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Did The Illuminati Murder John Lennon?

December 16, 2016


Our contributor, Hamish, presents evidence that John Lennon was trying to leave the Illuminati when he was murdered. 

"You gotta remember, establishment, it's just a name for evil. The monster doesn't care whether it kills all the students or whether there's a revolution. It's not thinking logically, it's out of control." -- John Lennon (1969)

by Hamish

John Lennon became an effective anti-Establishment figure after the breakup of The Beatles. His emancipation from the Illuminati can be seen in the songs recorded just before his murder. Namely, the lyrics in the songs 'Help Me Help Myself' and 'I Don't Wanna Face It' reveal he was seeking some higher Truth and purity:

Well, I tried so hard to stay alive
But the angel of destruction keeps on houndin' me all around
But I know in my heart
That we never really parted, oh no

They say the Lord helps those who helps themselves
So I'm asking this question in the hope that you'll be kind
'Cause I know deep inside I was never satisfied, oh no

Lord, help me, Lord
Please, help me, Lord, yeah yeah yeah
Help me to help myself
Help me to help myself

Say you're looking for a place to go
Where nobody knows your name
You're looking for oblivion
With one Eye on the Hall of Fame
Well now you're lookin' for a world of truth
Trying to find a better way
The time has come to see yourself
You always look the other way

I don't wanna face it oh no
I don't wanna face it no no no no
Well I can see the promised land
And I know I can make it!


The Illuminati raises and recruits useful operatives, including musicians, to play a particular role. To become uber-famous, these people must engage in initiation rituals and swear obedience under pain of death. Like the Masonic initiation or Mafioso Omerta 'code of silence', if you break ranks, you risk being killed.

The Beatles (the Masonic name means 'renewal/rebirth' invoking ancient Egyptian scarabs) were an Illuminati creation that spearheaded their cult revolutionary goals to transform society. There is a connection to the satanist Aleister Crowley in their work (presumably, Crowley was the real Sergeant Pepper).

 Was it coincidence that Sergeant Pepper, was released exactly twenty years after the death of Aleister Crowley, and its lyrics referencing the "twenty years ago today" that Sergeant Pepper "taught the band to play"?

 Beatlemania was an Illuminati psy op to help destroy Christianity and promote hedonism. John Lennon was an Illuminati vehicle throughout his career. His song 'Imagine' is an universal anthem for the NWO. But, we cannot dismiss the ample evidence that John was slowly rejecting their paradigm.

He stated: 'Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it.'

John was murdered shortly after exposing the source of the drug-fuelled counterculture scene: "... We must always remember to thank the CIA and the Army for LSD. That's what people forget. Everything is the opposite of what it is...They invented LSD to control people and what they did was give us freedom. Sometimes it works in mysterious ways its wonders to perform.'

Lennon exposed more than just the Establishment-induced drug craze.  He exposed the government targeting  him and other artists. He said that 'Overpopulation is a myth of the government'.

Clearly, John Lennon was exposing the Establishment and was under constant surveillance by the CIA, FBI and assorted Establishment agencies. And it seems the intimidation tactics by these groups was taken to the next level through Mark David Chapman--the infamous murderer that shot Lennon.


Reporting on the book, John Lennon: Life, Times, and Assassination, by Phil StrongmanThe Daily Mail says :  'It is the killer's [Chapman] calmness after the shooting that Strongman sees as the key to what really happened, providing evidence for his theory that Lennon's death was a state-sponsored conspiracy. 

If Chapman looked like a zombie, as he hung around after the killing and waited for the police, it was because that was exactly what he was. Chapman, he suggests, had been recruited by the CIA and trained by them during his travels round the world, when he mysteriously pitched up in unlikely places for a boy from Georgia. 

How strange, for example, that Chapman should visit Beirut at a time when the Lebanese capital was a hive of CIA activity -- and was said to be home to one of the agency's top-secret assassination training camps. Another camp was supposedly in Hawaii, where Chapman lived for a number of years.

