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Immigration an Ordeal for Qualified White People

February 3, 2017


(left, Justine Trudeau pandering to minorities, in this case Chinese.)

Eastern European immigrant "Mick" compares the ordeal 

he went through to immigrate to Canada with the Red Carpet 

treatment minority "refugees" seem to receive today. 

(Disclaimer: I am all for minority immigration when it serves national priorities.

I am against it when it serves the agenda of international bankers 

who want to make the European founding peoples a minority while promoting 

feminism and homosexuality to depress their birthrate.

Justine has already qualified as a globalist traitor by saying Canada has "no core identity" and is "the first post-national state.") 

"Refugee" is the magic word that transforms an economic migrant into a liberal darling.  

by Mick


More than 16 years ago my wife and I immigrated to Canada from Eastern Europe - so both of us were White Christian European landed immigrants at the time.

download (89).jpeg

(Justine "Minorities-R-Us" Trudeau pandering to gays and transvestites. Have you ever seen such an unhinged loser?)

Still remember our first time we showed up at the Canadian Embassy, simply to inquire about our chances to immigrate to Canada. I remember the huge sign, almost like a billboard just in front of the Embassy, saying "IF YOU WANT TO IMMIGRATE TO CANADA, YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO SPEAK ENGLISH OR FRENCH - SI VOUS VOULEZ IMMIGRER AU CANADA, VOUS DEVEZ ETRE CAPABLE DE PARLER FRANCAIS OU ANGLAIS".

 It was as simple as that, beyond any contestation. You can't speak either of the two official languages, you don't go - c'est la vie.

The next thing was a special booklet for the so-called Self-Assessment. That meant ALL your life and your professional/language skills had been assessed, as well as your police file and any other details being rigorously scrutinized and your overall personality SCORED (had to score more than 70 points out of 100 just to be taken into consideration by Canada Immigration). 


(Canada's current Minister of Immigration, Ahmed Hussen, came to Canada as a Somali refugee at the age of 16) 

As so-called "Independent Immigrants", my wife and I paid for EVERYTHING - for processing fees, medical check-ups, costs of transcripts and translations of our University diplomas, and eventually for the notorious LANDING FEE (was $975 CAN per person back in 2000) - so much for whining about "poor" Chinese immigrants about 100 years ago when they had been "head-taxed". 

What would be a definition of "LANDING FEE" in plain English? Basically you Mr. White Immigrant pay the Canadian Government a $975 per person to land. So, just to call a spade a spade - it was nothing but a head tax, but who cares or cries over some White Europeans coming to Canada?

All in all, slightly over $6k CAN had leaked out of our pockets BEFORE we even touched our new country's soil. We never objected to that; we thought Ok, this is the way it is and these are the rules - on y va! 

But hold on, as a cherry on top came in a final interview with a white Canadian Visa Officer - face to face. My gig lasted for about 40 min - questions like "Why do you want to go to Canada?", "What do you hope to achieve?", "How do you plan on supporting your family there?" etc., so it went on like a real job interview. 

Half of it in English, and half in French - for I put down on my application that my French was good. No quarters or ANY guarantees given, and ditto for my wife. No paid accommodation or provisions by the Canadian or Provincial Government. We were to land; we were to find a place to rent & get a job, and the onus was strictly on us to take care of everything. 

Justin Trudeau Christy Clark.jpg

(Justine and BC Premier Christy Clark pandering to Indian minority) 

It was only after we had signed an official document, in front of the same Visa Officer, that we would have at least $15k CAN in our possession upon arrival in Canada, that he gave us the green light. We didn't mind it though; we wanted to come to Canada and life is good now. The fact to keep in mind is that, when it comes to potential White European immigrants, they go by the book.

Nowadays they don't even want to question the coloured African or Asian fake refugees or "immigrants". That it is simply not politically correct; that interferes with their human rights, right? Just "Open the door and let them in", as Sir Paul McCartney says in his famous song. 

Then they get hooked onto the Welfare/Medical system, without any language or professional skills. Not all of them, but too many I'd say. 

Meanwhile, thousands of Chinese "students" keep pouring into Vancouver (or Hongcouver for that matter), never to return to their beloved China where life is so "prosperous" and the middle class is "flourishing". And Justin the so called PM of Canada, and his liberal feminist lackey Christy Clark are dancing in the streets of Vancouver dressed in the Chinese outfits and "celebrating" The Year of the Rooster.....


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First Comment from M, a current applicant from Brazil:

It's discouraging for any immigration applicant to see people with no qualifications bypass the difficult requirements of Canada's system. 

Actually, things were even worse until a month ago. In Canada, they have the "Express Entry" system, which gives you points for items such as education, language command, age, etc. The cutting point today is about 458 points. However, if you had a job offer (maybe your uncle from India who has a bakery) you would get 600 hundred points extra. I will tell you, even with a Masters degree, it is very hard to get 450 points, but a job offer would mean immediate approval. Now they diminished the number of points given because of a job and made the pathway through education more favorable. Probably because in this way, they can attract many thousands of foreign students who will pay big money to the Canadian school system. 


(left, Trudeau pandering to Syrian "refugees." 25,000 have been shown to the front of the line.)

The whole thing is a mess: There are also provincial systems, and some of them are so unfair and contingencial that if you are a bricklayer or a fork lift driver, you will get residency much before an engineer with a masters. 

