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Hollywood Hypes Minorities to Dispossess Majority

January 5, 2017

(Left, Black women mathematicians contributed to Apollo space program.) 

Movie "Hidden Figures" ticks two Illuminati Jewish boxes. 
It promotes women and blacks at the same time. 
I welcome legitimate  minority stories. I do mind when 
they are part of a hate-filled, racist program of anti-white social engineering.  

Even minority women are sick of it. This tip was sent by A.W., a Muslim woman who wrote: 

"Anyway, I felt suspicious about all the hype/attention the movie was getting and 
wondered about the validity of its claims.
Well, I did a little digging and found this great article with VERY strong evidence refuting 
the claims made in the book/movie.
After reading the article and some of the comments below, I am convinced that this movie is just the latest effort by Hollywood 
to push its anti-white, pro-minority propaganda. I myself am a non-white Arab female who is sick of this b.s."

by Paul Kersey
(Abridged by 

John Glenn's passing at the age of 95 is just another reminder that the era of infinite possibility is sadly passing away.  Glenn, a Marine fighter pilot in WWII and Korea, was the first man to orbit the earth in 1962. And with Glenn's death goes the possibility of refuting one of the stranger tales born in the Current Year and poised to become the definitive story of the Mercury and Apollo missions: the Christmas Day-scheduled movie Hidden Figures' "untold true story" that black women were the real force behind America's space exploration.

In the book on which the movie is based, Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race, by Margot Lee Shetterly, Glenn is quoted as having said this of Katherine Johnson, the black female brain allegedly behind NASA's greatest glories.

"Get the girl to check the numbers," said the astronaut. If she says the numbers are good, he told them, I'm ready to go."

Glenn was supposedly asking for one more check before his flight into space--a review of the orbital trajectory generated by the IBM 7090 computer.

With Glenn's death, we will never know if this conversation ever took place. But it is part of an insistent revisionist history of NASA [National Aeronautics and Space Administration], which was in fact almost entirely staffed by whites until the Apollo program was shuttered in the early 1970s.

Historians of the space program recognize the awful truth: NASA, along with the companies that performed contract work during Apollo, was a reflection of society's workforce in the late 1960s--mostly white, mostly male.   [Apollo Moon Missions: The Unsung Heroes, by Billy Watkins, 2006, p. 79]

But NASA's website now reports that Katherine Johnson, a blue-eyed, light-skinned black female, calculated the trajectory for Alan Shepard, the first American in space...even after NASA began using electronic computers. John Glenn requested that she personally recheck the calculations made by the new electronic computers before his flight aboard Friendship 7--the mission on which he became the first American to orbit the Earth." [Katherine Johnson: The Girl Who Loved to Count,, November 24, 2015]

The primarily white Main Stream Media began frenetic virtue-signaling with the #OscarsSoWhite movement. This helped spawned a bidding war over the "true" story of how a lone black female helped fulfill John F. Kennedy's promise of putting a man on the moon before the end of the 1960s:

And Fox 2000 and Chernin are developing Hidden Figures, a movie about the African-American women who helped NASA launch its first space missions (Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer recently were cast). [Hollywood's Casting Blitz: It's All About Diversity in the Wake of #OscarsSoWhite, by Rebecca Ford, Hollywood Reporter, March 2, 2016]

But the recent canonization of Katherine Johnson and her "untold" contributions to NASA's incredible achievements (think about it: the Wright brothers were the first humans to fly in 1903, NASA landed men on the moon only 66 years later) stretches credulity.

(The Horror! White men!!)

Why isn't Johnson mentioned in John Glenn's John Glenn: A Memoir or Alan Shepard's Moon Shot: The Inside Story of America's Race to the Moon?
Why does Charles Murray not mention her in his seminal book on the Apollo program (co-authored with Katherine Murray), Apollo: Race to the Moon?
Why is Johnson not mentioned in Tom Wolfe's epic The Right Stuff, documenting the sensational story of NASA's first astronaut group, the all-white Mercury 7.
Why, especially oddly, is Johnson not mentioned in We Could Not Fail: The First African Americans in the Space Program.
Why was Johnson not mentioned in either Jet or Ebony magazine, two black magazines that spent the 1960s and 1970s simultaneously lamenting the lack of blacks at NASA and celebrating any minor achievements of blacks in the space program.

(Finally, she appeared May 23, 2005 issue of Jet: "A physicist, space scientist, and mathematician, Katherine Johnson gained a minute in the national glare in 1970 when she was instrumental in formulating calculations that helped the crippled Apollo 13 return home safely."
Curiously, the Jet article acknowledges "very little literature documents African American women and their place in science").

+Why, given her alleged role in the Apollo 13 drama, does Johnson not appear in Jim Lovell's autobiographical Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13 (subsequently made into the Tom Hanks movie, Apollo 13).
+Why does Gene Kranz, the Flight Director of NASA famously played by Ed Harris in Apollo 13, fail to mention Katherine Johnson in his autobiography Failure is Not an Option: Mission Control from Mercury to Apollo 13 and Beyond?
+Why, perhaps most significantly, does Johnson not appear in Harlem Princess: The Story of Harry Delaney's Daughter, the autobiography of Ruth Bates Harris? Harris, who took the job of Deputy Assistant Administrator for Equal opportunity for NASA in 1972, famously said, "I saw no minorities or women as astronauts. Could I help make a difference?" 
Harris waged a war to get more blacks involved with NASA, which was a paltry 5.6 percent non-white in 1973 versus a government agency average of 20 percent minority. [Societal Impact of Spaceflight, 2007, PDF]
+Why does Johnson not appear in Beyond Uhura: Star Trek and Other Memories, by the black actress Nichelle Nichols, who played the part of Lt. Uhura in the iconic TV series Star Trek? Nichols waged a personal crusade against the overwhelming white nature of NASA, giving a speech in 1977, "New Opportunities for the Humanization of Space,"lamenting how white the space agency was and how this was dehumanizing to nonwhites....

