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This Establishment is Not Going Quietly

December 12, 2016

The Liberal elite is acting as if it is entitled to  perpetual power, and any deviation from its Communist globalist genderless agenda is unacceptable. Dave Martin says "the corporate media are pimping for an ideology  that is fundamentally religious in nature, and therefore non-negotiable." 
Makow believes this ideology is Cabalism (Satanism, i.e. Communism. Podestagate is more confirmation.

America is crossing into a new era. Trump seems to have caught the wave, while [Hillary] Clinton seems to belong to yesterday.  A note of caution: This establishment is not going quietly. (Pat Buchanan)

by David "DC" Martin
(abridged by
As biased as the mainstream news coverage of the election was, it has become even worse in the aftermath.  Never have we witnessed such sore losers. 

Indeed, the folks at The Washington Post at least are still acting like their livelihoods, if not their very lives, still depend upon keeping Donald Trump from actually taking the presidential oath of office.  Now, most recently, with their three-wise-monkey approach to the ominous PizzaGate scandal, one really has to wonder why they are so fearful. (One can also find lots of information on this subject like this on YouTube posted by independent researchers, but perhaps not much longer.)
Anyone who thinks the NY Times or CBS and CNN, or the Washington Post, are going to "learn lessons" from Trump's victory that will transform these "mainstream" media organs into the people's tribune, is in need of a brain transplant. If we yearn for an honest media we will need to build it ourselves, starting with the Internet. The corporate media are irreformable because they are pimping for an ideology whose tenets they hold with a zealotry that is fundamentally religious in nature, and therefore non-negotiable, no matter what cosmetic changes they institute to deceive the people into thinking the leopard has changed its spots.

What are those tenets? We've already cited detestation of Christian Russia and worship of NATO, and the alleged duty of American taxpayers to pay for our military to police the world. Gerald F. Seib of the Wall Street Journal (Nov. 9) mentions two others: Trump "shredded the conventional wisdom in both parties, which held that there simply weren't enough of the white, working-class voters who flocked to his side to win a national election." 

Among these white voters were white women who were supposed to be so stupid they would vote for the devil himself if he made his appearance in the guise of a Democrat, and one who was to be the first woman president, if only her "sisters" would vote for her. White women were too smart to fall for that all too obvious gender blandishment from the script of the identity politics which are sundering our nation. 

An honest Leftist, Diana Johnstone, writing for, astutely assessed Clinton's loss:

"The real meaning of this election is not, as bitterly disappointed Hillary supporters still maintain with tears in their eyes and fear in their throats, a victory for racism and sexism. The real meaning of this upset is that Wall Street's globalization project has been rejected by the citizens of its homeland...To distract from the genuine significance of her candidacy, the Clinton campaign appealed to the desire for respectability of educated city dwellers, portraying Trump supporters as racist yokels motivated by a hateful desire to scapegoat minorities as revenge for their own inadequacies. They were 'deplorables,' and you wouldn't want to be one of them, would you?...

"Trump voters were scandalized by Hillary's lies and corruption. Many of them would have voted for Bernie Sanders if they had the choice.  That choice was taken away from them by Democratic Party manipulators who were sold on their own advertising campaign to elect "the first woman President." A brand new product on the Presidential election market!  Be the first to vote for a woman President!  New, improved!

"Bernie's success already showed that millions of people didn't want that woman.  But the Democratic Party manipulators and their oligarch sponsors went right ahead with their plans to force Hillary Clinton on an unwilling nation.  =They brought this defeat on themselves.

...racism is the only motive recognized by the globalized elite for rejecting globalization.  British citizens who voted to leave the European Union in order to recover their traditional democracy were also stigmatized as 'racist' and 'xenophobe.'  Opposition to racism and xenophobia is the natural moral defense of a project of global governance that deprives ordinary citizens of any important power of decision." 

Kristi Stone Hamrick writes, "Isn't it interesting that it is clearly bullying if someone is mocked for their looks or sexual orientation but it's 'commentary and analysis' if they are mocked for their faith, or the region of country they live in or their support for a candidate they have every right to choose." 


