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Insider: Rothschilds will Punish America for Electing Trump

December 14, 2016


(Left, Satanist Baroness Phillipine de Rothschild died in Aug. 2014, so who is the author of

A mystery Rothschild Baroness reveals that
they regard Trump as the most serious 
threat to their New World Order since Napoleon.

Her hysterical Twitter feed indicates they hate Trump 
and will do anything to restore their control.
They are orchestrating the anti-Trump campaign 
and will not stop until Trump is removed. We are not witnessing short-term disappointment. 
This is the beginning of a fight to the finish.

"There are many secret activities happening behind the scenes to prevent his inauguration as well as prevention of a much regretted Brexit," she writes. (See 40 Electors Wants Russian Interference Briefing Before they Vote)

Throughout history, the Rothschilds have used war to bring dissident nations into line. This makes her tweets especially ominous: 

@BssdeRothschild Nov 28:  ¨Segregated republic nations full of populism, hate, discrimination & anti political correctness are self destructive & the catalyst for WW3.¨

Elsewhere she invokes civil war, California secession and economic recession.

Makow Comment: Satanist Jews and Freemasons (Communists & liberals) basically are thieves and liars. They lie in order to justify their theft. Think Israel. Here, they are trying to steal the election, using the preposterous lie that Russia rigged it.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

A reader asked: "Do you believe the Twitter account Bss De Rothschild (@BssDeRothschild) really belongs to a Rothschild family member or is it a parody?" 

I believe she is authentic because she exhibits a visceral personal hatred of Trump and genuine panic that the ancient Illuminati Jewish plan for world domination might be derailed. She calls Trump "an unhinged sociopathic bigot" and says "George [Soros] agrees ...about Trump's dictatorship qualities, mannerisms, references & cabinet choices. Generals & Racists."

She goes so far as to threaten war:

@ Bss De Rothschild ‏@BssDeRothschild  Dec 12 "One predicts the new formation of allied forces for WW3. China, North Korea, Europe & Japan."

@ Bss De Rothschild ‏@BssDeRothschild  Dec 12 "When China come bombing US shores in less than 2 years, don't come crying to us to bail you out of your self destructed Populist economy!"

The first Tweet implies that the Rothschilds control China, North Korea, Europe and Japan which they will pit against the US and Russia. Significantly, she leaves out Israel as her ally. She offers another scenario:

"Trump's triggering of WW3 is very possible. Iran has a motive if deal is scrapped. Middle East could attack US with nuclear weapons."

"The coming years will see a vicious circle of Trump's Anti-Muslim rhetoric fuelling ISIS terror attacks propelling further towards WW3."

"It will take 1 major terror attack on US soil of 9/11 proportions to send @realDonaldTrump over the edge and spark WW3. He is fuelling chaos."

"We must come together to stop Populism from destroying safe and effective Globalist values."

She raises the spectre of civil war:  "When half of a country's population detests its president. Chaos takes over. Take a look at South Korea. A taste of the future of America!"

If the Rothschilds don´t bring on war, they have a history of punishing recalcitrant nations via stock market crashes and depressions.
She seems to think Trump wants to abolish the Fed and return to gold standard. "Reverting back to Gold Standard & abolishing the fed = China becoming the world's number 1 economic super power. Moron!  

"For @realDonaldTrump to think he has the power to abolish The Fed is absurd! And who applies monetary policy after China manipulate yuan?"

Despite the Trump rally, she thinks the bull market is over and hints at hyperinflation.

She writes: "The US economy will become too isolated by alienating rest of the world & result in recession, debt, hyperinflation & massive unemployment.

"Deplorables should realise that Populism is a self centred, hate spreading, tension & war creating fad. Globalism is ALWAYS the solution.

 "Trump's jobs policies are old fashioned, rudimentary & obsolete. Fracking, Coal Mining & Oil Pipelines are a dying breed. Clean energy wins!

"There is overwhelming evidence that human activity is driving global warming & climate change. Fracking, new plants & coal mines responsible.

"New research reveals the spiraling and often unseen effects of mass deportations on the housing market.