And who funded the penniless young man's round-the-world trip in 1975, which took in Japan, the UK, India, Nepal, Korea, Vietnam and China?

Money never seemed to be a problem for Chapman, but no one has ever explained where it came from. The distinct possibility remains, in Strongman's opinion, that the secret service was his paymaster.

And somewhere along the line his mind was infiltrated. With Chapman, the CIA could have drawn on its long experience of using mind-controlling drugs and techniques such as hypnosis to produce assassins who would eliminate trouble-makers, and 'patsies', the fall guys on whom such killings could be blamed.

Strongman claims: 'Catcher In The Rye was part of Chapman's hypnotic programming, a trigger that could be "fired" at him by a few simple keywords [via] a cassette tape message, telex or telegram or even a mere telephone call.'

Interestingly, The Catcher in the Rye was also used to trigger the Bush-connected would-be Reagan assassin John Hinckley. The book was also featured in the movie 'Conspiracy Theory'.

Chapman's connection to organized Satanism enhances the prospect that he was involved in ritual abuse (the trauma component in brainwashing). 


 John Lennon had become not only a secular activist; he was engaging in spiritual warfare.

Indeed, Lennon's final music indicates that he was seeking redemption and his salvation was approaching a Christian tone that would have blasphemed the NWO --or at least stunted much of its counterculture revolution.
Lennon may have been one of a long list of performers who outlived their usefulness to the Dark Power that rules the planet. 

First Comment by James C

The thesis of John L. Potash's book Drugs as Weapons Against Us:  The CIA's Murderous Targeting of ... Activists is that the Establishment has routinely murdered potential opinion makers who took an anti-War stance.
Drugs as Weapons Against Us reports:

-U.S. intelligence has been the largest LSD trafficker in the world.
-Assassinated American leaders opposed the war in a top opium-growing area.
-CIA's MK-ULTRA had a hit list of opposition leaders to dose with LSD and other drugs.
-MK-ULTRA agents frequented West Coast "Acid Tests" and the Millibrook acid estate.
-Undercover agents dosed musicians, writers and political activists here and abroad.
-George Harrison's dentist gave him and John Lennon their first doses of LSD covertly.
-An attorney & legal reporter's eight-year study said the CIA murdered Lennon.
-An FBI asset supplied Mick Jagger's first hit of LSD, then framed him and Keith Richards.
-Jimi Hendrix's manager, once in Britain's MI6, reportedly admitted murdering him.
-Janis Joplin died of a hotshot of potent heroin just before her first anti-War concerts.
-Drugs were used on Black Panthers Huey Newton, Fred Hampton, and Afeni Shakur.
-Nazis aided CIA & cocaine lords in the mass murder of Latin American revolutionaries.
-Kurt Cobain wanted anarchist essays inside thirty million-selling Nirvana album.
-Police supervisor told officers not to investigate Cobain's death as murder.
-Tupac Shakur's gang-conversion movement cost billions in laundered drug money.
-Cops working at murdered Tupac's Death Row label were described as "covert agents."
-Drugs were used on Occupiers; a provisional plan to shoot leaders in Texas was found.

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Comments for " Did The Illuminati Murder John Lennon?"

NN said (December 18, 2016):

I'm sure evil can hire talent. So what. The Crowleyite dead baby body bits album was enough for me, but wait, there's more, courtesy the redoubtable Miles Mathis.

John Lennon's Death Was Faked - Yoko Ono's Propaganda Tweets - Dishonest Statisticians Fudging Gun Numbers - Problem of Police Killings and Military Gun Deaths - Violence Is US Government Policy - Purposely Destabilizing and Criminalizing the Poor
Source: Miles Mathis

Yoko Ono's Gun Statistics by Miles Mathis

Barry said (December 18, 2016):

I’m not totally convinced that Lennon was a member of the Illuminati, although I have no doubt that the Beatles were used along with many other pop stars, and that the whole 1960’s revolution was a psy-op designed to trigger the gradual disintegration western civilisation.

