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James Perloff: Parallels Between Vietnam Era and Today

February 25, 2017

Donald Trump is a mortal threat to the NWO agenda and must be removed
at all cost. 
James Perloff thinks the strategy used to remove LBJ and Richard Nixon
in the 1960's-70's will be applied. 
The main parallels are in the mass mobilization of young demonstrators, funded by billionaires, combined with brainwashing from the media.  The other great parallel is the national division.  America hasn't been this divided since Vietnam. Trump of course has no major war. However, he might get into one with Iran.

by James Perloff
(excerpt by 

I have wanted to write a post called something like "Is Trump the Real Deal?" That is a controversy right now in alternative media: some are faithful Trump advocates; others take the view that in the jaded world of realpolitik, no true outsider can win, that the Trump-Clinton rivalry was only for show, and that the Powers That Be wanted Trump to win anyway.

I do believe, categorically, that Hillary Clinton was the Deep State's first choice. This was demonstrated by mainstream media's ruthless daily pommeling of Trump, while kid-gloving Clinton despite her innumerable scandals; the rigging of debates; and even trotting out George H. W. Bush to announce he would vote for Hillary. The election was followed by unprecedented efforts to overturn it, including street riots, recounts, death threats to electors, and the unsupported "Russian hacking" claim.

But though the Establishment favored Clinton, is Trump a true populist outsider?

On the negative side, after pledging to "drain the swamp," Trump has appointed a number  of swamp creatures, including neocons, Establishment Republicans, and Goldman Sachs bankers; there are those who feel he is moving too slowly on his promises, some of which--such as investigating Hillary--look abandoned. Most concerning to me is Trump's long history of Zionist connections, now crystallizing in his administration, which I may elaborate on in an upcoming post.

On the "real" side, he has axed the TPP, is keeping his pledge to halt illegal immigration, is moving to repeal Obamacare, wants to work with Putin, has spoken to Robert F. Kennedy about leading a vaccine task force, and has reversed Obama's insane transgender policies.

Since I honestly consider the "jury still out" on Trump, I'm going to focus on two things that are definite: (1) mainstream media's continuing relentless attacks on him; and (2) the orchestrated nationwide protests.

[In his full-length post, Perloff elaborates these points, then draws parallels to his hippie days in the sixties: the funding of Vietnam War demonstrators by the Rockefellers; the CIA's links to the counterculture; and how the music industry, Hollywood, and news media were all controlled and mobilized to transform American culture.]


While communism was allowed to win militarily in Vietnam, in America cultural Marxism won. We were changed from a Leave It to Beaver society to a Woodstock society. It hadn't been just about Vietnam; a sweeping assault had been launched on the nation's core Christian values, as sexual liberation--previously known as "immorality"--infected American youth, along with getting high on drugs. And having been defeated by "invincible" communism, many of my generation became political leftists, in a variation on Stockholm Syndrome.

This opened a Pandora's Box, as a host of other counterculture agendas were piggybacked onto the antiwar movement: feminism (feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA), the gay movement, the pro-abortion movement, finally morphing into today's transgenderism, pedophilia, and open Satanism.


(Perloff, during his 'useful idiot' phase ) 

We are now in a huge and emotional national divide for the first time since the Vietnam War. As I have watched Soros-funded rioters fill the streets, I'm reminded of my youth. And I ask: Where were all the protesters when Bush and Obama were bombing Iraq, Libya and Syria? At least the hippies of the sixties had something of substance to protest: a war. Today's demonstrators rail against shadows: the fact that their candidate lost ("not my President"); a comment Trump made about women in a locker room twelve years ago (while Bill Clinton's rapes remain ignored); and a faux label of "racist."


As in the hippie era, Hollywood and the music industry are partaking, with Meryl Streep bashing Trump at the Golden Globe Awards, Madonna saying she's thought about blowing up the White House, and Sarah Silverman calling for military overthrow of the government. It wouldn't surprise me if we soon saw a television remake of All in the Family, with a new Archie Bunker as a Trump "deplorable."

Former CIA case officer Robert David Steele, a major whistleblower on the Deep State, believes that massive riots are planned for Washington this spring.

Steele warns that the riots might include "staged shootings by white paramilitary operatives." Such a scenario could be guided into full-blown nationwide race riots, and advance the already overgrown police state.

The Federal Reserve, a congenital organ of the Deep State, could pour gasoline on the flames. The Fed, which has been holding off a dollar collapse for years through quantitative easing, could tighten the money supply and crash the markets. Such a collapse would of course be blamed on Trump. Like the doves at the close of the Vietnam War, Hillary supporters would bark: "We told you so!"

With the nation in political and economic chaos, CNN's pundits would proclaim that Trump must abdicate "for the good of the country"--a call that would be echoed by the usual GOP sellouts like John McCain and Paul Ryan. All this could happen without Trump doing one thing to provoke it. And if he didn't step down, impeachment would be called for, as some Democrats are already discussing, including initiation of an "Impeach Trump Leadership PAC."

Think it couldn't happen? Let's remember the crescendo that capped the hippie era: Richard Nixon's resignation over erasing a lousy 18 minutes of tape.

The 2016 election represented an unprecedented David-Goliath victory of alternative media over mainstream media; let's keep that victory going. What we are witnessing now, in the scathing attacks on Trump and "fake news," is payback. But as the Bible says of the devil, "He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short." (Revelation 12:12)


James Perloff is author of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior and other books.