"If idiotic American deplorables spent less time watching football games & eating hot dogs perhaps they would be more prosperous economically.

"Deplorables should read more books & develop more than 1 skill to enable them to compete with the rise of A.I in the work place in 5 years.

"Trump's mediocre jobs creation strategy will be escalated toward irrelevance by the rise of A.I within factories & plants nationally.

"The working & middle classes will suffer greatly under Trump. The focus will be even greater for the 1% & a new greed establishment born.

Most of her Twitter feed is devoted to a diatribe against Trump´s character and support for the recount and the story that somehow Russia rigged the election. She believes this "Russian interference" justifies impeachment and a new election. 

"It's clear that American partisans distrust each other more than they distrust Russia. Putin has picked the right time to push our system"
"Congratulations America! Russia now officially control you & determine your destiny. The rest of the world is watching, pointing & laughing."
"There is not going to be an inauguration. I can feel it in my water. Never in the history of the world has a man been so under qualified...I will give @realDonaldTrump barely 6 months before his impeachment is implemented. Politicians thrive in politics NOT reality TV stars."

"He is epitome of a lying egomaniac. This [Carrier] deal is 'small potatoes'. We predict profuse underperformance in coming term.


 She´s convinced that Trump will be disqualified. On Monday, she tweeted, "Electoral College are now on the case. The plot thickens. Trump is attempting to intervene. The inauguration won't happen. It's over. Mwhaha. ...should I purchase this Michelangelo for the cat's bedroom or donate the money to @HillaryClinton inauguration fund?"

 Dec. 12 - "At the doctor's office with David Rockefeller discussing populism & modern art while we await his 10th heart transplant consultation."

Dec 12- Just saw Steve Bannon at @WaltDisneyWorld hitting on Snow White Supremacist. YUGE!

Dec 12 - At @ChristiesInc with @georgesoros purchasing art that costs more than your shitty little deplorable houses Enjoy recession in 2017 peasants!

Dec 13- At breakfast w/ Henry Kissinger drinking OJ while contemplating which brand of Fake Tan @realDonaldTrump bathes in. Umpa Lumpa Xtra Dark?

She can be quite catty. Dec 5 I can't decide which I loathe most.  @KellyannePolls dying hair or her voice. She looks like she belongs on the sunset strip selling fellatio. Dec 12  Kellyanne Conway looks like that cheap prostitute Patrick Bateman [AMERICAN PSYCHO] picked up in the limo. Can someone send her a stylist or a rope & a stool?

Its fairly apparent @MELANIATRUMP is a robot. Press the on button, install the Michelle Obama vocabulary drive, et voila! A literate beauty.
 Bss De Rothschild ‏@BssDeRothschild  Dec 1
The Turkish Lira has dropped faster than @MELANIATRUMP panties on her first date with @realDonaldTrump #


The Baroness did not go to the trouble of certifying her Twitter identity. She only began it after the election and she has 944 followers. She describes herself as "Baroness De Rothschild, CEO, Global Private Investment Banker, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Environmentalist, Avid Art Collector, Proud Globalist." She gives her address as London/New York and address as

She could be Nadine de Rothschild, age 84.   I don´t know. But I do know she is for real. Look at the people she follows on Twitter. 
Five Regional US Federal Reserve banks. The Bank of Japan. George H.W. Bush, Jeff Bezos, Goldman Sachs, Christies, Sothebys, Scientology and Mother Jones. 

Testimony to human cupidity and self-delusion is this final tweet: "Support your country, no matter how imperfect she may be. Love her - not uncritically, but love her. Reject all malign foreign interference." Foreign interference? Who does she think she is?

Clearly there is a schism in the Illuminati between those who want to embrace the Rothschild`s satanist Jewish vision of open borders, miscegenation, gender dysphoria and "climate change," and those who, at least, pay lip service to nation, race, religion and family. This is the beginning of a fight to the finish. 


First Comment by Sid Green, who is Jewish:

For people like me, this is getting interesting. I am very familiar with the manipulative attitude of this Tweeting Rothschild. Why is it so familiar? There is a way of talking to someone, where instead of really conveying information, you are basically baiting them, and trying to provoke some release of negative energy. 

