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Outspoken Black Critic Chides "Monkeys," "Savages, "Slaves"

January 1, 2017

"The Smartest Black Man in America"

David Michael Carroll, who teaches political science at a college in Ohio, has 25,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel

In this youtube, he says the black church is spiritually "dead." He blames black women who make up 75% of the membership, and pastors who are mainly philanderers and charlatans. He says the women should be purging these imposters instead of opening their purses "and legs" to them.

He traces the decline of the church (and the US Black community) to the 1960's when the church women made an alliance with "Liberal" whites, (i.e. the Democratic Party, Jews) who cultivated a culture of government dependence and racial grievance. He suggests black women hate black men, (whom he admits are dysfunctional), want white men, and are traitors to their race and culture.
Their adoption of white feminism in the 1960's is responsible for single mother families and the decline of black communities.

The Illuminati first did to blacks what they did to whites. Many white women have been coopted by the Illuminati under the guise of liberalism and encouraged to intermarry. The Illuminati media and government are now largely staffed and run by women, homosexuals and minorities.

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Michael David Carroll is a YouTube personality best known by his screen names 5723michael and 5723davidmichael. He is famous for his scathing criticism of the Black community, and its habit of blaming its self-inflicted woes on Whites. He has a Bachelor's Degree in history and a Ph.D in political science, which he teaches.

Carroll has been posting videos since at least 2010. He began to gather a sizeable YouTube following with his critiques of Black community and church leaders in the wake of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman incident. One April 2012 video address shot in Akron, Ohio after the remnants of a Trayvon Martin rally led by the NAACP, Black ministers, and Akron Councillor At-Large Michael Williams, he denounced the Negro "slaves" attending "this buffoonery." 

He remarked, "I find it kind of comical, that all of these Negroes decided to get together on this rally for one Trayvon Martin, down in Florida, never take into consideration the Trayvon Martins right here in the west side of Akron. Over the Christmas holiday you had eight shootings and six murders of Black men killing other Black men, and none of these shoe-shining, boot-licking, behind-kissing Uncle Tom Negroes decided to have one rally in their honor."

Harlem pastor James David Manning was forwarded the video, and played it in its entirety on the April 16, 2012 broadcast of his The Manning Report. Manning commended Carroll for speaking the truth, recognizing that it was "very painful, but it has within it the possibility of liberating us."[2] In the immediate aftermath of the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial in July, 2013, the video went viral, and as of July 26, 2013, the video has over 900,000 views and 2,700 comments...

Carroll often appears decadently smoking a cigar in his videos, and usually wears sunglasses and a baseball cap as if to conceal his identity, although he has released his real name through various media. He is a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and wore a Steelers cap in the Akron video. He has been banned from Facebook several times, which he considers comical given the "cultural filth" permitted on the social network.[5]
"No Hope, No Change for Blacks"  Carroll's 2012 Post-Election Message to Blacks  re. Obama Victory
(abridged by

When you negroes run around here [bragging] about [ Obama's victory,] I have to ask you savages based upon Barack Obama's record or let me rephrase that, based on his lack of the record with you negroes, what did you accomplish? In his first four years Barack Obama has done absolutely nothing for you negroes, he has shut you people at every turn, he doesn't attain your functions, he doesn't speak at NAACP convention, he doesn't even meet with the Congressional Black Caucus, he doesn't attain any of your functions negro, but yet and still you seem to be believe that this guy has your best interest at heart.

He has passed not one piece of legislation that would benefit you, that would help you in your backwards decline. He doesn't deal with you, he has none of - none of you negroes represented in his cabinet, as a matter of fact, I challenge you negroes, you negroes are so quick to talk about the republicans and talk about how racist they are and talk about George Bush and how racist he was, go and look at his cabinet, take George W. Bush's cabinet and set alongside Barack Hussein Obama's cabinet, George W. Bush had more black people in higher ranking positions in his cabinet than your first black president does, so you negroes haven't won anything, there is no hope and there is no change for you savages, you are still on a record pace to wide backup on a physical slave plantation because most of you are already there mentally, it's just a matter of time before you there physically.

These are, this is the facts, so it angers me when I see you negroes and I watch how you run around, is it if you won something, you are so happy and so prideful that you have a black man in the White House and this is most comical because this black man don't even deal with you negroes.  This black man in the White House doesn't even attempt to pass any legislation that would benefit you, go look at his record, you ain't got to take my word or nothing, all you have to do is go and look at Barack Hussein Obama's first four years and now what you savages would do, because you slaves and you've been sipping from the crack cup of liberal propaganda, what you will say is, well, he couldn't get anything done because of republicans fought him.

This is what you slaves like to believe, because this is a narrative that the democratic party pushes to you monkeys, but what you slaves fail to understand is that, wait a minute, Barack Hussein Obama's first two years in office, congress was controlled by Democrats. So, why couldn't he get anything done? He had congress lock, stock and barrel and he still didn't pass anything. He didn't even get you negroes a box of saltine crackers. 

