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Voodoo Adept Sees Civil War - Part Two- Revised

November 20, 2016

Part One - Voodoo Adept Foresees Civil War

The Illuminati have found a way to achieve their aims despite apparent setbacks. 

We are trying to understand how they will do it. Civil unrest may be a possibility.

Francis is a voodoo adept. While his specific scenario for civil war seems 

outlandish, current events do reflect a feigned conflict between Communist 

Jews (Soros, Obama, Clinton) and Nationalist (Zionist) Jews (Trump, Bannon, Netanyahu.) 

The Illuminati don't care which President "makes Israel great again." 


Latest from Francis Nov. 21! Making  «surefire» geopolitical predictions is a form of black magic that makes you a servant of the very ones that propagandize about the unavoidability of the New World Order.  It is a way of extorting psychical energy by sowing calculated despair so as to convert it into money.  I am not making predictions about a Second Civil War in America.

I am just saying it is what is intended by the deftest players and strategists operating by now, and also what has been programmed by the very founding Fathers of American republic as the normal sequence of events to terminate it when it has outlived its use.  

What has been the original true use of the foundation and existence of the American republic experiment ? To act as the New World's Israel as an intermediate step to resurrect the Old World's in the Near East, to act as a so-called judeo-christian culture (or if you will Jewish-compatible form of Christianity) as an intermediate step towards the elimination of the Christian component of the oxymoron at a later stage.  There is no other American manifest destiny.  

America, contrary to what most classical antisemites state, has not been highjacked out of its natural positive destiny by a Protocol-like Jewish take-over.  The American Republic has been built right from the start as a pirate vessel against what used to be Western Christianity by an even more exclusively Jewish and Jew-like team as the one that started out the Russian October Revolution.  

What I don't like about the Protocols is their grossly understating the power of the Jewish thing over the whole of ancient History as well as modern.  

Benjamin Franklin was first and foremost a Jewish supremacist of the nastiest kind (hence the absolutely fraudulent nature of all texts he had supposedly written to warn America against a future Jewish take-over), and a believer in the divine nature of money as well as in witchcraft as the supreme practical science.  

Jefferson was a typical self-hating Jewish oligarch from the Levant, hating his own Jewish cultural and racial origin in favour of a new kind of enlightened, mandarin-like elite based on the talent to manage the world.  

The former can be thought of as the first Republican so to speak, and the latter was the first Democrat indeed : the name Democrat was chosen by him not because it meant government by the common people, but in reference to ancient classical Athens where it had meant secret-leader government by a class (of about 1% of the Athenian empire) on a one-party (demos) basis having the monopoly of all non-menial knowledge, and recruited on the base of mental-control inducing anal sexual initiation at late childhood through teen-age (agoge) by state-appointed mentors (paiderastes or paidagogoi). 

by Francis 


The fact that 99% corporate media (and even 90% of « alternative » ones) were ordered to vote for Clinton in an imperative way the Soviet media of yore could never achieve, and Trump won nevertheless must not mislead us...

Reagan principally counted on alternate media, many, not to say most of them purely or principally religious, and quite a bunch of them conspiracy-minded. And yet he won in a landslide, while the universities were more engrossed than ever in studying and perfecting marxist doctrines. 

And yet Reagan proved to be even far closer to other more Zionist interests than all the Marxists together, who were about to be jettisoned en masse as the wall of Berlin was to fall.


What had happened is that the Zionist power had just judged that the Marxists had done their job, which was to destroy non-Jewish or non-Jewish compliant private business, and could now be laid off like any useful idiots having passed their date of utility : now that all what remained of private sector after so many decades of government intrusion was Jewish or rather subservient to the Jewish financial power, employee-friendly doctrines had to be junked, bosses had to reign supreme again, and Reagan and the numerous ilk he represented did that in a grand way as he also defeated the ultimate distant power workers had counted on, USSR.

In appearance, Reagan spurred a kind of Christian revival movement, a kind of modern American Awakening, in reality what he had in mind to favour through government intervention was the Noachide laws, and also a more and more occult view of things : former Marxists did not become so much born-again Christians as workers were considered something to be done away with to be one of the boys, as astrologers, new agers and other like spiritual degenerates, it was the golden age of Kabbalah and Astrology university courses.

