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Putin Confirms Western Leaders Serve Satan

January 10, 2017

Correction: About Putins "Christmas Speech", For Your information, it was an excerpt from a speech he held at Valdai Conference in 2013. You may find the whole speech at the following link. -DAK

The quotes are correct but obviously the website at left was guilty of fake news. 
In his 2016 Christmas speech, which went unreported in the West, and can't be found in full online, Putin confirmed everything "Conspiracy theorists" have said. Civilized moral values have been eroded and the door opened for pedophilia. 

"In the West, the moral basis of and any traditional identity are being denied -- national, religious, cultural and even gender identity are being denied or relativized...There, politics treats a family with many children as equal to a homosexual partnership (judicially); faith in  God is equal to faith in satan..."  

He says the PC mentality promotes the propaganda of pedophilia.... Christmas has been suppressed and with it, its inner meaning...The loss of reproductive function in society promises extinction...the rights of the majority cannot be sacrificed to the rights of the minority. An unipolar world points to the extinction of nations and worldwide tyranny. (Thanks Tim for the tip.) 

Makow comment -  Although Putin doesn't say. we know the Masonic Jewish banking cartel is responsible for this pillage of Western civilization. They will not give up easily and let Putin and Trump reverse the course they have set. If Trump is sincere in opposing globalism, his life is in danger. 

First Comment from James Perloff:

This probably represents the foremost reason why Russia and Putin are now being demonized. During the Bolshevik era, the Zionists murdered the czar and millions of Russians, and demolished tens of thousands of churches. During the Yeltsin years, they thought they squeezed Russia of its last drops of wealth. They wrote the country off as dead and buried.

 Instead, Russia is now being revitalized through the hand of God, as visibly seen in the remarkable resurgence of the Orthodox Church. I have summarized the story in my latest blog post, "The Unthinkable Has Finally Happened: Russia and America Have Traded Places."

Comments for "Putin Confirms Western Leaders Serve Satan"

Peter said (January 13, 2017):

Glen. If any of the Western leaders talked about morality like Putin, people would embrace them too, and vote for them. Trump is just a small example of that. Putin's best speeches are suppressed in the West, because the Satanists always lose against truth. The same is true for other leaders. When was the last time you have heard Syrian President Assad on TV, saying what he thinks?
Let's see what you have against Putin, "... an impossible saviour figure that does not and will most likely never exist".

You must have something better than that to come out swinging like you do. What is it? So far, Putin is the best we have to return us to our civilized roots. That can't be said about any of the so called Western leaders. It's a sad fact that people now have to pick a Russian for that. As long as Putin keeps delivering, we should believe what we see with our own eyes, not what some dubious propagandists say. Even if he takes us only partially back to the moral path, it's better than the nothing we have now.

Tony B said (January 12, 2017):

I am amazed at the animosity against Putin. Makes me think that these are bloggers for the Rothschild cabal, which is the entity that was satisfied in the 1990s that they owned Russia outright until Putin put a stop to them.

"Bringing up the past of Putin" amounts to his low level KGB job. None mention, unless in attempting to sow doubt, that because of his mother's influence he is a life long Christian, in spite of his bureaucratic job.

Putin is not "on our side" and should not be. He is rightly and properly on Russia's side as his every statement and every action proves. Would that the same could be said for just ONE western "leader" concerning his own nation. Every one of them alive today is a traitor to his own nation because he/she is just a prostitute for the cabal, working its world conquest agenda while lying about his national loyalty. (Israel's leaders would be an exception in a criminal manner if you consider Israel a nation.)

No one has been able to find any defect in morals or direction in anything Putin has said or done. His divorce can be criticized but even there Russian Orthodox Christianity allows two divorces per person, unlike Catholicism, while protestantism could care less about the sanctity of marriage. Besides, when Putin told the world his job took all his time which was unfair to his wife, I believe him and understand his thinking.

Another straightforward aspect of this man is his handling of criminality in the ranks of his government. When he has the power to move on such he does so with orders that are swift, to the point and immediately corrective, a dream for which we in the west can only wish.

Moreover, Putin is unique in that he has never been honestly accused of saying one thing but doing another. He can be taken at his word. How comforting that must be for the people of the Russian Confederation. Again, we in the west can only wish.

AZ said (January 11, 2017):

In regard to the article about Putin I would like to state that by no means any real social renewal can be expected from any politician. They are all a product of this totally screwed slavery system. In relation to my research for my own article in Dutch about the dialectic imaging of Putin versus Obama, I came across a few articles on this site concerning the other side of Putin.

Putin seems to be an oligarch himself.

So I totally agree with Glen, where he says that many within the so called ´alternative community´ have fallen prey to a dialectic (diabolical) and emotional manipulative engineering scheme.”

JG said (January 11, 2017):

Technology has brought about a new transparency where there is now perpetual global communication.The old Marxist lies of the past can no longer survive like they once did during the dark ages of the early 1900's.

Also, political satanism can no longer be concealed either. It's the ideology that is behind it that makes it deceivable for the captive passive masses.

Freedom, equality, and liberty are used now to defile the moral order.

Equal rights now applies to what is immoral and what is ungodly.

Putin is well aware of all of this and the present state of American governmental affairs. Donald Trump can mend these troubled waters of Russian/US relations and end the neocon rein of the American White House if they allow him.

Glen said (January 11, 2017):

Knowing the past of Putin, I think it would serve all well to be cautious when it comes to placing their hopes in the belief that he is going to set straight an upside down world. Here are a few words from Brandon Martinez in his article entitled "The False Dialectics of Hero Worship"

"Those who seize on the opposition to Putin of some Western elites as a "proof positive" that he is morally good, on our side and a global messiah for the reinstitution of a golden age of peace and prosperity are peddling severely deficient logic to prop up their untenable faith in an impossible saviour figure that does not and will most likely never exist.

Idolizing a man who is in effect a mafia don shows the moral degeneration of many who view themselves as 'alternative thinkers'. They are so desperate to find something 'different' to the usual slimy hacks and charlatans of Western politics, that they are willing to embrace any thug, no matter how dirty or corrupt, so long as he is centered in the Eastern and not Western hemisphere."

Putin's history:

Z said (January 11, 2017):

Both Putin and Trump are agent from the Hitler type, masquerading with nationalism and traditionalism. What with Putin's problematical relationships with Chabad Lubavitch Hasidic Judaism and its Russian Chief Rabbi Berl Lazar?

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