Let's be honest: the only "revisionist" history going on right now is the push to have Americans in 2016 believe a black woman was key to NASA's putting a man on the moon.

Minority Occupied America may not put men on the moon. But it can hype Politically Correct myths.

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------------------ Circumcised Media Clamours for More "Diversity "

First Comment from Dan

Michael David Carroll was on this movie like 'white on rice' last week with a superlative review. 

He says it's just another slave movie, no different than 'Twelve Years a Slave' (2013).
It's the same formula:  the minority characters suppressed by the Structure of White Supremacy.  

Mr. Carroll says, "I never said in a video that there's no such thing as a structure of white supremacy - I told you Negroes that ya'll use that as a justification for your slothfulness.  But we'll deal with that later. "

"What I want you to concede for me, that since there is this structure of white supremacy, is that the gatekeeper of the structure of white supremacy is this black woman.  How's that?"

"This movie is propaganda.  It's made to show the keepers of that structure in a good light". 

Now this is going to fly over the head of most people because it's like walking in on a college algebra class half way through the semester.   I know I'm throwing a lot of readers into the deep end of the pool, but Mr. Carroll has hit upon something I think applies in part to the white Millennial male and female's screwed up relations, inverted by an invisible "structure" that herds us all, complete with  plantations for postmodern versions of slavery.  

Mr. Carroll points out that the release of this slave movie 'Hidden Figures' is right on time for Hollywood's annual tsunami of propaganda for Martin Luther King Day, followed by Black History Month. 

Just an aside, look at your calendar and mark January 16th MLK Day, and Black History Month (USA), February 1st.   Donald Trump's Presidential Inauguration will be January 20th, smack dab in the middle of the that media driven tsunami. 

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Comments for "Hollywood Hypes Minorities to Dispossess Majority "

Craig said (January 6, 2017):

I find it interesting that they are heaping this lie on top of the bigger Apollo lie. Not that black women couldn't have played a key role behind the scenes, though the evidence seems missing, its just that NASA is a different organization with a different agenda than most people seem to realize. I was just reading yesterday about Apollo 13.

This and another sister article which tells the story from the Russia perspective, strongly indicate that the Apollo 13 command module never even made it to Earth orbit and was picked up by the Soviets in the Atlantic, who turned it over to the U.S. a few weeks later in Murmansk. Well researched. So this black gal calculated the return trip from the moon? I don't care what color she is, I'm not buying.

JJ said (January 6, 2017):

My parents were watching The News Hour (PBS) when they gave a "learned" official plug for this movie and all it represents, "Hidden Figures," and I had to laugh, as it has already been done more effectively already, although it misses one key element, the "you go, girl!" feminist angle.

The Old Negro Space Program

Tony B said (January 5, 2017):

I find this history revisionism funny. I see it, as most of the "false news" nowadays, failing to convince any considerable number of people. The propaganda has not gotten any less blatant, just geared in different directions for different purposes in a very different time frame.

We've had huge lies in the past but they don't work anymore, partly because the young are so dumbed down they don't see any significance in the lies as they've been mis-taught to "create their own reality." Few are interested in the real world, much less the "real fantasy world," created for popular consumption. Reality has been downgraded into whatever you might desire it to be. Truth is the casualty. False truth only confirms for the masses that truth is whatever you desire. Plus, the past, or even the next town, becomes someone else's truth. "Who cares?" is the common response.
The huge lies worked better when people were still educated enough to believe what "authorities" (then trusted) told them. A couple of instant examples would be Pearl Harbor and landing on the moon, Pearl happened but it was no surprise to the elitists who were doing everything possible to make it happen as their back door to getting the U.S. into the hot war in Europe while the moon shot has been pure bull shit from day one which we all watched on TV (it was not as convincingly done as the weekly TV westerns - perhaps because the astronauts were amateur actors), a face-saving government necessity attempting to "one up" the Soviet Union after they put the first man in space.

The real progressive difference in the propaganda world is that people are no longer fooled because their basis for discerning differences (discriminating - the basis of ALL decision making) has been systematically removed as a supposed "no-no." Most now accept anything but care about nothing they accept, nullifying the whole purpose of the propaganda. A nice catch 22. How do you warp to your purposes the thinking processes of an already lobotomized population?

Peter said (January 5, 2017):

I recently posted a comment on the obvious racist bias shown in the two new Star Wars movies, Star Wars 7 and Rogue One. It is vey clear to me that these movies and anti-white, mainly anti-white male.

This is the video link -

On you tube I am called pduffy4. For me my comment appears at the top. After posting my comment I was almost immediately attacked by up to 4 people for pointing out the racism of the two movies. They even went as far as to claim that Latinos and Hispanics were white. There ended up being a total of 88 replies. I have now posted your link for your article about Hollywood which confirms everything I was saying.

[I am still typing this message and have already had a reply from Gaddavir; he is the Icelandic guy. I only posted your link 5 minutes ago.

One of the people attacking me turned up to be a white male from Iceland. Seems he is what you could call a self-hating-white-man, thanks to his education and the wicked perverse media anti-white propaganda. I am aware of the self-hating-jew attacks that are used against truth sayers on the holocaust.

In Star Wars 7 they have a black storm trooper in a likely romance with the white female lead. In Star Wars 7 the black actor had a line to say which was "because it is the right thing to do" when he was rescuing the other male lead who happens to be a latino actor not white. This made me feel somewhat sick. In real life a black man is more likely to rob you and rape your wife than save you, particularly if you are white.

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