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A View from Helsinki

January 28, 2017

The "Simpsons" and "South Park"
foretold Trump's victory. And
William J. Schnoebelen, left, who once
pretended to have been a Christian

(Disclaimer-  Something a bit different for a Saturday, 
 recent ruminations of a longtime Finnish conspiracy buff who 
thinks Comedy Central shows accurately predict the future and Trump's 
Christian pretensions are like George W. Bush's.) 

by Pasi Toivonen 

A few days ago I watched a "South Park" episode called "Ginger Cow". It was a parody about prophecy regarding the Red Heifer, which, according to a Jewish belief system, will bring about the apocalypse. "South Park" is Comedy Central's cartoon show and it's purpose is to make fun of conservative values, the school system, and monotheistic religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism).

In this episode, Eric Cartman decides to make a prank. He marks an ordinary cow so that it looks like a miracle (mysterious Red Heifer) that Judaists have been waiting for centuries. In this episode, artists at Comedy Central made that cow to look like a very silly version of the Heifer, with glasses in her eyes and red spots in her body, so that everyone knows what is their purpose.

But the religious people (in this episode) all around the world; in Iran, in Africa, and even in Japan (I don't know why. Japan is an Atheist nation; they have no reason to make fun of them) believed that the miracle has come. Of course, they are all idiots, the authors at Comedy Central want to tell us. But the sad reality is, that they are not totally wrong.

Remember George W. Bush? He was a so called "Born-Again Christian" President. Some people realized his true nature, that he was a fake, but many people didn't -- until it was too late. I believe that he was chosen because Illuminati wanted to show to the whole world that Christians should not be allowed to vote -- or results will de disastrous. And his eight year rule was quite a circus: War in Iraq, Abu Ghraib, Hurricane Katrina, and finally, the Subprime Crisis of 2008-2009.

They (the Establishment, Illuminati) succeeded partly. The number of Christians has declined in Europe and North America, but they could not kill conservative values. Barack Obama's term was not such a success as that hoped for (he did not overthrow Bashar al-Assad), so they needed another "Bush" -- Donald Trump.

That was the reason they picked him.


Donald Trump's victory was foretold at "The Simpsons" (March 19, 2000) and also at "South Park" (Episode "Where My Country Gone?" September 23, 2015). These episodes also told us what will happen after he is elected: total economic collapse. If George W. Bush's eight year rule did not destroy conservative ideas from men's minds, they brought ten times more serious consequences: Hurricane Katrina x 10, Lehman Brothers x 10. I think that's what we have to expect. The good thing is, that according to "Simpsons" or "South Park", it's will be only a financial disaster. USA does still Exist after Trump; there will be no nuclear war. Putin does not nuke U.S.

When does it begin? I do not know. Stock market rose sharply after Trump's victory, which means that it is heavily manipulated, but now it's declining slowly, and gold is on the rise. Or, maybe the present decline is only temporal. It is possible that the economy will flourish for several years, even for six years, if Trump will be re-elected in 2020.


Aside from Trump, aside from the economy, there are other examples of constant attacks against Christianity. And unfortunately, the attacks have been pretty successful. One such example is a man named Bill, or William J. Schnoebelen. He has written more than ten books, perhaps close to twenty, from many different subjects, including medicine, reptilian aliens, and Catholic Church. 

David E. Bay from "Cutting Edge Ministries" has praised him a lot, as well as another "whistleblower" (probably mind control slave), Doc Marquis. If you look at "Bill" Schnoebelen, he does not look like a person you would like to buy a used car, for example. 

Now he proclaims that the Earth is flat! Really? I have no idea why he preaches such nonsense. It is economically unwise. He has written many books and he has also sold these. Now, no-one buys his books (or DVD's) anymore. They know he is a clown. Maybe he has no acute need of money. Maybe he has made up his mind: "Now it's time to reveal the truth -- I have been cheated you all the time. And you believed in me. Your God has forsaken you!"

Bill Schnoebelen claims that he is a "90th degree" Freemason. What a crap. He is not even that old; he could have been risen very high in that fraternity.

Quote from Rational Wiki: "After rising through the ranks of Masonry (he claims to have been a "90th degree" Freemason ), Schnoebelen claims that he made a deal with Satan himself. After signing a deal in blood, Schnoebelen was given seven years' worth of funky superpowers on the condition that, at the end of the period, he would be killed and sent to party on forever in Hell. He claims to have considered this a win-win situation. His spirit guides then helped him to join the Illuminati, where he was able to speak with the spirits of people such as Jesus, Adolf Hitler, and Aleister Crowley. At around this time he also had sex with a fallen angel."

I was once a fan of Cutting Edge Ministries, until the year 2009. Too many false prophecies, too much hypocrisy. Baptists have no reason to attack against Catholic Church because their own involvement in slave trade or U.S. Civil War or in atrocities to civilians in Vietnam War is too well-known.

False prediction from early 2011. David Bay predicts that no-one could be saved after 2012.


I predict the economic doom will come, and I believe it will begin within the next two years. However, there is a slight change that nothing will happen, Donald Trump will be America's president for four or eight years and the economy will prosper. If so, it will be first time when "The Simpsons" gives a false prediction.

Pasi Toivonen is a Conspiracy Researcher from Finland since 1999. You can contact him here:

First Comment from Marcos-

My advice for the Finn conspiracy researcher is that he gives up trying to find a savior that will explain everything perfectly for him.

Conspiracy is, by its own nature, a fragmented and multidisciplinary work, which tries to makes sense of something that is secretive to start with. We grab bits and pieces here and there and try to fit them into a framework. 