What was to progressively replace Marxism as a tool for bringing about total thought control was Political Correctness as defined by the school of Frankfurt, and this time the aim was not to destroy the White private-sector based upper class, since it had been conquered and subdued by the Zionist enterprise, but the White middle classes through the use of many self-hate induction schemes.

Now that demolition job onto the White Middle Classes has been declared to be finished, those White who remain and have withstood the skimming are more Zionist than the Jews themselves : political correctness is about be jettisoned too, the useful idiots have passed their date of utility, they can be adequately disposed of and laid off.

images (90).jpeg

The defeat of all those media having screamed to vote for Witch Clinton (she is a very real one, as a practitioner of infant sacrifices in Haiti) at all costs is also planned : all those media people were so full of anxiety for Trump not to pass for a very straightforward reason : this profession of parasites at all levels, which provides featherbeds to so many graduates of soft sciences, cares not for their masters but for their own miserable jobs: they vaguely but rightly feel they are about to be thrown like used computers onto the streets together with the tent city inhabitants, and hold a firm grip onto their last sinecure-giver which is Witch Clinton.

The new Zionist state now needs muscle power only from the Whites, preferably as security guards, or as construction workers to build walls, as with the Israeli Jews of now who are shown as the model to be imitated by all to be declared friendly, even though these Palestinian-stomping Israeli Jewish brutes shown as models to Trump as well as to many Blackwater mercenaries are but losers who lack the personal means to move back to a more interesting places to work in venture capital.

Brains are no longer needed, except a few Jewish ones, and even then, only to manage money at a very high level, what even the Jews value now is emotional management which is best done by cunning brutes and adroit Sasquatches, Samsons as in the Torah, not intellectuals : facts don't matter now. Intelligence not to be applied into immediate survival in a zero sum game is to be dismissed as a cardinal sin and to be hunted down by whatever religion and mass hatred current available among the yokels. Trump is marketing all that to whom it may concern.

For Trump and his followers this is the very proof the conspiracy-minded right-wingers were right : a communist coup to end with Constitutional America is underway led by none other than the one most feared to do that : Obama, and that coup has to be resisted by military force and personal vigilante-style military service for all.


For Obama, this is the proof Trump is another Hitler, or a kind of Pinochet, counting on armed violence alone to prevent social justice from being done. From that point onwards, some states will follow Obama and accept the taking place of the plebiscite, others will prohibit that plebiscite from taking place on their ground and acknowledge only Trump as their president elect.

Since many staunch Trump partisans are military men, since Trump will want to govern from a maximum security place for very understandable reasons. The capital of the Union will be declared to have moved to Colorado Springs for security reasons and Trump will be inaugurated there, while Obama is plebiscited by 68% in the states he owns and starts a third mandate in Washington : the flag of Trump's America remains the same, with 50 stars, the flag of Obama's America comprises two more, Porto-Rico who decides to join and also Liberia, in a grand gesture to bring back former abandoned slaves into the fold. 

 For Trump and his followers, this is the proof Washington rules an illegal banana republic only, a rogue third-world state. Israel acknowledges Colorado Springs as the capital city of America in the same way Trump acknowledges Jerusalem only as the capital of Israel and of the future world order to come.

Obama is for all European leaders, for all Arab leaders as well as for the UN the only legitimate American president. Russia and China acknowledge only Trump. France elects Marine le Pen, and as promised she acknowledges only Trump despite the EU. America's division into two is consummated and since no side wants to recognize the other as legitimate, they are technically at war, but as the riots and other acts of violence are subsiding, that Second Civil War grows rapidly into a cold one. That cold war is total but normal traffic and communications resume between the states and between neighbourhoods of different hues as each side understands it won't win over before much longer than first thought. Life is normal for three years maybe but only to make everyone take for normal the separation between both Americas.

Thereafter, the war between both entities heats up and it turns out that the Second American Civil War is one of the front lines of a Third World War, where former Americans fight among themselves at foreign sponsors and powers' behest. America ends up divided into two, then four, eight ... small warring kingdoms quite in the same way America and Israel used to manage Africa and the Arab world.