However, Canada still has a better system than the US, where the only viable pathway is marriage (one can buy a fake marriage in California for $10K), $500K in investment or illegality, which is the preferred way for millions of lawbreakers who know they will be eventually pardoned. 

The truth is that nobody wants to immigrate to Canada because it is an unique country. People regard Canada as the 51st American state, as in truth, it mostly is. Most people would immigrate to the US if they had a choice, because of the cold in the North. Nobody that I know says that they love Canada for some unique characteristic; they look for life in a civilized place, where one can raise their children away from violence.

Brazil, Mexico, they have a lot of personality and singular cultures, but what is the advantage when you can get robbed and get shot going to work? Marxism did a great job of destroying civilized life in all Latin America, and samba doesn't make it better. Brazil has more violent deaths a year than Syria and Iraq combined, we should have refugee status. Sincerely, when it is your family's safety at stake, you can even deal with the Trudeau freak.

Let's go to bland, post-national, insipid, but civilized and beautiful Canada! 

Currently, a family of four has to prove $22,000 in available funds. Add that to $4000 in air tickets and heavy expenses on translation of diplomas, English tests (the IELTS fee is around $250), medical tests, new furniture, winter clothing, etc, and the total cost can easily climb to $ 40K. Usually people sell their apartments to fund the move. It is a risky undertaking. 

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Comments for "Immigration an Ordeal for Qualified White People "

Gordon said (February 6, 2017):

In 2006 my wife and our then one year old son decided to immigrate to Canada from South Africa. My brother had been there since 2002 and on the face of it Canada seemed like a ‘civilized’ place to live. At that stage the process was already bureaucratic, time consuming and dehumanizing so we looked for a quicker route. Quebec had the answer – for a 5 year investment of a few hundred thousand dollars in a Quebec bond you could receive immediate permanent residence and go and live where ever you wanted to in Canada. If you don’t have the few hundred thousand dollars in cash there are financial intermediaries who will “discount” the investment for a fee and make the investment on your behalf. I think it amounted to paying about CAD$20 000 up front.

The immigration agents pre qualify you and only take on your case if they know that you are going to qualify. This too is a bureaucratic process and we were promised an interview with the Quebec government within 3 months. This was the start of a very trying period of our life. To cut a long story short the 3 months turned into 18 months and we were eventually declined. This was only the 2nd time that the agency had ever had anyone declined! The long and the short of this is that it is nothing other than “buying” your way into Canada. However, virtually every county on earth has similar schemes for those willing to pay the price. It was only a number of years later that I read in the press what I knew to be true all along – that Quebec was rife with corruption at all levels.

After 18 months of placing my life on hold I told the immigration agent to forget about any further attempts to go to Canada. Incidentally, all is not well with immigrants in Canada. My brother divorced within 1 year of landing. (Apparently there is a 50% chance of divorce when you immigrate – something you are not told at the time of immigration). My brother and his friend have battled to assimilate and find wives as the Canadian women are radical feminists. They have been through numerous partners and now both of them have decided that “Asian” is the way to go as they are not as corrupted as the Canadian women…..

I am actually very glad that we were not accepted for Canada and that we have decided to stay in South Africa with all its risks and to live a more “free” life where we can still do as we please without being subject to myriad regulations. However, this is fast changing as our dumbed down populace and their leaders are mimicking the first world with bureaucratic regulations which are only selectively enforced, on the White minority of course!

David said (February 5, 2017):

Henry, this coordinated push by leaders of the Western democracies to drop all borders and flood us with Third World migrants is just another step in the globalist agenda to created a one world government ruled by an ethnically pure but wealthy elite lording it over a mongrelized lumpen proletariat with no national/regional identity and uniqueness.

David said (February 4, 2017):

Henry, this coordinated push by leaders of the Western democracies to drop all borders and flood us with Third World migrants is just another step in the globalist agenda to created a one world government ruled by an ethnically pure but wealthy elite lording it over a mongrelized lumpen proletariat with no national/regional identity and uniqueness.

Robert K said (February 3, 2017):

It is apparent that for some decades there has been a purposive drive drastically to alter the ethnic makeup of Canada and other historically majority-white nations. Multiculturalism posits that all cultures are of equal value. Apart from this being patent nonsense, it is simply a fact that any culture naturally values itself over others for the reason that it is the one with which its members are comfortable.

The composition of societies is everywhere being re-engineered in complete disregard of the wishes of the majority populations. A few proponents, presumably on the government payroll, make a show of support for ethnic soup-cooking and the finance-dominated media publicize their activities to give them an aura of normalcy. Referenda are never held on these revolutionary policies.

What goes on behind the scenes in this drive to build society according to an artificial model is even more outlandish than what is described by the prospective immigrants in this article. For example, few Canadians would think that managers in the Canadian government are authorized to deny the existence of degrees earned by Canadian-born citizens at Canadian universities, yet it is so. The Procrustean maneuvers of the Planners do not balk at resorting to such duplicity in pursuit of their abstract goals, and one seeking recourse from higher authority in these abusive situations will rarely find it.

More and more the people at the top are agents of Political Correctness (a term invented by communists), having beneath them an array of subordinates progressively being filled in by psychopathic products of NLP conditioning--a creation, serving the interests of world conquest, of the "American" intelligence services.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at