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February 25, 2017

(Tamara points out that pic was photoshopped from a Refugees Welcome one) 

Note from a sane German woman, Tamara in Berlin

Those "refugees welcome" banners and posters were part of the huge propaganda show here in Germany (i.e. MSM were full of them), and although I never felt the urge to watch these braindead people live somewhere, I'm sure they really do exist. 
However, even they can be topped

I have no way of knowing whether this photo (there are a few more on the internet) is genuine or faked as well, but suppose there are people stupid enough to think this way and promote it as well. Maybe even dumb enough to actually buy and wear something like this.

Anyway, let me take the chance to thank you for your dedication to exposing the satanic NWO. I have learned a great deal from your website and have been quoting you on German discussion boards. 

People here in Germany are so brainwashed, it's hard to believe and endure. While many are angry because of the large number of so-called refugees and their "ungrateful" behaviour, they haven't got a clue about the insidious plan behind it - and don't want to know about it either (I had a hard time "waking up" myself, but it can be done).

 Their own extinction seems to be a small price to pay for not being called a racist/Nazi or antisemite. Everybody knows that Muslims are the bad guys and Jews are holier than thou, right? 

Besides, there are no/hardly any Jews in Germany (that people know of), so how dare I talk of crypto-Jews and even accuse them of doing evil?

Ok, ultra Orthodox Jews might still outdo brainwashed Germans. Always thought they were a weird bunch and sometimes watch this video just for the giggles: 
It always baffles me, how these people (Germans) rant about all the shortcomings of Islam, but shut down the second someone (I) suggests that Judaism isn't any better (or even worse). People here don't know any of these dirty secrets (neither did I until about a year ago) and have never heard of crypto Jews and their agenda. They might even know of the NWO and fiercly criticize it, but refuse to see the Jewish connection (Quotes from the Talmud don't impress them at all.). Muslims are the bad guys, because they are loud, aggressive, criminals und terrorists. Jews are nothing like this, so how can I possibly call them a bigger threat? These people really don't want to know. They don't want to or are unable to think for themselves and educate themselves.
Plato would call this "mission accomplished".
IMHO most people (anywhere) are more or less stupid and never seriously question authorities, neither in religion nor in daily life. I always used to have a mind of my own and never liked being told what to do if it didn't make sense to me. Therefore, even a child, religion simply didn't appeal to me. One of my favorite quotes is one by Karlheinz Deschner (Wikipedia) which translates as "Religions are prefab homes for poor souls".
  ... I'm thinking about leaving Europe for good. Just don't know where to go, since I'm neither rich nor young. "Terror" doesn't scare me (although I still don't know whether false flag terror attacks usually include real victims or not), but this replacement migration is still going on at full speed and turning Germany into Germanistan (Merkelistan), granting Muslims more and more rights and benefits while at the same time reducing the rights of native Germans. 

This is not going to end well und IMHO we are beyond the point of return. And this does not even include the current beating of the war drums.

It's a nightmare coming true and each day our media coverage und censorship look more and more North Korean.

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