My impression of Lennon was that of a very intelligent man who was trying to fit the pieces together during a time when evidence was hard to come by. He said that the world seemed to be run by insane people, but I don’t recall him ever talking specifically about the Military Industrial Complex. Within weeks of the Double Fantasy album being released, Lennon was gunned down. One of the tracks, “I Don’t Wanna Be a Soldier Mama” was in direct opposition to the recruitment process and potentially put thousands of jobs at risk. This wasn’t the first time that Lennon had upset the war machine. His constant message was make love not war, but maybe the Double Fantasy album was the last straw.

Carl said (December 18, 2016):

If it is true that John Lennon was trying to break away, it appears that some of his ideas were not transferred to his son, at least not Christian values. Sean Lennon is in a great band with virtuoso bassist Les Claypool called Claypool Lennon Delirium. The band is very creative in a sea of musical gangrene.

However Sean seems to be fascinated with homosexuality. Also in the youtube video below he takes a run at Jesus while discussing Jesus Christ Superstar (perhaps sharing Lloyd Webber's ideas). Admittedly his song "Ohmerica" is a major mockery of Bush and Obama, and therefore somewhat redeeming (even if it does appear to be pro evolution).

Nevertheless Christians are falling way behind in the art sphere as I don't even know any Christian bands worth listening to and I fancy myself a connoisseur of hidden musical gems in all genres.

Peter in Australia said (December 17, 2016):

Johnathon Coleman in several of his books says the Beatles were a FABrication

" INTRODUCTION TO THE SOCIOLOGY OF MUSIC, Adorno, Theo. Adorno was kicked out of Germany by Hitler because of his Cult of Dionysus music experiments. He was moved to England by the Oppenheimers where the British royal family gave him facilities at Gordonstoun School and their support. It was here that Adorno perfected "Beatlemusic Rock," "Punk Rock" "Heavy Metal Rock" and all of the decadent clamor that passes for music today [but was he a rapper too?]. It is worthy of note that the name "The Beatles" was chosen to show a connection between modern rock, the Isis cult and the Scarab Beatle, a religious symbol of ancient Egypt." - The Committee of 300.

Miles Mathis shows pretty convincing proofs that John Lennon and the actor Mark Staycer who played him in the 2009 film 'Let Him Be' were the same and that Lennon did not die in 1980 at all.

Imagine there's no truth in them.... it's easy if you know, and we all live in a Kosher submarine.

Brent said (December 17, 2016):

The I am the Walrus song is pure predictive programming of our depopulation and hearing the interview where John dissembles that meaning is disgusting.

Hamish (Author) said (December 17, 2016):

I'd like to reply to commenters Pam, Dan and Z, below:

The premise is that John Lennon was the anti-hero of the Illuminati until he started reaching out to be a champion of God--evident in the lyrics of his latest musical output

Pam said (December 17, 2016):

I agree with Dan [below] that Lennon was a Marxist agent. Miles Mathis has two recent entries on this cultural icon, Nov 12 on the 2009 Indy movie from Toronto called Let Him Be which features a very much alive John portraying an impersonator of his royal self, then a genealogy of Obama posted Oct 25 that links these two narcissistic sociopaths by their mothers Ann Stanley and Julia Stanley. The moms are both descendants of Baron Stanley the uncle of full blown Marxist agent of our cultural destruction, Bertrand Russell. The pix comparing noses of Bertrand and John is compelling. Presidents A N D superstars are selected from a Chosen gene pool it seems. Baron Stanley was a wealthy Jew and relative of Sacha Baron Cohen as well.

I sure do not trust Miles on all his theories, his belief that the dead Kennedys are our shadow government is hilarious, but I think he has nailed Lennon here. The creep had four more songs he needed to share with the world so he did the 2009 movie. The collection of guitars the struggling musician/impersonator uses in the movie features many of the rare priceless ones Lennon himself owned. The I am the Walrus song is pure predictive programming of our depopulation and hearing the interview where John dissembles that meaning is disgusting.