To Hamrick's observation we add one of our own: the anti-white racism of the media and the Democrats is made spectacularly degenerate when we consider that some white Republicans like Mitt Romney and many white corporate leaders execrate the white working class. They want to inhabit a mostly white world reserved for the privileged, but will sell out this nation's still white majority on the basis of class. 

They are traitors. Like the word "witch," it is a descriptive that should be applied prudently, and in the case of Romney, the Bush dynasty and the hierarchy of the Republican Party with which Trump must now deal, it is accurate and fully deserved. After Mr. Romney lost in 2012, the "Never Trump" GOP grandees were contentedly preparing, together with their Democrat partners, for a future where whites would no longer be the majority in the country their ancestors planned and conceived. As Walter Russell Meade has noted, this is "a declaration of war."

The gratitude the patriot experiences in contemplating the daring of the men who in 1776 signed the Declaration of Independence against the world's mightiest military empire, and the genius of the plan of government of the Constitution and Bill of Rights instituted by Madison, Monroe and the other America whites who framed it, is nowadays submerged in a sea of ingratitude strongly anchored in the primeval race hatred approved and fomented by fabulously wealthy whites who call us haters when we stick up for our rights and heritage, as every other race is encouraged to do.

Saddling heterosexual whites with the low self-esteem which it is a hate crime to impose on homosexuals and non-Whites, is a genocidal act that deserves resistance as our human right. Trump's victory validates defying the sinister, organized inculcation of low self-esteem in white people. It does not make white people partakers in the primeval pot of race hatred if we confront hate when it targets us. That this even needs to be said is testimony to the degree of indoctrination operant today. 

The issue of reverse racism against Whites is something that can be properly addressed without succumbing to racism against Blacks, some of whom have been in this country for 300 years, and are as American as anyone. They're not going anywhere and White Americans need their good will, as they need ours. Trump knows it. Let's pray he stays true to that knowledge for the sake of racial peace founded on the truth that the Communist dogma of "White skin privilege" is a lie with regard to working and middle class whites. 


 A President Trump may turn out to be a fool or a dismal disappointment; or something far better and more noble. If anyone knows for certain, then they possess a clairvoyance which we envy.

Let us for the time being, between now and the new year, savor with hope the victory at hand. Families are nurtured, youth is educated and a nation restored through hope. Let us celebrate this precious time when hope has been reborn among our people, plagued as we have been by self-hatred and suicidal behavior.

Demonic forces will always seek to slay the dreamer (Genesis 37:19-20), and those forces play on fratricidal vices, so that it is the dreamer's brothers who are seduced to betray him, and serve as his slayers. 

Enough with blaming most of our woes on "the Jews," or other races. Only we can defeat ourselves. It is our own brethren alone who possess the full capability to destroy us. All other enemy forces are merely ancillary.

To raise a family or restore a nation, we must have hope, which begins with giving thanks for that which we have received this November, not the least of which, for all his foibles and myopia, is Mr. Trump and the family who stood by their man under heavy fire.


First Comment by Sid Green:

"The gratitude the patriot experiences in contemplating the daring of the men who in 1776 signed the Declaration of Independence against the world's mightiest military empire" Wait a second. Those were Freemasons,  and the USA remains a crown colony. 

This guy seems to be either deceived or a disinformation artiste. The establishment is not going quietly? If anyone is going quietly, that's us. Trump flashes the 666 sign more than anyone I've ever seen. Right now he's just playing around making stocks plummet by mentioning their names (lol) but soon he will be submitting to the agenda. Trump ain't no dreamer unless we are talking S & M or something porno. 

Prepare to get Cabala brain-raped unless you're smart enough to speak the language of occult symbols and newspeak. Those "daring" men wrote a constitution that only applies to certain elite members of society, this "New Atlantis" true to its heritage of fallen angel arrogance, is a place where the bottom of the pyramid (the TRAPazoid) are little more than slaves and animals. 