It's not about the words that are being said, it's about the tone and the context, and the emotions that it is meant to trigger. That's the way this Rothschild is talking. It's a form if psychic vampireism which I didn't realize was occult and many people who do it do it unwittingly. 

It is actually very sad, but it's a habit for some people. For families who don't actively practice Satanism or Black Magic, this is like an appendix. This reminds me of what Francis stated about Jewish mothers having latent powers of witchcraft. It's not even intentional. Using this way of behaving in society can result in blunders, but if someone was smart and controlled like an evil occultist, they could channel this manipulative ability into Stockholm Syndrome-Hoodwinking an entire society. 

With people so desirous of being told what to think and feel it's basically a piece of cake. People already want to indulge their basest emotions; this just urges them along.  To be sure, this technique is morally  wrong; it is against morality (the most important measure of anything) because it has a negative effect on the people involved, even the one unwittingly being a psychic vampire.

 It's an occult thing which probably only is done "Correctly" by dedicated evil people. The Bible contains enough references to kindness and mercy that it is obvious to any honest Jew, Christian or Wiccan, that this technique is wrong. These are professional psychological rapists who actually intend to cause the damage they are causing. God will punish them. "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Insider: Rothschilds will Punish America for Electing Trump"

John said (December 14, 2016):

The real deplorable are showing their true colors on the left/dnc side we are beyond the election hacks. Now the CIA wants to dance with Trump they have destabilized too many countries to list. TPTB are banana republic mode in the US or another color revolution after the electoral decision on 19 Dec 16 if things do not go HRC way next Monday.

MSM predicted landslide victory for Hildabeast and lost after spending 1.2 Billion bucks whereas Trump Spend about half of that amount of cash. Riots and violence can still happen so far all has failed up to this point this where the CIA earn their bed and butter by installing a dictator to lead the new USSA. The Deep State fighting among themselves and all the other alphabet organizations unfortunately they will not eliminate themselves.

The real owners appear to fear Donald Trump for he is his own man and not paid cutout politician as usual. CIA violated the Hatch Act even as good old Barry in the Whitehouse claiming to be constitutional lawyer would argue for Trump and not against him. There is no rule of law or a genuine truthfulness to Obama Admins. is another reason why Clinton lost. Starting to see why the new administration is stacked with military officers, oil, business professionals from all ways of life. They are coming in with a fresh set of leadership skills instead of working from within the system minus financial sector i.e. bankers. That is part of draining the swap. The powers that be can always crash the economy they have done it before and it can happen again during the past few weeks Mortgage Interest Rates have risen quite a bit.

Ironically, Rick Perry could not remember the Energy Department during the last debate, which turned into major gaff now he is in charge of it. Trump may start WWIII with Iran he must please Israel or plan to take them down via deception with other allies around the world.

The CIA is last ace in the hole for them hopefully they all fall on their own swords my money is on the military backing Trump not them.

James C said (December 14, 2016):

F. William Engdahl describes Trump as "a mafia don with a pompadour." He also believes that Trump's real job is to prepare the United States for World War III. A person is known by the company they keep, and Trump keeps company with some of the worst members of society. As Engdahl amply illustrates, Trump is anything but antiestablishment: he keeps company with neocons, rabid Zionists, and warmongers. Whoever this Rothschild character is, she is probably part of the scam being pulled on all of us.

Al Thompson said (December 14, 2016):

To be a Satanist is the be the ultimate loser. They will fail in their lives and they will have nothing to show for it. The hatred they will probably experience in hell will be unimaginable. This is not a good outcome for anyone. The Rothschilds and other Illuminati people have chosen this for themselves and they have shat in their own collective nests.

Observing the government is like watching a gang war. Trump and Pence are no angels and both of them flash Satanic hand signals. That's our warning so don't expect much. Once I see the hand signals, I don't take any of it seriously because I have a good idea the results are going to be evil. If Trump manages to jumpstart the economy, then there will be more for the communists to steal later on. But with the low moral standards, I don't see how things are going to get better. There's too much moral relativism and the evil just keeps getting worse. The moral standards must be raised to counteract the rotten conditions that we have in our society.