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First Comment from Ken Adachi

The first article was more reasonable and worth reading at least, but this one is just too much. The guy's a flake and branches off into absurd, irrational, fantasy projections. How can you take him  seriously?

He mixes in legitimate postulates of "Marxist" Jewish control v "Nationalist," pro  military, 'brutes'  Jewish control, and then, crazily,  veers into a a state by state, Obama-led, communist coup that ends up in a "Plebiscite" ? What?  

He watches too many movies.


Thanks Ken, 

As I said, his scenario for civil war is outlandish, but there are other things he says that deserve consideration. For example, his comparison of Trump and Reagan, and his assertion that the Left has outlived their usefulness to the ptb.


Glen writes:

  At this point I must say I believe anything is possible. All who had faith in "The Donald" should know by now we have been "Trumped". Just look at his cabinet picks, that is all you have to do. They are all either Neo-Cons, Life long political insiders, banksters, or former or current CFR members. Look at how he is already back-tracking on everything he said during the campaign.

  Hillary was chosen to run against him because the elite's who run the show knew she would be the only candidate he could beat. There are still enough good people who would never vote for evil she was and continues to be.

  So again we will have a president who will have his head so far up Israel's ass he will be tasting hair product. The Zionist plan will charge forward with another American puppet controlled from Jerusalem. Trump is just a different wing of the same Jewish bird that has ruled this country since shortly after 1948.

 Voodo Adept could be right. I have had a very strange feeling this campaign and election. I know things cannot continue the way they are. Was Trump chosen to be the fall guy when it all comes apart. I think that is more likely than not.


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Comments for "Voodoo Adept Sees Civil War - Part Two- Revised"

Peter W in UK said (November 21, 2016):

This is a poor follow up. (Not your fault but the fellow has lost an awful lot of credibility - but she is a witch!!).

Lisa said (November 20, 2016):

The only thing that liberals in USA will fight about to the death is when their EBT food cards are cut off along with power in their government assisted apartments and HUD homes. If their food is cut off then maybe they will come after the conservative civilians and fight to the death to rob and eat. But, as Gene described, American conservatives can put bears down easy, easy. The majority of people dying in a USA civil war would be the unarmed, HIGHLY stupid, weak, unprepared, BROKE liberal populace. Bring it on cuz we are prepared for that nonsense easy, easy. Time for a culling.

John said (November 20, 2016):

My great great grandfather fought for the Union in the American Civil War. Like many other German and Scandinavian immigrants, he got 40 acres of farmland under the Homestead Act in exchange for enlistment in the war. He had to walk from Northern Wisconsin to the fighting front in Tennessee, was shot in the leg in battle, and walked back home. We can't compare today to the 1860s.

People need to be more realistic about this idea of "Civil War." It's not going to be two sides with uniforms. It would look more like Syria – right-wing death squads (think Blackwater instead of ISIS) funded by foreign governments like Israel and the gulf states. Not even Russia's going to get involved at this level, because they actually desire peace and aren't going to provoke total nuclear war over Obamacare.

Unless President Trump is prepared to be complicit in terrorism (and if he is there will be an overnight coup), the war would be ended by a few airstrikes on manufacturers of guns and ammunition, secure checkpoints on major highways and ports, and the freezing of assets of militia leaders. There will be no supply lines from Canada or Mexico to allow so-called "patriots" to wage war against the United States. If you want to assemble your local KKK militia to "take back America," enjoy the drone strike on your convoy of 5 pickup trucks.

There are a lot of tough guys in comment sections right now who need to really think about whether they're willing to be part of a terrorist army against peaceful protestors (a bunch of college students who have done far less damage than the riots after sports championships), and whether the military (much of which is made of latino and black soldiers, and where most of the officers are rational, highly educated individuals and not end-times bunker dwellers) is really on the side of Alex Jones and Donald Trump, or whether they're on the side of maintaining law and order.

There's a reason the only military support for Trump comes from people like Michael Flynn and a clown car of low-ranking officers, whereas top brass and the national security establishment openly call Trump unfit and dangerous. Winning the presidency does not guarantee a dictatorship, which Nixon found out the hard way.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at