This is not a Christian Country and Trump does not represent the "white" race. The USA is a Cabalist country which benefits Cabal members. That Church that you see on the street, go up to it and it will have a plaque telling you which Masonic lodge authorized the building of the "Church". 

How come one my Caballa books it has an Egyptian Ankh and other pagan symbols? Hello people this is MYSTERY BABYLON......The eagle.....Rome's successor. In the book of Enoch, the eagle devours the sheep that will not defend themselves and the Lord allows it because they do not stand up for righteousness but instead let themselves be scammed. I hope most readers are not as naive as the author or disinfo agents or believers therein

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Comments for "This Establishment is Not Going Quietly"

RL said (December 13, 2016):

Lucifer is in control his nets will be full trump Hillary all part of the script but few have eyes to see or ears to hear few really love or believe in God

James C said (December 13, 2016):

Enough with blaming most of our woes on "the Jews,"
illustrates either a profound ignorance of true history or some kind of diversionary tactic. No one who truly understands the degree of economic, cultural, and political influence the Jews have played, and are playing, in our nation could possibly make such a statement. Neither is Trump an exception to Jewish control and influence. He appears to be a rabid Zionist intent on fulfilling the Project For A New American Century.

Glen said (December 13, 2016):

"The gratitude the patriot experiences in contemplating the daring of the men who in 1776 signed the Declaration of Independence against the world's mightiest military empire" Wait a second. Those were Freemasons, and the USA remains a crown colony.

I have got to go with Sid on this one. It is only with people like him speaking the truth that the population of this country will hopefully someday awaken to the scam that is being played out before them.

In the first place, we are never reminded that the Continental Congress that gave us our Constitution wanted to do so absent a little thing called the Bill Of Rights. It was only through the work of great patriots like Patrick Henry and George Mason that we ended up with it at all.

Truth be known, Great Brittan could have whipped the rag tag colonial army at any time during the first three years of the revolutionary war. With a troop advantage of 3 to 1 and being the best trained and equipped army in the world, it would have been a walk in the park if Brittan had wanted it that way. If Americans want to thank someone for their so called "independence", it had better be the Howe brothers(General and Admiral)who saw to it Washington was never hunted down and finished off.

As for Trump, you folks who put your faith in him are living in a dream world. Look at his cabinet picks for crying out loud. The man who ran his campaign and figures to have great influence over him is a Jew who resides at 666 5th Ave.(can't make this crap up). His daughter is married to this man and has since converted to Judaism. Listen to him "praise" Israel and you soon figure out he IS NOT a true "American Firster". He is just another lackey for Zionist Jews who run this country and seek to use our young men and women, and our national treasure to see that their plan for a "Greater Israel" marches on.

I just read this yesterday:
"Police union members in Ohio today quizzed Donald Trump about protective gear, saying President Obama has banned practice of sales of surplus military equipment to police department.

Trump says he would resume such sales, saying “Yes, I would. I think it’s ridiculous” the practice was stopped."
The Police State will actually grow under Trump and if even possible, you will loose more constitutional rights. Welcome to Trumps America.

SB said (December 13, 2016):

Hope is what they give you in a small doses so you won’t revolt. Your first comment on this hit the nail on the head, Trump was them giving hope, to make us believe change can happen. Its over Satan and his minions have passed the point of no return, and they could not have done so without the help of those so called Christians that think it is ok to bend, be weak, compromise with evil.

Without that help the world and this nation would be fine . Soon the elite and evil will have to play
their hand, you will know it when Damascus is turned to rubble and the final war has truly begun, while it started some time back, most know not, but will know it or be totally blind and ignorant when Damascus is turned to rubble.

We were all warned
long ago what was to come, but we took our eyes off the ball. we allowed ourselves to be distracted and ignore his words in the name of progress, greed, self indulgence and pride. Now we must pay the price, enjoy the ride; we all asked for it.

NB said (December 13, 2016):

Don’t you think that it is only fair that an election which was secretly and unfairly given as a gift to a megalomaniac rapist instead of a witch by the FBI should be taken back by another secret agency? The dilemma that the subjects of the superpower are facing in the form of choosing between a megalomaniac rapist and a witch for their president is their KARMA.