Unfortunately, most of the information about secret groups come from defectors. These defectors (former Illuminati, ex-satanists, etc)  spent their whole lives suffering from mind control and brainwashing techniques, and dealing with serious demonic influences. These things have long term consequences. Sometimes people like Bill Schnoebelen, Doc Marquis, a Brazilian ex-satanist named Daniel Mastral, David Icke, Brother Nathanael, Leo Zagami bring interesting info, but almost all of them keep fascinated with weird ideas and fables that they have been immersed in their whole lives. Usually, they even look weird.

 They never experienced true, complete freedom, and maybe that's why they are allowed to keep talking. They lead people from one deception to another, and therefore represent no real danger to the Luciferians. I would not buy a used car from any of them, but I analyze their info with a grain of salt. 

You must differentiate these former occultists from other common folk conspiracy researchers such as David Bay, Dr Stan Monteith, and others. As humans, they can make mistakes, but we build our work on top of what they have done. I found Makow because of Rense. I found Texe Marrs because of Alex Jones. And David Bay is responsible for alerting millions about theosophy, new age and the occult. His main problem is that he sticks too much to a theosophy plan he came to know a long time ago, but he is a decent and honest man. He deserves respect.

The bottom line is: try to be a gold miner and pick up the best from each person, until you develop your own perspective (I don't see one in your article). Conspiracy research is collaborative work. 

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Comments for "A View from Helsinki "

Abogado said (January 29, 2017):

Two very similar quotes, the first is from the Bible ;"He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is a folly and shame unto him"- Proverbs 18:13 and the second is attributed to Einstein : "Condemnation before investigation is the height of ignorance".

The reason I start with that ? Because the subject is flat earth; of course focusing on Bill Schnoebelen isn't exactly fair, and he is somewhat a throw back to the Old Testament, so is an eaasy target for those wishing to mock.

That said however. the subject of the flat earth ws around for thousands of years and was accepted as a fact until a original Freemason Pythagoras tried to get heliocentricity to take hold, but failed to do so and it was not until the Jesuit trained Freemason Copernicus came along to revive the whole sun worship meme that the Catholic Church (the Jesuits) popularized his THEORY of the sun being the center of our cosmology did it take root. Copernicus did not have to the tools available to verify his theory, and so requested that it not be published until after his death, but the Vatican would have nothing of it for they had to counter Martin Luther and his breakaway Protestants and so not only was the Gregorian calendar born but also the theory of heliocentricity.

Keeping the above two quotes in mind I have a webpage that has assembled some of the best of what the Net has to offer on the research available into the resurgence of flat earth as our cosmological reality: Take the time if for nothing but for the laugh you think you will get. Please try to conclusively debunk it using empirical science (the scientific method) as opposed to the theoretical Science being past off as true. Take up the challenge, or simply take the blue pill, condemn before investigation, and be what Einstein called the height of ignorance. It is not for everybody, neither is it meant to be, and there is a reason for that also.

Have a nice awakening or a blissful deep sleep.

Shawn said (January 28, 2017):

I see you have Mr William Schnoebelen proclaiming the Flat Earth.
You may find this interesting...
when I was 16-17, I was asked to join Square & Compasses' Swing Choir at a Summer Camp for Music I was attending (Camp Directors were Jews). We would go to Masonic Temples, play our Music Dance Shows, and mingle. The Director, was one Robert Chaganon-a direct descendant of Scotland's Robert The Bruce. He claimed he played trumpet with Charlie Parker in his Military Band days. On one occasion, when Brother Bob was getting the #16 Rosie Croix Degree,(Brookfield, Wi. but I could be wrong), we were taking a break from rehearsal, and Brother Schnoebelen came in the room and was asking each of us about our personal lives, if we were Christians, and more. They had his picture over the fireplace, and informed us he was the Worshipful Master of the Lodge-but he was never there. They seemed peeved at him. I witnessed a short argument about Christianity & Freemasonry between the Lodge Brothers-then he was gone. It was strange. Even stranger, when I returned home after that weekend, the kids of Freemasons, some of whom were my friends, knew I met Schnoebelen and what we talked about! Had many interesting experiences with the Freemasons at their Temples... incidentally, I quit at the Christmas Show because Brother Chagnon didn't like my loud guitar solos on our Elvis Forever Medley Numbers. I read Bill's first book, and be makes some pretty wild claims...these days he looks like Moses and makes appearances on YouTube and InfoWars

Anon said (January 28, 2017):

The Saturday cartoon piece rambled incoherently. Anyone using Rational Wiki to save Christianity cuts his nose to spite his face. I would need to see Schnoebelen say something for myself before believing any Rational Wiki synopsis. Schnoebelen and Marquis have been around a good long time, and got saved before the Finn was born, I expect.

I can explain the flat earth promotion. Schnoebelen is not chasing popularity or sales. If he were into money, he'd have stayed in masonry. His flat earth faith is a Biblical cosmology exegesis coupled to various technical evidences that convince some people. Doc Marquis does not believe flat earth. I don't see what either man has to do with South Park cartoons, or what those cartoons have to do with flat earth.

This Finn cannot formulate or defend a thesis. The article is a drive-by shooting. It lacks citations for his alleged failures from Texe Marrs' group. I bet originals were not "thus saith the Lord" but chatty airtime speculation. Mr Finn's home page offers an unholy UN ad astride links to "inner earth" and "Dulce wars," a dubious aliens-are-here yarn. I guess someone who believes in space aliens from inner earth would be touchy on the shape. Pot calls kettle black, conspiracy researchers disagree, news at 11. Yawn.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at