James Perloff - Vietnam: How the War, Defeat and Revolution at Home Were Orchestrated 

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Comments for "James Perloff: Parallels Between Vietnam Era and Today"

JG said (February 26, 2017):

Again James is "spot on" in his assessments on the present state of the Trump Presidency.

Doesn't surprise me that George W would choose Hillary over Trump. He very often caved in to the democratic opposition forces during his rein as President whenever they put a little heat on him. Bush Jr. really feared being unpopular with the MSM and the existing "deep state" in Washington.

Hillary Clinton's desire for a two state solution may have been the only baggage that kept her from becoming President.

America never fully recovered from the Marxist led Counter Culture Psy Op of the late 1960's. The Immorality, Drugs, and Free Love are still running rapid among too large of a segment of the US population and the "free world".

Trump is for real, at least so far.

Chris said (February 26, 2017):

To even ask the question: Is Trump the real deal? reveals a disturbing degree of naivety across a vast section of the supposedly 'awakened and aware'. The whole notion of Trump somehow being outside of the 'swamp' is ludicrous.

Trump IS A DEEP STATE ACTOR - how do you think he got to be president from outside of the Beltway? The Don and his supporters pretty much define what the 'deep state' is. But of course Trump and his cronies aren't the only deep state actors in this bizaar pantomime that somehow passes for democratic discourse in the US. It's clearly a case of "When Jew Tribes Go to War" ... a turf war between rival Israeli factions and their US deep state networks and enablers. On the one side we have the Israeli Labour party who ruled almost unopposed for more than three decades and came to 'own' the US neocon AIPAC dual citizen traitor network, and on the other side, the loony Likudniks, led of course by the ever zany Nutty Ben Shalom Yahoo.

According to the CFR, Butt Boy (Bi Bi) realised back in the late 90s after losing power that in order to challenge Labour on a long-term basis, he needed to build his own deep state, both at home and in the US with a Zio network to rival the Labour controlled AIPAC/Zio media network. The key was driving both nations to the extreme right via 'populist, dog whistle' politics. Of course, Donald Trump and his handlers were the jewel in the crown, with Fox, Breibart and many many others on the Alt Right forging the way. They even pulled out the tried and trusted Nazi playbook to breed extreme anti-semitism in order to aid the Zionist cause. So now we have the perverse spectacle of these two equally evil Zionist networks battling it out in the theatre of US politics.

Such a confluence of events involving rival Jew tribes, US reality TV 'stars', Hollywood fantasists, corrupt US politicians, the utterly discredited MSN - and with the threat of thermo nuclear war thrown in for good measure - could only ever have delivered the extremely bizarre and disturbing spectacle we're currently forced to watch.

TW said (February 25, 2017):

Another parallel between then and now is the push for the legalization of mind-altering substances. Let's explore marijuana. I suppose the pot smokers are unaware that the impairment of their mind is a benefit to the globalists. Of course, most pot smokers would say I'm the one who is deluded and then proceed to list a litany of supposed benefits that this drug confers. After all, I've never met a pot smoker who didn't think he was among the smartest people on earth.
Marijuana, as a narcotic psychedelic drug, alters the way people think and, based on the people I know who use it, makes them lazy in terms of intellectual thought. This is just the kind of person a George Soros wants populating the earth. Someone who is easily pliable as long as they have their wonder herb to go home to (puts me in mind of Soma from Brave New World).
Let's legalize it and all go to sleep.



Agree that's their agenda but it does wake many people up to what's happening.


Tony B said (February 25, 2017):

It amazes me that so few see that the "election," actually the charade for the dumb goy, was reversed in the middle of the day; the only logical reason for that being the dumping of pizzagate by an insider. Equally amazing is how tiny the few who realize that the parties are all owned by the Rothschild cabal guaranteeing that every candidate that can get a name on the ballot is a cabal prostitute anyway, so real candidate difference is nil. Since practically ALL the elite, in every "professional" category and world wide, is heavily involved in the child sacrifice, etc. in exchange for satanic grants of worldly power, the threat of the continued dumping of this evil unless Hillary was dumped had to win out or the whole world elite would have been exposed and even the top dogs would be hanging from lamp posts. Thus, their backup, Trump, instead of Hillary.

In as much as it was revealed decades ago by an insider that "when they put Hillary in she will declare martial law" it seems that Trump's appointments of both military salivators for rigid population control and Wall St. criminals with the ability to cause instant chaos, plus the media and Soros paid constant drumming against Trump, reveals the perfect agenda being orchestrated to guarantee that Trump will declare martial law right on schedule.

George said (February 25, 2017):

I think both the primary article and the attached Perloff material on the Vietnam War are masterpieces. Incidentally, it was American packable 75mm guns that blew the French away at Dienbienphu. There are two versions of the movie Apocalypse Now. In the longer version, not shown in the theaters, there is a clear statement from French mouths that America helped to topple their Indochinese Empire with hopes of attaining it for itself. There is also a revealing depiction of the Bob Hope troupe as essentially being prostitutes for elite users, with Bob Hope being a pimp. Well worth seeing. I rented it thinking it was the original version and it was not. Incidentally, the heroin trade of the Golden Triangle was the major objective of the Secret War in Laos, just as it plays a major role in the US intervention in Afghanistan today. Kudos to Perloff.

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