans while rekindling pre-election DNC/Soros/Hillary rhetoric about Trump ~ " mentored by Roy Cohn; he does business with organized crime figures and drug traffickers; he is surrounded by advisors like Rudy Giuliani, he has an atrocious record of failure and abuse of workers and investors in his business schemes; to name a few." Remarkable.

The Epstein connected 'witness' who filed a lawsuit against Trump withdrew because of "alleged death threats"? Are you kidding me? Is THAT the cop out? The woman withdrew because she would have been handed a false accusation, libel lawsuit by Trump's attorneys after her pro se "case" was summarily dismissed on Dec. 6, when the first hearing would have taken place. That's why she withdrew her lawsuit, as did ALL the other DNC connected 'sexual assault' accusers.

Alex Jones has every right to ridicule and lambast the useful idiots of the Left who were wailing and thrashing about on video over being denied the ascension of Joan d' Clinton to the throne of Presidency while being usurped by the Son of Hitler himself because they are as disconnected from reality as is the pudding head who wrote this farcical commentary.

After reading the other comments already posted, I can see that other people are as annoyed as I am with the unrealized hypocrisy and pretension of "John" who has the temerity to preach 'solidarity', civility, and calm when it's the Left - and the Left alone - who are the CREATORS of hostile, lie-filled rhetoric, disparaging, foul mouthed chants, and flag burning, trash can-torching post election demonstrations funded by Soros organizers, mindless college students and communist agitators. Where was the call for civility BEFORE the election?

No where to be found - as is the case with John's brain.

Al Thompson said (November 12, 2016):

Communism, liberalism, progressivism, and the rest are one of the primary reasons libtards are so despised. So, unless a liberal repents and changes his mind, he should be held in the utmost contempt. All liberals are back-stabbing bastards from hell. There's no reconciliation without repentance. The only reaching across the aisle would be to slap them in the face for being such idiots.

TWH said (November 11, 2016):

I disagree with John when he states, "The left and the right have the same core values. We want good lives, we want to create and appreciate beauty, we want to enjoy our friends and family."

The left (and I speak in a generalized way) in the Western world became radicalized at some point into a politically correct tyranny. There seems to be no limit to the depths of depravity they'll plumb. We have very important issues that need addressing, but what does the left concentrate on? They see the "rights" of sodomy, men using women's washrooms, and not hurting people's feelings (through so-called triggers or microaggressions) as paramount. One has to ask oneself why this is.

The left has moved so far to the left that they're really indistinguishable, as a group, from communists. As Norman Thomas, head of the Socialist Party of America, once stated, "The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened. I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform."

President-elect Donald Trump hopefully represents a correction toward normalcy again. I know Henry will hold him to account if he veers off into globalism, corporatism, neoconservatism, or cronyism. Therein lies a difference between the left and right. Conservative people (and I don't mean people of the ilk who followed GWB, since they were mostly neo-Trotskyites), generally, will condemn their own if they spot a breach in fidelity to conservatism. The left, by contrast, will hang on no matter where their leaders take them. Remember Pelosi when she took impeachment "off the table"? She still keeps winning elections...

BZ said (November 11, 2016):

"What I feel right now coming from the likes of Alex Jones, the "alt-right" and the comments on websites and social media is not this spirit of reconciliation, but rabid self-esteem and the desire to humiliate and destroy their conquered foe."

If I remember correctly Hillary called them "a basket deplorables". I don't remember you writing to to Henry to denounce her and her ilks desire to humiliate and destroy the characters of people who did not share her point of view. You Hypocrite. Like the media you don't listen and you don't learn. Just because you say that you can "understand" the grievance of others does not mean that you know what it actually entails to stand under it.

"How can anyone take delight in seeing teenage girls cry over the loss of a role model (whether they were misguided or not)?"

They were following her example [She was crying her eyes out]. And the irony is their role model didn't even think enough of them to come out to console them. Yet you ridicule others for seeing the irony in it. These same teenage girls made her an idol and worshiped her like a god. Exodus 20:2 “I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.3“You shall have no other gods before me."

The one who is missing the point of what the battle really was about is you. Ephesians 6:"10.Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. 11 Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. 12For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.13Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm."

Robert said (November 11, 2016):

As per: Hillary Voter Calls for Mutual Respect & Calm.
Hillary Clinton, knowingly, defended a man who raped a 12 year old girl, the man was aquitted, then Hillary Clinton laughed about it, Hillary Clinton is a “Disgrace !!!”

Ryan said (November 11, 2016):

I have spoken to so many people who sound exactly like John in the last few days. John's story is typical of someone who mainly gets all their information from the the controlled corporate media and has been brainwashed by the constant barrage of propaganda.

I thought the worst part of this story is that John paints the Mockingbird media as legit. He refers to corporate leftist puppets and night time talk show hosts Colbert and O'Brien as "honourable"(LMAO!!) for using "maturity, restrain and reflection" in regards to handling Trumps win. Please stop!

John then asks in regards to the MSM "Why do you want to destroy the system that produced Gary Webb, David Kay Johnson and William Greider and so many other public servants so you can only get your facts from Matt Drudge"


Does John even know that Matt Drudge is not a writer, but that Drudge Report is news aggregation website. Does he know that the MSM are not public servants?(well I guess the co-opted media shills are) What's truly ironic is that the investigative journalists he mentioned are the very writers who's stories would be featured on Drudge Report.

Connie said (November 11, 2016):

Back when Obama was elected, many were also disappointed, but I don't recall members of the right taking to the streets with "Not My President!" What do the current crop of protesters expect to gain, a do-over? Where is the restraint and introspection?

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