Don said (December 14, 2016):


I’ve been looking for the documentary I watched some time ago where a German man said he voted for Hitler because he was the only politician who offered any kind of hope. I haven’t found it yet, but this video from 2011 is good.

As I have written previously I voted for Trump because Hillary was so bad and I didn’t want to throw my vote away on other party candidates. Hillary was a bullet in the head whereas Trump might be a slow death. At least he acknowledged the problems and possibly may follow through on his promises. If not there might be enough time for me to live my life or time for divine intervention.

Luc said (December 14, 2016):

As I've said before, and shown via links on my webpage, there is more than one camp in the Freemason hierarchy; one of these is the Zionist wing and another is the Illuminati side.

Of late, in the US via the electoral process, there has been a power struggle between these two factions, a war that is continuing to this day, although the Illuminati have taken the lead and look to take over leaving many disenfranchised Zionists in their wake. This does not mean that the Zionists are finished, not by a long shot as they will continue to wreak havoc as a matter of DNA.

What it means is that the Illuminati now have the baton. This latest declaration by Putin, also Illuminati, is a signal to the ruling Jesuits that they are lining things up in order to secure the New World Order as planned; not as a Globalist chaotic borderless mess, but with the ten autonomous administrative zones already covertly ordered by the Jesuits and longed for by the Freemasons in their long term plan, which in reality is a return to Atlantis, the glory days of Occultism just before Noah's flood.

With Russia lead by a President with a 80% approval rate and a US with a widely popular Trump Presidency it is not long before the US will also come to bear and be under control. China is already on board, so with Russia and the US also on board that would only leave 7 others, all of which will easily be convinced to follow suite. And there you have the ten autonomous administrative zones in place ready to replace the ineffective United Nations, and ultimately set up a world ruling governance as aspired to by the Freemasons and their Knights Templar predecessors, event also described in the Bible's prophetic books( look up 7 heads 10 horns for references).

Things are right on schedule, and time will show this to be true.

Tony B said (December 14, 2016):

This insane raving nonsense sounds like the demon owned brain of Hillary Clinton.

Don said (December 14, 2016):

It is interesting that whoever is posting as Bss de Rothschild proudly displays the Waddesdon Manor on her Twitter page. That is clearly one of the most in your face monuments to greed on this planet.

Another jewel in the Rothschild crown is Mentmore Towers. This happened to be the home used in Stanley Kubrick’s film “Eyes Wide Shut”.

The Château de Ferrières another Rothschild home was used in Roman Polanski’s film about Satan “The Ninth Gate”.

There may be some significance in the choices of these homes for Satanic films as the Rothschild family are rumored to be Satanists. The late Baroness Phillipine de Rothschild proudly wore large necklaces of fallen angels, Baphomet, and Satan. It is said that the Rothschild family sets the dinner table with an empty seat reserved for Satan.

Whoever is writing as Bss de Rothschild in Twitter offers no solutions to problems or any constructive criticism. They only spew venomous rants and insults and attack the character of Trump and his associates. Given that the Rothschilds are renowned vintners, maybe her hatred of Donald Trump is a case of sour grapes?

Oddly enough this person’s writing style reminds me of someone who goes by "Aloysius Fozdyke" that sometimes posts on your website and claims to be a Satanist. Perhaps he and Bss de Rothschild are both channeling the same demon?

Ryan said (December 14, 2016):

If these tweets are real, they confirm what I already thought as to why Trump was put into power in the first place. That is to prove to the masses that an American economy doesn't work in today's global economy any longer. They want to make things so bad that the masses will be ready to accept their NWO as scripted. This can also be said of Brexit. This would fit the "Order Out of Chaos" narrative perfectly.

By letting you know ahead of time of their plans and telling you what they want to happen rather than what they don't want(remember all the pre-9/11 Hollywood references put into films), I believe these tweets are a form of Kabbalistic magic, as they are written like a statement of fact rather than wishful thinking(Laws of attraction/conscious creation). If authentic, they serve as a blue print and predictive programming of things to come.

Mother Theresa once said “I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there.”

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at