For your 95% blind devotion, he does absolutely nothing for you slaves, the only thing he wants you monkeys to do is do what you did yesterday and has to show up at the poll because he already knows that you go and vote 95% for whoever the democratic candidate is, it doesn't even have to Barack Obama, it could be George Clinton, Bill Clinton, Daffy Duck, Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, Tom and Jerry, Heckle and Jeckle, The Three Stooges it don't make a difference who it is; as long as they are democrat; they are going to have the backing of a 95% from you savages because you are slaves and you will always be slaves because you're crying in the bed with your liberal slave masters and you follow his narrative.

Now I want to say one last thing and then I going to be through because I'm really not in a good mood today, because I no more run into a lot of you savages today and I will have to repeat, just what I'm repeat in this video. You monkeys went out and you said that Mitt Romney was a racist, and we can't allow Mitt Romney to get in there because if Mitt Romney gets into White House he is going to cut food stamps, he is going to my Obama phone, he is going to cut all these programs.

Wait a minute, negro, your concern should be if you are getting food stamps; not that Mitt Romney is going to cut off, your concern should be getting your black ass off of them, that's number one, number two, if Mitt Romney had been elected and he wanted to trim the budget then it seems like to me that the basic math would have told this guy that you don't, you can't, you're not going to save much trimming the budget from a program that only accounts to 2%.

Welfare only accounts for them 2%, 3% of the budget. What did you save by cutting it? If you eliminate the program altogether you're only saving 3%. You have to go after items on your budget that account for 20%, 30%, 40% 50% of your budget, if you trim those then you are making headway, but the savage doesn't understand this, because the savage doesn't understand basic math, and so for you to sit there; for you savages to sit there say well, Mitt Romney is this big racist and all of a sudden because Mitt Romney was one that against Barack Obama, he became a number one problem in black America - I offer you savages this.

How do you put Mitt Romney into the numbers or into the equation? That 50% of all new AIDS cases are black women, how did you put Mitt Romney into the statistics that 40%, to 50% of black women 18 to 45 have genital herpes, whereas Mitt Romney found in fact that the leading cause of death for black man is another black man, where can you say Mitt Romney's fought that 60% of black teenage boys drop out of high school, where are you going to find Mitt Romney in the statistics that 70% of all black babies born are born to single parents.

In the mind you now all of these disparaging statistics are within a community of negroes who have a black church damn near on every corner, yet and still you savages are going backwards morally, and this is the reason why you had a problem with Mitt Romney, it's not because you think he is a racist, is because he is going to require you negroes to be responsible, it was because he was going to tell you negroes to go and roll up sleeves like every other American, and if you want to make it put your nose to the grindstone and work hard to create a future for yourself and your children. You don't want to hear that, you want handouts, you want welfare, you want free phones, this is what you negroes want, because you have become professional victims; thanks to the democratic party and slave mentality that they have created in you monkeys. And this is the fact; you can't deny this, and like every other video that I produced you can't refute it, you're just going to have to learn and deal with it, because it is what it is. Now I've got to go.

 You want handouts, you want welfare, you want free phones, this is what you negroes want, because you have become professional victims; thanks to the democratic party and slave mentality that they have created in you monkeys. 

Thanks to Dan for the tip!

First Comment by Dan:

I hope none of your White readers show their ignorance and chime in to praise Mr. Carroll as a "credit to his race" kind of bullshit. 

He's not looking for strokes or compliments from any Whites that happen to come across his work on the wide open web.   Don't get excited by artful flaunting of every old school White stereotype and epithet in the history book when chiding his true target audience - American black men of all ages.     

Think of Mr. Carroll's approach to reaching the Black nation at large as BOOT CAMP, and he's the Drill Sergeant.   Like the a drill sergeant, Mr. Carroll uses a stream of verbal abuse to break down the punk-like resistance to paying attention and connecting dots - things a soldier must have to survive in battle.  Mr. Carroll would probably agree with the motto, "if you don't know who your enemy is, you don't belong on the battlefield".    

The White demographic who have most to learn from Mr. Carroll's Youtube masterpieces are the emasculated Millennials who follow the MGTOW channels. Mr. Carroll doesn't identify as MGTOW.  As I've said before, a real life 'man going his own way' doesn't join clubs or tag an acronym on his name, and you'll never find a real man going his own way anywhere near a MGTOW meetup. 

My tip to readers is take the time to watch Mr. Carroll's videos from the first uploads on his channels before watching the new ones.  

Pay close attention to what he explains about the toxic influence of the 'White Liberal'.  Keep in mind the "White Liberals" that founded the NAACP, etc. 

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Comments for "Outspoken Black Critic Chides "Monkeys," "Savages, "Slaves" "

AW said (January 2, 2017):

I checked some of the work of David Carroll (videos/articles) and to be honest, he did not sound like someone with a Ph.D. in the humanities.

I wholeheartedly agree with his call for blacks to stop acting like professional victims (which is DEFINITELY what's happening), but I wish he provided his audience with more than just the usual angry, opinionated rants that are SO popular on Youtube videos.

From the few videos I saw, David sounds more like a preacher rather than a professor who relies on facts/empirical evidence to bolster his argument and prove his case.

Again, I agree with and support his tough attitude towards his own black community, but I really don't agree that American blacks are as exploited by every ethnic group as he seems to suggest.

Also, some of his comments about other ethnic communities (Whites, Arab, Indian, Asian etc.) are simply generalization based on just his own opinion.....and my OWN experience with these groups has given me a different perspective about some of the issues he addresses.

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