I feel sick about this as I grew up enjoying Beatles' music but none of them had musical training or could read music, only Brian Epstein their manager did. Tavistock mischief workers all.

Dan said (December 17, 2016):

I'm surprised this Lennon article got past you.

The premise is that John Lennon was an anti-Establishment hero.

"John Lennon became an effective anti-Establishment figure after the breakup of The Beatles."

The 60's Left IS the Establishment now. Lennon supported Globalism, Feminism, polymorphous perversity, If he'd lived he'd have been on that boat on the Thames with Bob Geldof opposing BREXIT. Think.

John Lennon wrote what remains the Internationale Anthem of Globalism.
"Imagine there's no countries, and no religion too..."


The CIA didn't kill him, Henry. When you understand that Lennon still promoting Feminism, emasculation, the occult and Globalism more than ever, you realize they have no motive to kill him. David Geffen and Yoko Ono had more motive than anybody.

That he was killed by Mark Chapman is undisputed. Chapman had been living the cult-like life of a World Vision International volunteer. He was at the Vietnamese resettlement camp in Ft. Chaffee in Arkansas, and also in Lebanon (Middle East).

For those who are determined that Chapman was programmed to kill the celebrities on his list, there are two options. 1. strictly for money, or 2. occult sacrifice.

There are definite elements of a 'killing of the king' human sacrifice for a major magical Illuminati working. And by the way, the notion that Lennon was "trying to leave the Illuminati" is sheer speculation. When did the say anything about the Illuminati? Just look at the things he supported the very week of his death. He was a cultural Marxist.

The money angle was that Lennon had past his prime as rock star, and his first album in five years (Double Fantasy) would have languished on the shelves along with his other fading records if he hadn't dramatically died. Like Elvis, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendricks, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Lennon became worth more dead than alive to Yoko and Geffen. There's a tradition of celebrities handing over loved ones for greater fame, money ... even youth.

The Dakota where Polansky's Rosemary's Baby was filmed. If Lennon was to become immortal rather than fading into a caricature of himself (like Paul McCartney) the O.T.O would make a sacrifice him to bring on the 'reality' outlined in IMAGINE.

Charlie Hebdo vigil Paris

John Lennon vigil, Central Park

Princess Diana vigil, London

It's the same magical working Henry! They're invoking the One World Hive.

Z said (December 17, 2016):

Quote: John Lennon became an effective anti-Establishment figure after the breakup of The Beatles.

That’s not entirely true as he wrote Imagine after the breakup and the song is a call for globalization. Plus, according to Miles Mathis he faked his death.

BT said (December 16, 2016):

This is very interesting, since there were rumours that Mark Chapman was just a hitman hired by Yoko, whose long-term lover Sam Havadtoy moved in with her on the very night of John's murder, and they stayed together for the next 20 years. Some said it was just a "practical" decision on her part: Why settle for half of John's fortune in a divorce, when she could have the whole thing by removing him, plus the endless public sympathy, fame and boost to her own career? She has been milking it for all it's worth ever since then. Just sayin'.

Ryan said (December 16, 2016):

According to John Judge in a November 2000 Interview, the now deceased independent researcher claimed that World Vision is CIA controlled and Chapman was employed by them at the time. Judge said "They ran the Cuban and Thai refugee camps in the United States. Mark David Chapman -- who eventually shot John Lennon -- worked at the Thai refugee camps out in Arkansas that World Vision operated there. They ran these camps brutally, forcing people into political education against Castro, refusing to feed people, beating people -- by many reports -- and bringing in Alpha 66 and Omega 7 people (the worst of the killing teams -- or murder squads -- of the anti-Castro Cubans in the United States) to run the camps in Florida, Fort Chafey in Arkansas and other places where the Cuban exiles were. " Judge also said that "John W. Hinckley Sr., was also the president of the board for World Vision. "

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