They believed in the lies of September 11, and willfully participated in the killing and justifying of mass murder and genocide- more than 4 million people worldwide (“God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie”; Thessalonians 2:11).

There has been no real court case, no real investigation in to the events of Sept 11, yet Barak Obama declared that ‘justice’ has been ‘served’ after the assassination of Bin Laden. People are still hold in detention without charges (because none actually exists) for more than 15 years.

Even killing innocent mother and children by the American Sniper has become the right thing to do in the psychotic psyche of the delusional public.
My guess is that the CIA must have ‘credible evidence’ otherwise they would not dare becoming suddenly patriotic just like the FBI did before the election. This evidence will be shown not to the public, but only to the people who matters such as the electors and the senators.

Then what?
The typical response of the illuminati is an even bigger false flag event: Sept 11 part II to subjugate the people to even more harsh measures, I guess.

BT said (December 12, 2016):

For once I completely agree with Tony B, and pray that one day people will realize Drumpf is one of the AntiChrists. Remember what the Bible says: that even the most devout Christians will be deceived.

BT said (December 12, 2016):

For once I completely agree with Tony B, and pray that one day people will realize Drumpf is one of the Anti Christs. Remember what the Bible says: that even the most devout Christians will be deceived.

Tony B said (December 12, 2016):

This writer is one of two things, both not complementary.

He is either a disinformationist or he is absolutely clueless about who really runs the world, how and why. The motives he ascribes to front men are nonsense.

The whole article follows the shallow, on the surface show time for the misinformed.

Time for people to face the easily discerned fact that Trump is one of them. Just another Rothschild prostitute. Get over the euphoria about nothing.

TW said (December 12, 2016):

This is an exceptionally well-written article. The only thing I would add is that the money powers who are behind this globalist push are well-versed in the art of deception, propaganda, and the dialectic process. The people, as the article states, have the power to stop the artifices of the elite just by simply ignoring them. This isn't as easy as it appears on its face. To do so we need to reject modern popular culture. Why? Because pop culture is the spawn of the globalists and they use it to their ends.

Our entire society is built upon a psy-op. The mainstream news media is comprised mostly of all editorializing that poses as actual news. The television entertainment programming (I would even categorize mainstream news as this, but that's another story) is built upon some of the basest human (animalistic) impulses. When is the last time you watched a popular TV show that made you feel warm and uplifted? You have to tune into reruns of decades-old shows to get that. The modern ones peddle rudeness, vulgarity, sexuality, subterfuge and backstabbing, disrespect, and otherwise portray the worst characteristics of people. There's very frequently an underlying political message in these shows too. Yet we sit and laugh at it while absorbing it, don't we?

It's time to reject the anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-traditional values (said traditional values are based on Christianity, by the way), and anti-good sense message we're bombarded with through the mass media. If we do this, the majority of the battle will be won already. Take away the medium for the communist/Satanist/cabalist elites and who will be able to hear them? That power lies within each and every one of us. Turning off the TV is the first major step.

Al Thompson said (December 12, 2016):

Libtards are whiney little bitches and they have almost destroyed the future of mankind with their promoting of homos, lesbians, LGBT, and pedophilia. Libtards are a disgrace to mankind and they don't deserve anything good. They destroy the economy and have ruined the minds of the children. Just remember, if the media is willing to cover-up pizzagate then what else do they intend for the children?

Frankly, I don't care what the MSM says and I hardly ever watch their news programs as I know for a fact I'll get nothing but a bunch of lies. Every time we take in lies, our minds become less effective. How do you know when a media person is lying? When they are moving their lips. No one cares about their Freemasonic-Marxist agenda. I hope they whine for the next four years or forty years. Will Trump be any better? I hope so. A dead gorilla would be better than the Hildabeast (stinky). The powers that be put out a candidate in Hillary who isn't that bad looking but manages to be extremely ugly and unappealing due to her evil ways. Anything the MSM says doesn't matter.

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